May 6th, 2010



Hi all!! I'm going to be moving this summer, so having a HUGE blowout sale!! All prices are negotiable, so don't hesitate to ask ^^

Items include:

- Magazines (KERA, Myojo, JUNON, etc)
- Jpop (Singles, Albums, photobooks, etc)
- Anime/Manga (DVDs, trading cards, etc)
- Video Games (Systems, Games)
- Japanese Resources (Textbooks, Guidebooks)

I'll be reposting weekly with updates as I am still going through a lot of my things, so be sure to check back!! Also, if you'd like

images of a product, just let me know~~

Location: USA (Tennessee)
Payment Methods: Paypal
Shipping: SAL or Express

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Mario & Zelda gear + Tokidoki boots!

1. Nintendo Super Mario Bros Mushroom Girls Shirt NWT - size Medium - $10

2. Mario Bros "MAN EATER" Piranha Plant Girls Shirt - Size X-Small - $10

3. Zelda Twilight Princess Stained Glass Hoodie - Mens small - $18

4. Tokidoki Chooka Womens Leopard Rain Boots size 9 NIB - $70

I accept Paypal & ship worldwide from the US!


I've decided to sell almost all of my Koda Kumi cds. I've put them into two lots on ebay. If you're interested in some of the cds, feel free to contact me!

Click on the image or go to:

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CLAMP-related items

Hey, I have the following items for sale. Prices include shipping worldwide (you have to add $2 if you want it to be registered):

- X Character File 3 (Satsuki & Subaru): I never even opened this so it's in perfect condition. $12.
- Card Captor Sakura doujinshi: Used but in good condition. Syaoran/Sakura, 94 pages (mostly manga but some pages are novel). $25.
- Syaoran+Sakura papersheets (1 - 2): $3.
- Seishirou/Subaru(/Subaru) papersheets: $4 for two of them.

Payment method: Paypal. If you're interested or have any question, please leave a comment or send an e-mail to abril_li @

Snow Miku Figure+CD & Digimon Doujinshi

Hi! I'm selling only a few items:

-The Vocaloid Season Collection box set which includes a Nendoroid Petit Miku figure. The item is brand new and hasn't been opened.
-3 Digimon Doujinshis: Days's #2, Babu Babu Love, and Digimon Mansion #1. These are all yaoi.

All items are available on my ebay site. All have free shipping. The Miku box is actually the cheapest one available at the moment so get it while you can. Here is the link to my shop:


Sale still going on; prices slashed even further!

Socrates in Love = 5.00 [manga, not novel]
Mobile Suit GUNDAM _Ecole du Ciel_ vol. 1 - 6 = 20.00 Sold as a set -OR- best offer
The following volumes are $3.00 each, 3 for 7.00!

Godchild vol. 2, 4
Hellsing vol. 3, 5
La Corda d'Oro vol. 1 - 2
Legend (manhwa) vol. 1
NEGIMA! vol. 1
Gravitation the Novel ("vol.1") = 2.00

Shipping is not included; I'm shipping USPS MediaMail from Florida, USA and can accept PayPal (no fees!) or domestic check.

No trades for these items, please, but the other items on my journal are up for negotiation!

Check out my livejournal shop!

i'm selling all my items in my flickr page as well!
(click here for my livejournal shop)
(click here for my flickr page)
just make an offer if anything interests you :D i'm willing to trade for anime items or certain sticker sacks^^
updated a L Death Note nendoroid petite at my page here.
do help me out, thanks!
sticker sacks that are not sold by next week will be opened to make grabbies so if you're interested in anything, do let me know^^

JE sale

Hello, I'm selling mainly JE items on my LJ featuring most JE idol groups (including NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, Hey! Say! JUMP, Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow and Juniors) and include articles such as uchiwa, shop and concert photos, singles and albums, posters, pamphlet, phone straps, clippings, magazine booklets and many other.  I also have a couple non-JE Japanese and KPop items.

I'm located in Canada and I ship internationally. I accept payment by paypal or concealed cash.


For pictures and more information, please take a look HERE
I've updated with new items for sale!

Thank you!
Jet Heart
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Wanted to buy/trade: Yaoi/BL manga

In the interest of continuing to try to place some of my old books in great new homes (and to avoid the hassle of eBay), I'm looking to trade (though I will also buy if the price is right) these books away. They are all yaoi/BL manga. I'm looking for the ones listed below, though if you have a newer title, feel free to offer it up (I haven't been shopping in a while, and I'm kinda behind on what's out there. I can also be tempted by USxUK Hetalia doujinshi from popular circles like Kaiten Mokugyo and Hoshitamago... ^^;;

I have items to trade (or sell) here. Thank you!

Single Titles

Lover's Pledge
Your Honest Deceit 2
The Lonely Egoist (Novel)
Yokai's Hunger
La Satanica
Blood Honey
Pure Heart
Scandalous Seiryo University 4
Little Butterfly 3 (or Omnibus)
New Beginnings
The First Stage of Love
Sleeping with Money (Novel)
Better than a Dream (Novel)
Barefoot Waltz

Multi-book Titles

Innocent Bird 1-3
The Guilty (Novel) 1-3 The Guilty (Novel) 4
Junjo Romantica 12
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Sales Post


Sailor Moon Final Fantasy Shugo Chara Full Metal Alchemist
Pokemon Pretty Cure Fate/Stay Night Tenchi Muyo Kuroshitsuji
Marmalade Boy DearS Kenshin One Piece Saiyuki
Oh! My Goddess Kare Kano Digi Charat Gundam Ranma 1/2
Furoku Ribon Nakayoshi Cosplay Ciao Sho-Comi
Dolls Plush Toys Games Accessories CDs Books

Add me to see updates in your friends list!

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mukuCHU circle lenses


NEW: Candy Color Series~~ Big Diameter~~~ ♥ and many other new ranges


We have Pretty lens cases!
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