August 2nd, 2010


artbooks! artbooks! artbooks!

A massive stash cleaning of "older" series artbooks

Angel Sanctuary, Di Gi Charat, Full Metal Alchemist, cardCaptor Sakura, Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth, Patlabor, shin Tenchi Muyo, Slayers, and Utena

come look in my sales LJ (still chock full of toys and DVDs and other things! And lolita frills!)
anyone in the Boston, Mass area is welcome to come pick them up in person

For sale: yaoi manga/DVDs/artbooks, action figures, calendars

Hi, I have a number of things for sale—mostly yaoi manga, DVDs, and artbooks plus some calendars (Yami no Matsuei and Weiss Kreuz) and action figures (Final Fantasy, Tekken, and Cowboy Bebop).

Prices are negotiable (especially on the manga—they're really taking up space) and do not include shipping; will ship lighter items (manga, DVDs, and artbooks) worldwide. I accept PayPal only.

My eBay feedback is here.

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hello kitty

In Search of....tokidoki, hello kitty, tarina tarantino, harajuku lovers


i find it really hard to find great deals in stores for tokidoki, hello kitty and especially tarina tarantino and harajuku lovers!

if you have anything along those lines you'd like to sell especialy Toidoki clothes and bags, Hello kitty clothe and Tarina Tarantino jewlery and Harajuku Lovers bags, accessories and clothing i would be super excited to pay you! i pay ASAP by paypal and you can check my feedback on ebay: many time i bought from the same seller however they only let you leave feedback per transaction.

If you have something to sell am a very willing buyer! (especially tokidoki Taramtino and Harajuku Lovers!) i'm willing to spend good money so if you're reluctant i'm willing to pay good prices for items!!

you can contact me here or through my email

i look forward to hearing from you! let me rehome your goodies for cash!


sale Egg shaper and more CUTE stuff

Price : 1.5 USD
Delivery is not include yet
Payment method is

Please follow the link to my LJ for more details

Sale 2 Tupperwears just 1.50USD (Pooh or Stitch)
Sale Stitch Spoon-Fork SET
Sale Kitty Bandage
Sale Stitch and Pooh BENTO BOX
Sale Stitch BENTO accessories

Thank you for the space here



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Desperate to sell, please take a look

sales sales sales

I'm selling a number of anime/manga related items! Included are:
Bleach, Fruits Basket, Desert Coral, Crescent Moon, Culdcept, Death Note, Dream Saga, Pita-Ten, xxxHOLiC, Angelic Layer, X/1999, and a Japanese copy of Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE 19.
Final Fantasy Unlimited, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Prétear
Fullmetal Alchemist, Princess Mononoke, Yu-Gi-Oh!, D.N Angel
Serial Experiments Lain, Bleach

Details here, for anyone interested.
manga ➝ furutsuji ◦ poke
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manga, CDs & idol goods

still many items for sale at my selling journal starryinsky:

manga / books
kare kano ・ love com ・ bokura ga ita (we were there) ・ switch (shoujo); love quest ・ our everlasting ・ il gatto sul G ・ my only king ・ alcohol, shirt & kiss (yaoi / shounen ai / bl); etc.
canna anthologies (zero sum) ・ shounen hakaryuudo ・ amatsuki ・ kimi no subete wo misete ・ olimpos (josei / shoujo); chance! ・ yumemita shuumatsu ・ momoiro danshi ・ rakuen no pet ・ zeus ・ toumei shounen ・ usotsuki (yaoi / shounen ai / bl); etc.
vocaloid ・ hetalia ・ yu yu hakusho ・ gundam wing
beginner's japanese ・ japanese particles

misc. goods
junjou romantica clear book cover

idol goods
d-boys (dvds, photo sets, tokusatsu goods) ・ je (smap, v6, tackey & tsubasa, etc.; cds) ・ wfl (lead cds)

isshi rock
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SOLD h.Naoto/Nois metallic silver stud wristband - NEW

Brand new h.Naoto/Nois metallic silver, skinny, wristband with small pyramid studs and a metal square with the h.Naoto H. The wristband is done up with press studs and has two sets to adjust the size. Would like $16.88 $12.32 INCLUDING postage or a best offer! Insurance would be extra. I am also shipping from the UK but the price is inclusive of any postage costs no matter where you live ;)
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Anime/manga/bags/accessories for sale!

