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Visit decadentdolls for: Anime, DVD lots, Gothic & Lolita, Cosplay, Shoes, Manga
Star Wars lightsaber, JPop & JRock CD's, Clothing, Book of Shadows
Japan/Kawaii goods, Pucca wristcuff, Ai Yori Aoshi PC game
Hana Yori Dango uchiwa + Tons more!
If you don't like the price make offers/Open to trades!
PS: Join the new TAKUMISHEART forum
Neko No Me

Anime Stuff for Sale!!! *Price Reduced* Open to Negotiations.

Hey everyone! Want to get rid of stuff, here's some anime stuff I'm trying to sell. I accept Paypal, check, and concealed cash (at your own risk) in US dollars. Feel free to comment in my journal if you have any questions or to haggle prices with me. Sorry, but no trades please. Listed below are the items in my journal. Please click here to go to my sales post and for more info on my items. Item goes to whoever can pay first. Thank You! -^.^-

Kisuke Urahara phone strap. NEW! $3.00 *shipping not included*
Komamura Sajin - 7th Division Captain Zanpaku-to charm. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*
Zaraki Kenpachi - 11th Division Captain phone strap mobile cleaner. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*

Akatsuki Deidara's clay creations paper holder and paper weight. NEW! $3.00 *shipping not included*
Akatsuki Hidan & Kakuzu compressed towel and card. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*
Akatsuki Kakuzu's ring charm. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*
Sasuke Uchiha's Kusanagi katana charm. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*

Purugly & Glameow Zukan. NEW! $4.00 *shipping not included*
Unown Zukan. NEW! $6.00 *shipping not included*
Turtwig figure. $0.25 *shipping not included* (FREE with any Pokemon Zukan – LIMITED)

Toaru Majutsu no Index:
Misaka Imouto. $5.00 *shipping not included*

DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises (DICE): DVD Vol. 1, 2, & 3 $0.50 each or $1.00 for all three. *shipping not included*

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Added Japan Disney phone charms!
I still got a bunch of doujin, shitajiki, manga up for sale. Please take a look.
Manga $3 each
Get Backer 1-5
Trinity Blood 1-5, 11
Hellsing 1-4
Hikaru no Go 1
Death Note 1
Detroit Metal City 1
Next world 1-2
Dark Water
Yakuza in love 1-2
Tough Love Baby
Vagabond 2
Vizard 1
I"s 1
Hunter x hunter 6
Samurai deeper kyo 9
Hybrid child
Bastard 1
Samurai Champloo 1-2
Ral Grad 1
Can't Stop Loving You 1-2

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Anime and game goods!

Hi everyone! Come take a look at video game and anime related goods such as cards, stationery, toys, and books for sale.


-Vampire Knight Kaname voice card

-Trigun bust figure set

-DN Angel, Natsume no Yuujincho, Pandora Hearts item sets

-Huge postcard set

-Big doujinshi stationery (binsen) set

-Stationery sheet set including Persona, Kuroshitsuji, Bukiyou na Silent

-Code Geass promo card set

-Yun Kouga Gundam sticker

-Kaicho-wa Maid-sama goods

-Posters from Kuroshitsuji, CLAMP's Clover, Uragiri (Betrayal), Code Geass, Darker Than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist

-Doujinshi from Code Geass, Devil May Cry, Fate/Stay Night, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Metal Gear Solid

-Furoku items from Haou Airen, Harukanaru, Kaicho wa Maid-sama, Ouran, Vampire Knight

-Witch Hunter Robin cels

-Death Note OVA DVD

-Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Resident Evil 2, Growlanser Generations Playstation games

-Sailor Moon cards

-Gravitation complete manga set


Pre-Memorial Day Sale-30% off your total!

From now until Wed., May 26, you will get 30% off your entire total (not including shipping costs)! This is my Pre-Memorial Day sale, so take advantage of the reduced costs!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga


Video Games


Miscellaneous items


*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

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Sailor Moon Final Fantasy Shugo Chara Full Metal Alchemist
Pokemon Pretty Cure Fate/Stay Night Tenchi Muyo Kuroshitsuji
Marmalade Boy DearS Kenshin One Piece Saiyuki
Oh! My Goddess Kare Kano Digi Charat Gundam Ranma 1/2
Furoku Ribon Nakayoshi Cosplay Ciao Sho-Comi
Dolls Plush Toys Games Accessories CDs Books

Add me to see updates in your friends list!

~Cute Japan Items For Sale~

Hey you guys I have a shop called the Pink Carousel so come stop by :)
I recently added these cream cookie charms and a couple others

Plus I'm selling
- Hello Kitty Sticky notes
- Blue Kogepan mechanical pencil
- Paris Letter Set
- Cell Charms
- Victoria Secret Slice of Heaven Perfume
- Biscuit Cookie Compact Mirror
- Pink and Blue bear key covers
So come by ^ _ ^
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Selling Stuff and Raffle Giveaway

Updated as of 5/24/10
Only 4 days left for the raffle giveaway. Still no entries on one item so get one in soon!

I'm holding a raffle for two things: a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Promo Poster and a Final Fantasy XIII Mini-Guide Book (pictures of items in the cut). To enter, simply make at least a $5 purchase, give a small donation, or make a trade with me. Then, decide your entry for the prize you want. I'm doing this to get rid of some things and save up money for a bill payment, which is coming up pretty soon. Any purchase is appreciated.

