August 16th, 2010

Ryuk - Noes!

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I'm in desperate need of money for bills, food, school books etc, so I'm selling a bunch of stuff; manga, Dir En Grey, Miyavi, Gazette, hide, a ton of Hello Kitty things, Pokemon dvds, Inuyasha dvds, Final Fantasy figures, Pinky. St figures, FMA things, and much, much more! Please check it out and offer whatever you want on anything, as long as it's reasonable!


☆FS: Doll items, VK/Jrock(Added Versailles!), Cure & Shoxx magazines, Manga☆

Hello, everyone! I have a lot of stuff for sale that really, really needs to move, so I'd appreciate it if you'd have a look and let me know if you're interested in buying anything!

I have for sale:
Just Added -> Versailles poster, Versailles DVDs (Chateau, History)
2004 ~ 2005 Cure magazines (6 for $30! Great deal~)
SHOXX magazine w/ Nightmare cover
2008 Ageha magazine
Doll/BJD items (clothing and wig)
Phantasmagoria - Splendor of Sanctuary (rare!)
Kuroyume CDs
A lot of manga for very cheap! (Yama-nade, Hellsing, Death Note, and more!)
and a Grell x Sebastian Kuroshitsuji doujinshi!

Please have a look here for more info and prices!

Thanks for looking!!
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Sales, Sales, Sales (Manga, Plushies, Cards, Figures, and More)~

- I ship from the U.S. (Florida), and will do both domestic and international shipping. Ask for shipping quotes~
- I only accept PayPal:
- All prices are in USD and don't include shipping. All prices are also negotiable :D
-Feel free to ask questions! PMs are fine, too.
- I WILL consider trades! My wishlist is here.

- Feedback post is here.

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Thanks for looking!

anime dolls, dollfiedream and manga!

For Sale
Ive added dozens of anime dolls(see example pic below) Sailormoon, magic knight rayearth and more!

Still have over 150 mangas and comicsleft! ( all of clamps work, ranma, sailormoon,escaflowne and more!)
Volks dollfie dream (2 bodies, 6 fullsets and wigs)
elfdoll heads
clamp no kiseki figures
notebooks, games and cards.

comesnarecrazi  check them all, i got each character you need.
all details are there or you can ask me
please pm or comment on my journal  not here
xposted elsewhere

those days

DramaQueen Yaoi and Sailor Moon manga!

Selling some stuff, but not a lot to offer because I'm at school now.

Go to my selling page here:

Sailor Moon StarS 1-2: $20 each
Sailor Moon SuperS 4: $15
Sailor Moon 6 (New! Had been new in a box for years): $15

DramaQueen Yaoi - $16 each
Your Honest Deceit 1
Virtuoso di Amore
Lies and Kisses
White Guardian

Crimson Spell 2 -  $70

Go to my selling page here:
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Summer Sale!

MANGA: Starts from $3each
BLEACH Vol. 1, 3-16
Descendants of Darkness Vol. 3, 5, 6, 8, 11
Gravitation Vol.1-6
Legal Drug by CLAMP Vol. 1-3
Legend of Chun Hyang by CLAMP
ONEPIECE Vol. 1-14
Shirahime Syo (Snow Goddess; hardcover) by CLAMP
W Juliet Vol. 1-10
WANTED (Japanese; Complete)
Wish by CLAMP Vol.1-4 (Complete Set)
X-1999 by CLAMP Vol.1-4

Yaoi Manga
: $5each
Only the Ring Finger Knows
Selfish Love Vol.1-2 (Complete Set)
The Art of Loving Vol.1

Doujinshi (R-18): Prices varies
BLEACH (Rukia/Urahara, slight Rukia/Ichigo)
Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro (Neuro/Yako)

Yaoi Doujinshi (R-18): Prices varies
BLEACH (Aizen/Hitsugaya, Gin/Hitsugaya)
BLEACH (Gin/Hitsugaya)
Death Note (Aiber/L, Aiber/L/Matsuda)
Togainu no Chi (Shiki/Akira)

Yaoi Anthology (R-18):
Hitman Reborn (D18, 8018, 6918)
ONEPIECE (ZoLu, ZoSan, SanLu, minor MihawkZoro)

ShojoBeat Magazines: $1each
July 2007 (NANA cover)
August 2007 (ShojoEve cover)
January 2008 (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time cover)
June 2008 (Gaba Kawa cover)
July 2008 (Sugar Princess cover)
August 2008 (Vampire Knight cover; comes with poster)
September 2008 (Honey Hunt cover)

DVDs: Starts from $5

FAKE (Complete)
Magic Knight Rayearth OVA (Complete)
Inuyasha Movie 2

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SMTOWN LA tickets

Hello! I'm trying to sell quite a few amazing seats for Smtown in LA on September 4th, some for really great prices!

