November 16th, 2010

those days

Rare yaoi, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing!

Go to my selling page here:

Sailor Moon StarS 2: $20
Sailor Moon SuperS 4: $15
Sailor Moon 6: $15

DramaQueen Yaoi - $16 each
Your Honest Deceit 1
Virtuoso di Amore
Lies and Kisses
White Guardian

Crimson Spell 2 - $70

Gundam Wing Complete Operations DVD Box Set RARE - $115
As seen here:

Go to my selling page here:
su - lapis lazuli

Sailor Moon items, Inuyasha Doujinshi, Inuyasha Profile Book

Woo hoo, my first time posting here! But no worries, I've done several transactions through serasell.

Pictures and prices under the cut.

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Please note that the prices above reflect US shipping only. I am willing to ship internationally, but do note the price will be a bit more depending on where you are.

Paypal is the only accepted form of payment and can be sent to ncoltress(at)gmail(dot)com

Feedback can be found on serasell HERE and in my journal HERE.

If you have any questions just ask. Thanks for looking :)
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selling concert ticket


My shopping service bought the wrong ticket for me, so I need to sell this quickly:

2010/11/25 Takadanobaba AREA
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
3.000yen (drink not included)

CAST:Sel'm/Annie's Black/オトガデット/KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND/VIDOLLシュン&ギル セッション/THE DOPES./他

Please help me out here! I'd like 2000yen plus shipping from the shopping service to you (500yen I think).

Sailor Moon, Anime Figures, Cosplays and More!! Get it before I ship!

Come and see what's in store!


Kasumi Figure from Dead or Alive!
Fate/Hollow axestria figure~!

BJD clothing/wigs!
Totoro/Various other Miyazaki plushes
Video Games
Cell Phone charms/other cute items
Lolita accessories
Art Books
BIGBANG autographed merchandise
And More! :D Check it out!


(no subject)

we sell variety brands of contact lenses

Ailsa, Barbie Eye, Candy Magic, GEO, Dolly Eye, Fall in Eyez, Dueba, E.O.S, NEO, Hyper, Vivian, Mimo, Venus, Queenie

we ship worldwide
our products are 100% authentic

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Anime and game goods, oh my!

Have you got a hankering for video game and anime merchandise? Come check out my sales for awesome goodies such as manga, furoku (Japan giveaways), doujinshi, cards, stationery, toys, and books.


-Stationery sheet set including Persona 3, Persona 4, Kuroshitsuji, Bukiyou na Silent

-Anime trading cards from Code Geass, Escaflowne, Metal Gear Solid 4, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Cowboy Bebop

-Posters from Uragiri (Betrayal Knows My Name), Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist

-Doujinshi from Code Geass (Cras Sola, Bonsai Bonbon), Devil May Cry (various), Final Fantasy VII (Mamoru Satonaka and Ken Huega/Ojiroh), Final Fantasy VIII (Yubinbasya, Plum Garden), Metal Gear Solid, Rurouni Kenshin, Vampire Knight

-Doujinshi stationery (binsen) set

-Furoku items from Harukanaru, Kaicho wa Maid-sama, Ouran, Vampire Knight

-Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Resident Evil 2 Playstation games

-Gravitation complete manga set

-Pencil boards (shitajiki) from Vampire Knight, Rurouni Kenshin, Fate/Stay Night, Wish

-Final Fantasy Trading Arts mini figures

-Stationery goods from Code Geass, NANA, Kobato

-Art books from Castlevania, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sailor Moon, Code Geass, Resident Evil 5

Professor Layton: Bunnies!


I'm trying to adopt a kitten! His adoption fee is $75; please buy so I can adopt him!
All offers will be considered, of course!


- First person to leave their Paypal address and can pay immediately gets the item!
- I have 100% positive feedback in my
journal (+19) and on eglfeedback. (+17).
- I accept Paypal.
- I ship from GA, USA.
- Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.
- International buyers, please tell me your country so I can look up the shipping cost for you.
- I am open to trades -- 2NE1 CDs/goods!

- Please no deadbeats!

Manga - $1 each
Beyblade 01
Chobits 01
Hands Off! 01-03 
Hellsing 01
Inuyasha 01
Legal Drug 01 
Naruto 01,03,09
Offbeat 01
One Piece 01-03
Reborn 02
Rurouni Kenshin 01
XXX Holic 01
Yuyu Hakusho 01-05

Magazine - $1 each
Shounen Jump November 2003
Shounen Jump November 2006
Newtype USA December 2006
Newtype USA November 2007
Otaku USA April 2008
Otaku USA June 2008

DVDs - $3 each
Chobits 01
Fushigi Yugi 01
Love Hina 01 & 02
Korea's Culture & Heritage


[DS] Pokemon Soul Silver (w/ Pokewalker, event Pokemon, event paths) $35 OBO 
[GBC] Barbie Fashion Pack $2
[Game Cube] Road Trip: The Arcade Edition $3
[PS2] Shadow of the Colossus $15 OBO 
[PS2] The Simpsons: Road Rage $4
[PS2] Super Car Street Challenge $2
[XBOX] Terminator 3: Redemption $5

Lucky Star Konata Winter Uniform cosplay $27
scarf is adjustable; XS - exact measurements on request

Gundam 00 MSIA: Exia $12
Never opened!
I Choose You! Pikachu $22
Mouth/ears move, cheeks light up, says Pikachu in a variety of ways


Shin Hyesung "The Beginning, New Days..." concert goods
Set: $10 ; Charm: $6 & glowlights: $3 each
Sanrio Bundle $4
Cinnamoroll screen cleaning charm
HK stickers (1 used), Tenorikuma vanilla scented stickers

Gundam gachapon $2
moon // on crescent

(no subject)

I'm having a $2 manga sale! All books are in English and have been pre-loved~!

Ayashi No Ceres 1 and 2
Cherry Juice 1
Fruit Basket 1
Koi Cupid 1
Metamo Kiss 1
Millenium Snow 1
Mink 1-3
Neck and Neck 1 and 2
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena
Rosario Vampire 1
Sorcerer Hunters 4

I have other cool Asian items here:
and the rest of my journal/feedback is here: stuff2sell
Thank you very much~! ^^