September 18th, 2010

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[Japan-Je] Sales + PreOrder Corner

Hi minna!

I have some PreOrders & Sales going on via my LJ :
Or you can email me at
Find me on Twitter:

I have 1 EXTRA copy of Arashi "Dear Snow" Single at S$27 with shipping included. Email me if interested.

I am helping my Japan friend to sell away 4pcs of EXTRAS Hooded Towel [Kokuritsu Limited] at S$110 each.
Email me if you are interested to purchase it. Will only arrive in Singapore in Early October.

PreOrder : Arashi JAL Version 僕の見ている風景

Dateline : 20th November 2010
Email :

Available Slots : 7 / 8 Slots

Please note the price is INCLUSIVE of Shipping from Japan. My price is lower than what you can get on YJA.
I have tried my best to lower the price to the lowest possible.
Please do not bash my post if the price is unreasonable to you. Thank you!  =)

PreOrder Arashi 10-11 Scene Tour Goods
Tokyo Dome]

Dateline : 15th November 2010
Email :

P/S : Goods will arrive on the 23rd Nov. Collection of goods will be possible from 24th Nov onwards. ^O^

PreOrder : Arashi 10-11 PIN Badge [Sapporo Dome]

Dateline : 5th November 2010
Email :

Available Slots : 9 / 15pcs


Pre-Order will be starting: HERE
(You can click the picture or the link.)
Please add me in Facebook since my pre-order will take place there now.
If you don't have a Facebook, you contact me through LJ msg or email me at

I will also try to edit my livejournal soon and add new stuff. ^_____^
If you need to see my feedback, it's HERE.

Thanks!! :D
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sale lots

hi guys i'm selling

- Prince of Tennis
- Naruto
- Death Note
- Gundam Seed/Destiny
- Kinki Kids
- Fruits Basket
- Get Backers
- Ayano Yamane's Slam Dunk
- Once Piece

Kinki Kids CD/albums/Goods

Manga and Magazines
- Shoujo
- Yaoi
other anime Goods (from Animate and Gamerz in Japan)

visit my livejournal :

WTS: CDs, DVDs, Magazines, and MORE!

I am still in need of money and literally out of space so I have decided to dig deeper into my collection and put a few more things up for sale. I have added some CDs, magazines, and a few random items to what I had up before. I have also included some things that I am looking for, so take a look and make some offers :D

Please feel free to make offers - I really need to get rid of a lot of this stuff!!

Everything is now at my journal: Aikawa Nanase, BUCK-TICK, Dir en grey, the GazettE, MUCC, Raphael, Malice Mizer, Sid, Morning Musume, Tsuchiya Anna, AND MORE!

★NEW ITEMS ADDED 9/9/10 and Magazine prices REDUCED★

I will be away this weekend, so please allow for a little more time than usual for me to respond. Thanks!

[sale] Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version (official)

Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version

Cute Kitty keychain collection from Thailand.

Price: 7 USD
** only 2 in the middles are available (Riding Elephant and Floating Market) **

Please follow the link to original post at my LJ~

[sale] Kitty Keychain ~ Thailand version

There are more stuffs I have for sale, and pre-order at my LJ as follows,

[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Spring 2008 Tour Concert Pamphlet
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Live Spring Tour Concert 2008
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Summer Tour 2008 Pamphlet
[sale] J-web Photo Set: TegoMass ~ Off-shot PV Ai ai gasa
[sale] J-web Photo Set: KAT-TUN ~ Queen of Pirates Concert Live
[sale] J-web Photo Set: KAT-TUN ~ Live Queen of Pirates Concert in Osaka
[sale] K8 Summer Tour Concert Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo
[sale] Paparazzi Goods ~ Arashi
[sale] J-web Photo Set: NEWS ~ Off-shot PV Happy Birthday
[sale] J-web Photo Set: NEWS ~ Pamphlet Winter Diamond Party Concert
[sale] Flower Wire Bookmark
[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Various
[sale] Handkerchief from Kyoto
[sale] Stitch Bag
[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] LEGO keychain -- Star Wars Collection
[sale] NYC Boys and Hey! Say! JUMP JE's Official Goods
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: Others
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: JE's
[sale] Hello! Project Official Photos
[sale] Papa Photo ~ Maki Horikita
[sale] Official and Papa Photos ~ Kame, Jin and Ryo
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Arashi ~ Dream-A-Live Concert Live
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Arashi ~ Off-shot Pamphlet Dream-A-Live Tour Concert
[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain

Pre-Order Post
[pre-order] "Pure" Jelly
[pre-order] Animal Shape Paper Clips
[pre-order] Hannari Toufu Strap
[pre-order] Sirotan Keychains -- Bee Costume
[pre-order] Sirotan Keychain ~ Japan Local Cities Collection

PS. Thanks for the space~
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Please come to my journal, [info]niconicouru to view my sales! I've got many, many lovely things that need to go including official SAN-X plush, lots of FINAL FANTASY collectibles including those massive DIGICUBE guides, OKANE GA NAI manga, INUYASHA manga, MONSTER MANGA / YOU CAN DRAW MANGA guides, adorable japanese GAMEBOY  ADVANCE games, NINTENDO DS games, PLAYSTATION & PLAYSTATION 2 games (Japanese and American), CARD CAPTOR SAKURA, cheap ANIME DVD and JAPANESE HORROR DVD, retired HELLO KITTY bags, LOLITA clothing and accessories, ....AND MORE!

Most items prices already include shipping, but if you still do not like the price, please don't be shy to make your best offer!

Please also check my WISH LIST post that appears right after the sales posts! I am very happy to trade.

NEW LOWER PRICES! Gyaru Clothing Sale!


My style continuously changes, so some clothes that I've bought turn out to not be my style before I even get a chance to wear them. SO, I have tons of clothing that I've either never worn, or have worn once.
Because of this, I'm willing to offer the clothes in my sale for half off or MORE the original price I paid for them.
I just want to get some money back so I can keep buying more clothes!

(New Items! Huge Sale! Come Look!)
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DJ Yamapi



konkon_sales has a variety of items up for sale.

Concert Preorders

LAST CHANCE! Order by the deadline date, midnight CST! Con good list is up for these concerts!

NEWS 2010 Dome Concert Deadline: September 18th 20th DEADLINE EXTENDED. (Includes Previews)

Arashi 10x11 Concert
Tokyo Dome Deadline: November 13th

Koichi Domoto 2010 BPM Concert Deadline: October 4th

Special: For a $60 fee, you can receive 15 or more items at cost.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

TsukiSales Post!

I have a lot of goodies that need new owners! And I'm in need for cash!


- Hetalia
(America/Japan, Russia/China, Spain/Romano, Prussia/Romano, Austria/Hungary and more)
- Hitman Reborn
(5927, 6927, 8018 and more)
- Code Geass
- Gundam Seed

Selling Japanese and English manga and English manwha. From shounen, to shojo, to GL, to BL!
And uber cheap from $1 to $5 per book. Get them in sets, and the price gets cheaper! Hurry, they're selling off pretty fast!

Artbooks and Books
- FMA's First Official Artbook
- Comickers and SS Magazine Artbooks
- CG instructional books
- English BL novels from DMP!


- KERA and KERA Maniax
- Potato
- ImagineFX

It's all here in
[info]tsukisales ! I hope I can see you there. Also check out my feedback  and wishlist page! Also if you're a past customer of mine, I would really love if you left feedback on my GSJ Feedback page!

Signed Versailles Tshirt

My friend and I are auctioning off a signed Versailles Tshirt and selling other items including a Mucc Tour shirt and hide plushie.

All prices are negotiable and shipping is not included.

We are willing to ship to other countries.

Additional details are in the links.

Feel free to respond to the posts with any questions or email me at sailor_pisces01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Versailles Auction

Other items
Veronica Mars

For Sale: Yaoi manga

Hey, everyone.  I still have some yaoi manga for sale at geeky_sales  (pics, prices and feedback are all there as well) and added a few more volumes from Hinako Takanaga, Mio Tennohji and Kosen.  No pics right now as my camera is travelling with a friend.  As usual, haggling is welcome.  Trades are welcome as well IF you have anything off my Wishlist but go ahead and offer.  I might find something I'm interested in.
--silly nonconformists

Looking for

Long shot, but anyone have the 1/6th Misa Amane Moeart figure (picture here) for a reasonable price? Preferably deboxed already since, well, I hate to debox anything myself, haha, but I want her accessories and for her to be in excellent condition. I have feedback in my sales journal.
KHR: Defend

(no subject)

Anime Figures
K-On!'s Mio Akiyama 1/8 scale AUTHENTIC. $90 SHIPPED. Will not trade! Like new condition, only taken out of box to inspect then put back.

Anime DVD
Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1 & 2


USA ONLY, Paypal only! I am paypal verified and I always ship next day via priority mail!