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06 July 2010 @ 01:21 am

**offer excludes jackets, bags and game systems~ sorry but these are really heavy to ship!! i can however give u a discount on shipping if its too much for u~ thanks! ^^

Join my updates! Check out here for how to subscribe!

$5 each, or 5 for $20!
☆ Clothes, Bags and more~

Updated Today~! Lots of cute new sets~~~ Lowered price of prom dress~!
☆New Clothing From taiwan and japan! pretty pink plaid skirt, faux leather jacket, cute tunics, designed jeans, cute fobby hoodies, pink plaid coat, purple heart & bow top,  sweaters, pompom sweater hoodie, babydolls, pretty floral dress, lace tank tops, Leopard Print Leggings, bow blazer, leggings, unique dresses, cute layered / fobby skirts, Lots More!

☆New Addition: Bow Handbag, Dark Champagne Handbag, Tote Bags, messenger bags, Gorgeous zebra sequin hand bag, cute star pouch, cute polka dot & bow pouch, japanese pencil case, japanese/korean style makeup pouch, nanayoshi net pouch, red faux suede bag, cute polka dot pouch, leopard print purse with chain strap, plaid bow pouch, cute pink tote bag, White Quilted Chain bag, Monokuro Boo bag, Bow Clutch

Beauty, Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes
☆Lowered Price of: limited edition hello kitty watch $50 less! and free shipping~
New Addition: beautiful scarves from taiwan, cute hairties added, star scarf, fobby caps, pink polka dot lolita umbrella, plaid kitten heels, limited edition sexy diamond sunglasses, cute fobby shoelaces, cute japanese styled shoes, leg slimming slippers, arm warmers, tights, bow legwarmer from japan, japanese brand items, portable hair curler, cute hair accessories, and more!
★Face Masks, Facial Absorbent Paper, Cute Earrings from Taiwan, Vivi Style Bow Belts, Japanese Brand SLY Flip Flops, Bracelets, more!!

Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆New Addition: Doraemon notebook, cute asian planner, limited edition hello kitty watch (price lowered by $50 and free shipping!!), rilakkuma calender, Gamecube Set
★Lots of Hello Kitty Items, DS&PS2 games, Nana book 1 - 6, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo book 9 - 10 and 13 - 17, gintama book 1 - 4 (all in chinese but great prices!!), Manga &Anime Collectibles (*RARE !! Luffy pirate globe collectible && **RARE !! Luffy Pirates vs. CP9 $35 only for each set // cheap naruto sets)

Discounts given for magazines!
New Magazines added March 2010~!
☆★NEW ADDTIIONS: flame/w-inds/LEAD CD, arashi cd case and fashion magazines
☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji Seishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; steady magazine, lowered prices: beauty, Female Fashion (FF), junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet
06 July 2010 @ 03:11 am
Feel free to land me any offers. Most of this needs to go before I head off to college since I can't take it all across the country. ^^ Lots more items will be added! :3

So please feel free to look and see if you find any items of interest. :3

Click here to shop!

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ad eundum quo nemo ante iit
06 July 2010 @ 10:57 am
Hello! I'm selling a whole slew of Kishidan & Seikima II merchandise!

A jacket, photo booklets, cd's, vinyl records... lots and lots of cool stuff at my journal!

Kishidan:  http://goldblend.livejournal.com/93867.html

Seikima II:  http://goldblend.livejournal.com/93640.html
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I've decided to sell my Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts figures.
All the figures are Like New.
Prices are negotiable.
Paypal is preferred.
First who can pay gets the item
Postage is not included in the prices.

First up are Final Fantasy 7 10th Anniversary Potion figures
For sale I have:


Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Zack FairCollapse )

Cloud Strife (FF7 Version) £15


Vincent ValentineCollapse )

Vincent Valentine £12

Zack FairCollapse )Zack Fair (Crisis Core) This is the secret figure of the set - he's rarer so I'm asking for £20 SOLD

Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Zack FairCollapse )

06 July 2010 @ 11:53 am
I'm auctioning off quite a few items on ebay including a set of this Out of Print Revolutionary Girl Utena DVD set:
Official US version!

I also have a number of Yaoi goodies for sale - check these out!
I'm slowly listing these and more in the next few days! Please check back to see. Some are extremely rare and was never available at my LJ shop.

Click on pic above to go to auctions!
06 July 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Help me pay for school and rent!

Lots of stuff here at mango_sales

Yaoi manga
Il Gatto Sul G 3
Love Share
Love Knot
Love Control 1+2
Anime and Manga Merchandise
Kuroshitsuji Sticker Bookmarks
Kuroshitsuji Mini Clear Poster


Come take a look and give my things new homes!!
06 July 2010 @ 12:17 pm

& more @ ramenstand


Come visit my journal for some great deals!

