July 8th, 2010

ViViD towel, The Gazette Special Margarita and new flyers!

New flyers are $1 each. 7 flyers and above a Gab magazine will be included free! (Latest issue Vol. 45)

More flyers can be found here http://omise.blogdrive.com/archive/12.html

The Gazette Special Margarita $20

ViViD Towel $25

All item are exclusive of shipping.

Send an email over at eulbreve@gmail.com for more information and details.

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I just want to sell some CDs and goods that i have duplicated copies and yeah..
and i need money for my new single :(
if you think the price is too expensive you can give me your best offer
so here we go :D

Namie Amuro Official Magazine Vol.29
-brand new USD 10+shipping

break the rules
-no sticker but mint condition first press have the little booklet inside
USD 10+shipping

LOVE 2000
-used,okay condition
USD 4+shipping

-used,CD case broken,but the lyric and flyer inside are brand new
USD 5+shipping

60s 70s 80s(CD+DVD)
-used,but good condition
USD 7+shipping

-used but mint condition
USD 7+shipping

LOVE ENHANCED~single collection~
-used but mint condition
USD 8+shipping

USD 2 each+shipping
(if your total is over USD 10 without shipping fee you can pick one of them as a gift)

Vidal Sasson Rainy Series Flyers
-brand new from japan USD 3 each+shipping

Vidal Sasson Mini Standy
-promote item not for sale
USD 15+shipping

here is the picture:

thank you :D

Huge Summer Sale^-^ Pls help me find a new home for them...

*** Tons of new items & rarities added! Lamento Coin Figures, Nitro+ Stuff (Togainu no chi), Hakuouki shinsengumi clearfile, Kaho Miyasaka notebook, cute Jay Chou plush doll, NEWS limited Edt. Calendar box, Sanrio/Hello Kitty items, Final Fantasy VIII Seal Book, Asian Fashion by Anna Sui and much more!^.^v ****

Huge sale on J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Merchandise, Anime/Manga and Furoku/Merchandise, cute Fashion items + clothing, movies and many many more...

(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available

(!) Please click on the pictures to get a larger image ^^

Collapse )

Loki, Sakura

[SUMMER SALE] 25% off~!

I have 3 slots available for PICK UP of items at Otakon ON THURSDAY & FRIDAY ONLY this year~!
Pick-up items mean NO SHIPPING COSTS to the buyer!
All pick up items MUST total $40 USD OR MORE!

Feedback for my old account can be found here j-sales feedback can be found here and ebay feedback can be found here

Manga Bundle
English Manga 4-pack

All are in good - mint condition.
Mangas included are as follows:
Under the Glass Moon vol 1 & 2 Ko Ya-Seong
Princess Ai vol 1 by Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love and D. J. Milky
Paradise Kiss (original limited edition cover) vol 5 by Ai Yazawa
If purchased seperately $7 USD each
Total set $20 USD
Buy it here

Yaoi/Hentai, Shounen ai doujinshi, dvds & manga
*Items are in Japanese unless stated otherwise.

Shounen Ai:

Full Metal Alchemist Doujinshi NAKED RESUME EdxRoy
$5 USD!!

*Gravitation *select volumes.. 1-2, 5-8 and 10-12

*Yami no Matsuei Vol 1-11
$55 USD!

Decendents of Darkenss/Yami no matsuei volume 4 DVD
Mint condition! Watched only once
Sub/dub option!

Moon Light Lady complete DVD box set
Stunning artwork! Mint condition!
$40 USD
FREE Dragon Pink VHS with this purchase!
Buy it here
Genesis BJD

Sailor Moon S DVD Slim Official Boxset for Sale


I am in need of funds and unfortunatly that means some of my DVD'S need to go.  I am selling the Official Sailor Moon S season Slim DVD Boxset.  Although the box itself has a small amount of damage on a lower corner, the dvd's and cases themselves are in pristine condition.  They all play perfectly as well.  I will be able to post my pictures by Monday.  I am asking for $200 including Domestic shipping (for International shipping please ask) or BEST OFFER.  Payment accepted is PAYPAL.

Brand and off-brand Gal, Punk, and Lolita clothing, plushies, and much more!

(Liz Lisa, Love Boat, iimk, Mighty Soxer, Peace NOW, Paris kids, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Naurto, and many many more!!)

