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Ace Attorney ・ Angelique ・ Brave Command Dagwon ・ BLEACH ・ Code Geass ・ Detective Conan ・ DEATH NOTE ・ Dragon Quest 8 ・ Final Fantasy 3 ・ Final Fantasy 7 ・ Final Fantasy 8 ・ Final Fantasy 9 ・ Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2 ・ Final Fantasy Tactics ・Final Fantasy Unlimited ・ Fullmetal Alchemist ・ Genso Suikoden 2 ・ Gundam ・ Harry Potter ・ Higurashi ・ Hikaru no Go ・ Houshin Engi ・ ICO ・Inuyasha ・JPOP/JROCK ・ Legend of Zelda ・ NARUTO ・ Persona 2 ・ Studio Ghibli ・ Sailor Moon ・Souryuuden ・ Valkyrie Profile ・ Xenogears ・ Yu-Gi-Oh! ・ Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Just added: Rurouni Kenshin, Lupin III, Trigun, ONE PIECE, plus more Final Fantasy 10, Yu-Gi-Oh!

(+ shitajiki, DVDs, CDs, games, hello kitty stickers)

(no subject)

→ Artist autograph's,photoset's & CD's
SuG , D, Matenrou opera, Kiryu, ScReW, The GazettE, Sadie

→ many different guitar picks
(ScReW ,Galneryus ,The GazettE,Vidoll,Dir en Grey, D'espairsray,D, L'Arc en Ciel,Sex machineguns ,Sugizo , Moi dix Mois, SID,Kagrra Nightmare, Alice Nine, LM.C, VAMPS, Deluhi)

→ Items of Alice nine
(cards, FC magazine, stickers etc. )

黒崎眞弥 [*]
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Selling: CDs/DVDs/Band goods

Selling photosets and other merchandise here:

+Photosets of the following: a:Vout, Dollis Marry & Wizard
Other Merch: Sugar Zippo Lighter

CDs and DVDs here:

+Artists/Bands include: Sugar, Dollis Marry, Matenrou Opera, Wizard, +ISOLATION, Sulfuric Acid, Kisaki Project, THE PIASS, Metis Gretel, +catarciss+, Junna -Envy Project-, Misaruka and more!

+Other CD/DVD: LIKE AN EDISON 2007 New Years DVD & ZEAL LINK '08 Comment DVD.

Please take a look if you're interested. Thanks~!

WTS: punk/gothic tops!

Visual Kei/Gothic Tops.
Used, Still in good condition. =)
There's little bit of stain at the neck there & one dot of stain at de back which is small. you can't see it unless you look very close at it. ^^
Material is Cotton.
Size: M
But because of the cutting, it suit with height between 160CM- 167CM. around there~
bust around 36, waist 26.
and is quite fitting. =)


SELLING IT AT USD$50 including shipping fees.
*Please stated if you want tracking cause price is included NORMAL shipping fees.
With tracking, pls add extra USD$2.50


thanks for looking!! ^_______^
final fantasy tactics
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Selling Lots of Items. Looking to Buy Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Stuff

Hi. I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out my sales posts to see items, pictures, prices, and the latest updates and additions:

Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Imports, Music CDs and Merch, Movies, and Related

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

I'm also open to trades and looking for some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff. See my full wishlist here.

Bills To Pay!

La, la, la, lovely new bills to pay! (okay, not really "lovely"), so I need money desperately. I will consider offers made on items, just keep in mind I'm shipping from Canada.

Click the Preview Pic below:
Yoogeun: bubbles~

Please help me get rid of this stuff! (KPOP and JPOP!!)

Heyy guyyysss. I really need to clear some stuff out of my room before I move out to college so if you guys can help out and buy something (or a few things XDD) I would really appreciate it! I have plenty of JPOP stuff and some KPOP stuff so please leave a comment if you are interested! Just a few things before you start browsing!

