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09 May 2010 @ 12:26 am

Some examples of my work!
Please visit JrockChibiSale.Livejournal.Com if you're interested. I am currently taking two orders right now.
09 May 2010 @ 02:20 am

In-stock merchandise catalog: Updated!
09 May 2010 @ 09:01 am
HI Everyone!  =)
I am having the below preorders and items for sale.
Do check them out on my LJ : http://japan-je.livejournal.com


Or email me at japan.je@gmail.com


PreOrder : Aiba 君と見る千の夢 Butai Goods   
Price is INCLUSIVE of all SHIPPING COST from Japan.

Dateline : 10th May 2010
Email :
GOODS Previews are UP!  ^O^
FREEBIE for purchase! Arashi TroubleMaker Q badge! xDD


PreOrder : KAT TUN LIVE Tour World Big Tour Part II [Tokyo Dome]
Price is INCLUSIVE of all SHIPPING COST from Japan.

Dateline : 5th July 2010
Email :

No DATELINE for the SPECIAL Price as yet! 

GOODS Previews are UP!  ^O^


PreOrder : Arashi Official Goods + Rare Items + Concert Goods

Find all Arashi Past Concert Goods here!  ^O^

Dateline : Always On Going

Goods List here! )

Sales Corner

Coming Soon Items :

* Arashi DAL Hp Strap [Caterpillar]
* Arashi DAL Hp Strap [Logo]
* Arashi TIME Pamphlet LIVE Version [Yellow]
* Arashi TIME Postcard Set
* Arashi TIME Stickers in Can
* Arashi AAA 2008 in Tokyo T Shirt [Purple]

In Stock Items
* Arashi Chirashi Set - S$40  *** BARGAIN! ***
* Arashi TIME Concert Mug - S$60
* Arashi TIME Hp Strap - S$65
* Arashi TIME Bangle - S$30

* Arashi AAA 2008 in Tokyo Mini Uchiwas - S$15 each
* Arashi AAA 2008 in Tokyo Towel - S$70
* Arashi AAA 2008 in Tokyo Clearfile - S$28
* Arashi AAA 2008 in Tokyo Sticker - S$18
* Arashi "Saigou no Yakusoku" - S$5 each

* Arashi TroubleMaker Hard Cardboard Stand - S$55 
*** RARE! ***
* Arashi "ONE" Pamphlet + Sticker - S$135  *** RARE! ***
* Aashi All the BEST Poster - S$50

* Arashi Troublemkaer LE - S$40
* Arashi Kaze no Mukoe LE - S$55

* Arashi DAL Eco Shopstick Set - S$50
* Nino Butai Chirashi - S$10
* Nino MARIO Pamphlet - S$8
* Nino + Ohno MARIO Pamphlet - S$8 
*** NEW! ***
* JIN Bandage Chirashi Set I - S$5
* JIN Bandage Book Set II - S$10
-Clothing (Liz lisa, Punk Rave, gyaru styles, Versailles tshirt....)
-Magazines (Shoxx, Fool's Mate, Kera, Five For....)
-Music (the gazettE, Alice Nince, An Cafe, Miyavi, 12012....)
-Cosplay (complete Rukia w/ wig & accessories)

09 May 2010 @ 11:19 am
Still trying to sell, lowered some prices^^
H naoto, snidel, juicy couture, and more!Collapse )
09 May 2010 @ 12:13 pm
Hello, this is my first post to the community. 

I am selling a ton of stuff that might be of interest to some of you. Some of the larger categories include:

Plush / Stuffed Animal
Doll / Action Figure
Keychain / Pins
Book / Textbook / Guide
Manga / Magazine / Comic
Video Game
Clothes / Gothic Lolita Fashion / Cosplay / Costume

I also have a very large wish list, and I would really love if you would take a look!

Please check out my journal for all the details and listings: [info]niconicouru 

There is less than a week left!
All sales on my page will be put on hold after Friday the 14th of May, as I will be traveling.
So, If you are interested in something, please inquire quickly!!
Send in trades or payment no later than Friday in order to have your items shipped on Saturday the 15th.

Thank you! : )
09 May 2010 @ 12:26 pm
Updated as of 5/13/10 Current garagesalesjapan post here

I'm holding a raffle for two things: a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Promo Poster and a Final Fantasy XIII Mini-Guide Book. To enter, simply make a purchase or a trade with me. Then, decide your entry for the prize you want. I'm doing this to get rid of some things and save up money for a bill payment.

Details for raffle hereCollapse )

Sales posts:
Clothes, Accessories, Jewelry, Random Asian Goods, Some Sanrio and Morning Glory Items, and Freebies
Anime/Manga, Video Games, Music, Movies, Books, Posters, and Magazines

I'm also selling Akanishi Jin's You & Jin U.S.A. Concert tickets. Details under the music section.
09 May 2010 @ 12:27 pm
Tons of items for sale! please click on the links to bring you directly to that section;
>>Code Geass <<
>>Chobits Trading Cards<<
>>CLAMP in Cardland cards<<
>>Other Anime/Game goods (Includes Gundam00, Hetalia, 07-ghost, Rozen Maiden and Touhou)<<
Thanks for looking!
09 May 2010 @ 02:44 pm
Selling/trading this beautiful BABY dress
Please take a look, and feel free to negotiate the price! :)

Please check out my LJ for:
Arashi and Anime Doujinshi
*Sample pictures and ratings for each

A-G Doujinshi
D. Gray-man
Darker than Black
Detective Conan
Fate Stay Night

H-Z Doujinshi
Oberst Kaizer
09 May 2010 @ 06:26 pm
I've got lots of stuff for sale on my LJ here:

Anime collectibles, Duel Jewel merch, Kimonos, cheongsam, geta, punk clothes, lolita style dresses and lots more stuff!!
Free stuff with every purchase! :)
Open to offers and trades (see my wishlist!)