I am currently having a sale on asian style clothes, manga, books, accessories, and much more!
Click the image above to enter my selling journal!

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bwavo bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

(so cute! ;_;)


Added new stuff! ^^ More to come once I get my camera working again!
New stuff:
BJD clothes
Korean Film
Naruto Shippuden video game

New 7/6:
Various books (real books! :D)
Japanese decor


I will now trade for Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi. Pairings CielxSebastian or WilliamxGrell. xD
I will consider Doujins from these animes/pairings as well:
Death Note: LightxL, MattxMellow
InuYasha: SangoxMiroku (nothing explicit for them, please)
Sailor Moon: UsagixMamoru (my favorite circle is DOLCE. I will love you forever if you have this :D) or MamoruxFiore (VERY rare. But I want...also by DOLCE).
Tegami Bachi (are there any yet?): LagxGauche (nothing explicit for them), NichexLag (nothing exlipcit either), or JiggyxGauche

I like pretty artwork. Long hair and detailed eyes, things like that ^^

WTB: I want OLD SHOUJOU Manga items. Series I'm interesting in:
Candy Candy
Creamy Mami the Magical Angel
Magical Emy
Sailor Moon
Rose of Versailles
Minky Momo

I also am looking for Magical Girl wands/compacts/dolls/toys or figures. Especially wands and compacts. If you have this:
or this:
I will give you my SOUL. No joke. You can have ANYTHING you want.
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Jade Ashley
06 July 2010 @ 02:18 pm
Hello everyone!
My cell phone just broke on me, and I have two birthdays on the way, so I'm in need of some quick funds.

I was looking to sell my Sailor Moon curtain:

I bought this from a flea market awhile back, wanting to save it or make in into a dress. There is a stain on it, but it may be washable (I haven't washed it yet).

I'm open to offers for now.
If it doesn't sell within the next couple of days, I'll either put it back into storage (I'd love to be able to give it to my child), or put it on Ebay if I still need the funds.

- Open to offers! (Was looking for $18 maybe?)
- Don't hesitate to ask questions! :)
- PayPal only, please.
- 100% positive feedback at my selling community - darlingpiesales

Thank you very much!
Have a beautiful day!
06 July 2010 @ 02:23 pm

lots of kawaii for sale at dismalangel

stationary, sanrio, plush, manga, yaoi, and much more all at cheap prices~
offers accepted!
06 July 2010 @ 03:13 pm
goods, flyers, posters, figures, and more!

Selling some things to make more space, please take a look! =)
Paypal accepted, shipping from NY, USA
06 July 2010 @ 03:16 pm

great savings on dresses, tops, skirts & more!
shop LAST CHANCE items now (only available 'til the end of JULY!!)
we ship worldwide!

July Promo: Buy at http://www.sophistix.net and use code JUL10FSHIP to receive FREE SHIPPING all over the world with min. order of SG$150 -- valid all this month!! Plus: as always FREE REGISTERED MAIL local shipping (within Singapore) for all orders over SG$50!!

FB: +1/0/-0
Reviewed & rated on yebber

{ LAST CHANCE CLEARANCE -- JULY 2010 !! }Collapse )
06 July 2010 @ 03:30 pm

+ Cheap Anime/Manga items including DVDs, collectible cards, calenders, etc.
+ Mochi Anime Character Plushies
+ Ball Jointed Dolls Clothing and Accessories
+ Many Anime Magazines - Mostly Animerica
+ Freebies!

And more over at lynsales

I'm always willing to bargain prices!
06 July 2010 @ 06:25 pm

Yep you read that correctly!
I am having a big summer sale/ clearance! 
♥♥  Included items are as follows ♥♥
 Trading card single on my site!! (NOT on SETS! & NOT on Heart Ribon Cards!)
 Every Shitajiki "Extra"
 Furoku & zen-in item in the furoku section (except those items listed as excluded!) 
40% off orders over $50!
50% off orders over $100.00

✖✖~ Feedback ~✖✖
E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
I accept the following payment:
☆ Paypal
☆ Postal Money Orders only.
☆ I will ship internationally (where the PO permits it)

☆ Shipping is extra to totals.
☆ Please inquire using your zipcode!

06 July 2010 @ 07:05 pm

$8 Korilakkuma!

* I'm moving out and I'm going to donate them if nothing gets sold!* Nothing higher than $12 shipped!*


(39+/0/0-) http://angeliclolita.livejournal.com/943.html

CLICK MEEECollapse )
06 July 2010 @ 07:50 pm
Anime DVDs and manga for sale! Includes Negima, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, other CLAMP, and several videogames as well.

