June 15th, 2010

taking order for CANDUY SUGAR Sch Bag & GazettE REPLICA T-SHIRT & HOODIE!

Hi guysss~!!!

I'm currently taking order for 2 kind of items.

the GazettE replica t-shirt
(nlsg tour, fanmade design & DISORDER HOODIE!!)
Japanese School Bag
(Candy Sugar & RE-LIFE)

Both you can use it for cosplay or even normal/casual day out!!! =D

FOR DETAIL, PICTURE & PRICE, please go to my livejournal & take a look!!! ^___^
HERE~~~ >>>> http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/

I HAVE FEEDBACK TOO!!! http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/1277.html

I have in-stock~!!

the GazettE "REILA -LESSON D." Single
CONDITION: Used but in great condition.
PRICE: USD$15 excluding shipping & paypal fees!!

the GazettE "CASSIS -TYPE A-" Single (CD+DVD)
CONDITION: Used but in great condition.
PRICE: USD$20 excluding shipping & paypal fees!!


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Accept paypal or BANK transfer (Only for local buyer)

Interested, please comment here!!

Thanks you!!
Ren double

Tao Boutique: New items and on-going sales!

My time of relocation is over, but the sales at
tao_boutique aren't! More figures and manga have been added, and all are at the low prices you know and love!
  • Manga - Most volumes $2!  Special issue of Jump SQ with collectible postcards is still available!
  • DVDs and CDs - DVDs starting at $3!  Japanese CDs starting at $8!
  • Figures - CLAMP, Kuroshitsuji, Tales of the Abyss, Code Geass, FMA and more!
  • Doujinshi - SALE! At least 25% off each item!
  • Anime Goodies - Rare stickers, pencil boards, and more from Newtype and Megami!
  • Free items!  Just pay shipping!
M u k u r o


ADDED NEW ITEMS~ Nothing is over $11 shipped!!! Item series include Gundam 00, Angel Beats, Lucky Dog, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Gundam Seed Destiny, and plenty more~

Please click on the image to my sales post, thank you~
黒崎眞弥 [*]

Selling: CDs/DVDs/Band goods

***Items added 5/14***

Selling photosets and other merchandise here:

Photosets of the following: a:Vout, Dollis Marry & Wizard
Other Merch: Sugar Zippo Lighter

CDs and DVDs here:

Artists/Bands include: Sugar, Dollis Marry, Matenrou Opera, Wizard, +ISOLATION, Sulfuric Acid, Kisaki Project, THE PIASS, Metis Gretel, +catarciss+, Junna -Envy Project-, Misaruka and more!

Other CD/DVD: LIKE AN EDISON 2007 New Years DVD & ZEAL LINK '08 Comment DVD.

Please take a look if you're interested. Thanks~!

Need this Gone! Newly added figures!

Okay, let's try this again!
I have for sale:


Haruhi Suzumiya Figma. She's pretty much new. I traded for her a while ago, but I realized she just isn't for me :/ She's cute and all, but...>.< She comes with her box and all accessories. Asking 35 shipped.

Death Note L and Ryukk from the DVD sets. Both can come with boxes, but they're quite large and bulky.
L- $10 plus shipping
Ryukk- $15 plus shipping

Juko Mizuno figure of the girl with the meat xD
Asking $17 shipped still

ALL $4 a piece shipped, 2 for $6
InuYasha volumes (various, please inquire).
Naruto 6

Rurouni Kenshin DVDs and Artbook
DVDs (2) asking $5 each plus shipping or $10 shipped for both
Artbook asking $13 plus shipping.
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Pokemon: OT3

[Offers welcomed!; new items added] I need this stuff gone, please!

Info for all buyers!
 First person to leave their Paypal address and can pay immediately gets the item!
I have 100% positive feedback on eglfeedback (+9) & on my journal (+10).
I ship from GA, USA, and I do ship internationally.
Prices are negotiable, and include shipping within the US.
The prices do not include the 3% PP fee that the buyer pays, though.
International buyers, please tell me your country so I can look up the shipping cost for you.
Right now I am only accepting Paypal.
I can hold an item for up to 2 weeks, but you must pay a 10% deposit.
I am not interested in trades.
Please no deadbeats!

