January 9th, 2011

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Looking for clear files

♫ Hi ♫

I'm currently looking to buy anime clear files. I'm open to a lot of series, so try me. It may be manga, anime or some video games. I may be interested in some japanese celebrities ones.
I'm lookin for pretty clear files but not rare & expensive ones. I don't want to put a lot of money in them.

I'm also looking for anime/manga/video games poker cards games. I'm pretty open to any series.

♪ Thanks for reading ♪
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nothing is over 10$!


I SHIP ON SATURDAYS ONLY. will mark your item as shipped on paypal ^^

♥ i accept paypal only, can pay as a personal payment without fees or a purchase payment with fees.
♥ feel free to make an offer
♥ all items come with freebies, if you choose to have them. check the freebies section!

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Still got some items!!!

I still got some items to sell...so please have a look HERE...

My Sale includes:

D - Snow White Single Type A CD/DVD w/obi
D'espairs Ray - Squall Limited edition CD/DVD w/obi
Luna Sea - REW DVD
Moi dix Mois - Dix Infernal (Original Japan Press) w/obi
Moi Dix Mois - Beyond The Gate (Original Japan Press) w/obi
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera (European Limited 2 CD Edition)
Acid Black Cherry - Black List Type A CD/DVD
Janne Da Arc - Live 2005 "Dearly" at Osaka-jo Hall 03.27
D'espairs Ray - Liquidize DVD (European Release)
Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos (European Press)

Anime & Others

CLAMP ZERO Artbook (Original Japan)
Neon Genesis Evangelion - ADAM Artbook (Original Japan)
...some silver jewelery (Silver Cross pendant, Rosary, Rings)

for more infos and pictures come HERE....


HEY :)

 Sales are going okay, but at this point I REALLY need to get rid of all this stuff. So...I am willing to negotiate prices. But they have to be REASONABLE negotiations! Do not be afraid to ask any questions. If you would like to see pictures please just ask! MANGAS MUST GO ESPECIALLY!! Thank you! (:

Fruits Basket vol. 1, 3 - 4 ($5 each)
Samurai X: Reflection ($10 shipped)
Samrai X: Trust & Betrayal (This is one of my favorite movies so I am asking you to make your offer)

Pokemon Diamond (DS) - $18 shipped
Devil May Cry 2 (PS2) - $5 shipped

D.N. Angel vol. 1 - 7
Fruits Basket vol. 1 - 9, 11
Vampire Game vol. 1 - 4, 9 - 10, 12
Sailor Moon (JP) vol. 15 ($5 shipped)

Thank you for looking! (:
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Prices Lowered or Best Offer!! Free Gifts!!

All items are in excellent or brand new condition unless otherwise stated. Shipping with Delivery Confirmation is already included in the price. Discounts are given if you purchase more items. I only accept PayPal as it's the fastest and safest way to transfer funds. Please let me know if you have any questions since all sales are final, thanks!

NOTE: Items with an asterisk (*) is free with any 3 purchases. Please only choose 1 free gift per order.

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Everything Must Go! One Piece Doujinshi and More!

I have no space in my new digs. Help me clear out! I ship from Illinois to anywhere in the world. All prices are open for negotiation!

( One Piece Doujinshi Anthologies, Buy five books, get one free! )

( Games & CDs: Game Gear, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; CDs from Last Exile, and Angelique )
( Books: Capcom Design Works Early Days, The Art of Metal Gear Solid by Yoji Shinkawa ver.1.5, Final Fantasy VI OST Sheet Music, Japanese study books )
( Toys/Figures: FMA, Naruto, Final Fantasy VII Extra Knights )

( feedback post )

(no subject)

Grim Passion:
GerageSell Japan FeedBack
EGL feedback


ALL sales end January 15th!!!
Im moving back to America and will not be offering international shipping for a time because i wont have transportation!

My items are at bottom prices!!!! 
Price of items will go back up after January 15th ! 

Buy ANY Marked as shipped item and get any unmarked shipped item at no adational shipping cost!!!

EVERYTHING MUST GO NOW !!! I dont want to bring it all back home with me XD

Lolita items!! Brand and off brand!
Gyara and liz lisa items! lots of asian fashion to look at!

