July 15th, 2010

NWT RARE Disney Angel Plush 12" Lilo & Stitch & more!

NWT RARE Disney Angel Plush 12" Lilo & Stitch for sale!

$50.00 USD or best offer!  Shipping is $9.00 USD

I would love to keep her but I have too many plushies and I would rather collect pooh bear plushies =)  Please give her a good home!  Comment or contact me at missyxangel@tmail.com

Please look at my items on Ebay!  You can either
bid/make offers on ebay or leave me a
message/comment to make an offer on items! 
Feel free to ask me any questions!  Thank you!

Added New Things! :D Make Offers! Anime Manga Video Games Cosplay Plushies Figures and More!



Tokidoki Notebook and Sticky Notes!
Lolita items (accessories and GLB)
Naruto Akatsuki Rings
Video Games:
Naruto for the PS2
Naruto for the GameCube
Naruto for the Wii
Full Metal Alchemist for the PS2
Soul Caliber Legends for the Wii
Perfume (Harajuku Lovers)
Plushies (Sanrio)
Anime (Death Note and When They Cry)

What else is inside:
Lots of Manga (Yaoi, InuYasha, Death Note, ect)
Artbooks (Rurouni Kenshin)
Cosplay (InuYasha, a kimono, a kunai, ect)
Anime (InuYasha, Death Note, When They Cry, Rurouni Kenshin ect)


Bess | sylvir

Important Notice for those using the OLD feedback threads ♥________ ★! G S J

Hello from the mods!

First off, I apologize for the initial layout change where the font was tiny and the background was white (sloppy combination, I know!) and thanks to those who pointed it out. I hope you guys find this more to your liking!

More IMPORTANTLY: There are still members who use the OLD OLD feedbacks found HERE. Please redirect new feedbacks to be made at gsj_feedbacks</lj> . We'll be going through all the comments ONCE and then there's no looking back.
So even if you received new feedback there, *WE WON'T KNOW ABOUT IT* so it won't move over (unless you contact as)!

For those who weren't aware of the first update, you can find it HERE!


Magazines, Fashion preorder, and more!

Please take a look @ x Puri Sales x

Items for sale include:
→ Wink-Up Magazines
→ Shojo Beat
→ Shoxx Magazine
→ Otaku USA

→ 1 Pre-order batch open!

I also offer:
→ Japanese Magazine Subscriptions
→ Fansign commissions such as this. (please excuse the bad picture)

Coming soon:
→ CDs/DVDs: Ai Otsuka, VAMPS
→ Posters: BLEACH, Devil May Cry, An Cafe, Nintendo games
→ Clothes
→ More Asian Fashion Pre-orders
→ ChinaTown shopping service: Japanese snacks, household accessories, etc.

Thanks for your time!

Selling anime goods and asian clothing on ebay

Selling from the UK - but will post internationally

OFFICIAL bleach mobile phone strap - Rukia

OFFICIAL Darker than Black necklace - Hei's mask

Good Quality Handmade Gothic Lolita Headdress

genuine SECHUNA cat ears hoody

genuine SECHUNA serafuku sailor uniform top

And lots of  other fobby asian clothing (all UK sz 6-8/ US 0-2)

ALL STARTING AT JUST £0.99P! (that's less than $2!!)

Please have a look! I have 100% positive feedback on ebay over 98 ratings
I am willing to post internationally, please just ask, and I do combine postage so you can save money if you buy more!
If you have any questions, comment here, or email me at isnotpleased [AT] gmail [DOT] com



New anime merch added- includes....
Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight, Ai-Ore, Code Geass....

All my manga is also only $1 each!

I also have stationery, deco tapes, earrings, necklaces, earrings, plushies etc...

bubblymelona </span>

Yu Yu Hakusho ♥ Hiei
  • a_knot

Selling Kpop

I have a few cds I would like to sell.

