April 10th, 2011


New Lowered Prices on Stuff for Sale

Doujinshi: Katekyo hitman reborn, Gintama, Bleach, D.Gray Man, Suikoden, Fullmetal alchemist, Durarara!, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kuroshitsugi, and Tales of Vesperia
. Most of the doujinshi are between $8-$12 and sale: buy 2, get 3rd half off.
Pairings for the Katekyo hitman reborn doujinshi: 6927, Colonello27 (C27 or 5627), Reborn27 (R27), 1827, SpadeGiotto, AlaudeGiotto, ColonelloRebornLambo, D18 and All27.

Yaoi Manga: Jazz v1-3, Alcohol shirt and kisses, Lover's Flat, Stolen Hearts, Il gatto sul G v1-2, Invisible boy v1-2, Black Knight v1-4, Cold Sleep
Regular manga: Shamen King v1-2, Samurai Deep Kyo, Desert Coral, Chrono Crusade V1-5, Immortal Rain v1-5, Fullmetal Alchemist various

Figurines/dolls/plush: Tsunayoshi, Demyx, Hisagi, Hollow Ichigo, Grimmjow, Vincent for ff7, Katekyo hitman reborn deformed figure set 6: Giotto, G, Mukuro, and Tsunayoshi (both normal and HDW version), Vocaloid, Tales of Vesperia, Hetalia: Japan and England

Posters: KineinAqua - Ichimaru/Izuru, Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Luce and Byakuran from Khr, Final Fantasy 7, Karau, The gazette

DVDs: Final fantasy 7 Advent children, E’s otherwise, Peacemaker, Spiral, Fruits Basket, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Chrono Crusade, .hack

Others: jewelry, Fullmetal Alchemist and Tales of Legendia artbook, FF7 Vincent and FF8 Squall’s pendent, new video games, cat ears, prismacolor pencils, KineinAqua shopping bag and tarot cards, postcards, and Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, and Pandora Hearts photos.

I ship from U.S. and will ship international. You’re welcome to negotiate for a price that fits your range if bought in bulk. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment.  Please take a look. Click here for sale page or the picture. My feedback page is here.

New Lowered Prices on lots of stuff and a special deal for the Katekyo hitman reborn version 6 figurines. Please take these items, I really want them gone. I have also added many new items like some KineinAqua items (posters and doujinshi), a new video game, and a hetalia figure

Selling rest of my nendoroid collection

I decided to sell the rest of my nendoroid collection since I only have a few left
Most have been opened, but have been kept in mint condition. All figures come with all parts and respective boxes.

Shipping is $9 for regular nendoroids in US (with tracking included), and $16 for international

1.) Louise - Zero no Tsukaima - Opened - Comes with Saito cardboard pinup and background - $75
2.) Nagi - Hayate Comba butler - New - $40
3.) Nagato Yuki - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Opened - $30 (hold)
4.) Haruhi - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Opened - $30
5.) Feena - Crescent Moon - Opened - $30
6.) Luka - Vocaloid - Opened - $35
7.) Binchou tan - Opened - $40
8.) Saber Super Movable edition - Opened - $30
9.) Melissa Seraphy - N. 36 - Opened - $70
10.) Miku HMO edition - Opened - $40 (hold)
11.) Kaito - Vocaloid - Opened - $80
and the previously posted ones:
1.) Remilia Scarlet - Touhou - Unopened but box on one side is damaged. (it was actually shipped to me the day of the earthquake and was surprised to get it at all). Figure itself is untouched.- $45
2.) Risty - Queens Blade - Unopened - $38
3.) Asakura Nemu - Da Capo - Unopened - $38
4.) Reina - Queens Blade - Opened but in mint condition - $22
5.) Franchesca - Strike Witches - Opened but in mint condition - $25
6.)Light - Death note, tennis version petit - New - $9 shipped (with flat box)
7.) Mello w/ chocolate petit- Death Note - Opened but in mint condition - $9 shipped (with flat box)

Pics can be seen at s384.photobucket.com/albums/oo286/Sakura7585/misc/

Those without boxes do have them. I just store all my boxes of figures in a storage. If interested in seeing a picture of everything, let me know a day ahead since I have to go retrieve them.

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Auctioning figures from: Gundam, Evangelion, Pokemon, and Digimon
They're all ending today - tomorrow.

Auctions are located here

Non-auction sales:

-Looking to sell a like new copy Pokemon: White for 25+shipping; however, I'm open to offers.
- I also still have some things left on my other sales post: Fullmetal Alchemist Lottery prizes, Sakura Wars figures, Tales games, etc. You can visit that here; prices have been updated.

Asian fashion (Clothes, shoes..) ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING


Asian Fashion



+ This is a personal order, when you pay, I buy your item  ¡NOT HAVE TO WAIT OTHERS BUYERS! 
+  In the moment I recive your payment, I order your item, and you only have to wait your items.

+  The prices include shipping to all the world.
+  The prefered shipping is CHINA POST whit TRACKING. If you want another faster, you only have to tell me.
+  Payment prefered by paypal.

+ If you are searching something, only tell me, I'll try to search it!


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For Sale: Qutie Frash and Peace Now clothes, BJD stuff, Pinky St stuff, and more...

Hello everyone! I am clearing out a bunch of stuff to help fund my new kitteh coming home ♥ so I've updated my sale page! I live in Japan but can ship anywhere in the world via Airmail or EMS. (^^)

Cassiel's For Sale Page!!

