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10 September 2011 @ 01:03 am

Current Location: Germany, Alfter
Riku Mihawk
10 September 2011 @ 01:09 am

Otaku 2011 Sale

*Bleach, Vampire Knight, Togainu No Chi, Lamento, Code Geass, Ao No Exorcist, Baka To Test, Persona 4, Gintama, Final Fantasy, Yaoi Artbooks, Durarara! Yaoi Doujinshi, Posters: Tiger & Bunny, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Momogumi Plus Senki, Kyo Kara Maoh, Folders, Shitajiki, PVC Figures, Anime, Artwork.


My Wishlist:

Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru PHOSPHOR Artbook
Ao No Exorcist,
Uragiri wa boku no nameo wo shitteiru,
Bleach 4 Movie Merch specially with Ichigo in it,
Durarara! Shizuo X Izaya, 
YAOI Artbooks, 
RARE Items with Bishounen 
Anime Necklace, Rings

10 September 2011 @ 01:14 am
Hi. I have lots of stuff for sale. Check out my sales posts to see items, pictures, prices, and the latest updates and additions:

Tea and Tea Accessories, Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods, and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Imports Games and Books, Boxes and Manuals, Music CDs and Merch, Movies, and Related

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

I'm open to trades. See my full wishlist here.

Currently, my Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts collections is up for sale. See here for details.

I'm also having an auction. Includes a lot of Japan imports, various merchandise, anime/manga promos, and more. Ends 9/12/11.
10 September 2011 @ 01:31 am

click to RamenStand
^ ^ ^ > > >Click Image Above< < < ^ ^ ^
& MORE!!! @ ramenstand

10 September 2011 @ 01:56 am
Selling bunch of doujinshis! List has been expanded!
Doujinshis are written in either Japanese or Korean.

Negotiation is acccepted in a reasonable line.

Kagamine Rin and KAITO nendoroids are now available! 


Doujinshi: Durarara - Buy 2 and Get 1 Half Price
Doujinshi: Reborn
Doujinshi: Hetalia, Kuroko's Basket, Angel Beats, Inazuma Eleven, Ao no Exorcist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tiger&Bunny, Hakuouki


I also have more titles on my ebay sales list HERE
Prices are around $2~5 more than what I would acutally sell on my livejournal page due to fees, +.
If there's anything that you'd like to purchase from the list that's not availble on my sales page, you can comment on this post for negotiation while no bids are placed. In case somebody bidded for the specific doujinshi while commenting back and forth, you won't be able to get the doujinshi unfortunately.

Ebay list will be getting added continuously for a while.
(need to sleep now lol)

Desperately looking for
Digivice 97'(1st gen) ver.1,2,&3
(Currently got one but I'm not sure which verison it is.)

I've checked on Ebay and several other places but the prices are just too ridiculous that I can't afford for 1 single digivice.
Looking for around ~20 and in neat condition. If anybody is willing to sell their's in that range, I'll definitely love to get it!!!
10 September 2011 @ 02:27 am

Is anyone selling her? Please let me know! Thanks!
Since Zammi (a T-shirt printing company) is within walking distance from my house, I'm opening a pre-order on personalized or customized JE T-shirts.

Price depends on the design but usually ranges from 275 - 400 Php (or 6.50 - 9.50 USD). Simple designs are cheaper compared to complicated designs (especially when you use metallic prints). 

If you're interested just fill-up the form at the bottom of the page http://j-kpop-shop.weebly.com/je-pre-order.html I will email you back, then you can submit your design. I have my own designs but it's not final yet. I'm not very good in photoshop so I asked the help of one of the employee in zammi.

Metallic Printing

You can check zammi's website to see their designs --> CLICK HERE

  • 100 up pcs - $1.15 each
  • 50 - 99 pcs - $1.50 each
Lanyards - $2.50

I also have other on-going pre-orders (Jpop/JE) --> CLICK HERE
On-going Kpop pre-orders --> CLICK HERE
Jpop/JE Items --> CLICK HERE
Asmama Jewelry (Kpop) --> CLICK HERE

If you have questions, you can reach me through my website J-Kpop Shop or you can PM me or comment on this post ^__^
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10 September 2011 @ 12:19 pm

One Pieces, JSKs starting at $30!! BTSSB, Meta, and more!

Check it ouuut

10 September 2011 @ 12:59 pm

Selling many things over at obakeya!

Includes : Dounjinshi , Monthly Anthologies , and DVDs, Video Games, + Manga

Reviews here
10 September 2011 @ 02:57 pm

Please check out my salespost on figureFM for details!: http://www.figure.fm/post/en/31547/Sales+Rare+figmas+manga+and+more.html
10 September 2011 @ 03:23 pm
Lots of anime from series such as .Hack, Arc the Lad, Elemental Gelade, Midori Days, Paradise Kiss, The Story of Saiunkoku, Ranma 1/2, HIs and Her Circumstances, Blue Seed!

Manga such as .Hack, Ceres, CLAMP, DN Angel, Maison Ikkoku, Pretty Face, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Skip Beat, Slayers, Tail of the Moon. Free samplers with a manga purchase!

Selling a loud of Anime Insider and some manga magazines!

Other goods of Fruits Basket, Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Zoids, Azu Manga Daioh, Gakuen Alice, Inu Yasha!

Postcards of Saiyuki,Nana, Paradise Kiss, Law of Ueki, Fullmetal Panic, Cardcaptor Sakura!

Please have a look here: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/21569.html
10 September 2011 @ 05:38 pm

Bleach, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Ouran Host Club, Kuroshitsuji, Sailormoon, Pokemon, Various Cosplays! 

Please take a look!

Hello! I have some items from series such as Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Ballad of a Shinigami, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and various others.

Onto The ItemsCollapse )
Current Location: New York
10 September 2011 @ 07:31 pm

Fruits Basket DVD, Vampire Knight 1-5, Rin! 1-3, Fruits Basket 1,
Chobits 1, Gintama 1-12, Reborn 1-6,8-10, Cardcaptor
Sakura 1-6 Collector's Edition with Box, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Clearfile, Clamp no Kiseki Chesspieces, Hetalia Playing Card Tin Can

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi/Merchandise Yamamoto/Gokudera, Yamamoto/Lambo, Reborn/Lambo, Dino/Hibari, Hibari/Reborn, Manga

Johnny's Entertainment Arashi CD, NEWS/Tegomass CDs and Concert DVDs, Magazines, NEWS,Tegomass, KAT-TUN Posters

Games PS2 Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 + Strategy Guide, Ace Attorney: Justice for All and other nintendo ds games, and xbox games.

No trades please.

Please visit my journal for more info and pics.

10 September 2011 @ 10:12 pm
~*~ ALL Prices Have Been SLASHED!!!!!!! ~*~

Cleaning out my house of a bunch of cool stuff! 

Anime goods, manga, vintage games, comics, cds, books, trading cards, vintage Anime pins, L and XL clothing, jewelry, accessories, more!

~*~ ALL Prices Are Negotiable! ~*~

Literally hundreds of items!!!!!!!

Please help me get rid of stuff! I need to move and this stuff is in my way!

Sailor Moon,
Fullmoon / Arina Tanemura, Dragon Dall Z, NANA, CLAMP, Disney, Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Final Fantasy, Weiss Kruez, Gundam, Inuyahsa, J-rock, Game stuff, and a ton more!


More toys and clothes coming soon... (contact me if you are interested in seeing more stuff)