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
09 May 2010 @ 07:07 pm

Updated my journal with lots of new stuff!

Clothes (updated!), some directly from Harajuku - go here.

Tons of flyers, CDs, photosets, magazines - everything updated! - go here.

Please make sure to check it out! ♪

Thank you (・ω・)/
09 May 2010 @ 08:58 pm

Hi guys,

I'm selling away mine the GazettE "GARISH ROOM VOL.8" FC Booklet~!

Here's some picture~!!!

I'm shipping from Singapore!
For more detail & picture, go here ~> http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com
FEEDBACK: http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/1277.html

Thanks alot for looking!!!
09 May 2010 @ 09:31 pm

i'm selling all my items in my flickr page as well!
(click here for my livejournal shop)
(click here for my flickr page)
just make an offer if anything interests you :D i'm willing to trade for anime items or certain sticker sacks^^
updated a L Death Note nendoroid petite at my page here.
do help me out, thanks!
 and sticker flakes grabbies are back! click here if interested :]
sticker sacks that are not sold by next week will be opened to make grabbies so if you're interested in anything, do let me know^^

09 May 2010 @ 09:43 pm

come this way~
zipia, gmarket, beanies, bananafish tote bag, Japan's Olivedesolive bag, etc!
エイミー( 。>艸<)
Gothic & Lolita & Punk fashion publications HERE
Kera, Kera Maniax, Gothic & Lolita & Punk Brand Book Brand Book
all magazines includes patterns and stickers if applicable

Animedia 4/2008 ONLY, Cure (vol 54, 59 left!)



Anime DVDs: (R.O.D the TV vol.1 LE, Rayearth, Comic Party vol 1-3, Inu Yasha movie, Kyou Kara Maou vol.1, .hack//Legend of the Twilight vol.1 LIMITED EDITION BOX SET WITH ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, Wolf's Rain vol.1 LIMITED EDITION BOX SET WITH SOUNDTRACK AND KIRA WOLF PLUSH)
Gintama Voice I-dolls (only Okita young ver & Yamazaki left), Negima Makie Figumate figure, Gintama Kigurumi Mascots: Okita NEW HERE

Bleach goods (character fortune keychain (Kon & Rukia), notepads), Inu Yasha cellphone charms, Tenchi Muyo keyholder) HERE

Bleach and Gintama trading cards: HERE

Pencilboards: Bleach, Erementar Gerad, Inu Yasha): HERE

CALENDARS HERE: Gintama 2007 anime calendar and D.Gray-man anime calendar 2009 (they make great posters! :))

Please help me get rid of this stuff as I'm no longer interested in keeping these! All purchases are welcome; I'm willing to negotiate! NO TRADES PLEASE. Sorry.
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09 May 2010 @ 10:24 pm
I have a sales post up over here! I'm selling some official NEWS and JE items(Winter Party Diamond bag and uchiwa and two Koyama shop photos), some JE-related magazines, a few photobooks (including a Hana Yori Dango one, a Horikita Maki one, and a Leah Dizon one), some clothing and accessories, and some girls' love and boys' love manga.
09 May 2010 @ 10:49 pm
Mid Season Sale╭★

I'm selling: Visual Kei (Clothing, Merchandise, Magazines and more~), JPop (Magazines), Japanese and Korean Clothing!
I ship worldwide (from Germany)!


- Payment international: Paypal [paypal fees ( 3,9% + 0,35 Euro) are not included]
- Shipping cost are not included
- Payment in €

- the item gets who can pay first! for feedback please click --> 

Fake Nails
new! :D

Other Clothing


Korean Fashion

sweet korean dresses for sale! Spring Coat is waiting for you :D

Visual Kei & Gothic/Punk Lolita Clothing, Gyaru & Kigurumi 

sexpot, glp, bodyline and offbrand waiting for you

tons of Flyer
for sale~ buy buy! :D

Visual Kei & J-Pop Magazines

Shoxx, ShoxxBis. Arena, Neo and more!

Calender Pages The Gazette 2007  & Miyavi 2008


The Gazette, AnCafe, SID, Miyavi, DIO, SUG and more more more~
over 50 poster for sale! The Gazette, Miyavi, Alice Nine, AnCafe, Tohoshinki and moooore :D  

Visual Kei CDs

The Gazette, Miyavi, AnCafe. SUG & Dio

Thank you ! :D
Lennie Veres
09 May 2010 @ 11:38 pm
I'm have a "I really need to get rid of this stuff" sale! So, now until 11:59PM Wednesday, 5/12, you will get 25% off your entire total (not including shipping costs)!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga


Video Games


Miscellaneous items