SHINee - Romeo Mini-Album [MINHO ver.] willing to trade for Onew ver.
- Brand new->never opened
- $12 [SHIPPED] **US ONLY** International shipping will need to be calculated

2PM - 1:59 PM Album

2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop Mini-Album
Sold :D

I ship from Miami, USA. I accept USD cash or Paypal.

Sale: Italy (N. & S.) items for sale.

Hi! I'm selling some Official Hetalia Italy and Romano items. I'll be shipping from Morgantown, WV and I'll ship internationally. All items are used but most have never been taken out of their packaging. The figures have been displayed and included their box and packaging. I do not charge paypal fees and I will invoice you so comments are screened. Please give me 2-3 days to ship and I'll contact you when I do. Also, prices do not include shipping so please leave a zip code/country when you inquire.

You can make offers especially if you buy multiple items. I also will accept trades/partial trades (we agree to ship on same day) for certain items I'm looking for. :) Click on the item name for image(s).Collapse )
Collapse )

Thanks for looking!

Feedback   eBay Feedback
Genesis BJD

Kozi Momento Cd for Sale and DOD BJD's

Hi!  I have Kozi's Momento cd for Sale.  I am asking for $25 inlcuding shipping within the United States.  Payment via Paypal please.  If there is interest I can post a picture up.  Cd and case are in pristine condition.



I also have for sale on the Den of Angels website three BJD's from Dream of Doll, prices (open to offers) all include shipping within the United States and they would be coming nude.

I am selling the following: 

Dream of Doll E-an $500


Dream of Doll Sha $500


Dream of Doll Wi $275


If you have any interest please PM me or respond here.
  • zmeyka

(no subject)

I'm trying to sell this doll for fast cash but I don't know what model and such that it is (I know it's a DOD), or how much it's worth. I have minimal knowledge about Japanese dolls so I don't know what things buyers are looking for or how much to ask for it and all the accessories. I'm hoping I can make at least $2-300 from it. I paid like $500 for the doll and all the stuff it came with but I may have gotten ripped off. Either way :/

Collapse )

I'm letting it go to the highest offer. Shipping + paypal fee is $15 to anywhere in the US (parcel post).
If you're interested please email me at bpm.2001@gmail.com
Many thanks!

20% off sale! Good through the end of July!

Everything in my LJ store (except cosplays) will be 20% now through the end of July! Call it my Christmas in July sale. So, here's your chance to get that item you've been holding off on!

This 20% off will not include shipping costs.

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Some prices have been lowered and I just added a bunch of Nakayoshi furoku, some DVDs (including complete series) and some other miscellaneous items! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga



Figures/Shitajiki/Miscellaneous items



(no subject)

~Grim Passion~


Grim Passion has been open for ONE YEAR!
Thank you all for the support and feedback this year!
Expect an extra cute gift IN EVERY purchase for the month of July!

Asian sticker-$1 each !
Cute Anime sticker cards!- $.0.50 each !
Decals and decora supplies!

Kawaii stationary: Hello kitty, rillakkuma, sweet lolita themes!- starting at $2

Lolita: New West Mend Dress's up now!
Perfect for sweet, goths, and classic!
Bodyline, and offf brand up!- $120 and UNDER! shipped world wide!

New cute bags and accessories!: Hello Kitty, Rillakkuma, Gloomy bear!

Cute items all at $1 !

New hair accesories!- all $1 !

Kawaii Asian Mask! -$3 each!

Phone charms all sorts ! - $4

keychains: $1-$4 !

Popteen magazine! -$8 !

New super cute back to school items!!!:
 Notebooks, pencilboards,pens, pencils, memos ect!

SHIPPING: Starts at $7-$10 WORLD WIDE!
Tracking included!
No paypal fees!

Click below to go !!!

(no subject)

I'm selling things over at syusukes! Warning: huge images in each post.

