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Ori Oak
Hey, I'm trying to get rid of a huge lot of anime/manga/video game related merch so please take a look ♥

I have manga in both Japanese and English C:

★Kingdom Hearts
★Kaori Yuki
★Fullmetal Alchemist
★Metal Gear Solid
★Lots of shoujo manga
★Yami no Matsuei/Descendents of Darkness

& lots more!★★

Click to see---> Manga & DVDs Artbooks Doujinshi ect
11 March 2011 @ 12:22 am

click to RamenStand
PreOrder EMO/Wayfarer Glasses
& MORE!!! @ ramenstand

11 March 2011 @ 06:06 am
Hi everyone! I've recently been on a lucky star spree and let's just say I've run out of options in this little country of mine. :X

I'm located in Singapore and prefer to pay with Paypal. (local: I don't use POSB or DBS so it a bit inconvenient if you want me to via using those methods. OCBC is fine.)

Yes I am willing to pay shipping. I will negotiate shipping with you if you're from the USA though. I don't want to pay for priority shipping unless I buy say, 20 packs from you?

Regarding paypal fees: Please include them somewhere in your items price or shipping price. I don't like paying an extra "fees" part so just hide them from me!

Feedback: http://sheraccoon.livejournal.com/39454.html

Looking for:
LUCKY STAR PAPERS. I'm specifically looking for papers with the "proper" paper texture. No shiny ones, no plasticky feeling ones etc. I would like PAPER please. It makes writing on them a lot easier.

I'm only interested in the following designs:
- Hearts
- Stars
- Clovers
- Music

Show me what you have! :D Thanks!
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11 March 2011 @ 06:38 am
I have some things up for sale/ trade. I live in the US accept paypal and postal money orders. Anything without a price make an offer! Open to haggling! Please take a look.


Read more...Collapse )
I have a bunch of manga & artbooks for sale. Please comment or send a PM if you're interested. All are in great condition unless otherwise noted. They're been sitting on a shelf for awhile now & it's time for them to go. Comes from a smoke free home. I have two guinea pigs, but they are in a cage & never let near my manga.

If something is on hold, it will be noted. If you are interested in it, please ask anyway & I will keep you in mind if the first offer falls through. I will also let you know if the first offer goes through that way you are not stuck waiting.

The price is $5 each for the manga, except for the Ranma which is $7 each.
Artbooks have their own prices.

I will also accept trades if you have any Pullip dolls. I'm looking for nude dolls, full dolls, bald heads, as well as stock outfits, so don't be afraid to ask.

Pullip Outfit:
Full Stock Outfit: $35
Wig: $15
Up for sale is Kirsche's full stock. It's in great condition since the doll is only a few weeks old. It's been displayed on the doll, which sits on a shelf, which is from a smoke free home. I have two guinea pigs, but they are in a cage & never have been near the dolls. You'll get everything pictured here. The only thing not included is her panties. Pullips fit into most Barbie sized clothes, so pullip clothes will most likely fit barbies & any similar sized dolls. I do not have any other dolls to test it, so please don't ask if it will fit a specific doll.Only the outfit and wig are for sale!

Manga List:
**JAPANESE** Flame of Recca All Volumes (I have it in the house, just gotta find it)
Dragon Knights Volumes 1-4
Gravitation Volumes 1-5
Pita-Ten Volumes 1-2
Wedding Peach Volumes 1-3
Saint Tail Volumes 1, 2, 4, 5
Vampire Game Volumes 1-5
Corrector Yui Volumes 1-4
Miracle Girls Volumes 1-5
Psychic Academy Volumes 1-3
Angelic Layer Volumes 1-5
Fruits Basket Volumes 1-4
Ranma 1/2 Volumes 1-25
Tokyo Mew Mew Volumes 1-7
Cardcaptor Sakura Volumes 1-6
Full Moon wo Sagashite Volumes 1-7
Wild Act Volumes 1-7
Princess Ai Volumes 1-2
Revolutionary Girl Utena Volume 1
Bow Wow Wata Volumes 1-2

Artbook List:
Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide $25
Magic Knights Rayearth Artbook 1 $20
Arina Tanemura Artbook $20
Seraphic Feather Artbook $25
RG Veda Artbook $65

Very Picture Heavy!Collapse )

Flyers Clearance Sale!!

random visual kei flyers for sale at $7!! (Shipping exclusive)

I won't be able to let you choose due to the quantity but you can tell me which bands you will like and I shall pick it up when I come across it.

