March 23rd, 2011

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I'd like to post a friendly reminder about my shopping service. This week, I'm currently picking up orders from Q-pot, lolita and Japanese pop fabric as well as stationery. You can see my full list of what I can possibly buy here.

I'd also like to mention the Yugioh cards I have listed for sale. I do want these gone so feel free to take a peek.

Also, I'd like to mention that I have a few things listed over at help_japan .
You can check out my full list of current listings here.
My feedback is here and eglfeedback here.

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Selling: Video Games, CDs, Art Books, More!

Hi! I'm selling a few games and books to help cover university expenses. All prices are open for negotiation!

( Games & CDs: Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Diamond, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; Last Exile OST 1 and Sweet Junction 1 (radio/talk CD featuring Sugita Tomokazu, Morita Masakazu, and Morikubo Shoutarou) )
( Books: Capcom Design Works Early Days, The Art of Metal Gear Solid by Yoji Shinkawa ver.1.5; Japanese study books: Kanji Look and Learn, Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar)
( Toys/Figures: metal colored Edward Elric Trading Arts figure )

( shipping, payment, and trade information )
( feedback post )

-I ship from Illinois to anywhere in the world.
-Smoke free home. I have cats.
-PayPal payments only. Trades are also good!

[Selling] Anime merchandise!

Hi everyone! I have many anime merchandise for sale.

Here are the items for sale:

Pin-up Poster (All A3 size): - 3 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#1. Goulart Knights/Star Driver A
#2. Goulart Knights/Star Driver B
#3. To Aru Majutsu no Index/Hanasaku Iroha
#4. To Aru Majutsu no Index/Star Driver
#5. K-ON/K-ON
#6. K-ON/Macross F
#7. Inazuma Eleven
#8. Inazuma Eleven/Inazuma Eleven
#9. Kuroshitsuji
#10. Saiyuki Gaiden
#11. Dog Days

Big Pin-up Poster (A2 size): - 5 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#12. Inazuma Eleven
#13. To Aru Majutsu no Index/Ore no Imouto ga konnani Kawaii wake ga nai

Clear Folders: - 6 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#14. Inazuma Eleven
#15. K-ON
#16. To Aru Majutsu no Index A
#17. To Aru Majutsu no Index B
#18. Type Moon

W Pocket Clear File: - 7 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#19. K-ON

Mouse Pads: - 5 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#20. Inazuma Eleven
#21. K-ON

Stickers: - 2 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#22. Hakuouki
#23. El Shaddai

Clear Bookmark - 2 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#24. Hakuouki

#25. Kuroshitsuji Sketchbook - 6 USD + Shipping/Handling fees
#26. Inazuma Eleven Calendar - 4 USD + Shipping/Handling fees
#27. Fate/Zero X Newtype T-Shirt - 8 USD + Shipping/Handling fees
#28. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Weiß Schwarz PR Card - 1 USD + Shipping/Handling fees

If you purchase more than 5 items, there will be a 20% discount. This discount also applies if you buy items from my previous sale posts.

Do take a look. Thanks! ^^

You can see feedback here.


Here @ chan_chanz. Do take a look! Thanks!
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Hello! ^_^

I'm looking for some sort of cute box or container to keep some jewelry in. I don't have that much so it doesn't need to be really big.

I'm located in the US and would prefer to trade. I have tons and tons of doujinshi and a handful of other random items in my journal.
jafar 2

selling tnc, khr, gintama, code geass and more!

Items up for sale!!!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi
-Pairings include D18 and 1827. Circles such as 7men zippo, Apple of Eden...etc-
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chara Fortune [Future Arc] - Rare!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Deformed Figure Set 5
Togainu no Chi Cushion Pillow Version 2
Togainu no Chi Plush - Shiki
Hakuoki Plush - Okita Souji
Nitro+Chiral One-Coins: Tetsuo & Tokino
Kuroshitsuji Vol2 Prop Plus Petit: Agni
Bleach Zodiac Chara Fortunes
Code Geass Kururugi Suzaku Cellphone charm
Uraboku Poster, Yaoi manga and more!!