Information & feedback.
σ Clothes.
σ Anime & manga. Tons of series to choose from!
σ Albums & singles. Has stuff from SHINee, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, and much more.
σ Other items. Includes posters, gashapon, and other things.
σ JE merchandise. Contains shop photos, posters, magazines, t-shirts, and more.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES - I do NOT ship out of the country. Please take a look. I also do trades~

english yaoi and shoujo manga/manhwa for sale

Wanted to make some shelf room on the bookshelf.

Must buy all volumes of a title. Titles with a * are complete. I will ship via media mail unless otherwise requested. Will only accept money order or paypal as payment methods. Sorry, no international orders. Will only ship within the US. Will ship when payment is received. Please provide your zip code when ordering. Email me at cloudgirl7@gmail.com.

Yaoi ($4.00 each volume)
Boy Princess 8
Love circumstances
Passion 1-4*
Hero heel 1-2
Love bus stop
Love recipe 1-2
Maniac love
Passionate Theory
The art of loving 1
The paradise on the hill
Today’s ulterior motives
Wagamama kitchen
Words of devotion 1-2
Blue sky
Fake fur
Great palace high school
Close the last door 1
Alone in my king’s harem
Alcohol, shirt, & kiss

Yaoi Novel ($2.00 each book)
Passion: forbidden lovers
Like a love comedy
Sleeping with money

Shoujo/Shonen ($3.00 each volume)
Neon genesis evangelion 1
INVU 1-4
Rolling 1
Yurara 1-5*
Wild act 1-5
Broken angels 1-5*
Happy hustle high 1-5*
Bird kiss 1-5*
Eternity 1-5*
Snow drop 1-12*
Girl got game 1-10*

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tons of TOYS, STATIONERY, JEWELRY for sale ^^

I have tons of KAWAII items for sale @ my journal - everything is brand new!

  • toys
  • plush
  • charms
  • rement miniature sets
  • gashapon
  • letter sets
  • sticker sacks & sheets
  • earrings & necklaces
  • coloring books
  • pouches
  • stamp sets
  • pins
  • collectible cards
  • Sailor Moon
  • Pokemon
  • Shuffle
  • Disney Japan
  • Hello Kitty
  • Sugarbunnies
  • Doraemon

★Check out my livejournal shop!★

Memo Pads- want to sell at least half of them!

i want to sell at least half of my memo pads so do help me out! i'm accepting offers on all the memo pads so you can just ignore the prices^^ i really want to sell my memo pads so i'm willing to sell my memo pads at a low price! 
(on to the memo pads section)
also, if you spent at least $5, you can get a sticker sack free!
(click here for the freebies section)
click here to see the items i'll be interested in trading for if you're interested in trading instead :D


J-Rock CDs, DVDs and Magazines; J-Pop CDs; Literary Books FOR SALE!

Re-posting with a few NEW ITEMS ADDED(as of 7/15/10) to Magazines, so please take a look :)

I am desperately in need of money and space so I would like to sell as much of these things as I can.

Asking prices are listed, prices are negotiable! - MAKE ME AN OFFER!

Shipping: Shipping will be determined after depending on location. If you would like a shipping quote, please tell me your postal code and the city where you are. Multiple purchases = potential discounts on shipping AND item price, so please ask!!! Most likely if you buy more than one thing, I will reduce the price :)

Payment: I accept PayPal, Money Order (within the US), and concealed cash (In US currency and AT BUYER'S OWN RISK). If using PayPal, I ask that you do compensate for the fees.

Any questions regarding these items are more than welcome. I apologize for the bad pictures - all I have now is my cell camera. I can certainly take more (better) pictures upon request.

Collapse )

OTHER JROCK/VISUAL CDs INCLUDE:Sugizo (Dear LIFE single),Aikawa Nanase, Baiser, and NeiL. Please ask for pictures if interested!

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

OTHER JPOP CDs/SINGLES INCLUDE:Natsukawa Rimi, Onitsuka Chihiro, m-flo (Dopamine single). Pictures available on request.