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Manga, Anime, and EGL clothing for sale

All anime / manga can be haggled since I want these gone--but with a bit of profit.
Prices do not include shipping. Willing to ship international! Just ask!

Location: California, USA
Payment Method:
Paypal only please.
Feedback: Ebay
Holds and trades are fine, as long as they're reasonable
Smoke-free home, but I have two dogs. The anime merchandise is too high up from them and my lolita clothing is stashed away in a separate wardrobe all together + dry cleaned


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Panda, Dollfie

Anime & Lolita Sale

Hi all!

I'm selling quiet a few things on my journal.  Please check it out! :D  EVERYTHING MUST GO!
~Click on Gloomy Bears for sale to go to my sales journal! ^_^
  • NEW Pink & Blue w/ Gold accent Gloomy Bear Plushies! - $12 each *(price includes shipping within U.S.)
  • Princess Ai Art Book - $5
  • Bizenghast Art Book - $5
  • Princess Ai Poster - $5
  • NEW Princess Ai Iron-on Patches - $3 each
  • Japanese Manga Rurouni Kenshin 5 - $2
  • Japanese Male Fashion Magazine: Cool/Cooltrans - $1
  • Japanese Magazine Dazed & Confused - $1
  • Black & Pink Oriental Dress - $27 Shipped U.S.
Lolita jewelry & clothing! :D
  • Hot Pink Feather Fan - $1
  • NEW Gold & Rhinestone Necklace/Bracelet/Earring Set - $5
  • NEW Gold Rhinestone & Pear Leaf Earrings - $3
  • Multi-Colored Pearl Necklace - $1
  • NEW White & Black Lace Pearl Bracelet -  $1
  • Pink Wa-Loli Chinese Brocade & Fur Trim Plush Jacket - $10
  • Black Velvet Aristocrat Long Coat - $45
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Pink Carousel~

Come shop at me sales journal the Pink Carousel :)
I have items like
- Deco Tape
- Necklaces
- Silver heart hoop earrings
- Bear key covers
- Kogepan pencil
- Pencil pouches
- Erasers & more

Orders $20 or more get a free gift!!
comment, ask questions about prices, etc. I'm here to help <3

& look out for new items like rings!

ღBirthday Necklaceღ

Collection Clear Out

My collecting tastes have changed over the years so everything I haven't used/displayed/read/watched in the past two or three years is up for sale. All items are make an offer but please be reasonable. Shipping generally runs at least $1.50 for the smaller items and I get charged paypal fees on every transaction. Please keep that in mind when offering. If you see something twice it's because I accidently photograpged it twice. :) I don't have two.

Will possibly trade for Code Geass or Ouran High School Host Club merchandise.

If you would like a shipping quote please leave your zip (US) or country (international).

Policies. Please read them

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ampharos: sing

Posters lot for sale

I'm selling a massive lot of magazine pullouts/posters (mostly from Megami/similar) for US$60 shipped anywhere. $25-35 of that is shipping depending on where you live (thank you, Australian shipping costs), and that still comes out to less than $1.50 an item - you're free to resell anything you don't want. (If you live in Australia I will lower the price to US$50 shipped.) I only take Paypal, and you will need to send it as a "gift" or "payment owed" unless you want to pay the fees (an extra $3).

The items are pictured here! Since they're double sided, I photographed both sides, ie. the pictures in 3b.jpg are the other side of 3a.jpg.

Everything that's not crossed out in the pictures is included. There are almost 40 double-sided posters, plus other various things from magazines (comics, stickers, phone card, mini clearfile, alternate manga cover).


I will not separate the lot, because I am allergic to cigarette smoke (the seller, unfortunately, did not mention the smoke in the listing) and taking out items to separate makes me sick.

Just leave a comment if you're interested and I'll get back to you :D
Ruki II

Selling - the GazettE CDs & DVDs

Hi! I' m selling...

