March 20th, 2011

Zura N Liz
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Loads of merchandise from different animes!

Selling gintama, code geass, vocaloid, one piece & reborn!
Most items are long discontinued from the market.
Stuff to know :
I live in Singapore, but shipping shouldn't be too expensive. You can pay me by paypal. Shipping can be combined for items. Buy a few and I may throw in some extras! Trackable mail is a +2USD.
I will give u a shipping estimate once you tell me what you want! :)
All items are officially produced unless stated!

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Sailor Moon

SALE: Hello Kitty/Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, and Deco Cases + Japan Donations

SUPPORT JAPAN! I will be donating a percentage of my sales to Japan earthquake/tsunami relief efforts.

UPDATED: 3/20/11
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
-Hello Kitty & Friends Items
-Handmade Deco Items


I can make a deco case for any cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, or portable game console. Twenty percent of each deco case sale will be donated to Japan relief efforts. More details in my journal.
jafar 2

selling tnc, khr, gintama, code geass and more!

Items up for sale!!!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi
-Pairings include D18 and 1827. Circles such as 7men zippo, Apple of Eden...etc-
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chara Fortune [Future Arc] - Rare!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Deformed Figure Set 5
Togainu no Chi Cushion Pillow Version 2
Togainu no Chi Plush - Shiki 
Hakuoki Plush - Okita Souji
Nitro+Chiral One-Coins: Tetsuo & Tokino
Kuroshitsuji Vol2 Prop Plus Petit: Agni
Bleach Zodiac Chara Fortunes
Code Geass Kururugi Suzaku Cellphone charm
Uraboku Poster, Yaoi manga and more!!

Click on the picture to get to the sales post :)

Princess Ai Roses and Tatoos postcard book for sale

Hello, all! I recently added a new item to my sales journal which is the Princess Ai: Roses and Tatoos book.

It's pretty much an artbook that comes with postcards, lyrics by the creators, and stickers. Everything is in tact. I never took out the postcards or removed the stickers so it's like new. I'm asking $25 for it but I will negotiate ^_^. Thanks so much and let me know if you are interested! More pictures of it are on my sales thread.

Just scroll to the bottom in the Misc area. It's pretty much at the very bottom of the page ^_^

Thanks so much! ^_^


hi all,

Recently updated my mags and posters collection. Pls visit.

K8 / T&T/ v6/ Kinki kids
Johnny Jrs.


Arashi  / Kat-tun  / HSJ / NEWS - Updated
FLH  / BBT / SHE / F4
Rainie / Angela / Danson
SS501 / FT island / You're Beautiful / Boys Over Flowers



Ai otsuka / Kyoko Fukada / Boa
FLH / Stella / Rainie / Fann / SHIN / Aaron Kwok / Jolin/ Cyndi

Pls visit www.idol-items.livejournal.com and for more details.

** Only for S'porean buyers.

JE Sale

Hello, I'm selling some JE items on my LJ featuring most JE idol groups (including NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, Hey! Say! JUMP, Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow and Juniors) and include articles such as uchiwa, shop and concert photos, singles and albums, posters, phone straps, clippings, magazine booklets and many other.  

There are also a few anime characters phone straps for sale at the bottom of the page.

I'm located in Canada and I ship internationally. I accept payment by paypal or concealed cash/money order.

Profits made until the end of this month will be donated to Japan's Relief Funds.

For pictures and more information, please take a look HERE

I have also lots of clipping sets on sale, if you would like to take a look at my CLIPPING SETS page

Thank you!

Doujinshi/manga/figurines/more for sale

Hi, I'm trying to get rid of some stuff that I can’t keep anymore so I want to give these guys a good home. These are some of the doujinshi that I'm selling (better pictures). List of doujinshis: Katekyo hitman reborn, Gintama, Bleach, D.Gray Man, Suikoden, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara!, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kuroshitsugi, and Tales of Vesperia. For the katekyo hitman reborn doujinshis, they are all mostly 27 pairings: C27, R27, 1827, 6927. Besides those, I'm selling DVDs, posters, yaoi manga, regular manga, photos of the Gazette, video games, Enzai interaction yaoi game, katekyo hitman reborn version 6 figurines, and many more like a Tsunayoshi, Ichimaru, and Demyx plushie.

New - I have just added some new items to the list: 6927 doujinshis, kineinaqua poster and bag, Tales of Vesperia figurine, and some artwork. Shipping is mainly $2-5 depending on item and there are some prices that have shipping included.

I ship from Texas, U.S. and will ship international. You are welcome to bargain/negotiate for a price that fit your range especially if bought in bulk. Prices include any packaging that comes with it like cardboard or bubble wrap. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. 10-15% Discounts off total if you buy at/over a certain price. Those that leave feedback get additional 5% off next total. 

Please take a look. Click here for sale page or the picture

love music

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I just updated my shop with tons of Yugioh cards. You can find all those listings here. I will be updating with doujinshi throughout the next few weeks if you want to check back.

I also have a shopping service open that ships out from Hawaii. Current favorites are Q-pot and Sanrio Hawaii items along with Japanese hair dye and anime/game figures. I've updated my Q-pot listing as well.

selling candy sugar bag & hello kitty item~


I'm selling away my candy sugar bag~
Brought the wrong color so decide to sell away.
Condition is still brand new, not yet used.

and also selling a few hello kitty item~ shower cap & nail-file~~
do take a look~! hello kitty pictur is all under the cut~

PRICE: SGD$45 / USD$35
excluding shipping fees.
SHIPPING FEES TO USA/EUROPE/UK - USD$15 *weigh around 500g

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I ship internationally, and I'm located in
I ONLY use NORMAL airmail.
(Register Airmail, EMS)

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THANKS!!! =)