October 31st, 2010


DS: J-rock CDs, Anime, Manga, J-Fashion Books & more!

Trying to sell off some clutter!


For sale in this post:

Books & Magazines
The Tokyo Look Book by Philomena Keet

Dir en grey - Withering to death. American release w/ DVD
the Underneath - Moonflower American release

Other Jrock Items
BUCK-TICK Memento Mori member postcards (only Hide and Imai left!)
machine postcard
Gackt cloth wallscroll

X anime complete box set
Loveless Discs 1-3 (complete series)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Special Uncut Edition episodes 1-3

NANA volumes 1-8

Clothing & Accessories
BlackxWhite Cyberlox hair falls, medium length
Pikachu t-shirt, US youth large

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Pretty Ciel

Huge journal update

I just found out that I might be moving again, so I need to clear out stuff again. D:! I've updated my journal with a lot of stuff! I need to get rid of as much as I can before November 14th, please help me out!

I'm also open to haggling, as well. :3

Feedback can be found here.
Wishlist can be found here, but please note that I'm currently *only* looking for the things that are in bold. :)

* Anime merchandise/artbooks
~ DVDs, anime notebooks, misc. merchandise, Junjou Romantica, Angel Sanctuary, Kyo Kara Maoh!
* Manga
~ Alichino, Legal Drug, many (newly added) BL titles, Gundam Wing, shoujo magazines
* Stationery/cute stuff
~ Memo sheets, letter sets, deco tapes, stickers, phone charms, etc.
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Reduced Prices!

MANGA: Starts from $2each
BLEACH Vol. 1, 3-16
Descendants of Darkness Vol. 3, 5, 6, 8, 11
Gravitation Vol.1-6
ONEPIECE Vol. 1-14
Tokyo Babylon Vol. 1-7 (Complete Set)
Wish by CLAMP Vol.1-4 (Complete Set)
X-1999 by CLAMP Vol.1-4

Yaoi Manga
: $5each
Only the Ring Finger Knows
Selfish Love Vol.1-2 (Complete Set)
The Art of Loving Vol.1

Doujinshi (R-18): Prices varies
BLEACH (Rukia/Urahara, slight Rukia/Ichigo)
Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro (Neuro/Yako)

Yaoi Doujinshi (R-18): Prices varies
BLEACH (Aizen/Hitsugaya, Gin/Hitsugaya)
BLEACH (Gin/Hitsugaya)
Death Note (Aiber/L, Aiber/L/Matsuda)

Yaoi Anthology (R-18):
Hitman Reborn (D18, 8018, 6918)

DVDs: Starts from $5

BLOOD: The Last Vampire (Movie)
Inuyasha Movie 2
Petshop of Horrors (Complete)
Tokyo Babylon (Complete)

KIZUNA (complete)

x/1999 Kamui Keychain

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boxer, anime, girl
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Gaint 100 lot manga sale, half ends tonight, Hurry!

A GIANT sale of Yaoi, Out of Print, Shoujo, Shonen sets, most complete or up to date. HURRY, half will be gone by Midnight so LOOK NOW!  This is the last big sale I will have. Viz Signature Manga, Drama Queen, Blu, 801 Media, DMP, Netcomics, Del Rey, Tokyopop, Yen Press, ADV, Go!comi, Onecomic and more.  Go to sale click: HERE 

 Titles with illustration at my journal HERE

Last minute Bargains:   Some sets at bargain price ($2 a manga and up) still including: Harlem Beat 1-9 complete ($24.99 still), Cy-believers 1-4 complete (14.99 still), You're so Cool 1-6 complete ($19.99 still), This Ugly Yet Beautiful World 1-3 complete ($9.99 still), Dokebi Bride 1-4 ($12.99 still), Yukazi in Love (brand new) 1-3 complete ($15.75 still), Crossroads 1-7 complete ($24.95 still), Tsubasa Those With Wings 1-3 ($15.50 still), Raiders 1-3 complete ($9.95 still), Bow Wow Wata 1-2 complete ($5.65 still), Blank Slate 1-2 complete ($6.49 still), Monochrome Factor 1-2 ($4.75 still), BB Explosion 1-4 complete ($9.99 still), Hero Tales 1-3 complete ($10.50 still), Pine Kiss 1-2 ($5.85 still), World Exists for me 1-2 complete ($5.85 still) and more..