Please come over to my selling journal to check out the many different anime/manga goods that I have! :)


- Manga
- Artbooks
- Anime/JROCK CDs
- Clearfiles
- Pencil boards
- Keychains
- Stationery sets
- Folders/planners/notebook
- Playing cards
- Cels
- Trading cards
- Bags
- Fashion accessories (gothic lolita and others)

Click here for anime/manga goods!

Click here for bags, accessories, and clothes!

Massive J-music Sale!!!

Hey there!!!

I'm selling alot of J-rock Visual kei stuff in my Journal!!!

Follow this way...

Cd's / DVD's

ARC, Abingdon Boys School, Zoro, Dir en Grey, Grirugämesh, LuLu, Pierrot, Mix Speaker's, Inc., DIO, Nightmare, Kagrra, Dragonwapppppper, Aicle., V[Neu],  and many more~


LAST CHANCE: CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Books!

Hi everyone,

I am down to the wire now and need to get rid of as much as I can. I need money very badly and this is most likely the last time I am going to be able to post to this community for a while, so if you have been eying something, make me an offer!



Shipping: Shipping will be determined after depending on location. If you would like a shipping quote, please tell me your postal code and the city where you are. Shipping prices are what they are, but that doesn't mean we can't work out a good price. I also use flat rate boxes whenever I can, and 3-4 CDs can fit into the small box :)

Payment: I accept PayPal, Money Order (within the US), and concealed cash (In US currency and AT BUYER'S OWN RISK). If using PayPal, I ask that you do compensate for the fees.

Any questions regarding these items are more than welcome. I apologize for the bad pictures - all I have now is my cell camera. I can certainly take more (better) pictures upon request.

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OTHER JROCK/VISUAL CDs INCLUDE:Sugizo (Dear LIFE single),Aikawa Nanase (Multiple Albums), Baiser, and NeiL. Please ask for pictures if interested!

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OTHER JPOP CDs/SINGLES INCLUDE:Natsukawa Rimi, Onitsuka Chihiro, m-flo (Dopamine single). Pictures available on request.

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I am also selling literary books used in courses from the Japanese Language and Literature major at The University of Massachusetts Amherst if anyone is interested. Books range from critically acclaimed novels to Pop culture books, so anyone in need of these resources, please message me for more details. I promise to offer better prices than campus co-ops :)

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Thanks for looking!
And Thank You to everyone who has inquired :D I appreciate it :)
blanket kitty

More things for sale...moving!

I'm moving in three weeks and need to get rid of things!

Clothes: Super Lovers, Black Peace Now, Algonquins, Sexy Dynamite, Banana Fish, Listen Flavor, Hypercore Underground, Sex Pot
Band Merch: Dir en grey, MUCC, Vidoll, Psycho Le Cemu, Ayabie, Deluhi, Zoro, Heidi, B'z, Blood, Duel Jewel, Blood, Fanatic Crisis, The Pillows, L'arc-en-ciel, TM Revolution

Free Flyer with every purchase!

Please take a look here
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Hi everyone! Please check out my updated sales HERE!!

Items on sale include:
ANIME & ANIME-RELATED MERCHANDISE (includes DVDs, posters, magazines, toys and artbooks)
MANGA (in English, Chinese & Japanese. Titles include: Akira, Chrno Cross, Fruits Basket, Inu-yasha, Kare Kano, Saiyuki, Saiyuki RELOAD & more...!)
JAPANESE DOUJINSHI (rare fan comics for obscure series such as Dragon Quest and Rival Schools)
VIDEO GAMES (for various platforms. Titles include: Jade Cocoon, Resident Evil 2 (PSX), Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Gold-plated Collector's Edition (N64), Super Puzzle Fighter II (GBA), Dragon Quest 3, Mystical Ninja, Pokemon Blue (GB))

As always, I feature discounted prices (esp. on printed materials), free shipping for all products exceeding $5 (within the US), and am open to discussion re: meeting your personal budget.

