April 16th, 2011

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Ending today - Monday

Most start at 0.99+shipping

Auctions located here


Pokemon: White
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny II (Tales of Eternia)
Tales of Phantasia


Pokemon DX Diamond & Pearl Figure: Arceus
Sakura (Sakura Wars)
Ri (Sakura Wars)
Sumire (Sakura Wars)

Also, FMA Prizes (clearfiles, keychains, cups) have been listed.

[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain

Crystal Dog Keychain

Cute Crystal Dog Keychain for your mobile or personal belongings made from nice Crystal. If you are looking for special gift for your special person, this is what you are looking for.

Price: 15 USD
Size: 2.5 cms x 2 cms x 3 cms for the doll and 4 cms long for keychain
Option: Green or Blue as shown in the sample picture...

Please follow the link to original sale post at my LJ~

[sale] Crystal Dog Keychain

You can also find me at Etsy ~


PS. Thanks for the space~
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Still need money; still need space - badly.

☆★☆All items are now make an offer EXCEPT those with a price next to them. ☆★☆
If you are interested in something, please let me know (1)How much you would like to pay total, and (2) Your location. However, please be reasonable - especially for overseas shipping. Also keep in mind that some items might be quite heavy and therefore affect the shipping price. Lastly, even if something does have a price next to it, I am willing to negotiate so please ask :D

Payment and Shipping Information
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JRock/VK CDs, Singles, Goods, etc.
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Visual Magazines (listed by cover artist)
I have a lot more older magazines that I may be willing to part with. Please ask if you are looking for something specific!
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Japanese Horror Movies
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Japanese Literary Books/Novels/Art Book (Newly added)
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★Only serious inquiries please. If you ask me about and item, please have the courtesy to let me know if you are not interested after my reply. I can hold items for up to 3 DAYS. After that, they will be re-posted.★

I now have a feedback page for those that are interested :)

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thank you!
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Large selling lot!

Hey all! I'm still on medical leave, and my short time leave insurance is about up, so I really need to sell these things so I can pay my medical bills!

All items are in like-new or very good condition, from a non-smoking home.

★ Only payments from Paypal accepted.
Pictures on request.
★ Discount when buying multiple listings.
★ Feedback page here.
Prices are negotiable, just ask.
★ US shipping is included in price (Priority shipping on all items except CDs and single books, unless requested - buyer will then be responsible for covering added costs). Tracking information will be sent to buyer as soon as it is available. As of 4/14/11 I will no longer be doing International orders.

Items available include:

♥ L'Arc~en~Ciel discography and RARE merchandise (including OOP LTE 1st album editions)
♥ OOP Artbooks
♥ Complete Rurouni Kenshin Japnese manga lot
♥ RARE Slayers NEXT Sound Bible II
♥ JPN PS2 Game Itadaki Street Special 1 (いただきストリート) What is this?
♥ RARE BLEACH Abrai Renji UFO Catcher Japan version
♥ How To Train Your Dragon audiobook (David Tennant version)
♥ iPod Video (5th gen)

Full items list is here! Please take a look ♥
MBMH- Makio Stare

items for sale!

Last Added:
-Cartoon KAT-TUN LE and First press RE
-Last Princess Special Edition Box
-Hana Yori Dango Final DVD
-Chihiro Onitsuka CDs
-Jay Chou fliers/bookmarks
-Various cute Japanese swings/phonestraps (Rilakkuma etc.)

Lowered prices:
-Some items now MAKE AN OFFER!