It includes:
* several Qutie Frash items -- including a gorgeous kimono dress and a Japanesque style waist corset
* Peace Now and Black Peace Now items -- including an Evy-chan giant t-shirt, A BPN for Men sparkly 't-shirt dress', and a hot pink tote bag and Peace Now skully headphones (!)
* YOSUKE punk red boots and retro wedge sandals
* Japan-only Converse all-stars
* a whole lot of BJD clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes and accessories
* Pinky St Figures including the WonderFest Limited Hinamatsuri set
* Gloomy headphones!
* Japan-only Nintendo DS games
* Various manga
* BPAL and Villainess scents, soaps and candles

Please feel free to email or comment with any questions! :D

Selling JE Goods, Mangas, Games

Anime/MangasFruits Basket DVD, Vampire Knight 1-5, Rin! 1-3, Angel Sanctuary 1, Chobits 1, Tokyo Babylon 1-5, Gintama 1-12, One Piece 1-14, Reborn 1-10, CardCaptor Sakura 1-6 Collector's Edition with Box, KHR! Yujin figures, and Clamp no Kiseki Chesspieces

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi Yamamoto/Gokudera, Yamamoto/Hibari, Yamamoto/Lambo, Reborn/Lambo, Dino/Hibari, Hibari/Reborn, Hibari/Gokudera *willing to haggle*

Johnny's Entertainment
Arashi CD, Magazines, Clippings

Games  Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 for Wii + Mat , nintendo ds games, and xbox games.

No trades please.

Please visit my journal for more info and pics.


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Selling Lots of Items. Looking for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Stuff

Hi. I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out my sales posts to see items, pictures, prices, and the latest updates and additions:

Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Imports, Music CDs and Merch, Movies, and Related

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

I'm also open to trades and looking for some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff. See my full wishlist here.

Jrock for sale!

New Items, New Prices!
All Albums $10, All singles $5!

I accept paypal, ship internationally and I love to make a deal :)
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See something you like, but can't afford? Comment with your best offer and we'll work something out.

Be sure to check out my journal for other great deals!
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Selling Some Anime/Manga ~

Hi. I've got the the following anime/manga for sale. For more stuff on sale such as kawaii items, video games, and etc.. head on over to my journal - chiquis5784.

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...For an extended look of my wishlist head over to my journal: chiquis5784. :)
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Selling manga/anime/video games, trading for CLAMP and Final Fantasy Figures

Hello, all. I'm selling some of my manga, anime and video games. I'm taking offers on anything so please let me know if you're interested. Some of the things I'm selling are:

CLAMP School Detectives manga (COMPLETE)
Chobits Vol. 1-6
Princess Ai artbook/postcard book
Blood Hound (Japanese Manga, Kaori Yuki)
Devil May Cry Novel
FullMetal Alchemist novel
Samurai Champloo manga (COMPLETE)
Azumanga Daioh manga vol 1
Battle Vixens manga vol 1-4
Q-Ko Chan vol 1
Yu-Gi-Oh GX manga vol 1

Video Game:
Dissidia Final Fantasy with Strategy Guide
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass with Strategy Guide
Parasite Eve Greatest Hits (PS1)
Legend of Dragoon Greatest Hits with Strategy Guide (PS1)
Soundtracks (Disgaea, Suikoden, etc.)
Other collectibles (Mario, Kingdom Hearts, strategy Guides, etc)

and a lot of other things at my sales thread:


If you're interested in something then let me know. I'm taking offers on anything so don't hesitate to ask about something. Also I will trade for any of these CLAMP related items:


I'll also trade for Final Fantasy Trading Arts figures or just tiny FF figures. I need small FF figures, not big ones so I can put them on a cake ^_^ Particularly looking for any from FFXIII, FFVIII, Yuna and Lulu. Also I'm only interested in trading for them right now, not buying.

Thanks a lot!
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WTS: Manga, Anime, Video Games, and FF/KHR Doujin

♥ I also added some Pokemon games.

♣ Shipping within US! I will be using UPS priority mail prices [or media mail]. Fees will be paid by the buyer if using paypal.
♠ Prices are negotiable when you buy more. [:
♦ Please request pictures and info about books [I just have too many to take pictures of all of them].
♥ All books are taken care of by an OCD person who doesn't like to share her books. Non-smoking, no pets. Any wear and tear were already there when I bought them.
♣ Paypal and e-check only. Concealed cash at your own risk, but I'd prefer to not use this method.
♦ I have been having problems with people going through the process of buying, but never paying, so if you are not interested any longer, please tell me. I will hold for three days MAX, but if you don't pay, I will re-list it.
◄ Recently, a package using mediamail was recieved damaged with missing books. Please pay an extra $1.50 for insurance, otherwise, I am not liable for damages.
♠ I ship primarily on Saturdays, since I have to bike to the post office for international or large packages. Small packages can be shipped ASAP via a nearby post box that I can walk to.

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Quick DS: Lots of stuff in my Journal!

Quick cleaning sale! Prices have been lowered on just about everything! Everything is name your price, even the lucky packs! :D I just need this stuff gone. The more you buy the more I will discount them. Get free shipping with orders of $30 or more! (This excludes nendoroids)

I have a little bit of everything so please check them out!

I'm located in the US and accept paypal for payment.

Japanese related goodies

Kawaii stationary lucky packs

Random stuff
flynn lives

Selling Manga and Artbook

Hello. I am selling some manga, fanbooks, and an artbook.
-I only accept paypal and ship only within the US
-All Items in a great condition as I have store them and have taken great care of them. They also come from a pet and smoke free home.
-I will hold the item for 3 days only
-I usually ship on weekends, since I have a pretty busy week, but I will let you know if I can ship earlier
- I will ship by priority, which is usually $4.95

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