November 6th, 2010


Everything needs to go!! Reasonable offers will be considered!!!!

I need to pay to get a cavity filled, so this stuff needs to go!!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Some prices have been lowered and I just added a bunch of Nakayoshi furoku, some DVDs (including complete series) and some Hello Kitty items! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga



Figures/Shitajiki/Miscellaneous items



Updated sales~

I just found out that I might be moving again, so I need to clear out stuff again. D:! I've updated my journal with a lot of stuff! I need to get rid of as much as I can before November 14th, please help me out!

I'm also open to haggling, as well. :3

Feedback can be found here.
Wishlist can be found here, but please note that I'm currently *only* looking for the things that are in bold. :)

* Anime merchandise/artbooks
~ DVDs, anime notebooks, misc. merchandise, Junjou Romantica, Angel Sanctuary, Kyo Kara Maoh!
* Manga
~ Alichino, Legal Drug, many (newly added) BL titles, Gundam Wing, shoujo magazines
* Stationery/cute stuff
~ Memo sheets, letter sets, deco tapes, stickers, phone charms, etc.
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[Japan-Je] Sales + PreOrder Corner

Hello Everyone!
I have a couple of items for sales!  ^O^
Payment Accept : Paypal / Western Union / POSB [Singapore] / MayBank [Malaysia]

Please note all items are INCLUSIVE of Shipping Cost from Japan to me already.
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Please check my Japan-Je X'MAS Givings for my long supporting customers!  ^O^

Sales Corner
* 5x10 Fukuoka Charm - S$100   
*** SALE! ***
* 5x10 Sapporo Charm - S$30 

* 5x10 Tokyo Charm - S$30
* 5x10 Nagoya Charm - S$30
* 5x10 Osaka Hp Strap - S$65 
*** SALE! ***
* Arashi FC Pamphlet #45 ~ #50 -
S$10 each  
*** SALE! ***
* Arashi 10-11 Hooded Towel - S$110
* Arashi AAA in Tokyo 2008 T-Shirt [Purple] - S$125
* Arashi DAL Clearfile [Group] - S$25
* Arashi TIME Clearfile [NINO] - S$28
* NINO GANTZ Chirashi - S$4 each
* Arashi Hard CardBoard [Troublemaker] - S$55
* Arashi " Saigou no Yakusoku" Limited Ed [JP Ver] - S$150
* Arashi Kaze no Mukoe Limited Ed [JP Ver] - S$55
* Arashi Crazy Moon Limited Ed [JP Ver] - S$25
* Arashi My Girl Limited Ed [JP Ver] - S$25
* Arashi Dear Snow Limited Ed [JP Ver] - S$20
* Arashi Shop Photos - S$3 each
* KAT TUN N.M.P Tote Bag - S$55

On Going PreOrders on my LJ :

Johnny's Past Concert Goods
Dateline : Always ON GOING

Arashi Past Concert Goods
Dateline : Always ON GOING

Arashi 10-11 PIN Badge [Fukuoka Dome]
Dateline : 25th December 2010

Nino GANTZ Official Goods + Limited Goods
Dateline : 30th November 2010

Arashi Love Rainbow Shop Photos
Dateline : 13th November 2010

KANJANI 8UPPERS Concert Goods [Tokyo Dome]
Dateline : 12th December 2010

Arashi 10-11 Concert Goods [Tokyo Dome]
Dateline : 15th November 2010

Japanese Sweets & Snacks
Dateline : 10th November 2010

Ticketing Service/YJA Bidding
Dateline : Always ON GOING

Here is what you want to buy!

All prices include shipping the USA!
Take $1 off each additional item you purchase!
FREE random 10 sheets of Cute Japan/Sanrio Note Paper with any purchase!

-Aneglic Pretty Pink Cutsew $64
-2 Anna Tsuchiya singles $8
-Nana Volume 1 (in Japanese) $5
-Lead Movies 1 DVD $7
-3 Gab, 2 Vinyl Syndicate, 2TR magazines $10
-Lagoon Engine manga (English) 1-3 $6
-3 Puffy CD's $14
-Smap - 009 CD $5
-Princess Princess - Dolls in Action CD $5
-DJ OZMA - I ♥ Party people (NEW SEALED CD!) $10
-hide Plush Doll (small size) $10
-Pita Ten Vol. 1 Japanese Manga $3
-Bastard Vol. 1 Japanese Manga $3
-Kaiken Phase Vol. 13 Japanese Manga $3
-Jing Vol. 4 English Manga $3
-Duel Jewel Iolite x 3 (I have 3 of these!) Poster $5 each.
-Duel Jewel es Poster $5
-Duel Jewel Life On... Poster $5
-Plastic Tree utsusemi Poster $5
-WaT 36c Poster $5

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If you're serious about buying, please feel free to ask any questions!
I prefer Paypal as payment.
Will consider concealed cash IF you have it in the mail within 3 days and email me once it's sent.
I have feedback at many various places, there are links to all places HERE
Gin strawberry

DOUJINSHI for sale !!

GINTAMA and SOUL EATER doujinshi for sale...

All are in new condition, so please take a look!! I've been trying to get rid of these for a while.
Now I'm in need of money for textbooks next quarter!!

International shipping is available too!

Click pic to enter sales~ Thank you! :)