November 15th, 2010


Doujinshi, Manga, Anime, and Misc. Merch.

Naruto Doujinshi (B Plus, Yukimachiya, anthology, and more!)

New 10 Rankai Doujinshi REPRINTS added!!!! RARE!!!

Anime and Manga Merchandise from:

K-on! and Hakuouki Items Added

Chrono Crusade, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Kyou Kara Maou, and more!

Yaoi Manga Junjou Romantica & Author's Pet

and more!!!

All to be found HERE....

Harley Quinn

Huge Death Note Manga/Novel/Tote Bag Lot For Sale!

For Sale on eBay Here!

All manga/books are in English.

Lot includes:

* Death Note Complete Manga Series Volumes 1-12
* Volume 13: How to Read, the series guide
* Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases novel
* Shonen Jump/Viz Tote Bag featuring Light Yagami on one side

All of the books fit into the tote bag, which I think makes it a nice gift idea.

Auction ends on November 21.

I will ship worldwide. In the US, Media Mail shipping is only $5.11; priority mail shipping is $9.60.

The auction is currently bid at $25.00.

For photos, please check out the auction here.

You can also view photos under the cut. Thank you for your interest! Collapse )

Many manga + Some Anime and Jrock!

Still have some manga, anime, and Jrock that needs to go. Please check out my journal for what's in the image plus much more! All yaoi has been dropped to $5 (except a few) and all other manga is now just $4! Most Jrock magazines dropped to $6 and AnCafe autographed CD price dropped!


Everything needs to go! FREE SHIPPING on manga, furoku and DVDs for one week!!!

From now until November 22, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all manga, furoku and DVDs to buyers in the US!

I need to pay to get a cavity filled, so this stuff needs to go!!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Some prices have been lowered and I just added a bunch of Nakayoshi furoku, some DVDs (including complete series) and some Hello Kitty items! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga



Figures/Shitajiki/Miscellaneous items



FS Stuff

I'm officially out of display space so some stuff needs to go. Stuff from Vocaloid, Tales of Vesperia, Kingdom Hearts, Code Geass, added Sailor Moon stuff..

Please read the following before commenting:

-NO TRADES NO BEST OFFER NO HOLDS. I wait 24 hours from my last reply to you before moving onto the next interested party.

-Do not PM me. I won't respond. My email address is if for any reason you need to contact me privately.

-If multiple people are interested in the same item I will respond in order of inquiry. If you haven't heard from me in over 48 hours please check the comments to see if someone is in front of you before commenting again.

-Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will start at $2 for 1-3 small figures, and go from there. This is for shipping in a padded envelope with no extra services. Please let me know if you want a box, delivery confirmation, or insurance. Due to several problems I am shipping to the UNITED STATES ONLY.

-I ship on Wednesdays.

-I accept paypal only. Any type. Please include a note with your payment letting me know what you bought and if you've asked for any special shipping requirements.


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Dragon Age Blood Dragon

For Sale: Yaoi Manga

 Hello, everyone.  I still have plenty of yaoi manga to choose from over at geeky_sales .  I'm also currently running a special.  For a limited time, buy any two manga and get a third one free! This includes sets!

Cheapest item is the free item. You still have to pay shipping charges for it.
You can buy two mangas and get another manga free.
You can buy a set and a manga and get a manga free.
You can buy two sets and get a set or manga free.
You cannot buy two mangas and get a set free.
Zoro Derp

Auctions: Shonen Jump 2007-2010, Cowboy Bebop; Plus General Sales!

Hey everyone.  Just letting you guys know about my auctions on eBay for Shonen Jump 2007-2010 and Cowboy Bebop: The Jazz Messengers!  The Shonen Jump issues are still at their starting bid (really cheap!) and The Jazz Messengers still has no bids with a $22 BIN.  Each year of Shonen Jump is available separately, but I can combine shipping to make it cheaper.

Auctions can be found HERE!

I also have many things still available on sale in my journal (Glomp shirt and Death Note wallscroll above are 2 examples) and amigurumi (hand-knit plushies) available in my Etsy shop!
As always, haggling is totally welcome!

My feedback can be found here!


So I need some cash pretty fast to pay for my doggies vet bills so I found a few things to part with hoping to raise some funds o3o

+ Final Fantasy Dissida Game Guide - $14
+ Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime novel - $5
+ Underworld 1-3 -- $15
+ Hellsing(ep 1-3) - $5
+ Slayers Season 1 - $16
+ Sequence(manga) - $4
+ Tsubasa Character Guide 2 -- $9
+ Urahara Keychain(2 types, 1 still in package) - $5
+ Uryu Keychain - $2
+ Plushie Ed Elric keychain - $3
+ Sakiyama Yoji figure and card(about 1-2 inches tall) - $8
+ Persona 3 FES for the PS2 - $15
+ Spiral episodes 1-26(anime) - $15
+ Soul Eater postcards(6 different types) - $1 each

Shipping is not included. I can only ship Mondays - Thursday when I am at my college. It usually averages $2-$5. Pictures upon request.

Everything is in perfect condition and comes from a smoke free home.

I'll probably be posting more later when I can organize things and get stuff together. Thank you for looking ♥
final fantasy → kadaj
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♥ i only accept paypal as a personal payment.
♥ i do trades for CODE GEASS, VAMPIRE KNIGHT and TOGAINU NO CHI items
♥ if you do not pay within 24 hours of requesting the item, it will go off "hold" for you
♥ enjoy my sales! :)

TOUR 2010 /W APOCOLYTPICA VIP SIGNED poster, was only available through a vip ticket package - make offer
TOUR2010 /W APOCOLYPTICA VIP CARIBEANER, was only available through a vip ticket package - make offer

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♥ one free with every purchase over 25$, while supplies last

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I'm looking for the following:

Reign The Conqueror DVD Volumes 1&2
Rave Master Volume DVD 3
Marmalade Boy Manga Volumes 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Hot Gimmick Volume 11
and any shojo manga.
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i'm moving in a few days and i have time to go to the PO one last time tomorrow morning, otherwise this stuff goes in storage til god knows when! ): help a brother out!