July 21st, 2010

NWT RARE Disney Angel Plush 12" Lilo & Stitch & more!

NWT RARE Disney Angel Plush 12" Lilo & Stitch & more!

NWT RARE Disney Angel Plush 12" Lilo & Stitch for sale!

$50.00 USD or best offer!  Please contact me for shipping!

I would love to keep her but I have too many plushies and I would rather collect pooh bear plushies =)  Please give her a good home!  Comment or contact me at missyxangel@tmail.com

Please look at my items on Ebay!  You can either
bid/make offers on ebay or leave me a
message/comment to make an offer on items! 
Feel free to ask me any questions!  Thank you!

monokuro boo

Selling: VK brands, Jrock band Merch, more

Clothing: Peace Now, Algonquins, Angelic Pretty, Sex Pot
Band Merch: Heidi, Deluhi, Zoro, Sug, Duel Jewel, Blood, B'z, Fanatic Crisis
Magazines: Arena 37C, Fools Mate, Shoxx
Flyers: Alibi, Zip.er, Reivier, Vidoll, Moran, Kalvary, Skull, DaizyStripper, Aicle, Panic Channel, Nega, Ando, and more!

Free band flyer with every purchase!

Please take a look here

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♥ OLD(est) Feedbacks Updated ♥________ ★! Garagesalejapan Feedback Cafe

Hi all! We have two requests for you guys, so please take the time out to read this!

OLDEST feedbacks have been transferred
- The new gsj_feedbacks</lj> is coming underway very smoothly. We have finally finished moving all feedbacks from our OLDEST feedback thread to the Cafe.
Leaving feedback
- When asking people to leave feedback for you, please also let them know that there is a feedback format, which can be found in the header of the Cafe, the user info of the Cafe, and on each page of the listings, so it's kind of hard to miss.

- We've been lenient and have been accepting them, but from now on they will be asked to resubmit the feedback as it will not count.
  • Feedbacks submitted incorrectly will NOT be accepted.
  • Feedback submitted without a subject line (as Positive, Neutral, or Negative) will be allowed as it is apparent from the description, but think about it from our standpoint: when it comes to the gray areas, it's harder to tell if you want the comment to count as a positive, neutral, or negative. So subject line IS important!

Note: This update actually won't pertain to many of our newer members who joined within the last year or so, as it regards our OLDEST feedback thread, and not the previous one located here that most of you are familiar with
For the initial announcement and the subsequent update, visit here and here.

Thanks! From the gsj_mods  and sylvir ~
supermoo part 2

DS: Doujinshi, Manga, figures, furoku, promo cards

Hello Internets!

I have figures (boxed and gashapon), magazines (NewType USA), doujinshi (!!)(PG to R) and furoku for sale. Feedback available here!

The deal:
open to trades
paypal only
shipping not included - give zip code for estimate
will ship internationally
negotiations ok (make an offer, the worst I can say is no)
holds for 4 days only
I love kittens

The Death Note Figures want to come live with yooou!

Onto the sale!!
AKB48: Oya Shizuka


Hello! I'm still selling a TON of stuff to help raise money for university~

Anime/Manga: Akira, Angel Sanctuary, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), Doraemon, Hikaru no Go, Metropolis, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Shounen Meitantei WHO, Tenchi Muyo, Toaru Majutsu no Index, X

*Manga (Japanese & English)
*Japanese Children Books

JRock/JPop/Visual Kei: Aikawa Yuka, alice nine., Amuro Namie, An Cafe, angela, BAISER, BALZAC, BLAST, Der Zibet, Due'le quartz, Duel Jewel, girugamesh, Goto Maki, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hello! Project Shuffles, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Honda RuRu, Je*reviens, Kagerou, LADY, LUNA SEA, MANNEQUIN, Matsuura Aya, Michiru Project, Morning Musume., NEWS, Phobia, Plastic Tree, Puffy (Puffy AmiYumi), Rentrer en Soi, Shulla, STARS, Suga Shikao, Syndrome, The Emeralds, THE PINK PANDA, Utada Hikaru, Velbet, w-inds., wyse, Yamazaki Masayoshi