Please take a look!
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06 July 2010 @ 07:58 pm

This time is about 
Germany x Prussia ,
Russia x Prussia,
US x UK,
Spain x Romano,
France x Spain,
France x Austria and etc... .

 Details behind the Cut~

Also selling Tales of Abyss doujinshis in a cheap price. HERE
06 July 2010 @ 08:04 pm

hi everybody  i m selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,boa,se7en,perfume,tm revolution,aya kamiki,mika namashima,mihimaru gt,do as infinity,amuro namie,yuna ito ,leah dizon,yui,kato miliyah,dj ozma,sowelu ,minmi,beni arashiro,morning musume,yu yamada and more and i m also selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel,b'z,gackt,nightmare,hide,ayabie,gazette, glay,baiser, and more . all of the cds are authentic japanese imports .
there is also official goodies and collectibles from your favorit artist like the ayupan

im also selling japanese fashion magazines like scawaii,egg,cawaii,nicolas,ray,blenda,posh,koakuma koakuma ageha,vivi,bis,ray,happie nuts,popteen,pinky,seventeen,spring,blenda,ollie,men's egg, kera,puchi nico,smart, and many more +fan magazine like shoxx,CURE,poporo and potato if you like kamen rider there is also magazine like telebi kun and hyper hobby and if you are a fan of gundam i have denki hobby magazines for those who like manga there is also lala manga magazine
also selling some japanese video games, cute japanese phone straps and japanese make up ( lavshuka from kanebo brand new) . ( there is also video game magazines)
there is a few cute pair of shoes that are great if you are a hime gyaru or simply a gyaru and a bunch of clothes .

added some kamen rider and relakkuma toys .

for pictures , price and additional informations ,please check my website at
http://www.myjpop.com added tons of new items prices have been lower

you can also check the clearance and 10$ japanese press album section for great deals

i accept paypal ,conceal cash, western union and money order.i ship directly from US. i can combine shipping if you want to order more than 1 item. if you have any additional questions or simply would like to order feel free to pm me anytime. i m also taking request if you are looking for anything special send me a pm or email me :-)

you can now join myjpop at :www.facebook.com/pages/MY-JPOP-COM/124191400953715
06 July 2010 @ 08:28 pm
Selling the REAL FACE box at my selling LJ:

&&& other KAT-TUN & Arashi stuff ♥!


Please have a look, thank you (*^ O ^*)/"
06 July 2010 @ 08:53 pm

MANGA  Like NEW Only $2.50 each!

DOUJINSHI   NEW and SEALED Starting at $5
Including: Death Note, Final Fantasy, Naruto and One Piece

BENTO Items NEW and SEALED %50 off!!

Pics and information below cut.

BJD Abio Angel Yi Head, Gundam, etcCollapse )
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Items can be held up to 7 days. (Longer, depends on situation).
  • I only accept Paypal balance (No CC).
  • When ordering, provide your zip code so I can calculate shipping.
  • I only ship in the USA. I don't ship internationally. I might, depending on the situation.
  • Shipping is based on the item/weight and the place you live in. So it will vary. I will notify you about it.
  • I will notify you when your item is sent.
  • There may be a delay in shipment of the items due to my workload/school/personal life. However, I will try my best to ship them ASAP!!
  • I am not responsible for lost items in the mail.
  • I do not accept returns unless I sent you the wrong one.
  • I am not responsible if there is a delay in shipping when it is out of my hands
  • I do accept trades. Check my wish list to see. My Wishlist
If you have any further question, feel free to ask me.


Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Visual Book: (Rare) $20 + shipping- It has a lot of pictures of Gundam Figure Models. And a few pages of EW screen cap/arts. It also contains a small poster. Used/Mint Condition. Samples pages: Sample1 Sample2

Gundam Wing Perfect File 2: (Rare/Out of Print?) $10 or B/O - Good Condition.

JMagazines - missing a few pages but all in great condition - Offer for all 3 or $25 shipped for all 3?

Fool's Mate March 2005 Gackt Cover
Zappy Mag Gackt Cover with CD & random postcards of artists/band and Gackt poster July 2003 No. 77
Arena 37C 06 June 2004 Gackt Cover Poster not included

Gackt Photo Book (It has #3 on it and yellow cover with Gackt getting pinched by a lady): OFFER (I'm still unsure whether to part with this. I also don't have pics of it right now. But if you are interested, just ask.)


