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23 August 2010 @ 12:48 am
Selling some stuff, but not a lot to offer because I'm at school now.

Go to my selling page here: http://agent-hal.livejournal.com/14902.html

Sailor Moon StarS 2: $20
Sailor Moon SuperS 4: $15
Sailor Moon 6 (New! Had been new in a box for years): $15

DramaQueen Yaoi - $16 each
Your Honest Deceit 1
Virtuoso di Amore
Lies and Kisses
White Guardian

Crimson Spell 2 -  $70

Go to my selling page here: http://agent-hal.livejournal.com/14902.html

23 August 2010 @ 02:18 am
hey everyone, i have a bunch of WALLSCROLLS and POSTERS up for sale!

i am moving so please come get it soon!

it's all at sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail
23 August 2010 @ 03:11 am
I've just put up a listing for a used locket watch set.  I've tried selling it a long time ago but the buyer backed out.  Now it's up for sale starting at .99 cents!  It ends in 3 days, so you might be able to snag it for a very cheap price.  :)

Check it out on ebay!

Thank you!
23 August 2010 @ 10:30 am

Lots of Hello!Project & Johnny's & Kpop for sell here ~ koharu_sales 


Click on the picture above or HERE to go to my sale page.

  • doujinshi for $1, $3, and $5
  • gashapon
  • keychains/cell phone charms
  • Conqueror of Shamballa movie Ed and Roy plushies
  • shoes and blanket from Hot Topic

Final Fantasy VII
  • Cloud/Aerith doujinshi
  • Zack/Cloud doujinshi by Yubinbasya and Muffy

  • DVD boxsets, seasons 1 through 5

Kingdom Hearts
  • English language doujinshi
  • Chain of Memories, volume 2 manga book
23 August 2010 @ 12:50 pm

Featuring: posters, plushies, music, movies, games, accessories!

Also, cheap manga: most are $3 or less!

Please drop by for some shopping!
23 August 2010 @ 02:24 pm
Lots of figures. Code Geass, Evangelion, Sengoku Basara, Vocaloid. Having a collection clear out! NO TRADES.

8/23 Added several Props Plus Petit figures from the Tales of... series. This figures include Lloyd, Kratos, and Luke. Thanks!

Policies. Please read them

Please leave your zip (U.S.) or country (international) for a shipping quotation.

picturesCollapse )
23 August 2010 @ 03:07 pm

I am selling Manga, DVDs, and Video Games.

Examples include Boys Over Flowers 1-4, Here is Greenwood 1-9, Rule of Rose PS2, Chibi Robo Park Patrol DS.

23 August 2010 @ 04:09 pm

click to RamenStand
$6 & up Fashions
Buy One/Get One/50% OFF
Punkish Boy Cut Short Wig
Gyaru/Hime Flase Eyelashes
Long Vintage Necklaces
& MORE! @ ramenstand

23 August 2010 @ 05:06 pm
All sticker sacks are now only 1.5USD each.

Check out the sticker sacks


Kamio Sweets Collection
23 August 2010 @ 05:38 pm
I have a ton of items from my personal collections that I am clearing out! From all manner of series too! Some series listed below! 
~❤~ Gravitation ~❤~ Fushigi Yuugi ~❤~ Ayashi no Ceres ~❤~ Marmalade Boy ~❤~ Card Captor Sakura
~❤~ Da Da Da! ~❤~ Magic Knight Rayearth ~❤~ Loki ~❤~ E's Otherwise ~❤~ Koge Donbo
~❤~ Love Hina ~❤~ Kenshin ~❤~ Blue Seed

Idol cards, Gift Cards, & Other cards (Trading Cards)Collapse )

Anime DVD's sets & Singles! DVD sets and singles series I have are as follows....... + more!
~❤~ Ayashi no Ceres ~❤~ Fruits Basket ~❤~ Card Captor Sakura
~❤~ Kalido Star ~❤~ Magic Knight Rayearth ~❤~ Those who hunt elves ~❤~ Chrono Crusade ~❤~ Pretear 
~❤~ Ikkitousen ~❤~ Kyou Kara Maou ~❤~ Child's Toy / Kodocha

DVD Listing here Collapse )

Fushigi Yuugi & Ayashi no Ceres Animation cels & Production Art 4 sale!!
FY & ANC cels for sale!!Collapse )
23 August 2010 @ 05:43 pm
NEW Items Added!

