July 2nd, 2011

ebay and livejournal sales ~~~~

Open to offers :D

Some links to items ending soon~

Sailor Moon Banpresto Hoop keychains
Sailor Moon Korean Luna plush


Items not on ebay yet :

Othello Manga 1-7
Twin Spica Official Guide Artbook
Kenta Kamakari Photobook "25th -sight-" (Tenimyu Prince of Tennis Musical: Shishido)
Bastard Artbook 2 book set with cardboard case
21st century prints artbook - Osamu Tezuka as " The Greatest Legacy Left to the 21st Century"
Manga Artists Vol. 1 Artbook - Koh Kawarajima
Record of Loddoss War Art book
Animage Original volume 1  08 August ( not magazine )
Outlaw Star Artbook
X ( Clamp ) book
Magic Knight Rayearth season 1 dvd set
Miyukichan in Wonderland dvd
Clamp School Detectives Complete 26 episode dvd set ( new in shrinkwrap )
Yun Kouga - Cycland
The Sky Crawlers Official Guide Artbooks - "Material" and "Surface"
Phantasy Star Online RPG artbook - The Book of Hunters
The Art of Natsumi Mukai vol.2 Wandal Wandering! Artbook


Feel free to make an offer on any items, including ones currently on ebay- if there are no bids I can end the auction and sell it to you.
If you're interested in buying something, I can provide larger photos and inside shots.
I will send you a payment invoice through paypal, so that we both have a real record of the transaction ( it cannot be deleted like a livejournal post can )  All shipments will have tracking included :)

Thanks for looking ^_^



Doujinshi, anime, manga (English and Japanese), anime music, drama CDs, misc. merchandise

I'm trying to clear out some of the anime/manga bits and pieces I've accumulated over the years and would love to see them go to a new home. If you're interested in any of the sales, please comment on the relevant post and let me know what you'd like, and we can work something out.

Prices are negotiable, especially if you're buying multiple items. I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world; prices do not include shipping and I've listed them in US dollars as that appears to be the thing to do in sales posts! I can only accept payment by Paypal, unless you're in the UK in which case we can probably come to an alternative arrangement.

Pictures are in all the posts; please click on the thumbnails to see the full pictures.

Fandoms include: Prince of Tennis, Johnny's Entertainment, Gundam SEED, Whistle!, Harry Potter, Hana Kimi, Berserk, Fruits Basket, Getbackers and many more.

Sales posts are:
DVDs (Tenimyu, anime)
Manga (English)
Manga (Japanese)
CDs (anime music, Angel's Feather drama CDs)

Selling: PVC Figures, POPS, and Chara Fortunes

One Piece
POP Perona
POP SW Shanks
POP Marco
POP Trafalgar Law
POP MarineFord Portagas D. Ace
POP Boa Hancock Bikini (White and Purple)
POP Nami Bikini Red
POP SW Chopper v.1
POP CB Luffy
POP CB Ace and Luffy
Banpresto Jinginai Time vol.2 Chopper
Banpresto HSCF Kaku
Bandai Deformaster vol.2 (box of 10)
Tea Party Wonderland Sanji

GEM Hijikata
GEM Kakashi
Banpresto Ichiban Son Goku
Crows X Worst Black Rebel Kawachi Tesshou (White and Black)
Revoltech Danboard Sakura Edition

Chara Fortunes / Mates Extras
Gintama 3-Z series
One Piece Impel Down
One Piece Biscuits
Hitman Reborn
Naruto Shippuden
Keroro Gunso
Kurogane no Linebarrel
Kare Kano
  • agmini

ADDED NEW THINGS, last sale was months ago

NEW ITEMS ARE MARKED WITH RED "NEW"; willing to haggle prices!

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Terms of Sale/Swap:
Prices:  Please let me know if you think a price is unreasonable, and I am open to SOME haggling.
Shipping: I ship via USPS, most likely will be using Media Mail (for books, DVDs, etc.), First class, or Priority, and I will give you an estimate based on country/zip code.  If you are not in the United States, let me know and I'll see what shipping is like.   It will be $2.50 or more
-IMPORTANT, regarding INTERNATIONAL SALES: a postal receipt and customs number will be my proof of shipment, in buying from me you are agreeing that i hold no liability if the package is lost. I use FIRST-CLASS international shipping, which does NOT have tracking; if you want tracking, you will have to pay extra, and it is pretty expensive.
Paypal Fees: I use this site to calculate: 
If you are okay with sending as a gift, then they won't need to be added

Payment: I accept Paypal, but we can talk about other options.
Feedback:   from MUA (Makeupalley.com) & Specktra.net, under the name kayley123; For a combination of Swaps and Sales:   500+ tokens, 100% Positive


Returns: I will be responsible for items damaged in transit if I packaged it poorly (but I endeavor to package things very well), and I expect the same in return (for swaps).

Trades:  I'm flexible on shipping, let me know if you need your purchase/swap items by a certain day and I will do my best.  I feel that I have a lot of good feedback, so I expect to ship at the same time; let me know if you have concerns and we can discuss it.  I realize since I am new to this particular community, that may not be acceptable to you.  (I am also a member of a couple of other selling communities and have made sales through there; and have all positive feedback...some of them left the feedback at MUA).