1. I ship from California, USA
2. I usually ship out the very next day (or the day of if we confirm early enough XD)
3. All prices are in USD and INCLUDE SHIPPING UNLESS STATED. (if you are out of the US please talk to me)
4. I accept Paypal and WELL CONCEALED CASH (at your own risk!)
5. email me for faster responses ( but please put "LJ purchase" as your subject!
6. You can ask for more pictures!

JPOP MAGAZINES 13 USD shipped (they DO NOT include pin ups unless stated)
1. Popolo June 08
2. Popolo March 08
3. Fine Boys Dec 08 (Ryo on cover)
4. FIne Boys Nov 08 (Nino on cover)
5. Winkup Aug 08 (HSJ on cover)
6. Duet Nov 07 (HSJ on cover)
7. Duet Aug 08 (Arashi on cover)
8. Ray Feb 09 (as Nakamaru on the inside)

1. NEWS Happy Birthday LE (OBI) 12 USD
3. NEWS Summertime LE (skipped on me once) 7 USD
4. NEWS Nippon (RARE!) 12 USD
5. GYM Fever to Future LE (OBI) 12 USD
6. Seishun Amigo LE (OBI) 12 USD
7. HSJ Your Seed LE 12 USD
8. NEWS Pacific Concert DVD 65 USD
9. KAT-TUN Real Face concert DVD (boot legged but plays on all dvd players!!) 10 USD

JPOP POSTERS (they all have some damage but not major)
1. NEWS Taiwan poster 12 USD
2. Yamapi Pacific poster 12 USD
3. HSJ Your Seed store poster 8 USD

1. Seungri phone charm 7.5 USD
2. Khun phone charm 7.5 USD
3. Hankyung phone charm 7.5 USD
4. Wondergirls phone charm 7.5 USD
5. 2PM EXR postcard set  9 USD
6. Khun tote bag (very large) [other side] 15 USD
7. Wondergirls + JYP tour poster 8 USD
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(no subject)

Everything I'm selling is under the cut. I'll accept reasonable offers on pretty much anything. I'm in Canada, and shipping tends to be expensive from here, so please don't include shipping in your offers. I'll get a price and then give you the best deal I can. We don't have media mail here.

Pictures of anything on request! :)

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Thanks for looking!

FS Figures Free U.S. Domestic shipping.

Lots of figures. Evangelion, Zidane from Final Fantasy IX, Code Geass, Tales of... games, Vocaloid. Having a collection clear out! NO TRADES NOTHING LONGER THAN A 24 HOLD.

I live in the U.S. Shipping included for domestic orders. If you want delivery confirmation or insurance it is EXTRA.

I apologize but I currently am not accepting international orders.


Please don't PM me. Either leave a comment or email me at Thanks.

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(no subject)

Hi! I'm selling a few items. I'm welcome to questions or request for more pictures. I accept PayPal, MO*, or Concealed Cash* (at your own risk) as payment. I ship from Sanford, FL 32771 USA . I willingly ship international (it can be pricey!) and will hold items for a week tops. Please, if you inquire about an item and it's too pricey or you change your mind let me know. Thanks!

All items include shipping in price unless otherwise noted. I usually do Carrier pickup every other day on most items. Some items will require an actual trip to the post office for shipping. Those items are: posters and international packages. Everything else I can ship from home. If the cost isn't too much more I often give you a free upgrade to priority mail but this is not guaranteed. I will always quote you the least expensive shipping so if you require an item to be shipped priority please tell me. Also, should I quote you shipping and it costs less than what I quote you I will refund you the difference. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Refunds will not be given for those.

Right now trades are on hold.

Series: Fushigi Yugi/Yuugi, Gundam Wing, Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sakura Wars, Inuyasha, Evangelion, Peach Girl, Ichigo 100%, YuYu Hakusho

Items: Figures, DVD, Posters, Shitajiki, Plush, Manga

*US Only

For my feedback here is my LJ Feedback and my eBay Feedback.

Click on the links for pictures! ^_^

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Thanks for looking!


