November 27th, 2010

FS: Manga

Have a lot of things for sale at my journal.


Invisible Love
Fake Fur
Beyond my Touch
Inocennt Bird 1 & 2
Shinobi Kokoro
TomCats vol. 1
Hate to Love You
Takumi-Series vol. 1, 2 & 3
Black Kinght 1 & 2
The Gentleman's Alliance vol. 1-9
Ultra Manic vol. 1-5
Vampire Kinght vol. 1-4
Black Cat vol. 1-10
Ai Yori Aoshi vol. 1-17
Instant Teen vol. 1-4
Kedamono Damono vol. 1-3
Tokyo Mew Mew vol. 1-7
Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode 1-2
Metamo Kiss vol. 1 & 2
Wish vol. 1 & 2

Marmalade Boy vol. 1-8
Gravitation Novel vol. 1
Ceres vol. 1-14
Alice 19th vol. 1-7
Fushigi Yugi vol. 1-18
Absolute Boyfriend vol. 1-6
Imadoki! vol. 1-5
Trigun vol. 1
Wild Adapter vol. 6
Vassalord vol. 1 & 2
Inuyasha Ani-Manga vol. 1-4
Moon Phase vol. 2-5
Ouran High School Host Club 4-7
Megatokyo vol. 1-5 <
Fall in Love like a Comic vol. 1 & 2
Devil Within vol. 2
Re: Play
Dark Metro vol. 1 & 2
Bound Beauty vol. 1-3
Bastard vol. 2 & 3

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Stuff for sale!

Hi I got some Artbooks, doujinshi from Naruto, Saiyuki, One piece, Gintama and more. I also got a lot of doujin goods such as shitajiki, mousepad, bags and more. I am open to trades(other artbooks, shitajiki, and doujin by kine, acute girls ami oyamada) and haggling. Tons of stuff come take a look. Thank You!

Gintama doujin shitajiki make offer

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Sherlock &amp; John Cats

[Take 10% off!] Selling Yaoi, Shojo, Shonen Manga ♪

♣ Shipping within US! I will be using UPS priority mail prices, so it's all predetermined. Fees will be paid by the buyer.
♠ Prices are negotiable when you buy more. [:
♦ Please request pictures and info about books [I just have too many to take pictures of all of them].
♥ All books are taken care of by an OCD person who doesn't like to share her books. Non-smoking, no pets. Any wear and tear were already there when I bought them.
♣ Paypal and e-check only. Concealed cash at your own risk, but I'd prefer to not use this method.
♦ I have been having problems with people going through the process of buying, but never paying, so if you are not interested any longer, please tell me. I will hold for three days MAX, but if you don't pay, I will re-list it.

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[Mozart] Sleepy sleepy

Home for Thanksgiving~

That means I have access to all of my stuff that I usually don't take to college with me!

Paypal or cash (at your own risk) only!!

- Please comment with the item you're interested in.
- When the offer is accepted, I will comment with a request for your e-mail account (you can comment or message it). If you go with the cash method, then I will message you with my PO box.
- The item will not be shipped until payment is received.
- We can work something out if you want more than one item shipped to the same location.
- Shipping is free if you're in the United States, if you're outside of it then we'll discuss based on what you ordered. :'3
- Please leave feedback here!

(Check it out!)

english yaoi and shoujo manga/manhwa for sale

Must buy all volumes of a title. Titles with a * are complete. Shipping is via media mail unless otherwise requested. Will only accept money order or paypal as payment methods. Sorry, no international orders. Will only ship within the US. Will ship when payment is received. Please provide your zip code when ordering. Sorry, not open for trades. Email me at

Yaoi ($4.00 each volume)

Passion 1-4*
Boy Princess 8
Hero heel 1-2
Love bus stop
Love recipe 1-2
Maniac love
The art of loving 1
The paradise on the hill
Today’s ulterior motives
Wagamama kitchen
Words of devotion 1-2
Blue sky
Fake fur
Great palace high school
Close the last door 1
Alone in my king’s harem
Alcohol, shirt, & kiss

Yaoi Novel ($2.00 each book)
Passion: forbidden lovers
Like a love comedy

Shoujo ($3.00 each volume)
Neon genesis evangelion 1
INVU 1-4
Rolling 1
Happy hustle high 1-5*
Eternity 1-5*
Snow drop 1-12*

otomen and musashi #9 english manga

 I'm looking for the following mangas in english and want to buy close to all the volumes from one seller. If you're interested in selling your collection please contact me by private messaging me or leave a comment

Otomen 1 - 8 english by viz
Musashi #9 1 - 17 english by CMX

gabriel is my girlcrush.


