August 8th, 2010

LAST CALL FOR CLOTHES (+ other things)


This will be the last call for a bunch of clothes in this journal!
80% of all the clothes & accessory will either go to Oxfam or into the trash if it doesn't sell.

Besides that:


Never had the Prices this low, ever! Take you chance now!

PLUS: If you buy more than one thing, I'm willed to give a little discount for you :)

Come over to this journal and see what I've got!

♥ Clothes (Brand and offbrand!)
♥ Accessory
♥ J-Rock, Visual-Kei, CD's, Merchandise & Magazines
♥ Manga & Anime
♥ Games
&& MORE ♥



Doujinshi Pick-up Service and Doujinshi for Sale


I'm accepting the pick-up requests for Comic Market 78, to be held during Aug 13-14 at the moment.

I plan to close down my shop (sale side) after the current stocks are all sold out. No more new items will be updated from now on. If you have anything you want, now might be a  nice chance. ^^

I'm selling several Code Geass, Death Note and Final Fantasy VII doujinshi at my sale journal.
Also, I'm providing online order services from circles and shops in Japan as well.

Link to my sale journal

Link to my online service and pick-up journal

Thank you!
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WTB: Tsubasa Chronicles & CDs!

My wife (_sakaki_chan_) and I have been stalking this comm for a little while and thought we would post a wishlist of a few of things we're still looking for.

Kurogane and Fai merch from Tsubasa Chronicles ^o^
☆Gashapon figures -- Yujin Fai figure & Megahouse Kurogane figure
☆Kuro and Fai figures from this set
☆Kuro and Fai keychain plushies
☆Kuro and Fai full size plushies (I think these exist?)
☆Kuro and Fai teacup sets (I know these exist! they came with Chi and Tomoyo teacups XD)

☆Other items? We already have :: Clamp in 3-D land, Clamp no Kiseki chess pieces, keychain swing figures

We've also been CD-collecting (we've already had good transactions with many people here ^_^). There are a few ones we'd especially like to have!

Tsubasa Chronicle Vocal Collection
Bleach Beat Collection Best 2
Seiyuu solo albums (not dramas)
Possibly other anime vocal/song collections (preferably not bootlegs!)

Jrock: (full albums preferred)
Abingdon Boys School
Tommy February/Heavenly
Possibly other cheap Jrock/Jpop

Thanks for looking! ^o^
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More things for sale...moving! Also, D'espairsRay tickets~!

I'm moving in three two weeks and need to get rid of things! Nothing over $28!

Clothes: Super Lovers, Black Peace Now, Algonquins, Sexy Dynamite, Banana Fish, Listen Flavor, Hypercore Underground, Sex Pot
Band Merch: Vidoll, Psycho Le Cemu, Ayabie, Deluhi, Zoro, Heidi, B'z, Blood, Duel Jewel, Blood, Fanatic Crisis,  TM Revolution

Free Flyer with every purchase!

ALSO, I now have a pair of tickets for the Aug 12th D'espairsRay show in NYC for sale for either 20.00 each or 35.00 as a pair!

*Please take a look here*

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I'm selling things over at syusukes! Warning: huge images in each post. MY SELLING JOURNAL'S BEEN REVAMPED. TONS OF NEW ITEMS HAVE BEEN ADDED, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!

Information & feedback.
σ Anime & manga + merchandise. Tons of series to choose from (Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Naruto, plus tons more). Now with gashapon, keychains, and plushes as well as other merchandise.
σ Albums & singles + posters. Has stuff from SHINee, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, and much more.
σ JE merchandise. Contains shop photos, posters, magazines, t-shirts, and more.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES - I do NOT ship out of the country. Please take a look. I also do trades, but there isn't much that I want.

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Chibi's Shoppe
I'm selling a number of items from my personal collection.
here you'll find everything from music CD's, DVD's, artbooks and manga to posters, figures and trading cards.
Click on the links to go to each catagory.

Ordering (Read First!!)

Japanese Music CD's
J-rock Misc Items
Artbooks, Manga, and Doujinshi
Figures and Plushies and Statues
Anime Pins, Keychains, etc.
Anime DVD's and VHS
Pencil Boards, Video Games, Trading Cards
Cosplay and Wigs

Ball-Jointed dolls/Dollfie clothing
Disney Merchandise
Misc Apparel
Misc Items


To order, simply email me at
Inutsuzuki@comcast.netwith your order and zip code and I will respond with a total. Thanks and happy shopping!!
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[selling] ebay auctions + journal sales

Hey all. We have some doujinshi on ebay up for grabs (starting @ $0.50 each before shipping! U.S. only!) Series include Prince of Tennis, Naruto, and Durarara!! ONLY A COUPLE HOURS LEFT BEFORE THE AUCTIONS END!

The sales journal will be updated with more goodies soon, our last bit of effort to clear things out before we go elsewhere. Keep us friended/bookmarked and check out the journal later this week for more!

>>> Naruto doujinshi by Komeya (#1)
>>> Naruto doujinshi by Komeya (#2)
>>> Durarara!! doujinshi by Red Edge
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by Smash@Rail
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by Harpy Killer
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by WaG
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by unknown
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by Crouka
>>> Prince of Tennis doujinshi by Jyozai K (this is a flippin' gorgeous thick book with two color posters! *drool*)

Other items:
>>> kitsunegarisale
(right now we have Nitro+ one coin figures, yaoi manga, misc. series merch including Minekura series, Prince of Tennis, Acute Girls, etc.)

Check us out, yo!

Figure auctions.

you can either click on the picture or click here to get to the auctions

Series for auction include: Evangelion, Gundam, Lucky Star, CLAMP related series, D.Grayman, Haruhi, Code Geass, and more.

All proceeds going toward ER bills and getting my cat some internal scans since he's sick.
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Tons of items for sale! please click on the links to bring you directly to that section;
>>Code Geass <<
>>Kuroshitsuji/ Reborn<<
>>Chobits Trading Cards<<
>>CLAMP in Cardland cards<<
>>Other Anime/Game goods (Includes Gundam00, Hetalia, 07-ghost, Rozen Maiden and Touhou)<<

Thanks for looking!

CLAMP Items & Shitajiki for sale!!

   I have a ton of shitajiki for sale at the moment. Please note that in *most cases* UNLESS you have these shitajiki I want (See here) -->  I will probably *NOT* be able to trade with you....

  However, if you notice I don't have something listed there nor in my collection listing please do send a link. I will look it over and get back to you!  225 shitajiki extras in all!


Main shitajiki extras section...... -->
Shitajiki current collection section -->

*~*~ CLAMP Series items 4 sale!! ~*~*
Code Geass, Magic Knight Rayearth, Clamp Campus, CardCaptorSakura, Chobits, "X", Tsubasa, & more! --> 

Manga, Artbooks, Anime, Action Figures and Collectibles on Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, Artbooks and anime dvds - some of it is even new. I'll be giving free shipping (within the US) with any order over $50 (media mail w/delivery confirmation). It's a long list, you can check it out here:

Manga, Artbooks,  Anime And More! Items

E-mail me if you're interested in anything at, or leave a comment in my journal

If you'd like to see pictures of item(s), just let me know and I'll e-mail them to you

Feed back can be found here:


E-bay Feedback

Feedback from my Livejournal