So please take a look around!
Thanks! :)

★Check out my livejournal shop!★

Memo Pads- want to sell at least half of them!

i want to sell at least half of my memo pads so do help me out! i'm accepting offers on all the memo pads so you can just ignore the prices^^ i really want to sell my memo pads so i'm willing to sell my memo pads at a low price!- changed the price! 
on to the memo pads section)
also, if you spent at least $5, you can get a sticker sack free!-
limited supply! 
click here for the freebies section)
click here to see the items i'll be interested in trading for if you're interested in trading instead :D

for sale!!!

I have some items for sale ranging from series like- tenchi muyo, naruto, mobile suit gundam, x/1999, fushigi yugi and sailor moon. The cds have scratches on them but play fine as i have tested them. All the other items are in good condition! Take the whole lot for $25 shipped or make offers! I have feedback on the community of serasell!

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Check out my selling journal: syusukes! Warning: huge images in each post.

Information & feedback.
σ Anime & manga. Tons of series to choose from, would really like to sell everything here.
σ Albums & singles. Has stuff from SHINee, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, and much more.
σ JE merchandise. Contains shop photos, posters, magazines, t-shirts, and more.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES - I do NOT ship out of the country. Please take a look. I also do trades. :3
those days

Yaoi, manga, Sailor Moon, jrock, and more!

Go to my selling journal to check it out!:

Death Note 1-12, 13, and 14 (1-13 in English, 14 is a Japanese special on the anime, ask for separate pricing): $4.50, Set for $55
Hot Gimmick 2, 5, 6-12, S: $4.50, Set for $40
Clover by Clamp: $10
Hikaru no Go 1, 4-8: $4, Set for $21
Chobits 1-3, 5: $3, Set for $10
Naruto 1-4, 9, 27, 28: $3.50, Set for $21
Model 1-4: $4.50, Set for $15
Fushigi Yugi 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 + Genbu Kaiden 1-3: $4, Set for $30
Hana Kimi 1-3 + Honey Hunt 1-2: $4.50, Set for $20
Absolute Boyfriend 1-2 + DNAngel 1-2: $4, Set for $15

Sailor Moon StarS 1-2: $20, Set for $40
Sailor Moon SuperS 4: $15
Sailor Moon 6 (New! Had been new in a box for years): $15

Shout Out Loud! 3-4: $6 each
One Thousand and One Nights 1-4, 6-7: $6, Set for $32
Gakuen Heaven: $6
Menkui 1-3: $5, Set for $12
Skyscrapers of Oz: $5.50
Shinobu Kokoro: $6
Yellow 4: $6
Kissing: $6
Only the Ring Finger Knows (manga): $6
Moon and Sandals 1: $6
After I Win!: $6
Hero Heel 1-2: $6, Set for $11

DramaQueen Yaoi - $16 each
Your Honest Deceit 1
The Judged
Virtuoso di Amore
Lies and Kisses
White Guardian

Gackt Sixth Day -Single Collection- $10
Kagrra, Miyako CD *SEALED BRAND NEW* $15
Cure April 2008 Volume 55 SIGNED by all members of Versailles (of original band including Jasmine, can provide pictures if needed): $60
Cure July 2006 Volume 36 Kagerou (no poster) $9
Shoxx 2007 Volume 169 Kagrra, $12
Shoxx 2007 Volume 168 An Cafe (no poster) $11
Cure July 207 Volume 48 Girugamesh $12
Cure December 2005 Volume 27 (slightly damaged cover) $7.50
Cure February 2006 Volume 29 Lareine (slightly damaged cover) $7.50

Go to my selling journal to check it out!: