September 7th, 2010


Sale sale sale~~

Hi!  Doing some summer cleaning in my spare time! Hope these things find another happy home! All items are in Fantastic condition! Please feel free to ask if you would like detailed photos of anytime and I can upload as soon as I can! =) Thank you for looking! Lots of Jpop and Jrock!

General Info
All prices in USD
Sales are final Thank you
Can check feedback on ebay

All DVD's are in region 2 (includes DVDs that come with CDs) except those especially noted
All Items are in Excellent condition! I leave the original plastic on almost all CD and DVDs that I have

Jpop CDs, DVDs, Magazines -Jpop, fashion, media), Manga, Lolita, and lots of Genso Suikoden related books!

(Please look here ^__^/)


OMAKE~~ Buy $50+ and choose a free Omake!

[WTB] CLAMP Artbooks

Hi, I'm looking to buy these CLAMP artbooks if anyone has them up for sale. I would buy them from Amazon Japan if I could but these have been out of print. All artbooks should be in Japanese. My zip code is 67207 so please post your price + shipping costs. It'd be nice if you can post a picture so I can have a look.

Tsubasa Album de Reproductions 1
X Illustrated Collection 1 Zero (hardcover version w/ slipcase)
X Illustrated Collection 1 Zero -new version-
X Illustrated Collection 2 Infinity (Yeah, I know it's still in stock on Amazon Japan. Just trying my luck here.)

Miyavi is gorgeous

Manga, magazines, and other things

Prices do not include shipping and are relatively negotiable. We're just trying to clear out our shelves.

Manga - $3/volume
- Ai Yori Aoshi 1
- Angel Sanctuary 3-4, 6-9
- Berserk 1
- Bleach 1-6, 19
- Ceres Celestial Legend 7
- Fushigi Yuugi 1-3
- Getbackers 1
- Godchild 2
- Megatokyo 1
- Moon Phase 2, 4-5
- Please Save My Earth 5
- Sailor Moon 2-5, 3 is in decent condition (some pages are loose), others are excellent
- TokyoPop Sneaks (Winter 2003)
- Whiz Kid 6 (Japanese)
- Wild Adapter 1

- Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) $6 cartridge only
- Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2) $11 - worn case, but black label and otherwise nice condition

Magazines (make an offer!)
January 2002, JAPANESE VERSION, Scr-y-ed cover, no postcards, poster, or DVD
December 2002, English version, .hack//SIGN cover, includes postcards, two posters, no DVD
May 2003: English version, Animatrix cover includes postcards and poster, no DVD
June 2003: English version, Kiddy Grade cover, includes postcards and poster, no DVD
August 2003: English version, Sakura Wars cover, includes postcards and poster, no DVD, includes article on Studio Madhouse
March 2004: JAPANESE VERSION, Fullmetal Alchemist cover, includes postcard and poster, no DVD
May 2004, English, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED cover, includes poster, no postcards or DVD
September 2004, English version, Stellvia cover, no postcards, poster, or DVD
November 2004, English version, Fullmetal Alchemist cover, no postcards, poster, or DVD
January 2005: English version, Fullmetal Alchemist cover, includes poster, no postcards, no DVD

November 2004, Fullmetal Alchemist cover
May 2005, Fullmetal Alchemist cover

- Purple plastic Rozen Maiden wallet, great condition $6 [Outside and inside]
- Chibi Sanosuke plushie $8
- Chibi Kenshin plushie $8 - these two can go as a set for $14
- Booster pack for Gundam Wing TCG $2
- Suzaku (Code Geass) phone charm: R1 brown uniform. $3
Kakashi + Iruka

Ryals_Shoal Sales: All Doujinshi on Final Clearance!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
All Doujinshi on Sale!

Prices are Negotiable
I recently added a Reduced Prices Page Please help me get rid of this stuff!

Please follow the links to my journal if interested! I am currently open for TRADES.
Naruto Doujinshi
Multi-Series Doujinshi
Pencil Boards + Stationary + Trading Cards
Manga + Figures
J-Rock + Music + Magazines
Autographed + Rare + Promotional Items
Reduced Prices Page
Shipping & Information

Doujinshi Sale!

Doujinshi: Durarara
Doujinshi: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Doujinshi: Others(APH, Kuroko)
Anime Merchandise

I have quite a few DRRR!!, Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroko's Basketball if anyone is interested :D
For DRRR and Reborn, there are some doujinshis that are from Korea.(Kine in Aqua, Sunflower, Peace Diner, etc)
MORE doujinshis will be added for DRRR!! soon :D
Please follow the links above if you are interested at any of them

Also, I have some trading cards that were limited to DRR!Sushi(DRRR only event)

BIG Visual-Kei & J-Rock Music Sale!!!

 I'm still selling a big bunch of stuff for my just have a look on the really cool items ;)

shipping worldwide,accepting PAYPAL

one of these fantastic items is:

BLOOD - VENGEANCE for BLOOD DX LIMITED EDITION (Limited to 1000) *signed* album


these items are on EBAY:

Deluhi - Frontier
The PIASS - ryouki kousatsu chissoku-shi
Eliphas Levi - Tsumetai atelier no majutsushi mini-album
Tokami - mist of cherry blossoms single
Sally - Abnormal single

just go

also selling(nearly all w/obi):

exist+trace - KNIFE Single (unopened)
Agent Murder - Gizenro mini-album
ALSDEAD - Paradox single
BLOOD - BRUMES ET PLUIES (Limited 300) single  
BLOOD - BLOOD EUROPEAN ver. (Limited 5000) , *signed* mini-album
BLOOD - best collection 2002-2007 album
BLOOD - 1st PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
BLOOD - 2nd PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
-OZ- Athena&SIN Double single
D - Schwarzschild Single (Ltd. Edition w/DVD)
D - Ouka saki some ni keri (Ltd. Edition w/DVD)
Eliphas Levi - Tsumetai atelier no majutsushi mini-album
Moi Dix Mois - Dialogue Symphonie single
Moi Dix Mois - Shadows Temple single
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera album
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal album
Moi Dix Mois - Europe Tour 2005 Invite to Immorality DVD
Phantasmagoria - Never Rebellion single
Phantasmagoria - Kamiuta single (w/DVD+Trading Card)
Phantasmagoria - Geneizou 4 ~chronology revelation~ DVD
Rentrer en Soi - Amongst Foolish Enemies single
Rentrer en Soi - Karasuiiro no taiji single
Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm single
Rentrer en Soi - Wither single
Rentrer en Soi - The Abyss of Despair single
Sister Floyd - Full Sludge mini-album
THE ROYAL DEAD (ex. Phantasmagoria) - Lycanthrope mini-album
Tokami - The Brand-New Darkness mini-album
Tokami - Silence of Angel single
Tokami - Invasion of the Darkness mini-album
Custom Mummy - Q-Type album
V.A. - Kessen (BLOOD vs Brand 0) (Limited 1000) single
V.A. - Yokoshima Hospital (HISKAREA / Sugar Folkfull) mini-album

just follow the cut HERE....

and I also have some stuff left:

The studs - studs Type A CD/DVD w/obi
Gackt - Mars First Press
La'cryma Christi - Dwellers of a Sandcastle
La'cryma Christi - Sculpture of Time
Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos European Press
L'arc~en~Ciel - Smile (Regular Press)

go here...

for german Manga and Magazines(Anime/Manga Topics) and also two figures...look
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I am selling some of my most-prized collections to pay for school.. Please take a look! .^__^.

* All prices are in USD.
* Items are shipped from Canada.
* Will only ship to Canadian and the US addresses.
* Mangas come from a smoke-free, pet-free home!

KARE KANO Vol 1-21 - $50 SHIPPED (within Canada, $65 SHIPPED to the US)

- These mangas were read only once, with minor shelfware.

GIRL GOT GAME Vol 1-10 - $25 SHIPPED (within Canada, $30 SHIPPED to the US)
SPECIAL A Vol 1 - $5 SHIPPED (within Canada, $8 SHIPPED to the US)
TACTICS Vol 1-2 - $7 SHIPPED (within Canada, $10 SHIPPED to the US)
TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE Vol 1-5, 8 - $15 SHIPPED (within Canada, $20 SHIPPED to the US)

---more to come after I get home---

Thank you very much for looking! :D


Looking for some clothes and shoes

~ Hey, so it's me again. :) After so many people helped me out tremendously last time with my search, I though I'll try one more time with some other things now. :)

I found these pictures all around the internet and I would be highly interested in finding them and potentially buying them. They don't have to be the exact items, but close enough would be wonderful. :)

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Chibi Moon Locket PRISM HEART, Gashapon and DVD's for Sale


I am selling a Chibi Moon Prism Heart Compact from Bandai.  I bought it today for someone who already has it unfortunately.  It was sealed when I got it and I opened it to test the sound and check for damage.  It is in perfect condition.  No scratches, marks or scuffs and the sound is nice and crisp and clear.  The box itself does look it's age but what can you expect for something that is from the 90's?  I am looking for $90 shipped within the USA or Best Offer.  

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Sailor Moon Gashapon Figures.  They are in great condition, only displayed on my dresser.

Casual Usagi and Usagi in Bathing Suit are $9 each.
Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon are $13 each. SOLD
Eternal Sailor Moon is $16.
Original Sailor Moon is $11. SOLD

All prices include shipping.

I also have Sailor Moon Super Movie and SuperS movie (SOLD)for Sale.  These are in perfect condition!  I do not have a picture at the moment but these are the Original DVD's, not the Signature Red banner set.  These are $25 each or $45 for both including shipping within USA.

NEW LOWER PRICES! Gyaru Clothing Sale!


My style continuously changes, so some clothes that I've bought turn out to not be my style before I even get a chance to wear them. SO, I have tons of clothing that I've either never worn, or have worn once.
Because of this, I'm willing to offer the clothes in my sale for half off or MORE the original price I paid for them.
I just want to get some money back so I can keep buying more clothes!

(New Items! Huge Sale! Come Look!)
You are great

Sales post from a poor and cluttered fangirl

I'm selling items from the series below. I am broke, so everything is priced very cheaply!

Anime: Gantz, Tokyo Babylon
Doujinshi: Rurouni Kenshin, Yakitate! Japan
Figures/Model Kits: Gundam (various series)
Games: Anima Mundi, Tea Society of a Witch
Manga/Manhwa: Demon Diary, Descendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, RG Veda, (also two compilations)
Music: S-cry-ed
Other items: DNAngel, Fullmetal Alchemist (1st series), God Child, Hikaru no Go, Yami no Matsuei, (also a couple of random things)

Seller's policies: I take PayPal only, and I ship items after payment has cleared to my bank account. I ship via USPS; I do not pad shipping costs purposely, but sometimes I have to estimate high because I don't currently have a postal scale. Please don't PM me; I like to keep everything open and in one place, which means in the comments of this post. I don't have a feedback page on LJ, but you can find my eBay feedback under the same username I have here. All prices are negotiable.

Thank you for looking; I hope you find something you like!

On to the items!

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[FOR SALE] Anime Plushies, Figures, Dvds, Manga, Cards

InuYasha - Fullmetal Alchemist - Saiyuki - Final Fantasy VII - Bleach - Black Cat - Shaman King - Samurai 7 - One Piece - Elfen Lied - Trinity Blood - Gravion - Utawarerumono - Samurai Deeper Kyo - D.N.Angel - Sister Princess - Apocripha/0 - Yu-gi-Oh!

Hey everyone I have LOADS of anime items for sale from the above series, so please check them out. If you don't like my prices, lmk. I am happy to do deals, especially if you buy lots at the same time. ^___^