I have tons of bags, phone chamrs, keychains, all sorts of things that need to go now! =^.^=!!!

妄想↙地下鉄 - Vkei selling journal


Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate. Neo Genesis
CDs - several old undercode CDs, vidoll, deluhi (orion once again, rare)
Flyers - 12012, 167biz, 9goats black out, a&d, administrator, aicle, alice9, alsdead, ancafe, ando, april, awoi, ayabie, baelscope, bis, boogieman, bug lug, chariots, chemical pictures, clear veil, d'espairsray, daisuke, daizy stripper, dali, dauna, deathgaze, decola hopping, deluhi, dio, dog in the pw, dolly, doremidan, gaudie, gazette, girugamesh, heartless, heidi, heisei isshin, hero, irokui, jewel, juliette,kal vary, kiddie, kiryu, kisaki project, kra, kyokutou girlfriend, liz, lmc, luzmelt, lyacon, lynch, matenrou opera, meth, mix speakers, moran, nega, nightmare, nogod, oz, pandora, paradeis, penicilin, phantasmagoria, plastic tree, r shitei, rentrer en soi, riots, ruvie,sadie, sai, scapegoat, sendai kamotsu, serial number, seven, siva, skull, spiv states, tokyo michael, tokyo shitei, vambie, vamps, vanessa, vanilla, velber, velgreed, velze, vidoll, virgil, vneu, wizard, zigrat, ziper, zoro, zuck and many more
Clothes - h.naoto, sexpot, putumayo, liz lisa, black peace now; clothes and accessory
Posters - nightmare, phantasmagoria, alice nine, ayabie, heidi, vidoll
Merchandise - Mucc,dio, plastic tree, vidoll, lycaon, also signed items


☆ミ located in Germany, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal or bank transfer and in € only

Lots of Vidoll Photo Sets added !!!!

Ebay Sale - Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP !!!

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP !!!

- Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP
- Gothic Lolita Bible

Direct Sale:

* Replicant ( Anime Figure Magazine) 1-10
$ 10 each  (Priority flat rate - up to 5 magazines)

* New Gundam Wing OVA - GundamD Hell Custom 1/100 scale HG Model
$15 + 5 ship

I have (273*) 100 % Feedback on EBAY !



Thanks for looking  !
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(no subject)

Hello peepz.
Kinda new here.
But yeah!
I need money to pay for my cosplay so I've decided to sell my Kpop stuffz since I don't want them anymore.
If you think the prices are ex, just quote me a price. (:

Prefer Singaporean buyers,
But willing to do international shipping if someone teaches me how to. LOL.

Yeah, all Kpop stuffz are here(Prices here are in USD):

Magazines are all here(features mostly kpop stars): http://myukito.livejournal.com/1127.html

Not much feedback from here cuz I just joined, but feedback from my blogshop can be found here: http://Shoppingyumefb.shoutmix.net 


I forgot to mention that I'm willing to trade any of the items here and the preloved items over at my blogshop(links can be found on my LJ) for Versailles, Sadie, SuG and/or any jrock bands albums, magazines and merchandise. OH YES. AND KHR stuffz. (I LOVE THAT ANIME ^-^)

Thanks for viewing!
those days

Gundam Wing, Ayumi Hamasaki, Yaoi OOP

Taking offers on the following rare and OOP items before I put them on eBay.
Feedback here: http://agent-hal.livejournal.com/14817.html
Will ship pretty much anywhere.

Yaoi - Crimson Spell Volume 2 by Ayano Yamane
Very rare manga and in great condition, only read once and has been sitting on my shelf since.

Gundam Wing Complete Operations DVD Box Set
A bit beat up as I found it a few years ago at a second hand DVD store, but not terribly so. DVDs are in decent conditions and should play. 

Ayumi Hamasaki Complete Clip Box A: 
This item is brand new and SEALED. The seal isn't intact, but it still is sealed and has been on a shelf for years. This is a 3 DVD set.
Feel free to also contact me directly through my email, agenthal at gmail.com I'll probably resort to eBay in a few days but thought I'd give y'all a chance for them first. :)