For Additional Pictures, see my Photobucket: 

I have for sale/swap:

Japanese-brand makeup (imported by me, made for Japan/Hong
Kong/Singapore markets):  All NEW

NEW  Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 101 Platinum Illuminance, LE Limited Edition!  VHTF! $38 shipped
Bought from Lotus Palace Sales (Kathi on Lotus Palace blog)
Used 5-6x, $38 shipped (what I paid)--retail would be $60ish without shipping

NEW BN nail polishes, from Asian (might be Korean?) brand Skin Food, each swatched a couple of times --$7 each, shipped; I'll give a slight discount if you buy more than 1
-All are swatched on paper and on nail a few times
-Pedicure Sparkles have a very sparkly/metallic finish (IMHO) and are really gorgeous
-These do not come with balls in them, I have put a couple in some of the bottles though.
Pic with flash shows the sparkle, I'd be happy to take more pics if needed

L to R:
Pedicure Sparkle 06 / #6 Violet
Pedicure Sparkle 07 / #7 Sun Yellow
Pedicure Sparkle 09 / #9 Red
Pedicure Sparkle 08 / #8 Cool Mint
Nail Vita BL503; A gorgeous green; shiny/glittery, finish not quite as metallic as Skin Food's Pedicure Sparkle polishes.


R.O.D. The TV:  Disc 7 "The New World" from Geneon
episodes 24-26--$4

-Kare Kano (Kareshi Kano no Jijou, Her & Her Circumstances) Vol 1-3; and Vol 7-10, in great condition, have been read before--$4 each but if you buy more of them I can go lower

I have
Fushigi Yugi Vol. 3-8 in the old, larger style Left to Right format (the book itself is larger than the others, but it was what was available at the time at my bookstore, so I bought them)...I want them in the Right to Left format and the smaller/normal size, because they don't match all my other FY volumes, and its driving me nuts!  Anybody interested in buying or swapping?!   They are in great condition.  Pics below show the volumes, SIZE (and comparison) and direction they open (Vol 1 vs Vol 3...Vol 1-2 are NOT FOR SALE, just pictured for comparison)  Would also take Omnibus editions that have 2-3 volumes in one book.  Would

Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi; Koenma/Yusuke Urameshi, Boy Love (there’s some stuff implied and they kiss, so I think its Boy Love; non-explicit male/male)
--$8 (paid at least $15)

Back & Front Covers:

Considering getting rid of these series as well:
Kare First Love
(Ayashi no) Ceres

Japanese Mooks (Magazine books):

There are basically NEW, I only flipped through them 1x...they each come with free gift items (much nicer than those in US magazines!)  The free gift (purse/case/tote bag/etc.) comes with it in cardboard, I opened them up 1x and looked at them, then put them back in the original wrapping.  Below are links to a Singapore blog, Rouge Deluxe, and from there you can find videos about the mooks and the free gift

NEW  Graffiti Sunshine HbG Tote ONLY (no magazine):  $25 shipped
Carried this 1x for about 30 min/1 hr (mostly in the car); then put it back in the wrapping, just not a good size for me.  Also came with a heart-shaped logo charm that I haven't used; it's still in the plastic wrap.  This was the gift that came with the Autumn/Winter 2010 Issue of the HbG Japanese Mook, I do NOT have the mook (magazine book) to sell, just the bag.
Rectangular Bag; Measures 19x40x9cm; two pockets on the sides, snap closure at the top, VERY CUTE!

Details about the bag and more pictures here from Haru's blog (Singapore blogger), RougeDeluxe.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE THE GRAFFITI SUNSHINE BAG WHICH IS THE 2ND ONE, THE BLACK ONE, WHICH IS LOWER DOWN ON THE PAGE: 

Steady July (7), 2010--$15 shipped + PP fees (shipping is more because of size and weight)
This one comes with a multi-case, details here: 
Multi-Case Details

Accessories/Toys/etc.:  Most of these were bought by me from Japan (via website), Most Brand New, still in package, see pics

Death Note:
Both items have Crouching L and emblem
Left:  Cell Phone Strap with charms (detachable, Crouching L and emblem)
Right:  *SOLD*
$8 each

--Cell phone charms--$3 each, $10 + PP fees shipped for the 3 left
If you need a closeup I"m happy to take more pictures, the charms available include the following (sorry, in no particular order...I know it's hard to tell from the picture which is which...)
-*SOLD* L computer/laptop
-*SOLD* L's coffee cup
-Light's desk drawer
-*SOLD* Ryuk's apple
-Misa's laundry cart
-L's chair

Death Note necklace/locket, out of package but never worn--$11

Death Note plushies (keychains):  $5 each
-Apple and book plushie; book is about 2 inches tall
-Light with scythe plushie, Light is about 4 inches tall

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Figurines--$5 each, not sure about shipping (need to see if they're over 13 oz or not).
Yusuke Urameshi
Suzaku with Bird

-Keychains:  $5 each
--Made of a flexible rubbery material, the figures are about 8 cm (without the chain part)
-----Yusuke Urameshi

I'm looking for/ISO:
Anything to do with these animes/mangas:  Lovely Complex (Love*Com), Kare Kano
-figurines, stationery, Pins, badges, cell phone charms, posters, etc.

