March 26th, 2011

Regular sales

My main target right now is trying to sell Ciel from Kuroshitsuji Azone doll. I pre-ordered the LE and will be using the amount to cover for that one. I am selling him at the same price I got him for which is $155 plus shipping

My other items are still available, and any items bought (aside from ciel), 50% will be going for donations to Japan. I have been donating through crunchy roll because they match our donations. Prices are all on photobucket but do not include shipping. I will give reasonable prices and ship domestically and internationally.
Items can be viewed here:

Misc Items:
Also have Jade from TotA one coin figure brand new not pictured but for sale - New - $18 (2 weapon ver.)



Also in search of some anime shirts, preferably new although used but looking new would be ok too. Looking for medium size and preferably women fitted but will be open to others. I am interested in almost all series except Naruto, Death note, Inuyasha, Bleach, or Fullmetal alchemist. Also open to any super mario shirts!


20% off $40~!

10% of all orders will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to help the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami~!
 (sorry I  know I  said i was going to donate to Red Cross, but i read that Habitat for Humanity is going to help rebuild the areas affected in Japan, so I  thought that might be a better idea!~)

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Massive sale!

It's time for my Spring cleaning! And this year it's even more important to me, as I have a large amount of medical bills, due to me recently suffering a major injury to my neck. I need to raise funds to pay the bills! Please take a look if you can!

Selling post is here!

Items include: L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hot Gimmick, Rurouni Kenshin, Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha), Hana Yori Dango, Yoko Ishida, MUCC, Tsuki no Shippo, Card Captor Sakura, BLEACH, Hyde, Tegomass, Ghibli, SLAYERS, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pump it Up, Full Metal Alchemist

Closet Clearout: Lolita+Gyaru+Punk brand fashion,TnC/Lamento, J-Rock/Pop, Dorama, Figs & much more

*** I'm letting go on this little guy and most of my collection now. You will find a lot of rarities on:

- Lolita, Punk & Gyaru brand fashion, such as h.Naoto, Putumayo, Btssb, Metamorphose, Peace Now, Liz Lisa, TRALALA, Algonquins & many more
- BL/Yaoi items, especially Togainu no chi, Lamento & Sweet Pool
- Loads of J-Rock related items, such as GACKT/MIYAVI tour goods, Cds/DVDS, Fool's Mate and many more
- Game related items, especially Final Fantasy figs & artbooks & other RPG merchandise
- Japanese fashion mags & Gyaru/Punk fashion items + accessories
- Rare Hello Kitty & SANRIO stuff ***

(!) willing to haggle, pls feel free to make an offer - open for (partial) trades as well
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) Please click the pictures to get a larger image ^^
(!) I will include a small gift with every purchase ^.^v

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Feedback at the Cafe:

All my Je collection is waiting YOU!

 Hi everybody!!

Here i am again!
There are some pretty thing waiting for you at my lj:

Nishikido Ryo Shop Photos
- From Code Pv
- From 47 Tour - Some from Dome tour 2009/2010 and from Koi no Abo pv!

Nishikido Ryo related Magazines:
- Nishikido X Saito Kazuyoshi Pia Double interview
- Nishikido Bidan
- Nishikido Fineboys
- Nishikido and Ninomiya Ryusei no Kizuna + act mini!!
Kanjani related magazines:
- Kanjani An-an
- Kanjani Orisuta
- Kanjani Boao 
Also Kanjani8 Zukkoke Daidassou LE and Kanjani8 2008 tour eco bag!!!
And then other magazines and shop photos (arashi mostly)
and Hanayori Dango Final photobook, phamplet and bracelet!! 
Please take a look, it will cost you only few minutes;)
I'm waiting for you 
jafar 2

WTS Kuroshitsuji, KHR, TnC, Hakuoki and more!

Items up for sale!!!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi
-Pairings include D18 and 1827. Circles such as 7men zippo, Apple of Eden...etc-
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chara Fortune [Future Arc] - Rare!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Deformed Figure Set 5
Togainu no Chi Cushion Pillow Version 2
Togainu no Chi Plush - Shiki
Hakuoki Plush - Okita Souji
Nitro+Chiral One-Coins: Tetsuo & Tokino
Kuroshitsuji Vol2 Prop Plus Petit: Agni
Bleach Zodiac Chara Fortunes
Code Geass Kururugi Suzaku Cellphone charm
Uraboku Poster, Yaoi manga and more!!

Click on the picture to get to the sales post :)
mijumaru, buneary

More Stuff for Sale

I'm looking for the following items to either trade or for a very affordable price
-Magical JxR Manga 3 & 4
-Sailor Moon DVDs (Any season is fine, I'll let you know if I already have what you offer)
-Digimon the Movie DVD
-Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie DVD

Izumi Shop Mascot
New Items Added to my Sales Post
Please feel free to click the maid above or HERE to visit my sales post
And please click HERE to see items that I'm interested in trading for

If you buy $35 or more worth of stuff, I will provide free shipping!