Let Dai 1-15 NEW OOP, Love is Like a Hurricane 2-5 OOP, Kiss Your Hair NEW Duo Brand, In the Walnut 1-2 (NEW), Just Around the Corner NEW, Love Circumstances NEW, Electric Hands NEW, Love Knot BLU NEW, Madness 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Love/Knot June NEW, Physical Attraction NEW, Reversible NEW, Shards of Affection Duo Brand NEW, Love Control NEW&SEALED, Scarlet NEW BLU, Future Lovers 1-2 NEW, Ruff Love NEW, Yakuza in Love 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Awaken Forest

The Wanderer Full Moon 1-2 COMPLETE OOP
New Series:
Deadman Wonderland 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Flower in a Storm 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, 13th Boy 1-5 NEW COMPLETE, Hellsing 1-9, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Raiders 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Alice in the Country of Hearts 1-3 NEW, Tsubasa Those With Wings 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Takeru Opera Susanah Sword of the Devil 1-4 NEW COMPLETE, Lucky Star 1-5 NEW COMPLETE, Bokurano Ours 1-2 NEW COMPLETE Viz Signature
Netcomics: OOP
Can’t Lose You 1-6 New complete (oop, selling $200), June 1-2 complete, 0/6 Zero/Six 1-2 NEW, In the Starlight 1-2 NEW OOP, Narration of Love at 17 1-4 OOP NEW COMPLETE, Pine Kiss 1-2 NEW, Dokebi Bride 1-4 NEW
Yen Press:
Hero Tales 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Goong 1-9 NEW COMPLETE, You’re So Cool 1-6 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Welcome to Wakaba-soh 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Sunshine Sketch 1-4 New Complete, Black God 1-3 new
OOP and Complete:
Oyayubihime Infinity 1-6 NEW, Yggdrasil 1-2 complete NEW, Full Metal Panic 1-9, Crossroads 1-7 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Juvenile Orion 1-5 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Forbidden Dance 1-4 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Les Bijoux 1-5 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Wolf’s Rain 1-2 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Junk Force 1-3 NEW OOP Complete, Couple 1-3 NEW COMPLETE OOP
GOTH NEW & SEALED, Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW COMPLETE, Doors of Chaos 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Basara 1-9 NEW CULT, Harlem Beat 1-9 VG, Rebound 1-6 NEW OOP, Black Jack 1-2 NEW, Jyu-Oh-Sei! 1-3 NEW COMPLETE, Initial D 1-14 VG OOP, Bow Wow Wata 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Suzuka 1-5 NEW, The Good Witch of the West 1-5 NEW

Pokemon: Shaymin Gijinka


- First person to leave their Paypal address and can pay immediately gets the item!
- I have 100% positive feedback in my
journal (+19) and on eglfeedback. (+17).
- I accept Paypal.
- I ship from GA, USA.
- Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.
- International buyers, please tell me your country so I can look up the shipping cost for you.
- I am open to trades -- just show me whatcha got!
- Please no deadbeats!

All offers will be considered, of course!

Get everything for only $175 shipped!

Manga - $1 each
Beyblade 01
Chobits 01
Hands Off! 01-03 
Hellsing 01
Inuyasha 01
Legal Drug 01 
Naruto 01,03,09
Offbeat 01
One Piece 01-03
Reborn 02
Rurouni Kenshin 01
XXX Holic 01
Yuyu Hakusho 01-05

Magazine - $1 each
Shounen Jump November 2003
Shounen Jump November 2006
Newtype USA December 2006
Newtype USA November 2007
Otaku USA April 2008
Otaku USA June 2008

DVDs - $3 each
Card Captor Sakura 04 $5

Chobits 01
Fushigi Yugi 01
Love Hina 01 & 02
Korea's Culture & Heritage


[GBC] Barbie Fashion Pack $2
[Game Cube] Road Trip: The Arcade Edition $3
[XBOX] Terminator 3: Redemption $5
[PS2] Shadow of the Colossus $15 OBO 
[PS2] The Simpsons: Road Rage $4
[PS2] Super Car Street Challenge $2