Updated my sales with new teleka and a few reduced prices! Still mostly selling Hana to Yume furoku from the '90's and early '00's (Angel Sanctuary, Cain, and Godchild, though some other series sneak in). It's all here. Thanks for looking!
✮ Kobato


I'm trying to adopt a kitten! His adoption fee is $75; please buy so I can adopt him!
Please make offers! I'll most likely accept it!


- Please do NOT comment if you are wishy-washy.
- First person to leave their Paypal address and can pay immediately gets the item!
- I have 100% positive feedback in my
journal (+22) and on eglfeedback. (+17).
- I accept Paypal.
- I ship from GA, USA.
- Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.
- International buyers, please tell me your country so I can look up the shipping cost for you.
- I am open to trades -- 2NE1 CDs/goods, decoden stuff

- Please no deadbeats!


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Holidays are here so money is tight for me, but my loss is your gain as any moonie would love a great gift!

I still have a few of my other items for sale from my other post. PLEASE MAKE OFFERS ON EVERYTHING; I am very up to negotiating as I do want them to find good homes, but please be mindful that I paid a lot of money to have these in my collection so be fair on your offers.

I am not sure that I want to part yet with a few of these new items that are under the cut, but if someone offers the right price I might just have to...

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Please feel free to leave a comment or PM me to get in touch about any of the items that I have listed. I have 100% feedback on Ebay and will provide the link to anyone upon request. Thank you!

allow me to introduce myself

Doujinshi Wishlist

Hi, I'm looking to buy doujinshi from the following series:

Nurarihyon no Mago
Cuticle Detective Inaba

That last one is a giant long-shot but I figured it's worth a try! If you have anything to sell please leave links in the comments. Thanks :)

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Jrock Necklaces For Sale

Christmas time is coming closer!!
I have some ESP signature plectrum necklaces of bands like Gazette, Dir en Grey, Nightmare etc.
The picture below shows which artists I have available.
I can put these on ebay
if people would feel safer that way ^^

Please note I also have 1 Ni-Ya plectrum available (Nightmares bassist)
If you are interested in any of these please click the link ^.^
You know that one down there *points*

Yes, This one here!

Thankyou! Hope you find one you like xD
As Xmas is almost here, I'll do a deal.
Any 2 for £10 (free postage anywhere!) 

Zombieland: Rule #32

WTB X items and a lot of WTS items

I'd really like to buy or trade for the following items, please contact me if you have these for sale/trade:

X DVD Pioneer Promo Character Cards:
-Title Card (with the grey border)
**Note I do have some extras of some of the other characters I will trade for the cards I need.

Clamp 3D Land:

Also I recently dropped some prices and added some new items. I'm willing to give discounts to people that want to purchase a lot, I want this stuff gone! Please help find this stuff find new homes :) Open to reasonable offers!

Series included: Soul Eater, Hell Girl, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Claymore, and many others...

To go to my sales thread either click on the image above or you can get there by CLICKING HERE.
[shinee] taemin dnw

[Selling] Manga, Anime Merch, and other items!


Anime Merch
clear file - $5 shipped
memo pad - $6
GreecexJapan doujinshi - $8
[Sailor Moon]
mini address booklet - $2 shipped
[One Piece]
face mask - $2 shipped
thousand sunny keychain - $3
[Prince of Tennis]
cloth coasters - $5 shipped
[Detective Conan]
sticker lots - $0.75 shipped for each lot (20 stickers)
chopsticks - $3 shipped each

Alive: The Final Evolution Volume 1 - $4
My Heavenly Hockey Club Volumes 1-2 - $4 each/both for $7
Lovely Complex Volumes 1-3 - $5 shipped each/all 3 for $15 shipped
various non-English manga - $1 each
Nobuta wo Produce - $13

Howl's Moving Castle novel doujinshi - $1
Nobuta wo Produce ShujixAkira doujinshi - $10
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi - Tsuna Uke Only Anthology (February) - $10
Monthly the Television Magazine: 9.27.10 - 10.31.10 - $6
Weekly the Television Magazine: 8.14.10 - 8.20.10 - $3
magazine poster of Kanjani8 and Hey! Say! JUMP - $2
Model Citizen Shirt - $7
Union Jack Top - $10


*Paypal payments only
*Shipping from California, USA to anywhere in the world

Everything needs to go! FREE SHIPPING on manga, furoku and DVDs until the end of November!!!

From now until November 30, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all manga, furoku and DVDs to buyers in the US!

I need to pay to get a cavity filled, so this stuff needs to go!!

I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, English and Japanese manga, DVDs, and cosplays!!! Some prices have been lowered and I just added a bunch of Nakayoshi furoku, some DVDs (including complete series) and some Hello Kitty items! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga



Figures/Shitajiki/Miscellaneous items