I'm selling a good portion of my gal and punk clothes, accessories, and Cute plushies that I accumulated while I was living in Japan. Everything must go to make room for my new wardrobe. SO, I'm selling everything for massively cheap! Most items have either never been worn, or have only been worn once or twice.


Prices are negotiable *BUT* only serious and fair offers will be considered!

I'm also selling Lolita items here

Please take a look!
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Brand New Manga On Sale Cheap! Disgaea, Sola, Galaxy Angel, Juvenile Orion, Di Gi Charat, etc.

Hello everyone,

I've finally listed all the manga books i have left on my shelf! Below is the list. They're all BRAND NEW.

All have been officially licensed in the USA, and professionally translated to the authentic Japanese right-to-left format. The paper quality is much higher than the majority of all manga published in the USA, featuring pure white, thick pages. The books are heavier than the norm.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need additional images. My goods are always expertly packed to provide the most possible protection during transit.

Manga & Graphic Novels

Please click the image above for a big zoom. Here's a link to additional images and sample pages. Below, I have listed the prices of each volume:

Disgaea = $6
(Retail Price: $10)

Disgaea 2 Vol 1-2 = $6 each
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Sola Vol 1 = $7
(Retail Price: $11)

Delivery Cupid = $8 - [BL/Yaoi]
(Retail Price: $12)

Until The Full Moon Vol 1-2 = $6 each - [BL/Yaoi]
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Galaxy Angel Vol 1-5 = $5 each, $22 for all five.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol 1-3 = $5 each, $14 for all three.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Galaxy Angel II Vol 1-3 = $5 each, $14 for all three.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Galaxy Angel Party Vol 1-2 = $5 each
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol 1-5 = $5 each, $22 for all five.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol 5 w/ Box = $15 - [Contains 2 character key chains.]
(Retail Price: $20)

Kamui Vol 1-9 = $5 each, $40 for all nine.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Di Gi Charat Theatre: Piyoko Is Number One! = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

Di Gi Charat Theatre: Dejiko’s Summer Vacation = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

Di Gi Charat Theatre: Dejiko’s Adventure = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

Leave It To Piyoko! Vol 1-2 = $5 each
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Yoki Koto Kiku = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

Kon Kon Kokon = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

E’S Vol 1-4 = $5 each, $18 for all four.
(Retail Price: $10 each)

Koi Cupid Vol 1 = $6
(Retail Price: $10)

Nui! Vol 1 = $5
(Retail Price: $10)

Coyote Ragtime Show Vol 1-2 = $5 each
(Retail Price: $10 each)

I’ll ship anywhere via USPS, using Paypal with a tracking number. If you are local, i can also drop off, or you can pick up. Group purchases earn a discount.



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(no subject)

Please take a look at

Items for sale include:
Anime & Manga (DVDs, manga in Chinese, Japanese & English, merch such as figurines, posters, etc.)
Doujinshi (rare)
Video Games (PSX, N64, GB, SS, misc. merch)

*As always, free shipping for orders over $5 (within the US)
*Willing to make additional deals on already highly discounted merchandise

My goal is to have sold all my items by the end of the summer!
Please lend me a hand if you can! Thank you! :D

[SALE] JE albums, singles. dvds, and magazines

Hello! I am moving and so I need to sell  a lot of my things. So I am selling all of my JE albums, singles, dvds, and magazines. Many of these are rare and out of print; most are first press limited editions. Please check it out!

[Album] Touch  w/ DVD and Obi (LE)
[Single] Sayaendo/ Hadashi no Cinderella Boy w/ Obi (LE)
[DVD] New Nippon 0304
[Album] BOX: Real face single/ best of kat-tun album/ real face dvd + photo booklet and stickers (LE)
[Single] Signal w/ Obi
[DVD] Live Kaizokuban 2005
[DVD] Okyakusama wa Kamisama Concert 2003

[Album]  F.T.O. w/ Obi, DVD (LE)
[DVD] Spirits concert  w/ sticker
Tackey and Tsubasa

[Album] Two you four you w/ sticker, Obi, and DVD (LE)
[DVD] Spring Concert (Harukon) 2004
[Album] Very best II w/ obi (LE ver. A)
[Album] Happy w/ Sticker
[Single] Daite Senorita - YamaPi
[DVD] Summary of Johnny world  

