April 4th, 2011

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Due to preorders that are coming in I need to sell some items. By all means make offers. I ship both domestic and internationally. Prices do not included shipping but if you would like to make an offer my zip code is 32746 in the US (Florida). I take Paypal, MO, Concealed Cash, and eCheck. I usually try to ship next day (except internationally due to needing to go to the post office) but default is Saturday.



Holds: 3 days  Click links for images, if it's in the pic but not listed it's been sold. :)

Hetalia Independence Day 1 (Hakka Pink) $13
Hetalia Independence Day 2 (Hakka Pink) $13
Hetalia Independence Day 4 (Hakka Pink) $13
Fullmetal Alchemist Roy x Ed (Unknown) $5
Gundam Wing 2 (Duo) x 4 (Quatre) (Unknown) $5

Manga (All English)

Peach Girl 1 $1
YuYu Hakusho 1 $1
YuYu Hakusho 2 $1
YuYu Hakusho 3 $1
YuYu Hakusho 4 $1
Ranma 1/2 1 (Bigger early Manga) $1
Spirited Away Film Comic 1 $1
Spirited Away Film Comic 2 $1
Gundam Wing Blind Target $1
Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Guide $2
Magic Knights Rayearth 3 $1
Gundam WIng Comic Book Set 1-4 $1

Media R1
Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi in Love $3
Sailor Moon R Movie Subbed VHS $0.50
Sakura Wars The Movie Music Collection (US Release) $1

Bleach Orihime Hairpins VIZ/GE US version $2
Hetalia France Pin $7
Houkago Orange School Life File Clearfile $1
Sailor Moon Mini figures (original keychains for the mid 90's) [Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury] $0.50 each
Inuyasha Kikyou Rubber Keychain $1
Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Keychain $1
Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Plush Keychain $2
Gundam Wing Duo Maxwell Standing Pin $1
Gundam Wing Duo Maxwell Yawning Pin $1
Inuyasha Kagome Pointing Keychain $1
Homemade Rei Ayanami Hairclips $3
Gundam Wing Duo Maxwell Poster $1
Fullmetal Alchemist Roy &Ed Poster $1

Pink Floral Lace Punk Lolita shoes _ Pink floral lace punk lolita sneakers shoes - NEW

Pink Floral Lace Punk Lolita shoes

_ Pink floral lace punk lolita sneakers shoes - NEW
- Anime Maid - Resin Model - NEW

DIRECT SALE - WELCOME ! - just ask

I have (277*) 100 % Feedback on EBAY !



Thanks for looking  !

selling Candy Sugar Bag~


I'm selling away my candy sugar bag~
Still in great condition, used only twice.

PRICE: SGD$40 / USD$32
excluding shipping fees.
SHIPPING FEES TO USA/EUROPE/UK - USD$15 *weigh around 500g

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Accept Paypal, BANK-TRANSFER (Within Spore) 

feedback: http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/1277.html
THANKS!!! =)

final reductions-taking offers!

♪Shipped from Ontario, Canada in a pet and smoke-free home
♪I ship internationally!
♪Buyer must pay PP fee or send as a gift

Lucky packs ^^

LP1: kawaii pencil case, 40 origami large sheets (15 cm by 15 cm), 10 pcs of asian candy, Hello Kitty chocolate/strawberry gummies, bento box replica iwako erasers (contains 4 erasers ^^)
$10.50 shipped in US/Canada

LP2: xHappy Animalx Piggy Bank, bento box replica erasers
$12.50 shipped in US/Canada

LP3: Yotsuba! manga, 2 anime pins
$8 shipped in US/Canada

LP4: Kawaii Japanese Piglet Extendable hanger, toothbrush holder, bento box replica iwako erasers, kawaii bee memo/phtoto holder
$15 shipped in US/Canada

WTB: Angelic Pretty 2010 Catalogue

Massive manga trade!

As an update to a previous post, I've got a whole bunch of English manga and a PS2 game that I'm looking to trade for just about any Japanese materials. I'll consider just about any offer whatsoever, so don't be afraid to send the craziest of proposals! I'm learning Japanese, so the only thing I ask is no English materials please. (French translations may be accepted though, as I'm brushing up my skills in that area too.)

Here is what's being offered on my end (all English):

Host Club 1-6
Love Hina 1 & 10
Bamboo Blade 1-3
Petshop of Horrors 1-9
Death Note 1-12
Persona 3 for Playstation 2 (NTSC)

sm items for sale

Im selling some items. all are in good condition unless otherwise specified. i have feedback on the  community of serasell.

1. Season 1 sm dvd box set -complete
2. random stickers
3. sm manga vol 3
4. sailor mars doll- im not sure if this is an american release or other?-does have some dirty spots on her legs
5. sm artbook V-has some rips on the cover but pages are in good condition.

Because the artbook has rips, im not sure what price it would go for now but im welcome to offers for it and or for the entire lot.


WTB/ Searching

Hello everyone!

So for a school assignment, I recently read "One Thousand and One Nights", and since, I've been dying for the manga (or manhwa, I guess) by Jeon Jin-seok. I read one long ago, but I never read the entire series. I was wondering if anyone is selling or willing to part with some volumes of this series.

I'm really hoping to not spend too much (I really shouldn't be spending anything right now!), but I just might splurge. I'd also be willing and almost prefer to trade, though I don't have much manga to offer. If you're interested in possibly trading, I'll send you a list of what I have!