Collapse )

I am also selling literary books used in courses from the Japanese Language and Literature major at The University of Massachusetts Amherst if anyone is interested. Books range from critically acclaimed novels to Pop culture books, so anyone in need of these resources, please message me for more details. I promise to offer better prices than campus co-ops :)

Collapse )

Thanks for looking!
And Thank You to everyone who has inquired :D
  • 213luz

New Trading Card Deck Holders/Cases & Protectors For Sale Cheap: Yugioh, Beyblade, Galaxy Angel

Good evening everyone!

Today, i'm listing all the trading card protectors i have left. I had a bunch before, but now i'm down to the last 8. I only have 1 left of each type!

They're all brand new, in their factory packaging. They're perfect to protect any trading cards you collect, whether they're anime related, or even baseball cards. You can carry around your deck, using these cases directly imported from Japan. No bootlegs. All officially licensed.

Please help me get rid of these!

Yugioh,Trading Card Protector,Deck Case

Yugioh Deck Case = $3 [1 left!]
(Retail Price: $5)

Yugioh Card Protector Sleeves = $6 - (Contains 100 Sleeves.) [1 left!]
(Retail Price: $8)

Collapse )

Galaxy Angel Deck Case: Group = $3 - [1 left of the top design, with the group of five. The rest are sold out.]
(Retail Price: $5 each)

Collapse )

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Deck Case = $3 - [1 left!]
(Retail Price: $5)

Collapse )

Beyblade Deck Cases: Green, Red, Black, Orange = $3 each - [1 of each left!]
(Retail Price: $5 each)

I’ll ship anywhere via USPS, using Paypal with a tracking number. If you are local, i can also drop off, or you can pick up. Group purchases earn a discount.

Feel free to contact me for any questions!




AKB48: Oya Shizuka


Hello! I added a TON of new items to my selling journal! I'm trying to get some more money to help pay my university bill. Please, take a look at my items!

Anime/Manga: Akira, Angel Sanctuary, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), Doraemon, Hikaru no Go, Metropolis, NDS: Puchi Eva Evangelion@Game (Japanese), Sailor Moon, Shounen Meitantei WHO, Tenchi Muyo, Toaru Majutsu no Index, X, Manga (Japanese & English), Posters, CDs, Artbooks, Japanese Books

JRock/JPop/Visual Kei: Aikawa Yuka, alice nine., Amuro Namie, An Cafe, angela, BAISER, BALZAC, BLAST, Der Zibet, Due'le quartz, Duel Jewel, girugamesh, Goto Maki, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hello! Project Shuffles, High and Might Color, Honda RuRu, Je*reviens, Kagerou, LADY, MANNEQUIN, Matsuura Aya, Michiru Project, Morning Musume., NEWS, Phobia, Plastic Tree, Puffy (Puffy AmiYumi), Rentrer en Soi, Shulla, STARS, Suga Shikao, Syndrome, The Emeralds, THE PINK PANDA, Utada Hikaru, Velbet, w-inds., wyse, Yamazaki Masayoshi

Video Games: Nintendo Entertainment System, XBox 360, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS (U.S., Japanese, and PAL Games)

Korean Fashion: Googims Wing Bag

Books by Japanese/Korean/Cambodian Authors: Chanrithy Him, Kawabata Yasunari, Natsumi Soseki, Murakami Ryu, Murakami Haruki, Kirino Natsuo, Morita Ryuji, Muramatsu Tomomi, Hayashi Mariko, Shiina Makoto, Fujino Chiya, Suzuki Koji, Pak Wan So


Please visit my selling journal:



Signed OLIVIA Poster + CD!

I have the following items signed by OLIVIA for sale!

OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) Wish/Starless Night POSTER

Yes, both are signed by OLIVIA herself!

Must sell by next week! Give me your best offer! Must be sold as a set!

Thanks :)