May 30th, 2010

toshiya [otsu]

Dir en grey Ware Photobook

Hello everyone! I am selling a copy of my Ware photobook. All details are below.

1. I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items or money. That is the postal service's job. = )
2. No returns/backing out please. The last time I sold stuff online, people did this to me often. If you are not sure if you can get something, just don't ask for it. I don't want to have to spend months trying to track down people.
3. I accept money orders, personal checks (will have to be cleared), (concealed) cash, and paypal.
4. All prices are in USD, NOT including S+H.
5. I will consider international orders, but the S+H price will probably be greater and we will have to talk about what type of currency will be exchanged.
6. S+H depends on the weight of the package and the type of packaging that needs to be used--for example, posters will be sent in poster tubes.
7. I will email you if you have "won" the item. = )
8. I will not ship your item to you until I have received payment (you will be notified once your item is shipped).
9. Prices can be negotiable.

Ware Photobook
Condition: Very Good. The outer box is a little beat up on the edges but the photobook itself is in excellent condition
Starting Price: $70 (price is negotiable)

Thanks for looking!
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Pretty Jewelries& etc from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea!!


Come visit my journal for lovely& inexpensive jewelries from Asia!! 

New items being added monthly.
Accepting paypal and concealed USD cash!
Hurry, low stocks!

Currently for sale:
Many cute pendant necklaces from Korea, rings, bracelets, Taiwanese white pearl and "3D effect" eyeliners.

Currently doing a pre-order on:
Popular Korean healthy minus-ion digital watches!

Check it out ~ :D

Various Merchandises from Different Series FOR SALE

Hello all,

I'm currently having a lot of merchandises for sale over at my SELLING JOURNAL. Please have a look.

Including merchandises from the following:

---Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!  ( mugs, door plates, posters, etc.)
---Hetalia (lots and lots of merchandises including one coins, POP stands, plushie, hair bands, etc.)
---Some Nitro + chiral as well as other bl merchandises
---Lots of nendoroids/ nendoroid petits from Death Note and Vocaloid

Please have a look. Thank you for your time! :DDD

Wanted: Air Game Promo and Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2 Promo Pencil Boards (Shitajiki)

If anyone has these boards and are willing to sell (I will pay generously!) these pencilboards please email me at mayiko (at) shaw (dot) ca

See my wishlist

(I am also looking for a Card Captor pencil board with Sakura kneeling in a red kimono but I don't have a picture of it yet)

If you have them and would rather trade than sell them let me know, but I don't have my whole personal collection scanned, so please send me your wishlist and I will let you know if I have them ^_^



All JEWELRY in my journal is 20% off!!
And another 5% if you are a returning customer ^_^

a GSJ offer! Mention that you saw this ad when ordering!


Doujinshi, Manga, Merchandise For Sale

Hi everyone, I got a bunch of doujinshi, manga, phonebooks and merchandise for sale.

Bleach, D.Gray-man, Gintama, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Togainu no Chi, and others
D.Gray-man, Finder no Hyoteki, Kuroshitsuji, Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Asuka, Nakayosi, Ribon, Sho Comi, Lala and others.

Anthologies - Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off
Doujinshis - Buy 3, Get 4th 25% Off

Merchandise - Buy 4, Get 5th 50% Off
Manga - Buy 3, Get 4th Free

Mystery Giveaway
For every $55 spent,  you get a figure. All the details are in my journal.

Take a look at my journal if you're interested. ^^

Auctions ending soon!

I have many magazines on eBay starting at really low prices!
They're ending in about 1 day, so better check them out soon!
Cutie, Kera, Gothic&Lolita Bible, Kera Maniax, Junon, Teppei Koike Photo Book and more!
I also added some Mini Moni Plush dolls, and some Super Junior socks!
Lowered the starting price of Japanese manga, and a few other things too!
I also have 3 Duel Jewel posters, and 1 Plastic Tree poster, and 1 WaT poster!
I really hope to sell these posters so please make sure to look at them! Starting at only $0.99!
Look This way!

Thanks for looking! You can ask me questions here in the comments, or on eBay!

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Updated my journal with lots of new stuff!

Clothes (updated!), some directly from Harajuku - go here.

Tons of flyers, magazines - huge update! - go here.

Original DELUHI signatures - go here.

CDs - go here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! doujinshi, some artbooks
- go here.

The Sims 2 games, misc Manga items - go here.

Please make sure to check it out! ♪

Thank you (・ω・)/
Kamiya - hat

Tons of Durarara!! stuff for sale

Hi. I have lots of Durarara!! items up for sale on my eBay store including doujinshi, shitajiki, clear files, cellphone straps, and lots more! Some of the items were just released here in Japan and there are some promo items as well. My favorite item is the Izaya "I ♥ Human" tshirt. Hilarious!

There are items from other series as well but most of the stuff is Durarara!! at the moment. Please check it out!
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"Back-home-again" (doujin) sale! ^_^

Hi everyone!

Last winter holidays I started the process of clearing out my doujinshi collection. Unfortunately, because I was only home for a mere 3 weeks and over Christmas, I had to suspend a lot of orders once my dateline to return rolled by. However, this time, I'm back home for 3 months, and am still in the process of sorting out a lot of doujinshi.

I have around 91 doujinshi looking for new homes, mainly from Axis Powers Hetalia. Like last time, I did things a bit differently, and since it was pretty convenient for me (good way to keep track of orders), I have again posted up all my doujinshi for sale on my website instead of LJ. I'm shipping from Singapore, and I generally ship to any country as long as you don't mind paying shipping costs. :D Paypal is preferred for all transactions!

Collapse )

Thanks for looking! ^_^