Click on the picture to get to the sales post :)

Donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society

these stickers have NO PIRCE you decide what price you want them for.
We will recieve No profit from this, because all the money will go here
shipping in the US is free, but outside will be just 1$

Praying is not enough, please make a donation!
and please thank ReliveThoseDays for her hard work!

Click ( Here! )
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SELLING: anime, manga, video games, and related goods

Sales Post: UPDATED

Various anime- and video-game-related items available for sale here

Feedback can be found and given here!

FANDOMS REPRESENTED: Berserk, Black Cat, Bleach, Claymore, Cowboy Bebop, D.Gray-man, Drakengard, Fairy Tail, Final Fantasy (VIII, XII, and general), Fullmetal Alchemist, Galerians, Gundam (Wing, SEED/Destiny, and 00), Gurren Lagann, Kannazuki no Miko, Luminous Arc 2, Macross (SDF and Frontier), Najica Blitz Tactics, Naruto, Patlabor, Power Rangers, Type-Moon, Valkyrie Profile, and Uzumaki.
Includes some miscellaneous items as well.

Selling JE cds and photobook

Payment: Meet Up/ ATM(Singapore) Paypal(Overseas)
Collection: Meet-up @ Bugis (on weekdays)/ Mail 
Shipping internationally from Singapore

KAT-TUN Rescue 1st press regular Jap ver 
Brand New$24
KAT-TUN Real Face Limited Edition Type C Jap ver opened/ good condition
KAT-TUN Bokura no Machi de 1st press regular Jap ver opened/ good condition$20

嵐相葉雅紀コンプリートお宝フォトファイル  Appassioata (Reco Book) Brand New SGD$28

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Hi all, I've just gotten in some SUPER cute letter sets, so hope you enjoy :D Also selling stickers, pens/pencils, and a variety of other stationery as well!!

Seller Info
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Payment Method: Paypal
Shipping Options: SAL (2-3 weeks, 500 yen), Airmail (1 week, 800 yen), EMS (3-5 days, 1500 yen)

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Wants post

I'm looking for anything of this little guy: perferably a fuzzy plushie or backpack, but I'm looking for ANY merch of this guy. And Magical Girl Sasumi items. Also looking for Sailor Moon, Hetalia, anime animal characters and just any anime plush. Thank you! I have stuff for trades too.

Random Anime/Manga items

Click here!
Most of it is random anime/manga related items. I want these things out of my house. I'm open to reasonable offers. If you take multiple items I may be interested in unreasonable offers XD

Sailor Moon
Digi Charat
Cafe Bonheur
Gentlemens Alliance
Shugo Charat
Mammotte Lollipop
Cherry Juice

Devil lady
Cutie Honey
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International contact me for shipping quote!

I am located in the United States. if you wish to buy and you are from another country, let me know immediately please.


Paypal only. (send as a gift  if you want to avoid fees.)

Buyer pays the PP fee.

Payment must be received within 3 days.

I am not accountable for any lost payments and packages - once I ship it, it is no longer my responsibility.

I will take photos of your packaged item and the receipt after I ship it

Shipping to the USA is INCLUDED! International - please contact for shipping quote

please give me 1-2 days to respond (I am very busy but will try my best to reply quickly) and please respond to my messages in 1-2 days also. (don't leave me hanging.)

all sales are final and please, do not back out following confirmation of addresses.

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Selling Anime and Manga Goods

I'm selling a few things from my collection, all profits will be donated to the American Red Cross to help Japan due to the recent earthquake. All items are in excellent condition, from smoke-free and pet-free home. Prices are negotiable and will shop worldwide from Pennsylvania, US. Please visit my sales journal if you are interested.

For a Limited Time, offering FREE Shipping to US Customers!!