Most of these items are listed in my journal with information, prices, and pics. The items that aren't listed in my journal, please ask me for the price. Please come check it out. I'm open to trades & negotiations, so feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Thank you. ♥



Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi: Ed/Al
Naruto Yaoi Doujinshi: Kakashi/Naruto
One Piece Yaoi Doujinshi: Ben Beckman/Shanks
Prince Of Tennis Yaoi Doujinshi: Fuji/Kikumaru

J-Boy vol. 1 (Yaoi)
Now vol. 3
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Fruits Basket vol. 2
Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action vol. 1 - 2

Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil

Picture Letters From The Commander In Chief: Letters From Iwo Jima

PATI PATI (An Cafe) 4/08
Newtype USA (.Hack//Legend Of The Twilight) 7/04
Newtype USA (Eureka Seven) 2/06
Animedia (Black Cat) 1/06

Video Games
Dragonball Z: Budokai (Gamecube)
Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2)
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 5 (XBOX)

Epik High: Pieces, Part One
Loveholic: Florist Album
Michael Jackson "King Of Pop" (The Korean Limited Edition Album)

Fullmetal Alchemist Wall Scroll
Fullmetal Alchemist/Law Of Ueki Reversible Pin-up
Lee Min Ho & Han Ji Hye Bang Bang 2010 Spring Catalogue
pretty please

must go! if you don't like the price make an offer

Japanese manga - $5 each
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 1, 2
Pumpkin Scissors 1, 2
Wolf's Rain 1 ,2
Chobits 1-4
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English manga - $5 each
Bleach 1
Death Note 1,2
D.N. Angel 1, 2
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-4
FMA Novel 1
xxxHolic 1
Collapse )

Art/Guide Books
FMA art book 2 - $15
FMA profiles - $10
FMA anime profiles - $7
J FMA Perfect guide 1 & 2 - $5 each
J FMA DX - $5
Collapse )

Figure - $50 or best offer
Haruhi Suzumiya, bunny girl w/ guitar NEVER OPENED
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Wall Scroll - $10
Kyo Kara Maoh!
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+ shipping and paypal fees
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DS: Lots of Jpop Jrop CD DVD Magazines All Prices Negotiable!

General Info
All prices in USD
Sales are final Thank you
Can check feedback on ebay
Shipping from CA, USA
Paypal only

All DVD's are in region 2 (includes DVDs that come with CDs) except those especially noted
All Items are in Excellent condition! I leave the original plastic on almost all CD and DVDs that I have

All prices are negotiable!! feel free to make an offer!
Prices include shipping!

(Please look here for more =) ^__^/)


Anna inspi' NANA Rose with DVD - 12 USD
Kuroyume - Shounen - 5 USD
Mika Nakashima - Hi no Tori -5 USD
Mika Nakashima - Seven - 5USD
NANA starring Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro - 8USD
Olivia inspi' REIRA a little pain With DVD - 12USD
Shibasaki Kou Glitter - 4USD
Trax Blaze Away NEW - 4USD
UVERworld Just Melody First press: with DVD - 14 USD
Fantastic Crisis KARASU With DVD NEW - 7 USD
Orange Range Rakuyou - 5USD
Orange Range Champione - 6USD
Orange Range Kimi Station w/ DVD - 10USD
Orange Range Ika Summer - 6USD
Orange Range Ikenai Taiyou w/ DVD10USD
Orange Range Ikenai Taiyou - 5USD
Orange Range Sayonara - 6USD
Orange Range Un Rock Star - 6USD
Orange Range O2 w/ DVD NEW - 12USD

Dir en Grey MACABRE - 10USD
Gagaaling Royal Punx -10USD
Hy Trunks - 10USD
Kiyoharu Poetry First press slip cover - 10USD
L'Arc En Ciel Awake First Press Digipack - 15USD
Orange Range Remix Album Squeezed - 20USD
Delofamilia  quiet life w/ DVD - 20USD
Mika Nakashima - Music Cardboard box cover (think it is first press) - 15USD
NEWS Pacific Limited edition 32 page Booklet - 25USD
Prono Graffitti Thumpx First press: Special box - 20USD
UVERworld Timeless 1st Album FIRSTPRESS: 32 page booklet Digi pack - 25USD