Kat-tun 1st New York Photo Book w/ obi w + sticker
Wink Up
[Apr 06] Kat-tun cover, Kat-tun 2 sided poster, Tackey & one of kinki kids photo, stickers
[May 06] Kanjani 8 cover, Kat-tun 2 sided poster, Yamapi and Ryo photo sheet
[Aug 06] Arashi cover, Kat-tun/ Kanjani 8 poster, Kinki kids photo sheet
[May 06] Yamapi cover, Sakurai Sho poster, Kinki Kids Photo sheet
[Jun 06] Kanjani 8 cover, Kat-tun 2 sided poster, Kanjani 8 photo sheet

[Apr 06] Tackey and Tsubasa cover, Kame/ Jin photo sheet, Kat-tun poster

Please Click Here for Details and Pictures!
Ranka Lee

Figures for sale!

This is my first time selling on LJ, so bear with any mistakes I may make. Basically, I have school in the fall, and since I can no longer afford to maintain a figure hobby I'm selling some of the ones I own. I'm shipping from Ontario, Canada, and thus I will be using Canada Post, which means if you're in the US it might be a bit pricier. Prices do NOT include shipping, so tell me what you'd like (if anything!) and I'll determine a total with the price of shipping. I'll only be shipping to Canada and the US, however.

Figures are all used, but come with their original boxes and are in mint condition unless otherwise stated. I only have the ones I know I want to part with listed under the cut, but if you see anything you like in the image feel free to at least make an offer. The smaller figures I didn't think I'd make much profit off of so I just didn't bother listing. XD

Follow the fake cut... of doom!

final fantasy tactics
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Selling Stuff and Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert Tickets, Also Looking to Buy/Trade

Hi! I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out both of my sales posts for to see items, pictures, and the latest updates: sales post #1 and sales post #2. I'm also open to trades. See my wishlist.

- Anime/Manga goods and promotional items - Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump manga samplers, Naruto, Pokemon, Shin Chan, Saint Seiya, Baccano!, Evangelion, One Piece, Peace Maker Kurogane, Peach Girl: Super Pop Love Hurricane, Battle Nixens, Tokyo Pop promos, Anime Expo promos, and more
- Video Games and promo items - Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Gran Turismo, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space, Supreme Commander, Space Bust a Move, Space Invaders Extreme, Valkyrie Profile, lots of Japanese PlayStation import games and books, and Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Concert Tickets
- Books, Movies, and Music - Chocolate DVD, Blood The Last Vampire Promo, Final Fantasy, Naruto, NEWS, GYM, Shuji to Akira, w-inds, BoA, Wonder Girls, Utada Hikaru,  RIKKI, Autographed photos of BoA and G-Dragon, and more.
- Various Sanrio Goods, Morning Glory Goods, and other cute stuff
- Lots of other different items for sale - Clothes, Accessories, Jewelry, Comic Con Merchandise, Magazines, and more
- Freebie with any purchase
I prefer to sell, but I'm still open to trades. These are my high wants right now:
W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII Vinyl Record
Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Original Soundtrack
New and sealed Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Games (US versions), black labels
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Blu-ray Steelbook (Stickerbook), new and sealed (any country version)
Square Enix Members Registration Card Codes

More stuff I want in my wishlist here.
I'm also selling my tickets to Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Concert for the San Francisco show. Please get these off my hands since I can't attend the concert anymore.
2 Tickets to:
Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Concert
Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA
Friday, July 16, 2010 8:00 PM
Seat location: Middle Orchestra Section, 2nd row, Near the center (seats location are the red dots in the picture)
Price: $200 for both tickets (what I paid for them) or best offer
--> I want to go to this, but it would be hard and a bit expensive since I'm in the L.A. area. Nobuo Uematsu will also be in attendance, as well as guest singer Susan Calloway with Arnie Roth conducting. These are greats seats to take pics/videos when they'll be on stage. More info on the concert at the official website. Payment by PayPal (prefer gifted) or cash in person. Tickets can be mailed out or picked up locally in the L.A./Riverside area. Also, if tickets are picked up, you can buy/trade for anything else I have with no shipping costs and we can exchange when we meet.