August 26th, 2010


Sticker flakes

Sticker flakes for sale.

Now that I have sold all my sticker sacks, I have sticker flakes for sale.
The flakes come from brands like Kamio, Crux, Lemon co, Q-lia, San-x, Pool Cool and Sanrio.

All prices include worldwide shippping.

50 flakes = 4.5USD

100 flakes = 7.5USD

I can only take paypal.
those days

Rare yaoi and Sailor Moon manga!

 Selling some stuff, but not a lot to offer because I'm at school now.

Go to my selling page here:

Sailor Moon StarS 2: $20 
Sailor Moon SuperS 4: $15
Sailor Moon 6 (New! Had been new in a box for years): $15

DramaQueen Yaoi - $16 each
Your Honest Deceit 1
Virtuoso di Amore
Lies and Kisses
White Guardian

Crimson Spell 2 -  $70

Go to my selling page here:

Selling manga and various other related goods

I'm selling some of my stuff including manga, anime DVDs, trading figures and issues of anime and Japan-related magazines. Sale includes some out of print BL titles from Drama Queen, old issues of BexBoy magazine and Newtype USA, and a Hetalia trading figure. Lots of different manga in English from Tokyopop, Viz Media and others, plus manga and magazines in Japanese.

I am located in the UK, but will ship internationally.

Full list of goods along with lots of photographs over here.

Doujinshi Sales!

I need money for my cosplay and space for my new apartment :)

Doujinshi: Durarara
Doujinshi: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Doujinshi: Others(APH, Kuroko)
Anime Merchandise

I have quite a few DRRR!!, Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroko's Basketball if anyone is interested :D
For DRRR and Reborn, there are some doujinshis that are from Korea.(Kine in Aqua, Sunflower, Peace Diner, etc)
Please follow the links above if you are interested at any of them

Also, I have some trading cards & 1 uchiwa that was limited to DRR!Sushi(DRRR only event)
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Kine in AQUA :: Online Sales

I have some leftover stock from the convention so as promised, I can offer international sales for the remaining stock.

$40 - Full Colour Artbook :: A4 Sized 160+ page paper back book that comes with its own metallic slip case. Inside pages are printed on matte heavy weight card stock.

$5 - Full Colour Planner :: Pages and layouts are all completely different images with no repeat prints. Incredibly beautiful.

$7 - Durara Notebook :: Pages are thicker sketchbook stock. No ruled lines.

$7 - Reborn Notebook :: Pages are thicker sketchbook stock. No ruled lines.

Accepted payment methods will only be Paypal and well concealed cash (at your own risk).
Shipping will be done from Canada and charges will be calculated upon your order.

Please send all orders to yo.jenn(@)

Thank you for your interest!

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Luke - ?

FS: A little of this and a little of that.

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Lots of items still on sale at my sales journal!

ANIME/MANGA (12 Kingdoms, Brigadoon, Chrno Cross, Cyborg 009, Fruits Basket, Inu-yasha, Kare Kano, Planet Ladder, Please Save My Earth, Saiyuki, Slayers/Lost Universe and more...!)
VIDEO GAMES (Jade Cocoon, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mystical Ninja, Pokemon Blue, Resident Evil 2 and more...!)
MISC. (Japanese-related books, Doujinshi, etc.)

As always, prices are severely discounted and shipping for orders $5 and over is free (within the US)!
Please take a look around!

Thanks! :)

Save Money! Let's split up box sets~!

stop by at my post and see what's available!

My regular store is on hold at the moment, but recently I decided to start offering Japanese figures & goods at below retail price! Myself and others are picking boxes of things we want and splitting them amongst each other. Why don't you stop by and see if there is anything you are interested in.

If there's something you yourself want that is not there, then feel free to suggest it!

Please come visit and take a look! If you don't have a LJ account, you can contact me at kxbang (at) gmail dot com with your interests. ^^ Thank you!

WTB: Uwasa no midori kun, Stray love hearts, Korean manga/manhwa, stuff by Hwang Mi Ri

My feedback can be found here:

Please tell me someone has some good manhwa/manga? Like the ones in the title or similar to "I like beautiful guys," "Kaichou wa maid sama,"Stray love hearts," or "Become habituated to kiss."

Please don't contact me regarding items that are by no means similar!

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4 CLAMP in 3D Land figures starting at$1 (for the set)!
Destiny Impulse

[Selling] Manga, Anime, Toys, Video Games, etc.!

My birthday sale is still running - just a few days left! 10% off the total (before shipping) of any purchase of $30+ or 3+ items from now until the end of the month. (Doesn't apply to free items or items with a 'shipped' price, sorry.)

I have yaoi, manga, anime, video games, toys, figures, neat little random items, etc. available. Lotsa free stuff, too!