-One Piece Styling (Usopp/Chopper, Sanji, Luffy/Chopper, Nami & Ace)
-One Piece Coin Figures
-Naruto (Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura & Sasuke)
-Bleach (Ichigo & Rukia)

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
-One Piece (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji & Usopp)

Dometic Manga
-Hot Gimmick (Vol. 1 to 7)
-The Other Side of the Mirror (Vol.1)
-Socrates in Love (Graphic Novel, Complete)
-9 Faces of Love (Collection of Wann's short stories, Complete)
-Suppli (Vol. 1 to 4)
-Forest of Gray City - (Vol. 1 to 2, Complete)
-Pretty Poison - (Vol. 1, Complete)
-Kill Me, Kiss Me - (Vol 1 to 4, Complete)

Artbook/Fanbooks (Import)
-Nana 7.8 ~ Nana & Hachi Fanbook
-Nodame Cantabile Character Book
-Nodame Cantabile Official Anime Fanbook
-Nodame Cantabile - Continue Special on TV drama (magazine)
-Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo (Kare Kano) Character Book
-Ouran High School Host Club Anime Fanbook
--Saiunkoku Monogatari Artbook
-Gokusen Official Character Book
-Final Fantasy Dissidia Postcard Book

Hiroshi Tamaki - Bridge Album + DVD (First Press/Japanese Edition)

Arashi Photobooks
- Arashi Around Asia
- Arashigoto (5th Anniversary)

Arashi Concert DVDs
- ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10 (Japan Version)

Thank you in advance!

Looking for...

I am looking for a full female cosplay outfit + wig.
For metrocon in a few months. Anyone have one? Can be from popular video games/anime or if it just looks really cool, not a super revealing one either.


Jpop, manga, and magazines!

Hello everyone! Please read my terms.
My Feedback
- Shipping is included in the prices to the US. Please ask for a quote if you're located outside the US. (I am available for local pickup if you're near 92683)
- Prices are in US dollars, I accept paypal only, no trades
- If you express interest, I will give you 24hours to respond before I give it over to the next person.
Everything is in very good condition unless otherwise noted.
Thank you!

Trinity Blood manga Vol. 1-4
$4 each
Bleach manga Vol. 2,3
Death Note manga Vol. 1,2
Nana manga Vol. 1,2,3 (vol. 2's cover has a slight bent in a corner)
$3 each
Gundam Seed DVD vol. 8 (episode 36-40) $5

J-pop CDs
2. Do As Infinity - Final- DVD (japanese version) $30
Includes a 2 disc dvd and t-shirt
3. Ayumi Hamasaki - My Story Classical $5
4. alice nine. - Alpha (limited edition CD+DVD) $10
6. Tamaki Nami - Speciality (limited edition CD+DVD) $10
8. REMIOROMEN - Flash and Gleam (2CDs) $6
9. Gundam Seed Complete Best $5

Magazines (priced as so because of shipping costs, they are heavy)
1. CUTiE Apr 2006 (maakii from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR) $8
2. CUTiE Jun 2007 $8
3. CUTiE Feb 2006 (Otsuka Ai) $8
4. popteen Apr 2006 (BoA) $8
5. ARENA37c Special Oct 2007 (Shou, includes stickers) $9
6. FOOL'S MATE Jul 2007 (Mucc, includes An Cafe poster/insert) $9
7. CUTiE Sep 2006 $8
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Sales! Help fix my Love Machine! Also WTB!

Help me fix my poor rear-ended Love Machine car! ;__;♥

☆ Clothes
★ HYDE Photobook
☆ UTADA cds!
★ L'arc~en~Ciel cd!
☆ Koda Kumi cd!
★ Hellsing OVA dvds!

Every purchase comes with a free gift!♪

Boogie down to this post! Thanks for looking!♥ m(__)m

Also, I'm looking to buy an issue of Margaret magazine! Doesn't matter which one, as long as its in good condition, and low price! X3