November 28th, 2010


WTB: You're Beautiful DVD boxset

Hello. I hope this is ok but I am looking to buy the "You're Beautiful" KDrama DVD boxset. Preferably the USA YA version. I know it's available on Ebay but I'm hoping for used; I.E cheaper. Please post prices all inc shipped to the UK, photos & a link to your feedback. I can pay by PP straight away or trade/part-trade with anything in decadentdolls. Will also look at other YB or JGS merchandise though I have most things I wanted but show me anyway. Thanks. :)

figure auctions!

0.99USD video game + figure auctions are back!
All auctions located here!

Currently listed:

Queen's Blade:

- Megahouse Cattleya/Rana
- Griffon Enterprises Ymir
- Nanael Drama CD (with extras)
- Melona Drama CD (with extras)
- Erina/Elina poster
- Queen's Blade Mug/Cup

Video Game Related:

- Silent Hill 2 (PS2)
- Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Gamecube/Wii)
- Jill Valentine Figure/Statue

A giant thank you to all who bid!

Doujinshi, Anime Merch, Mangas, Seiyu Posters

★Doujinshi / Manga Sale★

Doujinshis: DRRR, Reborn, Kuroko's Basket, Hetalia  
Merchandise: Code Geass, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun,
Gundam 00, DRRR, Shakugan no Shana, K-ON!, Kuroshitsuji II, 
Granrodeo/Chihara Miori Stick Posters
Mangas: 07 Ghost, Silver Diamond, Chibi-san Date, and Cristo

New Clear Files and Playing Card, Stick Posters have been included!
Please click above link for more information! 

千夜一夜 - Hakuouki / あっぷる前線 / Saito x Chizuru
淡雪 - Hakuouki / あっぷる前線 / Saito x Chizuru
백아환국기 - Prince of Tennis / Maddog / Fuji x Ryoma
음양사 상하 - Prince of Tennis / 현월 / Fuji x Ryoma

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do tell me if you have any of them and are willing to sell!!!
I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to have them!(Especially the two FujiRyo ones)

*From December 16th to February 1st, my sale page will be closed!
I might come back earlier but I cannot promise that I will.
I also cannot promise that these doujinshis will be there the next time I open my shop so if you are hesitating, come now!

This also applies to the Korean Manwha/NT&Light Novel Order Service!
However, this service will be closed on December 2nd due to it's timing!  
Myv Rocks

Anime, Jrock, DVDs, etc for sale~!!!

I'm trying to clean out my shelves and have some stuff to get rid of... really would just like to get rid of stuff, so make an offer~! ♥

Anime & Manga: ANIME: ☆ Comic Party ☆ Kiddie Grade v. 1 + 2 ☆ Sakura Wars TV ☆ Someday's Dreamer ☆ MANGA: Broken Angels v. 1 ☆ Fruits Basket v. 14 (Japanese text) ☆ CLICK HERE!

Jpop/rock: ☆ Koda Kumi DVD ☆ Pinky Distortion T-shirt (Kanon An Cafe!) ☆ Angelo pins ☆ NewS Happy Birthday single ☆ VAMPS World Tour 2010 promo fan ☆
UVERWORLD/Kimeru poster ☆ BLOOD/GPKSIM/DJ SiSeN poster ☆ The Pillows - The Third Eye ☆ Porno Graffit - アゲハ蝶 ☆ AJI - As Juvenile Innocence ☆ サスケ(Sasuke) - Smile ☆ Caress - equal/Cloudy Life ☆ Skebo King - magic moment... ☆ 叫ぶ詩人の会 - 恋歌 ☆ After me - PANORAMA SET ☆ 中村一義 (Nakamura Kazuyoshi) - ERA

Merch & Clothes: ☆ Otaku T-Shirt ☆ Gravitation pin ☆ Stickers - Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, Chobits Stickers ☆ Death Note Stocking ☆ Various anime flyers ☆ Various earrings/phone charm ☆ CLICK HERE

This & more at naoapproved~!!!

Holiday kick off sale! 15% off orders $20 and up!

* Are you looking for special items for a friend, loved one or just for yourself??
* Are you looking to find really cool items of various types: Furoku, Trading cards, Zen-in, Wallscrolls, Production Art, Manga, Yaoi, Phone cards, Shitajiki ?? 
* Or are you looking for items from your favorite series such as: Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Marmalade Boy, ect...? 

Well I have a ton of items! My listings are updated pretty accurate at the moment.

Need refrences?? Need feedback??  Not a problem. ! ^_^
 ~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
~❤~ My LiveJournal:
Serendipity Collections 
~❤~ Serasell:
~❤~ GSJ new:
~❤~ GSJ older:

To get this discount you must either post the items you want in a "comment" to my holiday sales post on my personal LJ account which is here -->  or make a comment about the sale post listed in GSJ. Please note I do have order cut off dates on my LJ post as I will be out of town during Christmas. Enjoy looking! 


FOR SALE: YAOI manga + Doujinshi

Alright, my credit card bill is hitting the roof and due to room constrictions, I'm selling all my Japanese manga and doujinshi >_< All prices below are  $AU dollars, and the payment I accept is PAYPAL. None of the prices include postage (I will quote you the price after I determine what area I'm posting it to.... please PM me or leave me a message roughly the area you wish me to post to and I will give you a quote!)

ALL BOOKS ARE IN GREAT CONDITION!!!! I kept all of them in a nice cleaned drawers most of the time, none torn or have pages missing, so close to brand-new condition! 

Please click the links below for categories you are interested in, and it will take you to my LJ page with all the books and ordering information.
- mostly Zoro x Sanji, but a lot of anthologies, which is a lot of stories in one book!

- over 14 KHR doujinshi includeing Hibari x Tsuna, Reborn x Lambo, Tsuna-Uke, Mukuro x Tsuna, Hibari x Tsuna x Mukuro, Squalo x Tsuna. Some are anthologies, which is like 10+ stories in one, so it's really worth the value!

- include works by Naduki Koujima, Shino Natsuho, Odagiri Hotaru, and Yamane Ayano

Please note all books are IN JAPANESE and may contain YAOI/SHOUNEN-AI related materials! If this is not your interest, then please do not bother XD

Thanks a lot!

Pokemon Settei starting at $9.99 each on ebay!!!

All of my Pokemon Settei are listed on ebay with a starting price of $9.99 for each set of 2 (or 3 depending on the auction).  I also have some Hamtaro, Sentai, Sailor Moon, DBZ,  and more items listed!!!

Check them out here:

Other  items can be found in my shop here:

I can also ship ebay purchases with shop purchases if you are interested in something in my shop that isn't on ebay.