August 5th, 2011

2 DAY SALE!! OMG!! 30% OFF

  2 Day Sale!!!

Place your orders and payment by Sunday 12am and you'll get 30% OFF on your order!! (before shipping). With just a few tiny exceptions: the 3 wallscrolls I've just barely put up and the large Sailor Neptune poster I have listed on my journal. THE REST IS ON SALE!! Please come look around. XD

Just click on the image to link to my journal : D

Feedback is right here::
Items will be sent out on Monday. Happy Shopping!!

BnK - MutsukixAnis


Hello everyone ~

I'm looking to buy or trade for some Starry Sky merchandise. I'm also interested in getting some Super Junior merchandise - lightsticks, wristbands, cellphone charms ,Siwon merchandise.




Some items of interest include...

Pokemon Gameboy Cartridges - RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GOLD, SILVER, CRYSTAL, TCG
Digimon Action Figures
Sailor Moon Dolls
Sailor Moon Starlights Brooch

(Bidding ends tonight, at 9PM my time for the SM Starlights Brooch! - countdown link~!)

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Maple Leaf Sales!! Updated 08/05/2011

Please visit my Sales Journal:

Maple Leaf Sales!

New items: Professor Layton Revoltech Figure; Asuka Shikinami Figma; Mudkip Banprest UFO Catcher Plush; Various Manga

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Thank You!
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selling Fruits Basket artbook + yaoi + CLAMP merch + other manga sets

HELLO! I have ebay sales ending soon and I have added some new books entirely. I need money for textbooks, so please take a look!

Ending Soon:
Fruits Basket Artbook
Il Gatto Sul G. ~complete series~
CLAMP in Cardland Irreplacable Book

New Sales!:
Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist vols 1&2
Afterschool Charisma vols 1&2
Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei vols 1&2

You can find them all here. Thanks for looking!

WTS ANIME and Various Items from Newtype & Animage

I am looking to sell these items The First is volumes
1 thru 32 of Yu Yu Hakusho it is the US Release. They are all in very good condition. Pictures upon request. 350.00 for the set or best offer

From Newytype and Animage I have the flowing items
Evangelion x Newtype Original Trump Cards 15.00

Tsubasa x Animage Original Playing Cards 10.00
DRRR!! X Animage Original Playing Cards 10.00
Mobil Suit Gundam 00 x Animage Original Playing Cards 10.00
INAZUMA ELEVEN x Animage Original Playing Cards 10.00

The Princess Mononoke Original Playing Cards x ENSKY 1997 Nibariki.GND 10.00

Animage 30th Anniversary CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Mechanical Complete Model 2008Animage 10 10.00

Animage 30th Anniversary Mega House Chara fortune series Limited Version Pilot Kira-Sama 2008 Animage 9 10.00

Newtype 25th Anniversary MEDI COM TOY BE@RBRICK 2010 NEWTYPE 4 10.00

Cell Phone Charms Gundam 00 Allelujah Haptism Gundam Kurios & Setsuna F Seiei Gundam Exio 12.00

Cell Phone Charms Gundam 00 Tierla Erde Gundan Virtue & Lockon Stratos Gundam Dunames 12.00

Cell Phone Charms Lelouch of the Rebellion Lelouch & Suzaku 12.00

Pictures upon Request I will ship International. Paypal Accepted. Buyer pays shipping. I have feedback on ebay under Zorro85.

Everything must go! Willing to take offers right now for most items!

I'm willing to take offers on almost everything I have that's up. These all need to go as soon as possible.

Doujinshi: Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, D.Gray Man, Suikoden, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara!, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kuroshitsugi, Hetalia, and Tales of Vesperia. Most doujinshi are on sale of buy 1, get the 2nd one 50% off. Can be used multiple times

Yaoi Manga: Jazz v1-3, Alcohol shirt and kisses, Lover's Flat, Stolen Hearts, Invisible boy v1-2, Black Knight v1-4, Cold Sleep, Desire, and Alley of First Love, buy 1, get 2 50% off 

Manga: Shamen King v1-2, Samurai Deep Kyo, Desert Coral, Chrono Crusade V1-5, Immortal Rain v1-5, Fullmetal Alchemist various, buy 1, get 2nd 50% off

Figurines/dolls/plush: KHR - Tsunayoshi, KH - Demyx, Bleach - Hisagi and Hollow Ichigo, Vocaloid: Miku

Posters:  2 Bleach (Ulquiorra, Grimmjow), Katekyo hitman reborn from the seasonal sets and chara pos7 set, Karau, The gazette, Gurren Lagoon, Xenosaga, Jinki:Entend. There is a sale on all posters where they are buy 1, get the 2nd one 50% off. Can be used multiple times

Others: DVDs, jewelry, video games, boots, teddy bears, a complete Squall dissidia costume with wig included, Newtype magazines, Final fantasy postcards, and Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, and Pandora Hearts photos, Jump magizines from January 2004 to November 2005, and many many more.

I ship from U.S. and will ship international. You’re welcome to negotiate for a price that fits your range if bought in bulk. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. Please take a look. Click here for sale page or the picture. My feedback page is here so you'll know its safe to buy from me. Thanks!

Power Girl

FS: Yaoi, games, guides

Good evening, everyone.  Have a list of things I want to get rid of.  Just a list right now as I'm updating my pictures but will get them up as soon as possible.  Most of it is pretty cheap and I'm open to haggling.  I do offer discounts for multiple orders.  Shipping for most items will start at $3.

Final Fantasy XIII limited edition guide (Number 127,957) - $10 plus shipping
PS3 Assassin’s Creed w/ guide and mini-artbook - $10 plus shipping

PS3 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West w/ guide - $10 plus shipping

PlayArts Final Fantasy X Tidus w/ extra hands and swords - $10 plus shipping

Gay’s Anatomy (Amazon - $55-$78) - $20 plus shipping

Boys Love (Amazon - $15-$98) - $10 plus shipping

Final Fantasy IX guide - $15 plus shipping
Chrono Cross guide - $10 plus shipping

Prototype guide - $3 plus shipping

$2 Manga
Shards of Affection
Beyond My Touch

Kabuki: Flower vol. 1

Endless Comfort

Millennium Darling 2006

Double Cast

Honey Chocolate

The Day I Became a Butterfly

Men of Tattoos

Ciao Ciao Bambino

Love Training
You and Harujion

Sweet Revolution

Gakuen Heaven: Endo – Calling You


I’ll Be Your Slave

J-Boy vol. 1

A Love Song for the Miserable

Same Cell Organism

The Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy

White Guardian

Isle of Forbidden Love

Last Portrait

The Judged

Clear Skies! A Charming Love Story

Yakuza in Love vol. 1-3 - $6 plus shipping
Prince Charming vol. 1-3 - $6 plus shipping
The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes vol. 1-2 - $4 plus shipping
Camera Camera Camera vol. 1-2 - $4 plus shipping
Innocent Bird vol. 1-3 - $6 plus shipping
Passion vol. 1-2 - $4 plus shipping