September 30th, 2010


THIS STUFF HAS TO GO!!! JRock/JPop CDs, DVDs, Magazines, and MORE!!

First of all, thank you to everyone that has taken a look at what I have and helped me out! Unfortunately I still need money (and space) badly, so I am revamping this post so that it has EVERYTHING I am selling on it to make it easier for anyone that comes to browse. Thank you all for looking, and please don't hesitate to ask questions and make offers - Prices are Negotiable :)

New items have been added and MAGAZINE AND CD PRICES REDUCED 10-20% as of 10/1/10, so take a look :)

Note: Please be sure to read the "Payment and Shipping Details" section before responding or messaging me as to make things run more smoothly. Thank you.

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★Only serious inquiries please. If you ask me about and item, please have the courtesy to let me know if you are not interested after my reply. I can hold items for up to a week, unless otherwise discussed.★

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JRock/VK CDs, Singles, etc.

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Visual Magazines (listed by cover artist)

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JPop CDs, Singles, etc.

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Japanese Horror Movies

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Japanese Literary Books/Novels
These are books that I used during my studies at UMass Amherst in the Japanese program. I am offering them much cheaper than the school charged. Pictures and descriptions available on request!

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Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Thank you!

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Naruto Doujinshi (Piero, Omega Plus, ZigZag, Momoya, and more!)

Chrono Crusade, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Kyou Kara Maou, and more!

Yaoi Manga Junjou Romantica & Author's Pet

and more!!!

All to be found HERE....


FS Lots of Figures

Amiami hit me hard with shipping fees for my preorders so this stuff has got to go! Brand new Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande figures, Evangelion Kaworu figures, Code Geass trading figures and I-Dolls, Vocaloid Haku figure. Having a collection clear out! NO TRADES NOTHING LONGER THAN A 24 HOLD.

Boxes, where offered, will come completely disassembled because I ship small figures in padded envelopes for the most part. Paypal only. No fees.

I live in the U.S. Shipping included in prices. If you want delivery confirmation or insurance it is EXTRA.

I apologize but I currently am not accepting international orders.


Please don't PM me. Either leave a comment or email me at Thanks.

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Sales post - Prices are reduced now!!

 Hi everybody!!

I still have a lot of interesting items on sale, and i've reduced some prices!!

Lots of magazines (wink up, Myojo, Popolo, ecc.) and Nino's Bidan for only 5 euro!

And Jun Matsumoto and Ryo Nishikido uchiwa for only 10 and 15 euro!

And also Arashi "All Arena Tour Phamplet" price is reduced!!

Sooo please take a look at my selling stuffs @ my lj post here

Thank you!!!!

Doujinshi Sale

★Doujinshi Sale★

Selling bunch of doujinshis!
Fandoms includes DRRR, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hetalia, and Kuroko's Basket!!
Please click above link for more information!

The following DRRR Doujinshi Titles are my second copies, which I really want them to be taken!!

Perfect Enemy (Izaya x Shizuo)
Express Oneself (Kasuka & Shizuo)
Drown to *** (Shizuo x Izaya)
However, it's beloved, isn't it? (Kasuka x Shizuo)

Seeking Gatomon for her Collection

So yah, as a kid I LOVED Gatomon/Tailmon dearly. She was my favorite digimon, and to this day while I like more, she is still my number one kitty! So! I have recently decided to start seeking out toys to add to my collection. So far I have the season one gatomon beanie with the :3 face, as you will see in the below picture, a large talking gatomon toy, a winking one, two crouching figures(one painted as black gatomon), the DQ plushie, ect. So, im pretty much looking for anything I dont have XD but there are some specifics. What do I have to offer? Well I can pay, as long as its not too expensive D8 im a college student so...yah ;xD but I can offer trades to! In these pictures below, I have some extras that came from ebay lots I can offer!

Seeking this

Click here for what I have to offer and more! So, PLEASE CLICK! XDD


My things are almost cleared out! I just have a few things left over and I hope you can help me and buy them from me XDDD!!

[] I ship from California, USA usually the next day!
[] I do paypal and WELL CONCEALED CASH IN USD (at your own risk!)
[] Prices are negotiatble!
[] NOTE: all posters have some/little damage on them. please ask me for more pictures!

1. Wondergirls SO HOT (AUTOGRAPHED!!) 30 USD shipped (+3 USD for outisde of US)
2. Khun tote bag  (other side) 12 USD shipped (+2 USD for outside of US)
3. Wondergirls phone strap 7 USD shipped (+1 USD for outside of US)
4. 2PM postcatds 9 USD shipped (+1 USD for outside of US)
5. NEWS Pacific Concert DVD 50 USD shipped (+5 USD for outside of US)
6. NEWS Weeeek (Thai version) w/obi 8 USD shipped (+3 USD for outside of US)
7. GYM: Fever to Future (RARE!!) w/obi 12 USD shipped (+3 USD for outside of US)
8. NEWS Tawian Concert poster 12 USD shipped (+4 USD for outside of US)
9. Yamashita Tomohisa Pacific concert poster 12 USD shipped (+4 USD for outside of US)
10. Hey!Say!Jump! Your Seed store poster 9 USD shipped (+2 USD for outside of US)
11. JYP/Wondergirls Tour 2009 poster 8 USD shipped (+2 USD for outside of US)

1. Popolo June 08
2. Popolo March 08
3. FINE BOYS Dec 08 (RYO on cover)
4. FINE BOYS Nov 08 (NINO on cover)
5. WINK UP Aug 08 (HSJ on cover)
6. DUET Nov 07 (HSJ on cover)
7. DUET Aug 08 (Arashi on cover)
8. RAY Feb 08

Please please, help me get rid of these 5 items!! I'd appreciate it very much!