Anime Items A-P

Aegis of Uruk, Angel Sanctuary, Basara, Black Cat, Bleach, Bronze/1999, CLAMP (Tsubasa, CCS, X/1999, Chobits, RG Veda, XXXHolic), Code Geass, Death Note, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), Di Gi Charat, Dragon Quest, Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Hamtaro, Hana Yori Dango, Hello Kitty, Hellsing, Here is Greenwood, Hetalia, Hikaru no Go, HunterxHunter, Inuyasha, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Kyou Kara Maou, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z+misc fliers and promo items

Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, Sukiyaki Western Django, Super Mario Bros, Trigun, Vampire Knight, Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Yu Yu Hakusho, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Postcards, Promo items, Pucca, BENTO SUPPLIES


AKB48, JE (ARASHI, NEWS, KAT-TUN, HeySayJump, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, EndlicherixEndlicheri, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, J-Friends), AKB48, Crystal Kay, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kobukuro, Yuna Ito, REIRA (NANA), Cool Joke, SOPHIA, W-inds, Se7en, Horikita Maki, TMR, The Brilliant Green, K.A.Z x HYDE VAMPS, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru, Ken Hirai, Buzzlip, Aragaki Yui, Mihimaru, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, High and Mighty Color, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags, TOKIDOKI

looking for some things ^_^

hi im looking for a few things please take a look ^_^
  • pokemon pins
  • pokemon dvds
  • pokemon tommy figures
  • sailor moon ccg cards #123,125,151,152,153,155,156,159,160
  • sailor moon ccg pf cards #51,53,59-64,66,67,69
  • sailor moon ccg set of 9 chase cards #4,5,7,9
  • sailor moon ccg set of 9 series 3 chase cards #5,7,8,9
  • sailor moon action flip cards #11,25,32 (also action flip sticker#1)
  • pichi pichi pitch mermaid melody anything (i really need book 6)
please be able to provide pics or reference pics of the item along with a description of the condition please ^_^
thanks for looking


Hello there. I'm looking to buy or trade for some CLAMP stuff or Final Fantasy trading arts figures. The FF figures I would rather trade for since they are not of top priority as of now. I just decided I would get a head start on looking for them. If you're selling them for cheap then I may be interested. Any tiny FF figure will work though. They're going to be put on a cake so they have to be tiny ^_^ The ones I'm most interested in right now are: FF8, Yuna, and Lulu.

I'm far more interested in the CLAMP items though. I'm really looking for CLAMP in 3D Land figures and RG Veda manga in English. Here is my CLAMP wishlist that shows everything CLAMP related I want! ^_^ It also shows which items I have and which ones I don't.


I'll be willing to buy or trade anything from that list.

Also here is my sales journal so if you're interested in trading then let me know please ^_^


Thanks a lot! ^_^
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One Day left: 81 lots of manga, up to date sets, oop sets, yaoi

SUNDAY is the END.  ONE DAY left to get rare, out of print, and new manga before they disappear.   Buy Fate/Stay night volume by volume, or get a NEW set up to date now, same with Laon, Cactus Secret, Angel Cup, Zombie Power and Pine Kiss.  Out of print and complete sets - get them here, tomorrow, or the chance goes away.

My partner isn't getting better and this isn't her annual sale, this is me helping her to make sure the 81 lots of New/As New go to a good home.  It is everything from several sets of out of print rare shojo, to lots of yaoi (OOP Demon Diary), new yaoi titles, and some bulk lots: yaoi, yuri, shojo and shonen. There is everything from Viz signature line, CMX, Netcomics, Drama Queen, DMP, Toykopop, Viz, Del Rey and more. Check them out, in the sale
HERE (click on ‘here’)
In the 80 lots there is something for everyone, and combined shipping discounts plus postage at cost to all countries. I want these to go to good homes. (Due to illness, mpshiel/Beth’s partner will be answering any questions.) Some of the titles include:

Chobits Omnibus
Clover Omnibus
Cactus Secret 1-4
Cherry Juice 1-4 (complete)
Pine Kiss 1-5 (complete)
Claymore 1-17 (complete)
Boy Princess 1-9 (yaoi, complete! Yum!)
Queen’s Knight 1-12 (a Cult Classic now out of Print, Complete)
Fate Stay Night 1-10 (complete to date)
Blood+ 1-5 (complete)
Tears of the Lamb 1-7
(out of print, complete)
Demon Diary 1-7 (Yaoi Out of Print! Complete and NEW)
Gundam Ecole du Ciel 1-8 (out of print, only vol 9 to complete)
Land of the Blindfolded 1-9 (out of print, complete)
Happiness Recommended (New Yaoi)
Kare First Love 1-10 (complete)
Crimson Snow (Yaoi, New)
B.O.D.Y. 1-10 (COMPLETE! Hot title, NEW)
My Bad (Yaoi, Brand NEW!)
Rasetsu 1-8 (complete)
Redmoon 1-6 (complete, Out of Print, Rare, with game)
Story of Saiunkoku 1-2 (complete) 