■ STACKED RUBBISH limited edition (CD+DVD)
■ DIM limited edition (CD+DVD)
■ DISTRESS AND COMA [Optical Impression]
■ DISTRESS AND COMA [Auditory Impression]
■ Peace & Smile Carnival  [Limited Edition] DVD

Please take a look at my journal !

items for sale/trade

Anime, Manga, Figures, 80-90's toys, & etc...

Ouran Host club, Green Green, CardCaptor Sakura,Gunslinger Girl, Hoop Days (Dear Boys, Kodocha, Pitaten (Pita-ten), Peach Girl, Planetes, Rainbow Kids, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Tsubasa, Samurai 7, Suzuka, Monkey High, Happy Missile, Now and Then Here and There, Steel Angel Kurumi, & many more

Im me on LJ, you can find my items here http://mangatude.com/kookie/ & http://kookiedakat.livejournal.com/

★Check out my livejournal shop!★

click here to check out some of the kawaii lots i've listed.
14 sticker sacks(some rare ones) + 2 memo pads + 4 letter sets for $56 shipped.
there are more stuff at my livejournal so do check them out as well.
all memo pads are now $5 each(those that are below $5 will remain as it is)! sale will last until this friday.
(click here for my livejournal page)
i'm also selling a Len Kagamine nendoroid so click here
if interested^^


[SELLING] Dir en grey official tour goods


I'm selling official items including :

Deadly Claris #1
Deadly Claris #2
Deadly Claris #3
Five UglyKingdom
Five ugly kingdom Yokohama Arena
Keen under the sun
Withering to death
Over the vulgar shudder
The type of deity
Code of vulgarism
Master of monster
Rettou Gekishin Angya 2002 Kaika Shingan (a Pilgrimage capsizing the islands 2002)

Master of monster postcards set
Japanese fucker family postcard se
Rettou Gekishin Angya 2002 Kaika Shingan (a Pilgrimage capsizing the islands 2002)
stickers set
Over the vulgar shudder stickers s

Newly added :
It Withers and withers stickers set
Dozing green tour sticker
The rose trims again tour sticker
Bajra / Uroboros Breathing sticker
All Visible Things postcard + clearfile set
All Visible Things poster

available on my journal here !

Thank you for watching !
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New Anime/Game Figures/Statues For Sale Cheap: Super Mario, Cowboy Bebop, Pastel Chime

Hi everyone,

Here's a short list of figure statues i found in my box of goodies. They're all brand new, officially licensed, and in their original packaging.

I really want to get rid of these, since i've already picked out my personal favorites, and these are all my extra copies. Please help me out!

Figures, Mini Figures & Statues

Cowboy Bebop Julia 8.5" Figure = $15 - (New) - [One left!]
(Retail Price: $25)

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Palm Scenery Pastel Chime Continue Trading Figures = $2 each. - (New) - [10 left.]
- These trading figures are packaged blind. Meaning, there's no way to tell which figure is inside. Try your luck!
- Approx. 4" tall
- Base included
(Retail Price: $7 each)

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New Super Mario Bros. Mini Figures = $3 each. - (New) - [About two of each type left.]
 - 1" - 2" tall
(Retail Price: $8 each)

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.hack//SIGN 6" Action Figures: Mimuru  & Subaru = $7 each. $12 for both. - (New) - [One of each left!] - [SOLD OUT!]
(Retail Price: $12 each)

Kirby Mini Figures = $1 each. $2.50 for all three. - (New) - [One of each left!] - [SOLD OUT!]
(Retail Price: $5 each)

I’ll ship anywhere via USPS, using Paypal with a tracking number. Feel free to contact me for any questions!



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Sales! Free shipping in US, and 50% off for International

I really need to get rid of alot of the items I have so I'm offering free shipping one everything (except dounjinshi stationary) until end of June. I also lowered alot of the prices

Prices will be on photobucket, but am willing to negotiate!
Doujinshi stationary - shipping will be $1 in US
Lots of phonecards ranging from $6-10
Pencil boards ranging from $6-15
Figures starting from $5
Cels starting from $7
other misc items~ Added Gwnedolyn figure from Alter - Odin Sphere - $165

Feel free to msg if anything ^-^

I am also interested in trading my fate testarossa nendoroid for another nendoroid, possibly Nanoha. She is brand new with unopened box ^-^