Bandai Gundam Sunrise Imagination Gashapon Part 2 (Rare?) NEW STILL IN WRAPPER (Heero Yuy is not included. I'm keeping that) - OFFER It's stated as about $60 shipped on ebay Price at ebay

I don't have a pic of it taken yet, but here are some stock photos. But I can provide it if asked. They are still in the wrapper and not assembled.

Gundam Seed Athrun Zala figure

Gundam Seed Kira Yamato figure

Gundam Amuro Ray figure

Gundam Quattro Vageena figure


Abio Angel Yi head with eyes only. $50 plus shipping I've had this for probably about a year or more now. But I didn't do much with this head. He was supposed to be one of my OC. But I changed my mind. So he's been sitting in a closet ever since I got him. He hasn't been out at all. I am the second owner. He will probably match Luts NS. He will come with the default faceup. I can take it off if you want. There are some dents on his face, but it came with it when I got him. And it's not very noticeable. I gave him two ear holes. My first attempt on giving ear holes, so the hole is a bit big. He will come with the eyes shown. This would be a good practice head. If you want more pics, just ask.

Dollmore 14mm blue acrylic eyes with no case - OFFER or this can be free if you buy more than $20 worth of things. It's this. Used a few times. Some cracks on the side, but it's not seen when put on the doll. Ask for pics if interested.

Cystal acrylic eyes 16mm Golden-Peach with no case - Used a few times but in great condition. Stock Photo
Here is a pic of the eyes (left) worn by my doll with flash.

Dollmore 14mm or 16mm(? Not sure) D Special Glass Eyes with no case (NEW only tried on) - OFFER Stock photo No flash and Flash pic below

If you want more pics of any of the above, please just ask. Thank you.
06 July 2010 @ 09:31 pm
Memo Pads- want to sell at least half of them!

i want to sell at least half of my memo pads so do help me out! i'm accepting offers on all the memo pads so you can just ignore the prices^^
(on to the memo pads section)
also, if you spent at least $5, you can get a sticker sack free!
(click here for the freebies section)

Re-posting with a few NEW ITEMS ADDED(as of 7/4/10) to JRock CDs, Magazines, and Books so please take a look :)

I am desperately in need of money and space so I would like to sell as much of these things as I can.

Asking prices are listed, but feel free to make an offer as well - prices are negotiable!
If you ask for a quote, I will calculate it using my asking price and the actual shipping, but I will haggle (within reason)!

Shipping: Shipping will be determined after depending on location. For multiple CD or magazine purchases, flat rate options are available. If you would like a shipping quote, please tell me your postal code and the city where you are. Multiple purchases = potential discounts on shipping AND item price, so please ask!!! I will combine orders if able.

Payment: I accept PayPal, Money Order (within the US), and concealed cash (In US currency and AT BUYER'S OWN RISK). If using PayPal, I ask that you do compensate for the fees.

Any questions regarding these items are more than welcome. I apologize for the bad pictures - all I have now is my cell camera. I can certainly take more (better) pictures upon request.

JRock/Visual CDs - X-Japan,hide(zilch), BUCK-TICK, Moi Dix Mois, TM Revolution, Shulla, Baroque, Janne da arc and moreCollapse )

OTHER JROCK/VISUAL CDs INCLUDE:Sugizo (Dear LIFE single,Aikawa Nanase, Baiser, and NeiL. Please ask for pictures if interested!

JRock DVD - X-JapanCollapse )

JRock Magazines - the Gazette, Kagrra, Kiyoharu, Alice Nine, Nightmare CoversCollapse )

JPop CDs - SPITZ, Morning Musume/MiniMoni, Anna Tsuchiya and moreCollapse )

OTHER JPOP CDs/SINGLES INCLUDE:Natsukawa Rimi, Onitsuka Chihiro, m-flo (Dopamine single). Pictures available on request.

Japanese Horror Movies - American VersionsCollapse )

I am also selling literary books used in courses from the Japanese Language and Literature major at The University of Massachusetts Amherst if anyone is interested. Books range from critically acclaimed novels to Pop culture books, so anyone in need of these resources, please message me for more details. I promise to offer better prices than campus co-ops :)

Picture of Book Under the CutCollapse )

Thanks for looking!
And Thank You to everyone who has inquired :D
06 July 2010 @ 10:29 pm
Please take a look! And feel free to haggle!
Mangas include:
Vampire Knight
Hana Kimi
Ouran High School Host Club
Alice 19th
And much more!
06 July 2010 @ 11:22 pm

Hey everybody,

I have a huge amount of anime stuff for sale!

Manga, DVDs, figures, dolls, games, cars, jewelry, plush, toys, and much more!

Series like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers, Naruto, Ah! My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, Utena, Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Love Hina, and many more!

It's all available in my journal...click here!