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Sales posts:
Clothes, Accessories, Jewelry, Random Asian Goods, Some Sanrio and Morning Glory Items, and Freebies
Anime/Manga, Video Games, Music, Movies, Books, Posters, and Magazines

I'm selling Akanishi Jin's You & Jin U.S.A. Concert tickets.
I also have some NEWS, Tegomass, Shuji to Akira, and GYM CDs and concert pamphlets for sale with discounted prices. Details under the music section.

Also added a lot of new PSX Japanese imports and guide books.

Still selling!

Still Have to sell some of these. Prices are listed with shipped prices but all are OBO (Many have been lowered). Figures have been displayed but are in mint condition.
1.) Haruhi Suzumiya Gekisou Version - $130
2.) Natalia Kimlasca - Kotobuyika - $50
3.) Lion Magnus - Kotobuyika - $45
4.) Simca - Lab013 - $55
5.)Taiga Asuka (miss contest ver.)- Wave - =$80
6.)DN Case #2 nendoroids - Light (suit and secret figure), Mello, Mikami- 10 for ea., 12 for special (will come with boxes)
7.) Tales of Syphonia Alterative weapons set - Includes Lloyd, Collete, Sheena, Genus, and Presea - $55
8.) Hetalia One Coin set - Germany, England, and America sold, All others available- $12 ea. unopened wrap and will come with box
9.) Yuki Nagato Nendoroid petit with V.3 manga Unopened - $35

can be seen at:

for binsen and other misc items:

Feel free to make offers on anything. Asking doesn't hurt ;).


[sale] New (unused) Japanese CDs

[sale] New (unused) Japanese CDs

I have many new (unused and sealed) Japanese CDs would like to sell as follows.
Please follow the links to original sale post at my LJ.


[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: Others
- Kamen Rider (Masked Rider)
- Miyavi :: MYV Pops [Regular Edition]
- w-inds :: Rain Is Fallin'/ Hybrid Dream [Limited Edition, Type A with DVD]
- Lead :: Drive Alive [Limited Edition with DVD]
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: JE's
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Venus [Regular Edition, Jacket C]
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Ho! Summer [Limited Edition, Jacket B]
- [single] Tackey :: Sha La La / Mugen no Hane [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [single] NEWS :: Weeeek [Regular Edition] ++ free NEWS LAWSON leaflet
- [album] KAT-TUN :: Queen of Pirates III [Regular Edition] ++ free KT Clipping from Josei 7
- [single] KAT-TUN :: Rescue [Regular Edition, First Press]
- [single] GOLF & MIKE :: Nippon Ai ni Iku yo
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Regular Edition]

Please also check out other posts for cute staff from Japan and Thailand~

[sale] K8 Summer Tour Concert Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo
[sale] Flower Wire Bookmark
[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Various
[sale] Handkerchief from Kyoto
[sale] Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version
[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Bee Costume
[sale] Stitch Bag
[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] LEGO keychain -- Star Wars Collection
[sale] NYC Boys and Hey! Say! JUMP JE's Official Goods

PS. Thanks for the space~

Sayonara Sale

I am moving back to Australia after living in Japan and am selling some of the stuff I've amassed since I got here.

The list so far (updated daily):
  • Oguri Shun same age photo essay 'Dokyusei' photo book
  • Oguri Shun Jonetsu Tairiku Premium Edition DVD (Japanese)
  • FLIX (cinema) magazine (featuring Crows Zero II and more)
  • BLACK KINEJUN (cinema) magazine (Crows Zero II)
  • Crows Zero II Official photo book
  • Kurosagi 'Maido Ari' Edition DVD (Japanese)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP  'Mayonaka no Shadow Boy' CD + DVD LE
  • UVERworld 'AwakEVE' LE
  • ROOKIES 'Perfect Book'.
Please visit my personal journal sales post for pics and prices. All items will be shipped from Japan worldwide and payment accepted through Paypal (international) or direct-bank deposit (Australians only).

Please contact me for a postage quote or more information.Thanks!
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Hey garagesalejapan~!
A while ago I remember someone who was selling a Swimmer brand Ipod Nano 2nd generation silicone case (I think?)
If the person that was selling it reads this & it is still available, please contact me? (: 

If not & anyone else has one for sale around 8$ USD (which was what I believe was the price of the other one o_o) please let me know !


btw. I live in the US.
Hero of Belefield

SALE! Moving so please haggle!

I found a lot of stuff that would love a new home!

Kyou Kara Maou Doujinshi
VHS box sets Fushigi Yuugi
English Manga
(Sorcerer Hunters, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Chobits, Eerie Queerie, Fake, Just My Luck, Princess Princess, Bizenghast, XXX Holic, Tsubasa RC, Rayearth, Peach Girl, AND MORE...)
Japanese Language Learning Items
(Dictionaries, Cultural Guides, Read Real Japanese (essays and fiction)
Japanese Language Manga
(Yami no matsui, Tsubasa RC, Spiral)
BBoy Comics
Anime DVDs
(Gokudo, Slayers, Evangelion , Tenchi Muyo Final, Niea under 7, Excel Saga, Dragon Half, Sorcerer Hunters, FAKE, Angel Sanctuary, AND MORE...)
Collectible Card Decks
(Sailor Moon, Angel Sanctuary)
Art Books
(Death Note, How to Draw Manga Super Basics & Couples, Robots 1-3, AND MORE...)
(Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Magic the Gathering)
Sailor Moon Collectibles
(Stationary, Transfers, Jewelry Box, Transformation Broach, Crescent Wand,Spiral Heart Moon Rod (in box))
'free' extras

Thank you so much in advance for looking! Please feel free to make offers! Click here for buyer feedback