Yaoi titles including: I shall never return 1-5 (new), loudest Whisper 1-2, Deeply loving a maniac, a place in the sun, My bad!, tyrant falls in love, Yaoi bulk lot, Loan 1-4, Alice 101st 1-2, Because I’m a boy, Ciao Ciao Bambino, Lovaholic 1-2, Invisible Boy 1-2, Love recipe 1-2 (in cellophane), Love Control, Maniac Love

And so many more great sets, yaoi new releases, check them out HERE

jrock sales

Hello there,
Selling some jrock to pay for car damages :(

- paypal only
- Ship from US
- All items are Japanese authentic unless noted!


the GazettE
- Akuyuukai (First Press Limited Edition)
  * Digipack
- Sperm Margarita (First Press Limited Edition)
  * Digipack
- Zakurogata no Yuutsu (CD + DVD)
  * PV for Zakurogata no Yuutsu
- Zetsu (CD + DVD)
  * PV for Zetsu
- Filth in the Beauty (Limited Edition CD + DVD)
  * PV for Filth in the Beauty + making of
- Hyena (Limited Edition CD + DVD)
  * PV for Hyena + Making of
- Leech (Limited Emition CD + DVD)
  *Uncensored PV for Leech

Dir en Grey
- Embryo (W/ OBI)
- Saku (First Press W/ OBI + Sticker)
- Clever Sleazoid (W/ OBI)
- Ryoujoku no Ame (First Press Limited Edition)
  * Digipack
- Dozing Green (First Press Limited Edition W/ Sticker)
  * Digipack

- Racial Mixture (Limited Edition CD + DVD)
  * PV for Kairos

Rentrer en Soi
- Stigmata (Regular Edition W/ OBI) 

- Upper Region (CD + DVD)
  * PV for Awake, Ryuushi ni tokete nagareru namida to memai no sou ni ranhanshasuru saisei no koe, you, Raindrop

- Melancholy (Limited Edition CD + DVD W/ OBI)
  * PV for Throw Hope Away


Dir en Grey - Uroboros (First Press poster)
Dir en Grey - Withering to Death Clearfile (not really a poster :P)


D'espairsRay - Spiral Staircase (US release)

Find everything here!

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WTB: Lina Inverse Figure (Slayers)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Hello, I am looking for this figure of Lina Inverse and chibi Gourry from the fantasy anime The Slayers. I sold this a few years ago and regretted it so I want it back in my collection! If someone knew where I could get her for $30-$40 or so that would be great! I know that recently on ebay it has sold for more than this but I am hoping there is some kind soul willing to sell a used figure for close to retail. I am located in the US and can pay by paypal.
created by margaret (margyydoodle) neptu

Want List!!!

Here is my want list in order of priority. And only reasonable prices please!!!
1. Sailor Moon Stars #1 and #3 English
2. Sailor Moon art books 1-5
3. Sailor Moon Super DVD 3-5 Pioneer or Geneon
4. Chibi Moon Key Necklace
5. Luna P Ball Japanese Version

Please feel free to comment or message me!

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Selling some JRock items :
  • autograph's : DIO, ViViD, Eccentric agent, D=out, 12012, Kra, -OZ-, Kiryu, Orochi, D'espairsray,  Lolita23Q, SuG
  • photoset's : D'espairsray, Versailles
  • CD's : Juliette, 176biz
guitar pick's : Versailles , Miyavi , Alice nine, Janne Da Arc, The GazettE, DELUHI, D, Dir en Grey, Nightmare, VAMPS, LM.C, Vidoll, Kagrra, D'espairsray, Moi dix Mois, SID, Galneryus, Sugizo, Sex machineguns, L'arc en ciel, Buck - Tick
Alice nine items : FC magazine, stickers etc.
: Autographs from :Alsdead, Luzmelt, Xodiack, Virgenow, Secilia luna, Nega/Perestroika (Yuu, Ray), Anli pollicino


CD's, DVD's, Video Games, Action Figure for SALE!!!