New Items Include the following

-Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll
-Loveless Poster
-Loveless 1-8: $30
-Princess Princess Boxset
-R.O.D. The TV Part 2 (OVA)
-Kyou Kara Mahou! Season 2 vol 1+ Season 2 case + mini cell: $20
-Sailor Moon Stickers
-Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Book + Cards: $40+
Might be willing to sell the following (I can provide pictures upon request)
-The Art of Loving 1: Offer
-Cardcaptor Sakura 1: $5
-Large Black Mokona: $20
-Mudkip Walkie: Offer
-Mana Khemia PS2: Offer (I also have the CD, but I dunno if I wanna part with it)
-Naruto Ultimate Ninja PS2: Offer
-Dissidia PSP: Offer

(no subject)

  Selling Various Mangas, OFFICIAL JE Photos (EVEN WITH NEWS OLD MEMBER KUSANO IN IT!) and JE Magazines.

some magazines are from 2001 and some are just $7.00! Prices can be negotiated!! 

A portion of the sales will be donated to Red Cross in help of those in Japan. Please help the people who are in need at Japan!! they really need food supplies and clean water. 

Check it all out here

Here are my feed backs from
Livejournal and Ebay



You can click my Ebay link to go directly to my user page to see all the pictures up of the series I am selling. Included in the sale are: Angel Diary, Honey and Clover, Angel Sanctuary, Angelic Layer, Sand Chronicles, and various single issues or random lots! I also have a full set of Gentlemen's Alliance that I will be selling.

Any of these can be taken down to sell through paypal on Garage Sale Japan. Please let me know if you are interested!!! I will be selling a few Sailor Moon dolls in a few days as well!!!


I have 100% feedback both on ebay and my LJ that you can check out.

hello kitty, queenieito


International contact me for shipping quote!

I am located in the United States. if you wish to buy and you are from another country, let me know immediately please.


Paypal only. (send as a gift  if you want to avoid fees.)

Buyer pays the PP fee.

Payment must be received within 3 days.

I am not accountable for any lost payments and packages - once I ship it, it is no longer my responsibility.

I will take photos of your packaged item and the receipt after I ship it

Shipping to the USA is INCLUDED! International - please contact for shipping quote

please give me 1-2 days to respond (I am very busy but will try my best to reply quickly) and please respond to my messages in 1-2 days also. (don't leave me hanging.)

all sales are final and please, do not back out following confirmation of addresses.

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acer japonicum ablaze

Selling: J-Rock / Visual Kei, Jewellery and more

They're getting less, but still many items left!
Offers: 3 posters for 10.00€ (excl. shipping) - and good chances to get other discounts!!

+ A3 and A2 posters - including the GazettE, Dir en grey, 雅-MIYAVI-, Plastic Tree, HIZAKI, An Cafe, GACKT, merry, LM.C, Glay, BoA and many more: (♥ here!)

+ Other official goods like a Kra lanyard and various CDs: (♥ here)

+ Non-music goods such as cute Asian bangles, accessoirs and stationary: (♥ here)!

( Check it out, yo! )
over at flowersablaze! ^-^

JE Sale

Hello, I'm selling some JE items on my LJ featuring most JE idol groups (including NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, Hey! Say! JUMP, Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow and Juniors) and include articles such as uchiwa, shop and concert photos, singles and albums, posters, phone straps, clippings, magazine booklets and many other.  

There are also a few anime characters phone straps for sale at the bottom of the page.

I'm located in Canada and I ship internationally. I accept payment by paypal or concealed cash/money order.

Profits made until the end of this month will be donated to Japan's Relief Funds.

For pictures and more information, please take a look HERE

I have also lots of clipping sets on sale, if you would like to take a look at my CLIPPING SETS page

Thank you!
pic 2


It's time for SALE SALE SALE!
Your LAST CHANCE to get these great dresses, tops & more!
we ship worldwide !

March Promo: Buy at for FLAT RATE SG$10 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! (min spend only SG$100!). Valid all this month! Plus: as always FREE REGISTERED MAIL local shipping (within Singapore) for all orders over SG$50!!

PLUS 20% off all purchases on non-sale items. From now 'til March 28! No minimum purchase necessary. Simply shop @ & use code FASHIONISTASPECIAL

FB: +1/0/-0
Reviewed & rated on yebber

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Selling: Sailor Moon 2011 Stickers

Hi guys!
Just a reminder that I'm selling the new 2011 Sailor Moon Italian Stickers! A lot of them are sold out so hurry and get the ones you want! 
They are out of their package so it's not random/blind what you'll get.
You buy what you choose! ^^

For every 6 stickers you buy, let me know if you'd like a wrapper included (no extra cost).

Pictures under the cut! or you can click on this pretty pic below~

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