Lucky Star Konata Winter Uniform cosplay $27
scarf is adjustable; XS - exact measurements on request
Long curly wig (salmon pink) $8

Hello Kitty "Rose" plush $5
11 inches tall
Gundam 00 MSIA: Exia $12
Never opened!
I Choose You! Pikachu $22
Mouth/ears move, cheeks light up, says Pikachu in a variety of ways


Shin Hyesung "The Beginning, New Days..." concert goods
Set: $10 ; Charm: $6 & glowlights: $3 each
Sanrio Bundle $4
Cinnamoroll screen cleaning charm
HK stickers (1 used), Tenorikuma vanilla scented stickers

Gundam gachapon $2

Figures + Some Other Stuff For Sale

I have some stuff for sale. Some of them aren't pictured yet, I'll add pictures ASAP.

Date Masamune Revoltech (white vers)
BRS Black Blade
BRS Nendoroid
L & Light Nendoroids
Lucky Star Fate Cosplay Nendoroid set
Len Kagamine Nendoroid
Magical Theia Nendoroid
Kokonoe Rin Nendoroid
Melissa Seraphy Devil Ver Nendoroid
Toynami Series 2 Gaara
Toynami Series 3 Uchiha Itachi
Shinji & Kaworu Figure Set by Kotobukiya
Byakuya GE animation plush
Uchiha Sasuke GE animation plush
Vampire Knight Manga Volumes 1-5
Ali Hillis autograph (VA for Lightning from FFXIII)

I also ordered the new GSC Racing Miku Nendoroid & might consider selling it. I haven't received her yet, but contact me if you're interested.

Jrock stuff! Mags, Camino CDs, autographs, message CDs, posters, PLC pins, purse, ROLLY towel!

My hours at work have been cut MAJORLY and I really need some extra money to pay bills!

I'm selling lots of jrock magazines + some extra posters, autographed Camino CDs, message discs, autograph cards, and a nice Japanese brand purse. Please take a look!!! ^__^ I have issues of Zy, Shoxx, Arena, Newsmaker! Magazines priced between $3-5

This post is extremely image heavy. I recommend letting all images load before trying to view everything. ^^

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Manga, Artbooks, Anime, Action Figures and Collectibles on Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, Artbooks and anime dvds - some of it is even new. I'll be giving free shipping (within the US) with any order over $50 (media mail w/delivery confirmation). It's a long list, you can check it out here:

Manga, Artbooks,  Anime And More! Items

E-mail me if you're interested in anything at querobailar@gmail.com, or leave a comment in my journal

If you'd like to see pictures of item(s), just let me know and I'll e-mail them to you

Feed back can be found here:


E-bay Feedback

Feedback from my Livejournal


After five months hiatus, JUNY'S is back! :)

 After a five month hiatus, Juny's is back! Updated with lots of goodies, such as but not limited to:

* Korean/Japanese-inspired fashion
* Korean Fashion "Jeggings," the hottest cross-over between leggings & skinny jeans
* thigh-high leggings and ribbon-bow print stirrup knit leggings
* new bag styles priced at just right...$20 and under
* new Asian fashion watch styles (some of them modeled by popular makeup bloggers!)
* Hello Kitty pens & whimsical jewelry
* Laneige, TONY MOLY, Nanas'B (Shinee & Sulli f(x) endorsements), Etude House skincare & cosmetics
* and much much more!!!

So walk your way onto my shop @ http://community.livejournal.com/junys. See you there! ^__^
(I will not be checking comments under this entry, so please direct all your questions over there thanks!)

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

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I've updated my selling post with a few Persona 3/4 keychains.

I also have a bunch of other items such as complete anime sets, yaoi manga, CDs, postcards, figures, keychains, cosplay items, pins, and more. These are from series such as Kyou Kara Maou, Hunter x Hunter, Final Fantasy, Hikaru no Go, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, and more.

All can be found at my selling post.

Please also feel free to make offers if you're interested in something, as I just want this stuff gone. XD