I'm selling the following items:
2 rare ガゼット(Gazette) mini albums
3 rare Panic CH singles
Alice Nine Zekkeishoku Album CD/DVD edition
SNSD Run Devil Run Repackaged Second Album
Black Cat Volume 1 DVD
E'S Otherwise Volume 2 DVD
Inuyasha Volume 47 DVD
Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden DS game import!
Bleach: The Blade of Fate DS game
Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Eva 01 Movie Type Series No. 32

Pictures and info under the cut.

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Anime merchandise, Fashion & Jrock Magazines, the GazettE releases

Kera Maniax
Gothic & Lolita & Punk Brand Book Brand Book

all magazines includes patterns and stickers if applicable

Anime DVDs:
R.O.D the TV vol.1 LE
Comic Party vol 1-3
Inu Yasha movie
Kyou Kara Maou vol.1
Negima Makie Figumate figure

Bleach and Gintama trading cards: HERE

Pencilboards (Erementar Gerad & Inu Yasha)
CALENDARS (Gintama 2007 anime calendar and D.Gray-man anime calendar 2009) (they make great posters!)
Animedia 4/2008
Gintama Ginchannel


Cure vol. 54 (Mix Speaker's,Inc. & heidi. cover) & 59 (Ayabie & DEATHGAZE cover)
Neo Genesis vol.45 (the GazettE & SuG cover)
Neo Genesis vol.36 & vol.44, Neo Genesis Yearbook 2009, Fool's Mate vol.334, Vinyl Syndicate vol.20 (FREE, just pay shipping)

the GazettE:
Red Regular Edition (first press poster included)
FILM BUG II (first press poster included)


Please help me get rid of this stuff! I'm willing to negotiate! NO TRADES PLEASE. Sorry.

Selling nendoroids

Still trying to sell some nendoroids and figures ^-^. Can give discount if more than 2 are purchased!

Here's the list of nendoroids:
-Louise - Zero no Tsukaima - Opened - Comes with Saito cardboard pinup and background - $70
-Haruhi - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Opened - $30 (hold)
-Luka - Vocaloid - Opened - $35 (sold)
-Reina - Queens Blade - Opened - $20
-Risty - Queens Blade - Unopened - $35
-Asakura Nemu - Unopened - $35 (hold)
-Binchou tan - Opened - $40
-Saber Super Movable edition - Opened - $30 (sold)
-Melissa Seraphy - N. 36 - Opened - $60 (sold)
-Miku HMO edition - Opened - $40 (sold)
-Remila Scarlet - Touhou - $45 (Unopened but box is damaged)

I also have a few nendoroids on pre-order I don't want anymore but can't cancel either. If interested, let me know and I can set it aside once it arrives. I won't collect any payment until I have figure in hand if buyer is sure they won't back out. I will be selling at same price I buy it for.
1.) Black gold saw - Black rock shooter - $40 (released in late april) (hold for
2.) Kyon - Haruhi Suzumiya - $32 (already released but won't get till end of month)
3.) Kuroneko - Ore no Imouto... - $33
(released in late april) (hold for eminomise)

Shipping is $9 in the US with tracking and $16 for international. If a second one is bought, it's $ 3 more in the US and $10 more for international. (unfortunately every pound for international is $10)
Pics can be viewed at http://s384.photobucket.com/albums/oo286/Sakura7585/misc/

Those without boxes do have them. Pictures are before I placed them in boxes, but all are already packed, so if you are interested in seeing a particular one, let me know :)

I am also selling the Ciel Azone Doll (regular version) - He is new and asking for $145 shipped in the US and $155 for international