February 12th, 2011

Selling: One Piece Doujinshi, Video Game Art Books, and More!

Hi! I'm trying to clear a few more things out of my new place. I ship from Illinois to anywhere in the world. All prices are open for negotiation! LOTS OF PRICES CUT 2/11!

( One Piece Doujinshi Anthologies, including general and yaoi. Buy five books, get one free! )

( Games & CDs: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, other games; Last Exile OST, Sweet Junction 1 )
( Books: Capcom Design Works Early Days, The Art of Metal Gear Solid by Yoji Shinkawa ver.1.5, Japanese study books )
( Toys/Figures: Edward Elric Trading Arts figure )

( shipping, payment, and trade information )
( feedback post - 6 positive, 0 negative )

-I ship from Illinois to anywhere in the world.
-PayPal payments only. Trades are also good!

Ebay Sale - Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP, Anime figure, Artbook !!!

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP !!!

- Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP
- Gothic Lolita Bible
-Nadia : secret blue water artbook

* Replicant ( Anime Figure Magazine)

* New Gundam Wing OVA - GundamD Hell Custom 1/100 scale HG Model
$12 + 5 ship

I have (273*) 100 % Feedback on EBAY !



Thanks for looking  !

[SALE] AAA, Namie Amuro, BoA, KARA, Ai Otsuka, Poupee Girl DS Game and more!!!

Hi!! :D

I want to sell a few of my CDs and DVDs and some other stuff. I only accept Paypal as payment method. If you are not sure how much the price is in your currency than you can use e.g. this converter: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

To Germany: 2,50 €
To Europe: 8 €
Everywhere else: 10 €

When you don't like the price of an item feel free to make an offer :)

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 Giving a last try to give these a better home, before throwing away:

chariots - Trigger A-TYPE single
DaizyStripper cover Gab. -magazine
Flyers by 2nd Dyz, Aira, Cu[be], Dali, Deiz, L'arme dange, LiZ, n'Dool, Magistina Saga, RED universe, Riddick, Romajing Sei, Septemberla, SOMATIC GUARDIAN, Un=XAG, Vallquar, VentCroix, Vertex, ZABEL, ZEAK

And as I went through my useless stuff, I found something more that might interest somebody else. So, I added Sugar flyer and magazine pages by Nega, -OZ-, heidi. and hime ichigo to my sales post.

Please check it out☆
awww man, bugging

wts manga sets, some other geeky things

Hello! I'm usually more of a buyer than a seller, but I'm selling a few manga sets over on my ebay account, along with a couple other geeky things. The money goes towards my laptop repairs! The poor thing got its monitor broke from falling off my bed and is currently at the computer hospital. Check out my sales and help a laptop out!


(Also, my much neglected feedback thread.)

BTW: if you'd like to negotiate buying without going through ebay, that may be acceptable... depending.

One day left for doujinshi on ebay!

Just one day left for my doujinshi listed on ebay! A hodgepodge of series and pairings are available now. I've discounted some books for Reborn and Death Note, and there are a couple books that haven't been listed in my shop yet, like the Sonic/Shadow anthology.

Ebay auctions can be combined with sales from my shop. Just ask!

WTB: Posters and diary

Hi, I'm located in the USA and I'd like to buy posters of the following/similar:

-Kpop: FT Island, 2NE1, Super Junior, SNSD, DBSK, Brown eyed girls, etc

-Dramas: You're Beautiful, Hana Kimi (Japan or Taiwan), Goong, Boys Over Flowers, It started with a kiss, Hana Yori dango

-Anime: Peach girl, Skip beat, Hanasakeru seishounen, Ouran high school host club, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto

-People: Jang Geun Seok, Danson Tang, Joo Ji Hoon, VanNess Wu, etc

I'm also thinking of buying a diary, so if you have those please show as well!

If you think you have something I'd be interested in, feel free to reply. =)


Idols Stuffs Clearance

hi all,

Recently updated my mags and posters collection. Pls visit.

K8 / T&T/ v6/ Kinki kids
Johnny Jrs.


Arashi  / Kat-tun  / HSJ / NEWS - Updated
FLH  / BBT / SHE / F4
Rainie / Angela / Danson
SS501 / FT island / You're Beautiful / Boys Over Flowers



Ai otsuka / Kyoko Fukada / Boa
FLH / Stella / Rainie / Fann / SHIN / Aaron Kwok / Jolin/ Cyndi

Pls visit www.idol-items.livejournal.comhttp://idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com/ and www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for more details.

** Only for S'porean buyers.

New Items! New Auctions!

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to clear my shelves a bit so some of the stuff that's still with me has been combined into sets and are being auctioned off this month.

I have 3 auctions:  Anime Classic Season Set, Shoujo Manga Set, and Shounen Manga Set.

You can click on the link below to see some images of the auction items AND other things @ my journal for sale/trade or go straight
HERE to check them out!

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Selling Only Two Figures! Cheap!

Selling this Shiki Figure from Togainu no Chi:

And this Yoko Figure from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

My pictures:

Yoko (see album):

Both are in mint condition with boxes, instructions, and accessories.
Shiki is $35 shipped in the USA and international. USA buyers will get DC code.
Yoko is $90 shipped in the USA and international. USA buyers will get DC code.
Prices ARE negotiable. Please keep in mind I paid $25 for Shiki and $105 for Yoko, so I'm more willing to negotiate on Shiki. Don't be afraid to make offers though!

Please comment if interested. Serious buyers only please!!
I'm planning to go to the post office on Monday, so if you're interested, I would suggest trying to purchase now, seeing as I seldom go. :) If you're currently waiting on shipment from me, your items will be going out then as well.

3 Pullips and a Dal

okay i have a friend whos getting married in March and she wants me to fly down to FL to be there - so these dolls need to go - they will be sold as is - i will not split them from the outfits/wigs/eyechips they have unless i have a buyer for both - shipping is not included - i do not have any of their boxes because all of these are second hand dolls - please ask any and all questions - willing to trade/partial trade any of these for Edward Scisorhands (with full stock)

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[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain

Crystal Dog Keychain

Cute Crystal Dog Keychain for your mobile or personal belongings made from nice Crystal. If you are looking for special gift for your special person, this is what you are looking for.

Price: 15 USD
Size: 2.5 cms x 2 cms x 3 cms for the doll and 4 cms long for keychain
Option: Green or Blue as shown in the sample picture...

Please follow the link to original sale post at my LJ~

[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain

You can also find me at Etsy ~


PS. Thanks for the space~
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really want :
-Pokeballs/pokeball keychains : like those old burger king toys ones , or those as well C:
-pokemon mechanical pencils and pencil cases

-pokemon plush

-don't want :

-books/manga/ guides


really want :bags, plush stationary, novelty items

also looking for : animal/character ear headbands
-marie cat
-sanrio characters

Stationary :
large memo pads, mechanical pencils, swimmer notebooks.
-no stickers, wooden pencils, loose memo sheets, mini memo pads, diary or planner.

also looking for art books/ magazines
*compilation art books with various artist*
-no moe/hentai/ecchi/ or specific anime manga artbooks.

and lastly
* Apollo justice DS game *