August 22nd, 2010

ebay jrock sales. Last chance! Lowered prices!!

Auctions for these cds have been relisted for the last time with lowered prices!

- D'espairsRay - First Press edition Garnet (Catalog number MACR-0001)  here
- D'espairsRay - First Press edition BORN (CD + DVD) here
- Miyavi - Ashita, genki ni naare single here

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

If you have any questions you can ask me at:


Ok...I'm still doing this big sale for a friend 'cause he's too busy to do so ;)

here is just one of the awesome items he's selling

The SALE contains following stuff

D'espairs Ray Singles
D Singles
Rentrer en Soi Singles
Moi DIX MOIS Singles,Albums, DVDS
Phantasmagoria Singles, DVDs
-OZ- Single
Velgreed Singles
exist+trace Singles, Minis
Sally Single
Custoom Mummy Album

you want this f*** awesome stuff?!...just follow the CUT here...

I also sell some of my own stuff containing:

La'cryma Christi - Dwellers of a Sandcastle, Sculpture of Time
L'arc~en~Ciel - Smile
The studs - studs Type A CD/DVD
Gackt - Mars


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Huge Anime Moving Sale!

 I'm going to be moving in a few weeks, so I'm pricing all my anime and manga to sell, just because they wont fit in my new apartment :(. All my manga is in like new condition, english and has been sitting on my shelf for awhile (untouched).

I'm thinking $2 a volume, and just a flat media mail rate ($3 for 1-2, $4 for 3-4 etc etc). Like I said, I need to get rid of these, so if you want to make an offer feel free! I'm open to anything!

 ★ Shipping Chart ★1 Manga = $3
2 Manga = $3
3 Manga = $4
4 Manga = $4
5 Manga = $5
6 Manga = $5
7 Manga = $6
8 Manga = $6
9 Manga = $7
10 Manga = $7

Available Manga

Fruits Basket (1-4)
Zombie Powder (1-4)
Deathnote (1-4)
Tsubasa (1, 4, 5, 8)
Helsing (2)
Claymore (1)
Naruto (9,3)
xxxholic (1-9)
Trigun (1-2)
D Grayman (1)
GTO (19,6)
Getbackers (13)
Black cat (1)
Case Closed (3)
Rozen Maden (1)
The Wallflower (6)
Negima (2-3)

Sold Manga

Monster (1-4) 
Deathnote (5-7)
Genshiken (1)
Magic Knight Rayearth (1-3)
Negima (1)
Tsubasa (6, 9)
Helsing (1)


~ :) Thanks!

continued from this post which was posted 4 days ago :>

Doujinshi Pick-up Service and Doujinshi for Sale


I'm accepting the pick-up requests for Comic Market 78, to be held during Aug 13-14 at the moment.

I plan to close down my shop (sale side) after the current stocks are all sold out. No more new items will be updated from now on. If you have anything you want, now might be a  nice chance. ^^

I'm selling several Code Geass, Death Note and Final Fantasy VII doujinshi at my sale journal.
Also, I'm providing online order services from circles and shops in Japan as well.

Link to my sale journal

Link to my online service and pick-up journal

Thank you!
Headphone Girl

Various Items for Sale (lowered prices)

Clearing out some Stuff

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Artists CDs on Sale
  • 4minute 
  • 8eight
  • AAA
  • ayaka
  • B'z
  • Crystal Kay
  • David Tao
  • DBSK
  • Ellegarden
  • Emi Maria
  • Gospellers
  • Hinouchi Emi
  • m-flo Album Set 
  • Miura Daichi
  • mink
  • Monkey Majik Album Set
  • Nao'ymt
  • Onitsuka Chihiro
  • Shimizu Shota
  • Skoop on Somebody Album Set
  • So'Fly
  • SOULHEAD Album Set
  • Sowelu
  • Sweep
  • Tanaka Roma
  • TRF
  • Tsuyoshi
  • Urata Naoya
  • Yoshika
  • Younha
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WTB: Lord of the Rings yaoi doujin

Hello there!

I'm looking for yaoi doujinshi of Lord of the Rings.

As far as content goes, the naughtier, the better! However, I do love romance and I especially love compelling and enchanting visuals. I enjoy a good laugh, but I have so many gag doujinshi that it will have to be an especially good laugh. At the moment I'm not interested in purely novels, though comic-novel combinations are okay; I just don't have time to read novels anymore. If it doesn't at least have some kissing, I'm probably not going to be too crazy over it unless it is just that pretty or that funny.

Characters can be just about anyone, though I'm fondest of Legolas and the other Elves. Aragorn can be fun, but only if he's not drawn looking like a gorilla.

I can pay via Paypal, money order, or whatever is convenient. I am also available for artwork hire as trade, as I am a professional recently appearing in the Rebellious Red anthology that's being sold at Natsucomi. My website has more information on my work and samples, though not all content is work-safe and the comics are generally for mature audiences.

I currently reside in the continental US. I ideally would like to purchase multiple books from one person rather than one here and one there so that shipping can be consolidated, but it's not an ideal I won't bend for the right books!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Getting rid of Stuff!