KAT-TUN Real Face Film NEW Never been opened - 12USD
Orange Range Live MusiQ NEW - 25USD
Orange Range Video de Recital NEW - 25USD
Orange Range Live MusiQ Used- 15USD
Orange Range Video de Recital Used- 15USD
Orange Range Video la Contact - 20USD
Orange Range Live Natural - 20USD
Orange Range Live Tour 006 "Fantazical" - 20USD
Mika Nakashima - Best DVD - 20USD
TM Revolution Crush - 10USD (region 1)
TM Revolution Sonic Warp 10USD (region 1)
Magazines )

Manga~ )

Genso Suikoden~ )

Lolita~ )

Omake! )~~ Buy $50+ and choose a free Omake!

Willing to trade only for: (all 1st press please)
High and Mighty Color BEEEEEEST w/DVD
High and Mighty Color Hot Limit w/ DVD
High and Mighty Color Remember
High and Mighty Color Live Bee Loud ~ Thanks Giving~ 2Disc ver

Big J-Rock / Visual Kei Sale!!!

 I'm still selling a big bunch of stuff for my just have a look on the really cool items ;)

shipping worldwide,accepting PAYPAL

one of these fantastic items is:

The PIASS  - ryouki kousatsu chissoku-shi (猟奇絞殺窒息死)
12 Track Album w/obi

this one was released in 1995 and is an extremely rare item!!!


selling (all w/obi):

Deluhi - Orion Once Again 2nd Press Single
Deluhi - Frontier Single
Tokami - mist of cherry blossoms single
Sally - Abnormal single

exist+trace - KNIFE Single (unopened)
Agent Murder - Gizenro mini-album
ALSDEAD - Paradox single
BLOOD - VENGEANCE for BLOOD DX LIMITED EDITION (Limited to 1000) *signed* album
BLOOD - BRUMES ET PLUIES (Limited 300) single  
BLOOD - BLOOD EUROPEAN ver. (Limited 5000) , *signed* mini-album
BLOOD - best collection 2002-2007 album
BLOOD - 1st PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
BLOOD - 2nd PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
-OZ- Athena&SIN Double single  ON HOLD
D - Schwarzschild Single (Ltd. Edition w/DVD) 
D - Ouka saki some ni keri (Ltd. Edition w/DVD)  ON HOLD
Moi Dix Mois - Dialogue Symphonie single
Moi Dix Mois - Shadows Temple single
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera album
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal album
Moi Dix Mois - Europe Tour 2005 Invite to Immorality DVD
Phantasmagoria - Never Rebellion single
Phantasmagoria - Kamiuta single (w/DVD+Trading Card)
Phantasmagoria - Geneizou 4 ~chronology revelation~ DVD
Rentrer en Soi - Amongst Foolish Enemies single
Rentrer en Soi - Karasuiiro no taiji single
Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm single
Rentrer en Soi - Wither single
Rentrer en Soi - The Abyss of Despair single
Sister Floyd - Full Sludge mini-album
THE ROYAL DEAD (ex. Phantasmagoria) - Lycanthrope mini-album
Tokami - The Brand-New Darkness mini-album
Tokami - Silence of Angel single
Tokami - Invasion of the Darkness mini-album
Custom Mummy - Q-Type album
V.A. - Kessen (BLOOD vs Brand 0) (Limited 1000) single
V.A. - Yokoshima Hospital (HISKAREA / Sugar Folkfull) mini-album

just follow the cut HERE....

and I also have some stuff left:

The studs - studs Type A CD/DVD w/obi
Gackt - Mars First Press
Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos European Press
L'arc~en~Ciel - Smile (Regular Press)

go here...

for german Manga and Magazines(Anime/Manga Topics) and also two figures...look