September 28th, 2010

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Hi all, I've opened an online shop featuring Japan-related items. I'm living in Tokyo and ship directly, so please take a look. Still adding a lot of items daily (grand opening next month), but if you have any suggestions/item requests, I'd love to know!! Of course the items up now are available to buy as well ;) Thanks for looking!!



If you have specific item type requests, I'd really appreciate it if you take my shop poll as well :D I'll use this to stock items!!


Emergency Sales

Last-ditch attempt to raise money by the 30th of September to pay this one bill.


PayPal only at this time. I ship from Canada to practically anywhere.
Any questions of want to make an offer, just ask.

NEW: More Pokémon Cards added.

Click on the Preview Pic below to go my Sales Journal:
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SALES-- Figures, Cosplay, Wigs, etc

More sales!

My boyfriend and I are currently selling a huge lot of figures. For all the figures check out the link below-->>

If you see a figure you want you can comment directly on here, or email/comment on that post.

I also added more items to my marketplace section-->>


Huge amount of stuff (inc. 100+ DVDs) for sale: Take 2

Here's the deal: I've moved to Japan permanently, so I need to clear my old room out of all my Japan-related items. I had quite a collection, so I'm going to put things up in stages. Leave a comment if interested. Italicized items are claimed but not paid for yet.

On eBay:
Sailor Moon Season 1 Uncut DVD box set
Sailor Moon R Uncut DVD box set
Sailor Moon S Uncut DVD set (no box)

In addition, for direct sale, I have:
Sailor Moon SS vol. 3 only $18
Sailor Moon SS movie
Sailor Moon Stars wallscroll

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I accept paypal and personal checks/money orders. I'm going to have to require a tracking number for all packages, however, since I've been burned by eBay buyers claiming to have not received their items, and Paypal forces a full refund without tracking info. Sorry. Shipping is not included in prices. I will ship internationally (from the US), but be prepared for the cost.

*I live in Japan, so my mother will be mailing everything. I have taken copious pictures so I know exactly where everything is, and she's done this before, so I don't expect any problems. However, she does work full-time, so it may take a few (3-4) days to mail things. No more than that - I promise. If it takes more than 7 days from receipt of payment to shipping, I will refund you.

My eBay feedback is visible here.
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Deebosco Scam

I didn't want to do this, as I don't like confrontation, but I also don't like dishonest people.

I saw deebosco's post for Sailor Moon items, and of course I jumped on it. SM items are rare at good prices. She is selling several manga volumes. I commented asking which books were left. She stated they all were, so I told her the two I wanted.

While awaiting her response, I happened to scroll through the comments to the post, and saw serenitygodness had already purchased them from her, but she commented back to her stating she had lost those two volumes.

I commented again telling her I saw the comment she sent to her about them being lost and to not worry about it, to give the sale to serenitygodness if they had been found since she wanted them 1st.

She commented back with the following:

'Hmmm.. actually i just dont need that money in that time and it's too hot for me to go to the postal office in summer days -. - so i made up some reason.. and she didnt reply after. dont worry.. they are still there ..i know this is bad but you know.. ):'

I couldn't believe it! So I commented back telling her as much as I wanted them, what she did was dishonest, so I couldn't buy from her. She responded saying she understood, but that she refunded serenitygodness.

Yeah, whatever.

Funny enough, if you go to the post now, both mine and serenitygodness 's comments are GONE!

No worries though, I figured this would happen, so guess what I did right after that last comment? SCREENCAPS! Under the cut :

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I thought what she did was very awful and in poor taste, and don't want anyone else to get scammed.