Maybe:  Yu Yu Hakusho, Read or Die, Read or Dream, Full Metal Alchemist (Mostly anything with Riza Hawkeye, Hayate (the dog), Jean Havoc, or maybe Mustang...mostly minor characters....Major General Armstrong?)

especially like cell phone charms that are screen cleaners

Also would love deco tapes—especially THICK ones (like the width of packing tape, or masking tape)

I would LOVE a top like this, or VERY similar:

I'm willing to look at your list, I love cute things!

default 3

dreams_store reopening!

Today is the reopening of [info]dreams_store 


Selling some cute things over at 
[info]dreams_store !
including: clothing, phone charms, and manga!

manga list includes:
DNAngel 1-9
Tsubasa Revoir Chromicle 1-3
Sakugana No Shana 1-2
Mamotte! Lollipop 1-7
Hana Kimi 1-2
Tokyo Mew Mew La Mode 1-20
Metamo Kiss 1
Kare Kano 1-18*
Yurara 1-2

please visit for additional information :)
ぴんぴん ⇒ Star.

❤ WTS;; ♡♡

❤ ❤ Hello! ~

I need all of this gone~ Please help me clear out my clutter. I am selling many things! CDs, Cheki, Posters, and Magazines.
I will be gradually adding more things through the month, varying from more cheki, flyers and more magazines. Please feel free to haggle.

Prices are all in JPY. Paypal only please.
☆ I ship from the UK and will ship worldwide!
☆ Shipping will be between 100-500.
☆ Sales are final, no refunds or returns.

Trades: I will only trade for the following bands
☆ PIECElang ☆ Zip.er ☆ HERO ☆ BUGLUG ☆ Dog in the PWO Tokyo Shitei ☆ Paradeis
Either in: Cheki, Flyers, CD, Merch.

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misc. ▸ won't you come with me

urgent sales - offers accepted, domestic shipping included, please buy!


You can find my sales at my sales journal, the_corvy_sales  !! More sales found HERE at Photobucket! All clothes? $3 Shipped! Make offers - everything must go! Please send all PM's to corvyie - I REPEAT, SEND THEM TO corvyie.

Specific Categories
Other Sales
  • Lolita for Sale!
  • Kuroshitsuji Square Enix Figures for Sale! - Payment Plans are accepted! Please buy! Currently on sale on mbok for 10,000 Yen (approx. $150) for Ciel ONLY! Get a deal while you can! (Current High Offers - Ciel: $170 with Domestic Shipping; Sebastian: NONE!) I will be accepting offers until July 03, 2011. After which I will simply accept the highest offer or decide to keep them. I will likely be selling Ciel and keeping Sebastian. Get offers in now! OFFERS ARE CLOSED. Ciel has been paid for, so unless you're willing to upfront pay me $200 for him, he's no longer available. Sebastian shall remain in my care unless you want to offer me $200+ for him.

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Terra-Moogles Everywhere~!

For Sale!

Hey everyone! I have quite a few Anime and Manga items up for sale please take a look! I have a wide variety of items! Also please remember to take a look at my shipping and payment info under these cuts! Just added some new Manga! Angel Sanctuary, Black Knight (Yaoi) and more!:

Also Please comment here on the entry! PM's get lost and with how fickle lj notifications are for me I miss PM's so please comment to this entry if interested in any items!

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Onto the items!

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I have lots of items for sale
import japan psp game la corda d' oro
import japan psp game la corda d' oro 2f
import japan psp game la corda d' oro 2f encore
import japan psp game la corda d'oro 3
import japan psp game hiiro no kakera 2

fashion magazine: all in Japanese
seventeen june 2011 no furoku
seventeen may 2011: contain furoku
more june 2011: contain furoku
with june 2011: contain furoku
with july 2011: contain furoku
steady april 2011: contain furoku
steady june 2011: no furoku

la corda cd and events dvd
la corda 3 original cd
seisou gakuen sai 3 dvd (2 dvds)

several doujinshi/items for the following titles in my journal
1. chibi tsuna X chibi hibari
2. chibi hibari X chibi dino
3. parano doujinshi (all color)
4. la corda anime artbook
5 seiyuu magazine: april 2008 (newtype seiyuu, contain postcards such as fukuyama jun, kamiya hiroshi, haruka tomastu, etc, contain 1 booklet of hirano aya)
7. shojo manga: kokoro no button 1-4
etc. please see my journal for more items

WTB - Bleach / Naruto DVDS/Movies/Boxsets

Hello ^^ I'm looking to buy any Bleach or Naruto anime boxsets/DVDs/movies if anyone is willing to sell. Any seasons of Bleach besides 4 & 8 is preferred. :] I've been looking around for some good anime because my boyfriends in bed with a cracked rib and wanted to get him something to watch but so far I haven't been able to find anything.. So please let me know! Just name a price and I'm sure we can work something out. Also, any payment is fine with me. Thank you! :]