Naruto ((SasuNaru)) Doujinshi and anthology!!

Code Geass Doujinshi

Fullmetal Alchemist and Prince of Tennis Manga and more!!!!

Kyou Kara Maou hand towl!

Come see here!!!
23 August 2010 @ 07:23 pm
Feel free to check out my auctions/listings for some ex-library manga and a Niea_7 set!


Thanks for taking a peek!
23 August 2010 @ 08:28 pm

All kinds of things on sale!
Gloomy Bear, Nintendo, Japanese clothing & brand goods, J-pop, Anime and more!

Prices include shipping to the US!

Click the picture to see!

23 August 2010 @ 08:43 pm

very very big figure sale.

Details: I'm currently needing to downsize my figure collection (for both personal and financial reasons). I'm going to be condensing my collection to Queen's Blade and Ikkitousen (and a few other figures I like too much to sell). What does this mean for you? Everything (well, mostly everything) not related to the two series above, I'm selling. Please feel free to check out my complete collection list here. I do have prices in mind for each figure so if you'd like, you can either PM me via lj, PM me via MFC (if you happen to be a member), or feel free to drop me an email at: skeletal.lovers@gmail.com if you find anything you'd be interested in - I can give you my *ideal* price and I'm more than willing to make reasonable deals. I'm not looking to make major profit, I just want to keep the figures within the figure collecting community. If it's easier, feel free to comment here as well - though, it's easier for me to keep tracking via email/PM system.

I am open to trades but only for things that I'm currently looking for.

I'm also currently running a few figure/merch auctions via ebay here. Items include figures from Evangelion, Ikkitousen, Disgaea, DOA, and Gundam. I also have up a figma/revoltech school playset.
23 August 2010 @ 08:56 pm
Since my house is painfully small and I can no longer afford to store eight billion boxes, I am clearing out tons of stuff from the last fifteen years of collecting- anime stuff, manga, comics, Japanese fashion magazines and more! My loss is your gain, as everything is pretty much bargain priced!

For a complete listing of what is up for grabs, my eBay auctions are here! Lots of manga odds and ends this week.

Goodies include those pictured here, and many more rare/out of print items:

More images in the cut!
Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for looking, I will have a lot more going up in the following weeks!
23 August 2010 @ 09:00 pm
hi all

Currently in need of money, I'm selling the items stated below:

Albums (TW edition)
Arashi - Here we go & 1999 - 2001 Best collection
KT - Best of Kat-tun
v6 -  Very Best

5 Arashi Posters - $4 each
KT posters (alot)
K8 posters- $1 - $2each

Clippings (individual gp tearouts @ $25 )
- Kinki kids
- v6
- T&T
- K8($15)

Clippings (individual gp tearouts @ $30 )
- Arashi

All details can be refer to HERE.

Some of the clippings tearouts is unavailable but will be included in the purchase of the bulk clippings.

For any further enq, pls email to idol_items@rocketmail.com

Due to medical costs I am selling off almost all my manga HERE. This includes sets I bought for reading at a later time. These are just sets I bought, I am not a dealer, I don’t have doubles. Once these are gone, they are gone. From Viz Signature Line, This Year’s Eisner Awards manga to yaoi from 801, BLU, DMP and Doki Doki plus OOP NEW sets like Love Pistols 1-5, Voice or Noise 1-3, Click 1-8, and more. There are 70+ book lots over 3 days, some buy it now. A more complete list is at my livejournal account HERE.

