February 2nd, 2011

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Massive 0.01-0.99USD Video Game + Figure auction(s) to benefit no-kill, non-profit cat rescue

All auctions located here!

There are games for Wii, PS2, PS1, 360, DS, and PSP; their are RPGs, Survival Horror, FPS, and more. Katarami, Silent Hill, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Persona, Metroid, and tons more.

Figures include series from Evangelion, Queen Emeraldas, Resident Evil, Winchan, and more.

Thank you!
tokyo fashion


Hello all!!

I'm currently living in Japan, and I know a lot of merchandise here doesn't ship internationally, so I've decided to start a courier service to ship items overseas :D I've gotten a lot of requests for this, so hope you enjoy!!

Shipping items from Japan to customers worldwide

Seller Info
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Payment Methods: Paypal, credit card
Shipping: Airmail (2-3 weeks), EMS (3-5 days)
Feedback: http://shoptokyo.livejournal.com

TO SEE ITEMS I'M ALREADY SELLING: http://www.kagayakitai.com/shoptokyo

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京 - 音楽と人

Big sale

I'm selling a part of my j-rock collection including some magazines, Gackt posters and clippings, Sadie postcards, Dir en grey pia memorial cards...
Please take a look if you are interested, I do ship wolrdwide even if othwise noted on ebay, just ask me for the costs.
Pictures are in the item description.

whole list

Ebay Sale - Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP, Anime figure mag !!!

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP !!!

- Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP
- Gothic Lolita Bible
-Nadia : secret blue water artbook

* Replicant ( Anime Figure Magazine)

* New Gundam Wing OVA - GundamD Hell Custom 1/100 scale HG Model
$12 + 5 ship

I have (273*) 100 % Feedback on EBAY !



Thanks for looking  !
pic 2

...when in doubt, Accessorize !

retro 70s style hairbands & headbands!
studded | colored | bows | printed
gorgeous everyday stylish accents for your outfits!
we ship worldwide !

February Promo: Buy at http://www.sophistix.net and use code LUCKYSPECIAL to save 20% off ALL non-sale purchases! Valid from now 'til Feb 14! Plus: as always FREE REGISTERED MAIL local shipping (within Singapore) for all orders over SG$50!!

And for overseas buyers, WORLDWIDE SG$10 shipping only!!!! (with min spend only SG$100!)

FB: +1/0/-0
Reviewed & rated on yebber

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 I'm back In America!

I will be updating the hop pretty much everyday with all sorts of new and fun items that have not been ava for a long time!
Check out all new!

: Manga: Sailor moon manga! 
Rare and out of print:

:Gyaru magazines:

:New Lolita wear and Gyaru wear

:Tons of new jewelry and hair accessories

:Hand bags and totes!

:Lots of Asian Style Decore for your bed room and SO much more from my travels all around asia!

Everything is Marked as shipped!
NO paypal fees !!
I give big discounts on multi ordered shipping!!!! 
Includes tracking! =^.^=  ! I shipp the same day as payment is received!!!

Come and have alook now at my new revamped returned home shop ! 
Again more updated almost everyday ! 

♥ Ruu & Suu

Open to all offers/trades! Need these gone!

First person to leave their Paypal address gets the item!
I have 100% positive feedback on eglfeedback (+18) & on my journal (+24).
Right now I am only accepting Paypal.
Trades are perfectly fine!
Please no deadbeats!
Pictures upon request.

Hissing 1-2
Metamo Kiss 1
Naruto 1, 3, 9
Offbeat 1
Prince of Tennis 1-5


Newtype USA (Evangelion) 12/06
Newtype USA (Gundam 00) 11/07
Otaku USA (Bleach) 4/08
Otaku USA (DBZ) 6/08

Fushigi Yugi 1
Korea's Culture

Ayumi Hamasaki: Guilty Special Edition (CD+2DVD+Photobook)

[PS2] Shadow of the Colossus

DBSK: Summer Dream
KHR: Lambo, Tsunaa, Gokudera, Reborn, Yamamoto
KHR: Mukuro, Tsuna, Xanxus

Shin Hyesung "The Beginning, New Days" concert goods set
Electronic talking Pikachu (x2)
Sanrio bundle

SALES POST: Manga, Jrock, Hello Kitty, Misa Amane Cosplay, Miscellaneous Asian Stuff

I'm really strapped for cash, so I'm selling more things!

MANGA! (Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo, Princess Mononoke, Absolute Boyfriend, Gravitation, Lady Snowblood, Samurai Champloo)

(Plushies, temporary tattoos, watch, PEZ dispensers)

J-ROCK! (Gackt CD, Miyavi CD/DVD, Hide fanclub magazines)


RANDOM ASIANY THINGS! (decorative boxes, erasers, photo holders, mini food replicas, incense burner, headband, flask)

Thanks for shopping! ^_^
final fantasy tactics
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Selling Stuff. Having an Auction.

Hi. I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out my sales posts to see items, pictures, prices, and the latest updates and additions:

Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Imports, Music CDs and Merch, Movies, and Related

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

I'm also open to trades and looking for some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff. See my full wishlist here.

I'm going to have an auction here soon. There will be a bunch of stuff from my sales lists posted there, all starting at $1. It will include a lot of anime/manga stuff as well as some Japanese import video games. So save the link! :)