Picture goes to the main listing to comment on, but for a photo catalog with all the newest goodies, visit the gallery! Dozens (hundreds?) of items under the cut as well~

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Thanks for looking!
boxer, anime, girl
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70+ lots, last chance, complete sets, giant manga blowout

Half finish on Saturday, added Kosen rare Yaoi card deck (each card a different yaoi figure), and Three in Love Complete. Due to medical costs I am selling off almost all my manga HERE. This includes sets I bought for reading at a later time. These are just sets I bought, I am not a dealer, I don’t have doubles. Once these are gone, they are gone. From Viz Signature Line, This Year’s Eisner Awards manga to yaoi from 801, BLU, DMP and Doki Doki plus OOP NEW yaoi sets like Love Pistols 1-5, Voice or Noise 1-3, Click 1-8, and more. There are 70+ book lots over 2 days, some buy it now. A more complete list is at my livejournal account HERE.

Complete sets: almost everything is a complete set, including
Angel Diary, Zig Zag, Takumi-kun (Blu), Click, Welcome to the NHK as I don’t start reading until the set is complete.
Rare Titles: selling titles not sold often if at all like
Jormungand NEW, Dojin Work New, Scrapped Princess, Yakuza in Love, Pluto, Distant Neighborhood,
Quest for the Missing Girl,
Ruff Love NEW (OOP at $200)
Condition: New and Like New, you can see in the pictures or look at my feedback. I have only had two other auctions of my manga in three years. Bummer for me but good for you.
OOP: because I wait until it is complete, a lot of the sets are OOP due to popularity, great reads from Yaoi, BL, Gender Bender, Shojo, Humor, and supernatural.

SHIPPING IS AT COST - Media Mail for the USA - get lots of sets, have a boxful. Boxes for Overseas as well, please inquire, shipping to all countries at cost!

Eisner 2010 Award:
Pluto 1-2 NEW , Distant Neighborhood 1-2 complete ($50 RRP)
Ruff Love NEW OOP , Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW complete, Maid Sama 1-5 Complete, Kimi-Kiss 1-5 Complete, Angel Diary 1-11 Complete, Vampire Game 1-15 complete, Juvenile Orion 1-5 Complete, Unbalance Unbalance 1-2 Complete NEW, Scrapped Princess 1-3 Complete
Viz Signature Line:
Ikigami: The ultimate limit,
Jormungand 1-4 (CULT! Girls with guns!)
Yen Press:
Sugarholic 1-5 Complete, Very Very Sweet 1-7 Complete,
Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete
Ruff Love (OOP and NEW)
President’s Time (buy it now) 801, Yokai’s Hunger, Yakuza in Love 1-3 BRAND NEW, Sensitive Pornograph (often OOP), Voice or Noise 1-3 Complete, Takumi-Kun 1-3 complete, Click 1-8
Love Pistols 1-5 complete (OOP) RARE
Future Lovers 1-2 Complete NEW,
Doujin/Dojin work 1-4 NEW complete OOP, Hotel Africa 1-2 complete, Black Sun Silver Moon 1-7 Complete NEW, Les Bijoux 1-5 Complete, Zig Zag 1-3 Complete, AI Revolution 1-5 complete
Cool B January 2008  Carnelian full page, Magica Mystica and Yaoi pics
Shojo romance:
Tale of an Unknown Country 1-2 OOP Complete NEW
Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-5 Complete,
Suppli 1-5 Complete
Bring it on (oversize) 1-5 complete NEW,
Love as a Foreign Language 1-2 Complete, Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete NEW, Tenshi Ja Nai! 1-8 complete NEW
Supernatural Shojo:
Bound Beauty 1-3 complete, Miracle Girls 1-6 Complete, Kaze no Hana 1-3 complete, Black Bird 1-4

Plus lots of sets more! See the rest here and pick up some deals or a rare book or series, because it took me years to collect them but they will be gone soon. Click
to go to the sale.

Jrock, Kpop, items.

Uploaded with


+J-Rock "hide" Hideto Matsumoto Plush Doll
+Gackt 2002 Tour Poster Set
+DBSK Yoochun "World Cup" T-shirt
+DBSK "Beauty Sticks" Photobook
+DBSK limited edition posters
+JTL concert DVD
+Shinhwa "Winter Story" concert DVD
+Click-B concert VHS tapes

-I ship within the USA & Canada ONLY.
-I ONLY accept paypal or concealed cash. Buyer pays the paypal fees.
-Serious buyers ONLY, please.
-I do NOT do trades, refunds, or hold items.
-Contact me via email:

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selling away~!!! and any HELLO KITTY FAN?? ^^

hi hi~~~
I'm currently selling away this item~~~ stuck in my cabinet for quite sometime since I can't wear it anymore, so hope there's another buyer can take good care of it~~~ ^____^

Visual Kei/Gothic Tops.
Used, Still in good condition. =)
There's little bit of stain at the neck there & one dot of stain at de back which is small. you can't see it unless you look very close at it. ^^
Material is Cotton.
Size: M
But because of the cutting, it suit with height between 160CM- 167CM. around there~
bust around 36, waist 26.
and is quite fitting. ^_^

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