Money fast! Selling!
Must Get rid of Items! (If you want I can email images of item)
All Shipping: $4
Money order or paypal
(Trade In's only for Get backer items, Card Captor Sakura items, art books, w-inds merch)


Gravitation VOL 6,8,11,12 (Read many times, but Fair) $2 Each
Kissing (Yaoi) $5
Almost Crying (Almost..shota) $3
Ordinary Crush Vol 2 (Yaoi) $4
Wild Adapter Vol 1&2 (From the creator of Saiyuki) $3 Each
Model 1-4 $1 Each
Princess Ai 2 & 3 $1 Each

Excel Saga Vol 2 $4
Angels Feather (Boy Love fantasy Anime, 2 eps) $5
Black Lagoon Vol 1 $3
Lee Minwoo live concert 2008 Explore(2 disc set) $10
T.M. Revolution 0001 Concert DVD $5
Chrono Crusade Vol 1 $3
W-inds Works Vol.6 DVD $5
Dark Tales of Japan DVD $3
Da Pump 2000 Beatball tour $6

The Pillows "Penalty Life" $3
Unicorn Table "Uncountable" $2
NRG Vol 6 $3
Koda Kumi "You" single $2
Jay Chou "On the Run" Album(Booklet comes with) $8

DDR Universe 3 (Xbox 360) $7

Used Intous 3 Wacom pen $24

New Items Added Today!

Updated my selling journal with more new items!!
Check it out!


Fandoms Include: Sailor Moon Digimon Pokémon Full Metal Alchemist Slayers CardCaptor Sakura Magic Knight Rayearth Chobits From The Abyss (DS Game) Inuyasha Bleach Sakura Taisen Fushigi Yuugi Vampire Knight Fate//stay night Yu-Gi-Oh Power Rangers Harry Potter ... and more!!


Doujinshi Sales Pre-Open!!

Doujinshi: Durarara
Doujinshi: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Doujinshi: Others(APH, Kuroko)
Anime Merchandise

My Doujinshi Sales page is just a week away from opening!
I'm showing my list before I'm actually able to post them.
My first post will probably be August 30th or 31st but if I'm lucky enough, I might be able to do it on the 26th.

I have quite a few DRRR!!, Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroko's Basketball if anyone is interested :D
For DRRR and Reborn, there are some doujinshis that are from Korea.(Kine in Aqua, Sunflower, Peace Diner, etc)
Please follow the links above if you are interested at any of them

Also, I have some trading cards & 1 uchiwa that was limited to DRR!Sushi(DRRR only event)

WTS/WTT: Gackt Platinum Box Sets, (Lolita/Punk/Gyaru) Brand Clothing, J-Rock & more

*** I desperately need ALL those treasures gone asap, so the prices are greatly reduced now & I added up a couple of new rarities for you:

Gackt Platium Box Set V and VI, Gackt YFC Album CD, Gackt Jesus Single, Kuroyume/Kiyoharu Medley limited Edt. Cover Album, Japanese brand clothing (Fanplusfriend, Algonquins, BPN, Peace Now...), cute Bisquit digicam, Hairextensions and many more ...***

(!) I will ONLY do trades for those items listed below:
Brand clothes, Accessoires & Merchandise by Japanese brands such as Bodyline, Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Algonquins, Metamorphose, h.Naoto (esp. Frill), Liens, [Black] Peace Now, Sexy Dynamite London, Putumayo, Alice & the Pirates, Heart E, MILK, Stigmata/Choice, MAM, Super Lovers, Innocent World, Liz Lisa, TRALALA, Cecil McBee...

(!) willing to haggle, pls feel free to make an offer ^.^
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available

(!) Please click on the pictures to get a larger image ^^

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Feedback at the Cafe:
  • ayama

Selling doujinshis! New Update!

Short update today with three new doujinshis added in stock!
3 FMA doujinshis, 9 Hetalia doujinshis, 5 Harry Potter doujinshis, 2 Reborn doujinshis,
 Code Geass doujinshis and 1 Howl's Moving Castle doujinshi are available for sale!
You can read more informations and view the doujinshis here.

Cleaning and Clearing Out!

Hello everyone! I am trying to clear up some space and hopefully make a few bucks. Series included:

Angel Sanctuary ◊ Arashi no Ceres ◊ Cardcaptor Sakura ◊ Chobits ◊ Dragonball Z ◊ Fullmetal Alchemst ◊ Gravitation ◊ Gundam Wing ◊ Kyo Kara Maoh ◊ Oh My Goddess ◊ Ouran High School Host Club ◊ Prince of Tennis ◊ Sailor Moon

Other stuff:
Arashi ◊ Bento ◊ Fashion ◊ Knitting ◊ Winnie the Pooh

Paypal is the preferred form of payment. Shipping depends on what you are buying and where it is being shipped to from Atlanta. I will try to ship everything within 48 hours of payment clearing. You can see my ebay feedback here.

As for trades...I am trying to minimize my collection, however there are a few things I am looking to trade/buy. Phonestraps and fasteners from Prince of Tennis, especially anything Hyotei or Tezuka. Also from PoT, the Yuuta pin from the chibi pj series (though I'm not 100% sure this actually exists...)

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