Featuring the latest from Alice Nine, Rin, Matenrou Opera, Prerestroika and hundreds and hundreds more!!

All purchases will come with a free Gab magazine! (1 Random issue from no.40 - no. 49) + 1 more random gift!

For more information on shipping and item or do I have the flyer(s) of the band you will like to have please send a message over to eulbreve@gmail.com


+ Many more new flyers not featured!

Thanks for viewing!
11 March 2011 @ 06:20 pm

Queenie contact lenses
17.2mm diameter !
pre-order batch end on 3/15/2011

please visit: http://gallover.com

11 March 2011 @ 08:50 pm

I have a lot of goodies that need new owners! And I'm in need for cash!


- Hetalia
(America/Japan, England/Japan, Russia/China, and Spain/Romano)
- Hitman Reborn
- Code Geass
- Gundam SeeD

Selling Japanese and English manga and English manwha. From shounen, to shojo, to GL, to BL!
And uber cheap from $1 to $5 per book. Get them in sets, and the price gets cheaper! Hurry, they're selling off pretty fast! UPDATED WITH A LOT OF SETS AT GREAT PRICES! Get complete sets of Hot Gimmick, Basilisk, and more!!

Artbooks and Books
- FMA's First Official Artbook
- CG instructional books
-Betten Court's Girlfriend Artbook


- KERA and KERA Maniax
- ImagineFX

It's all here in
[info]tsukisales ! I hope I can see you there. Also check out my feedback  and wishlist page! Also if you're a past customer of mine, I would really love if you left feedback on my GSJ Feedback page!
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Hello everyone,

I have to part with everything that I've collected over the years from living in Japan. I've kept the prices super low so that they can sell quickly. Over 200 items, including rare tour goods and items that can only be purchased in Japan.


InformationCollapse )

Jrock, Kpop official CDs. All under $5Collapse )

DVD box sets - JDramas, TDramas. Official. Also: Hyde's EVIL EYE. All under $25Collapse )

Japanese magazines. All under $9Collapse )

Photobooks. All under $20Collapse )

Doujinshi - Jrock, anime. All undder $7Collapse )

Jrock Tour Goods - all under $10Collapse )

Lolita itemsCollapse )

“Anime/Manga”Collapse )

“Movies/DVDs”Collapse )
11 March 2011 @ 09:28 pm
 I still have a lot of stuff left from my old post, and I've posted a bunch of new stuff too :) Some great prices. Please have a look at my journal!
(Mangas include Chobits, Godchild, Fushigi Yugi, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, Eerie Queerie, OurKingdom, Rin!, Junjo Romantica, Gravitation, Absolute Boyfriend, and a TON more! :)

Lots of manga (including yaoi as well), A Rin Togainu no Chi cosplay, bunch of DVDs!!
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In the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan, I am selling all my items with all profit going to the Red Cross to aid in the relief.

Official Chobits Prints, Cute Stickers, Shugo Chara, Sailor Moon Doujinshi, etc. under the cut

Nothing is over $10 and I am willing to consider offers, but please do be reasonable, I would like to donate as much as possible.
11 March 2011 @ 11:16 pm

Selling Marvel Vs Capcom for Playstation one and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Special Edition for PS3 as a bundle.
Looking for 150$ shipped within states. OBO. Haggling encouraged!

I also have a brand new Special Edition of MVC 3 for Xbox 360 version if anyones interested (108$ shipped, OBO)

More details http://aznsmiley117.livejournal.com/13555.html

Also selling Silent Hill Origins for PS2 (Complete, Black Label) (27$ OBO)