*Magazines (CD Data, Cure, Gab., Newgrave (feat Dir en grey), Oricon Style, purple SKY, Silver Accessories, Switch, UP to BOY, V!nyl Syndicate, Weekly Oricon, WHAT's IN?)
*Tour Goods
*Visual Kei Flyers/Magazine Pages

Video Games: ****U.S., Japanese, and PAL Games**** Nintendo Entertainment System, XBox 360, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS

Korean Fashion: Googims Wing Bag

Books by Japanese/Korean/Cambodian Authors: Chanrithy Him, Kawabata Yasunari, Natsumi Soseki, Murakami Ryu, Murakami Haruki, Kirino Natsuo, Morita Ryuji, Muramatsu Tomomi, Hayashi Mariko, Shiina Makoto, Fujino Chiya, Suzuki Koji, Pak Wan So

Please visit my selling journal:




Re-posting with a few NEW ITEMS ADDED(as of 7/18/10) to DVD section, so please take a look :)

I am desperately in need of money and space so I would like to sell as much of these things as I can.

Asking prices are listed, prices are negotiable! - MAKE ME AN OFFER!
As of today (7/22/10) EVERYTHING MUST GO!!

Shipping: Shipping will be determined after depending on location. If you would like a shipping quote, please tell me your postal code and the city where you are. Multiple purchases = potential discounts on shipping AND item price, so please ask!!! Most likely if you buy more than one thing, I will reduce the price :)

Payment: I accept PayPal, Money Order (within the US), and concealed cash (In US currency and AT BUYER'S OWN RISK). If using PayPal, I ask that you do compensate for the fees.

Any questions regarding these items are more than welcome. I apologize for the bad pictures - all I have now is my cell camera. I can certainly take more (better) pictures upon request.

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OTHER JROCK/VISUAL CDs INCLUDE:Sugizo (Dear LIFE single),Aikawa Nanase, Baiser, and NeiL. Please ask for pictures if interested!

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OTHER JPOP CDs/SINGLES INCLUDE:Natsukawa Rimi, Onitsuka Chihiro, m-flo (Dopamine single). Pictures available on request.

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I am also selling literary books used in courses from the Japanese Language and Literature major at The University of Massachusetts Amherst if anyone is interested. Books range from critically acclaimed novels to Pop culture books, so anyone in need of these resources, please message me for more details. I promise to offer better prices than campus co-ops :)

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Thanks for looking!
And Thank You to everyone who has inquired :D

[sale] Sirotan Keychain -- Bee Costume

Sirotan Keychain -- Bee Costume

Price: 9 USD

Follow the link below to sale post over at my LJ.

[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Bee Costume

More stuff from Japan and Thailand could be found over at my LJ.

[sale] Flower Wire Bookmark
[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Various
[sale] Handkerchief from Kyoto
[sale] Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version
[sale] Stitch Bag
[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] LEGO keychain -- Star Wars Collection

PS. Thanks for the space here..^^..
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Vampire Knight 4-11 [Japanese]
Vampire Knight 8 & 10 [English]

Bleach 2, 4-18, 21-25, 28-34 [English]
Bleach 1-32, 37-46 [Japanese]
Bleach SOULS [Japanese & English]
Bleach VIBES
Bleach Karaburi

Reborn Artbook and Fanbook
Reborn! Manga volumes except volume 13 in English and all Japanese current out volumes.
Meru Puri 1-4 [Japanese & English]

I want to buy a manga that's $5 or less. Higher than that, I'll have to pass. :D
For the Japanese versions, $3 or less except (of course) the artbooks and fanbook.
I'd like to buy the most current ones, btw and my 2nd top priorities are blue and the bold ones are my highest priority.
I love spares, so offer anything related to those series'! :D
A little note, I'm such a perfectionist, so I would really love to have the items in like-new, mint, or sealed condition. :D No marks, no highlights, no bends etc.
I can't use paypal.
pink geisha

Massive Shop Revival!

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Check out the ALL NEW updates to my sales journal, crayon_ninja! Lots of new SANRIO items, Lolita items (including METAMORPHOSE, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Moi-Meme-Moitie and more!) and Limited Edition tokidoki for Sephora Sterling Silver Necklaces!

Offers Seriously Considered! No Trades, PayPal Only!