My little J-Rock Sale / Updated with some nice items ;)

I'm still selling stuff from my collection and added some items for your choice ;)

My sale includes:

Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy CD/DVD (european release)


....and also:

D'espairs Ray - Liquidize DVD (european release)
Janne Da Arc - "Dearly" Double-DVD
Gackt - Mars (Ltd.Edition 2000)
The studs - studs Type A CD/DVD
L'arc~en~Ciel - SMILE (Regular edition)
Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos (european release)

just follow the cut here...

There is also my friends sale including this:

The Piass - ryouki kousatsu chissoku-shi (猟奇絞殺窒息死)
Deluhi - Orion Once Again 2nd Press Single
Deluhi - Frontier Single
Tokami - mist of cherry blossoms single
Sally - Abnormal single

exist+trace - KNIFE Single (unopened)
Agent Murder - Gizenro mini-album
ALSDEAD - Paradox single
BLOOD - VENGEANCE for BLOOD DX LIMITED EDITION (Limited to 1000) *signed* album
BLOOD - BRUMES ET PLUIES (Limited 300) single  
BLOOD - BLOOD EUROPEAN ver. (Limited 5000) , *signed* mini-album
BLOOD - best collection 2002-2007 album
BLOOD - 1st PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
BLOOD - 2nd PERIOD DX (Limited 2000) album
-OZ- Athena&SIN Double single  ON HOLD

Moi Dix Mois - Dialogue Symphonie single
Moi Dix Mois - Shadows Temple single
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera album
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal album
Moi Dix Mois - Europe Tour 2005 Invite to Immorality DVD
Phantasmagoria - Never Rebellion single
Phantasmagoria - Kamiuta single (w/DVD+Trading Card)
Phantasmagoria - Geneizou 4 ~chronology revelation~ DVD
Rentrer en Soi - Amongst Foolish Enemies single
Rentrer en Soi - Karasuiiro no taiji single
Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm single
Rentrer en Soi - Wither single
Rentrer en Soi - The Abyss of Despair single
Sister Floyd - Full Sludge mini-album
THE ROYAL DEAD (ex. Phantasmagoria) - Lycanthrope mini-album
Tokami - The Brand-New Darkness mini-album
Tokami - Silence of Angel single
Tokami - Invasion of the Darkness mini-album
Custom Mummy - Q-Type album
V.A. - Kessen (BLOOD vs Brand 0) (Limited 1000) single
V.A. - Yokoshima Hospital (HISKAREA / Sugar Folkfull) mini-album

for this stuff...follow me here...

WTB Fanplusfriend Sailor Dress

I am looking to buy this dress  for 30$ or less. I may go up to 40$. Price must include shipping to the US. The dress does not have to be in perfect shape, I will take one that has a missing tie. I'd like it in dark blue. I'd also take Black, red, or light blue, in that order. This is my feedback page Again, the dress does not have to be in perfect shape.
Destiny Impulse

[For Sale] Anime, Manga, Doujinshi, Video Games, Toys, etc.

Just added tons of gashapon, yaoi manga, plushies, Pokemon stuff, etc.!

I have yaoi, manga, anime, video games, toys, figures, neat little random items, etc. available. Lotsa free stuff, too! Offers are always gladly considered, because I need to empty an entire room ASAP!

My main sale post is HERE and there's a beautiful photo catalog with all the newest goodies HERE! Dozens (hundreds?) of items under the cut as well~

Final Fantasy VII, Yugioh, Morrigan, Pokemon, Yaoi, Code Geass and tons more~

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Thanks for looking!
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Kine in AQUA :: Online Sales

I have some leftover stock from the convention so as promised, I can offer international sales for the remaining stock.

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$40 - Full Colour Artbook :: A4 Sized 160+ page paper back book that comes with its own metallic slip case. Inside pages are printed on matte heavy weight card stock.  - SOLD OUT

$5 - Full Colour Planner :: Pages and layouts are all completely different images with no repeat prints. Incredibly beautiful.

$7 - Durara Notebook :: Pages are thicker sketchbook stock. No ruled lines. LAST ONE - After this sells sales will CLOSE.

$7 - Reborn Notebook :: Pages are thicker sketchbook stock. No ruled lines. SOLD OUT

Sorry I don't have everything that was up for sale.

Accepted payment methods will only be Paypal.
Shipping will be done from Canada and charges will be calculated upon your order.

Please send all orders to yo.jenn(@)

Thank you for your interest!

*** Canada Post is EXPENSIVE. I'm sorry but our national rates are high in comparison to other countries. An artbook to the USA will cost 20 dollars to ship, internationally (Europe) 23/52 for surface/airmail. The book isn't cheap since it's over 1kg too! I have no say in how much shipping costs. Please keep this in mind when ordering!

Stuff for sale!

I've got a lot of manga I don't really have a place for. I was hoping to sell them or just trade them.

Manga: $3 each
Chronicles of the Cursed sword 1-3
Naruto 2($1 because of it's condition), volume 5
Gamerz Heaven volume 1
Ragnarok volume 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 3
Bandit King Jing volume 1
ID_eNTITY volume 7 ($2 because of condition)
Mar volume 1
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1-7 (In German)
Model volume 1
Trigun volume 3 (in Japanese)

I also have a bunch of misc items listed on

Let me know if you find anything you're interested in, I'd be more than happy to trade. : D

Gal Clothes Time Sale!!!

My style continuously changes, so some clothes that I've bought turn out to not be my style before I even get a chance to wear them. SO, I have tons of clothing that I've either never worn, or have worn once.
Because of this, I'm willing to offer the clothes in my sale for half off or MORE the original price I paid for them.
I just want to get some money back so I can keep buying more clothes!

Whatever the "I want/NOW" price says, take an additional 15% off until Halloween!

(New Items! Huge Sale! Come Look!)