Sec 102, Row 17, Seat 7 - $180 (originally $205 with fees!)
Sec 102, Row 17, Seat 8 - $180 (originally $205 with fees!)

Sec 110, Row 20, Seat 13 - $140 (originally $205 with fees!)
Sec 108, Row 7, Seat 13 - $140 (originally $185 with fees!)
Sec 108, Row 16, Seat 8 - $130 (originally $185 with fees!)
Sec 108, Row 16, Seat 9 - $130 (originally $185 with fees!)

We accept paypal for all the tickets. For Secs 110 and 108, we also will take money order and cash upon meet up if you can pay a non refundable deposit via paypal now. Shipping will be either Next day shipping for $19.0 or 2 Day Shiping for $6.00. Secs 110 and 108 will also do a meet up to pass the tickets on in LA. Lets make this a quick and smooth transaction since the concert is very soon ^^ Thanks!

selling tons of items!

 Hey! since i am going back to school as a Senior i need a lot of money so i am hoping to sell my loved items out to other JE loves who will treasure them! for any purchase over $25.00 will have 10%off

-Magazines from 2001, 2002 and a lot from 2008 all in great condition and MAJORITY of them are NOT missing anything
-HSJ Winter Concert photos 2009
-Ya-Ya-Yah photos
-Takaki, Yabu and Hikaru Junior photos
-Tons of Chinen Yuri Photos
-MisoSoup Regular edition 
-HSJ 2008-2009 calender/ Photo Book (there is a small part of it that is missing in which i used on my end, please visit my lj for details)
-Manga's ranging from Chinese to English 

please do so and check it out over here please<3

[FOR SALE] Anime Plushies, Figures, Dvds, Manga, Cards

InuYasha - Fullmetal Alchemist - Saiyuki - Final Fantasy VII - Bleach - Black Cat - Shaman King - Samurai 7 - One Piece - Elfen Lied - Trinity Blood - Gravion - Utawarerumono - Samurai Deeper Kyo - D.N.Angel - Sister Princess - Apocripha/0 - Yu-gi-Oh!

Hey everyone I have LOADS of anime items for sale from the above series, so please check them out. If you don't like my prices, lmk. I am happy to do deals, especially if you buy lots at the same time. ^___^

supermoo part 2

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Hello Internets!

I have figures (boxed and gashapon), magazines (NewType USA), doujinshi (PG to R) and furoku for sale. Additional pictures available upon request. Feedback available via ebay or on garagesalejapan's website.

The deal:
open to trades
paypal only
shipping not included - give zip code for estimate
will ship internationally
negotiations ok (make an offer, the worst I can say is no)
holds for 4 days only
I love kittens.

:D Love and kisses!

Please check out my figures on ebay -- many auctions starting at 99 cents! Range Murata, Bleach, Suzumiya Haruhi and more!!

Tenma and her crew want to go home with yooooou -- bid on us on ebay!!

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 for sale. make offers!

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya vol. 1
peach girl complete
shuffle! complete, comes with posters
desert punk vol.1
bleach season 1

azumanga daioh vol 1
tactics vol 1
dramacon vol 1

star ocean til the end of time for PS2, comes with strategy guide
totoro beanie
hello kitty DS case

if you'd like pictures just ask ^^

WTB: Ba-tsu / Club Ba-tsu

Hello GSJ~

I am looking for clothing from the brand Ba-tsu / Club Ba-tsu. I am especially interested in Battle Royale / Battle Royale 2 items. (Battle Royale 2 is the camo and numbers print with orange splatters.)

Please let me know if you have these, I am willing to buy them. Also interested in Ba-tsu clothing in general.

I ask that that potential sellers provide proof of ownership and have reliable feedback. Shipping will be to Hawaii USA.

Here's my feedback! Databases include EGL Feedback, Den of Angels and eBay.