Complete sets: almost everything is a complete set, including
Angel Diary, Zig Zag, Takumi-kun (Blu), Click, Welcome to the NHK as I don’t start reading until the set is complete.
Rare Titles: selling titles not sold often if at all like
Jormungand NEW, Dojin Work New, Scrapped Princess, Yakuza in Love, Pluto, Distant Neighborhood,
Quest for the Missing Girl,
Ruff Love NEW (OOP at $200)
Condition: New and Like New, you can see in the pictures or look at my feedback. I have only had two other auctions of my manga in three years. Bummer for me but good for you.
OOP: because I wait until it is complete, a lot of the sets are OOP due to popularity, great reads from Yaoi, BL, Gender Bender, Shojo, Humor, and supernatural.

SHIPPING IS AT COST - Media Mail for the USA - get lots of sets, have a boxful. Boxes for Overseas as well, please inquire, shipping to all countries at cost!

Eisner 2010 Award:
Pluto 1-2 NEW , Distant Neighborhood 1-2 complete ($50 RRP)
Ruff Love NEW OOP , Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW complete, Maid Sama 1-5 Complete, Kimi-Kiss 1-5 Complete, Angel Diary 1-11 Complete, Vampire Game 1-15 complete, Juvenile Orion 1-5 Complete, Unbalance Unbalance 1-2 Complete NEW, Scrapped Princess 1-3 Complete
Viz Signature Line:
Ikigami: The ultimate limit,
Jormungand 1-4 (CULT! Girls with guns!)
Yen Press:
Sugarholic 1-5 Complete, Very Very Sweet 1-7 Complete,
Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete
Ruff Love (OOP and NEW)
President’s Time (buy it now) 801, Yokai’s Hunger, Yakuza in Love 1-3 BRAND NEW, Sensitive Pornograph (often OOP), Voice or Noise 1-3 Complete, Takumi-Kun 1-3 complete, Click 1-8
Love Pistols 1-5 complete (OOP) RARE
Future Lovers 1-2 Complete NEW,
Doujin/Dojin work 1-4 NEW complete OOP, Hotel Africa 1-2 complete, Black Sun Silver Moon 1-7 Complete NEW, Les Bijoux 1-5 Complete, Zig Zag 1-3 Complete, AI Revolution 1-5 complete
Cool B January 2008  Carnelian full page, Magica Mystica and Yaoi pics
Shojo romance:
Tale of an Unknown Country 1-2 OOP Complete NEW
Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-5 Complete,
Suppli 1-5 Complete
Bring it on (oversize) 1-5 complete NEW,
Love as a Foreign Language 1-2 Complete, Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete NEW, Tenshi Ja Nai! 1-8 complete NEW
Supernatural Shojo:
Bound Beauty 1-3 complete, Miracle Girls 1-6 Complete, Kaze no Hana 1-3 complete, Black Bird 1-4

Plus lots of sets more! See the rest here and pick up some deals or a rare book or series, because it took me years to collect them but they will be gone soon. Click
to go to the sale.
23 August 2010 @ 09:18 pm


Desperate to sell, please take a look

23 August 2010 @ 10:11 pm
Hello all!

Please relieve me of some Stuff!
New stuff! Gankutsuou dvds, Princess Mononoke Kodama pin, more!
I have manga (Trigun w/hardbacks, Crest/Banner of the Stars, Alichino, more), anime DVDs (Rozen Maiden, more), pins, official toys (Sailor Moon, Ashita no Nadja) and action figures (Evangelion, Trigun, Big O, more), and a Tenchi Muyo wallscroll and an Arslan art book. And some cosplays and cosplay pieces!

Full List of items & links to sale pages here!Collapse )

Click here for contact, shipping, payment, etc. info.
I haggle, but I can't trade right now.

Please note: I will only hold items for 24 hours.
23 August 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Hey there!!!

I'm selling alot of J-rock Visual kei stuff in my Journal!!!

Follow this way...

Cd's / DVD's

ARC, Abingdon Boys School, Zoro, Dir en Grey, Grirugämesh, LuLu, Pierrot, Mix Speaker's, Inc., DIO, Nightmare, Kagrra, Dragonwapppppper, Aicle., V[Neu],  and many more~