September 25th, 2011


KPOP+Kawaii packs+Manga

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I'm located in CA, USA.
Everything is negotiable.
Freebies with every purchase!
I take paypal and CC.
I ship domestic and international.
All prices in USD.
Shipping outside of the US may cost more than stated.
Some photos are not mine, ask if you want proof or other photos.
I am not responsible for any lost packages in the mail.

Manga (All in english):
Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) vol 1
xxxholic vol 10, 11, 12
If you're interested just let me know and I'll take a photo for you ^^

Domo-Kun Grabbie, $8, comes with:
-1 A4 Clear file
-1 Mini Domo-Kun Notebook

wts: je clippings / posters / albums


- Kat-tun - Best of Kat-tun
- BoA - Valenti & best of Soul
- Kyoko Fukada and many more


- Kat-tun - $1.50 each
- Arashi - $1.50 each
- NEWS - $1.50 each
- HSJ - $1.50 each
- K8 - $1 each
- Kinki kids / v6 / T&T - $1 each


- Arashi - $3 each
- Kat-tun - $3
- K8
- HSJ / HS7/ HSBest


- Kat-tun
- K8

* Only for singaporean buyers.

* pls visit my lj or blog for more info

Doujinshi/Misc Sales! Group Order

Group Order for!

Order ends October 2nd, Sunday
Taking orders for,

*Small toys/figures(No huge items)

Please check here for better information


Selling bunch of doujinshis! List has been expanded!
Doujinshis are written in either Japanese or Korean.

I really need them sold for the for my new cellphone and groceries! 
Please give them a new home!!!

Negotiation is acccepted in a reasonable line.

Doujinshi: Durarara - Buy 2 and Get 1 Half Price
- Izaya x Shizuo x Izaya, Heiwajima Brothers, Chikage(Rotchi) x Kadota, Shizuo x Vorona, Tom x Shizuo, Izaya Uke, Cover Charas
- Hummel, Inumog, World Box, Ikebukuro Now, Okujo Kantarera, and More!(Japanese & Korean!)

Doujinshi: Reborn
- Mukuro x Tsuna, Primo x Tsuna, Tsuna Uke
Giselluka(Proxy Series), Suiden Crow(Ai no Uta Series), RE:sKEY, and More!(Japanese & Korean)

Doujinshi: Hetalia, Kuroko's Basket, Angel Beats, Inazuma Eleven, Ao no Exorcist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hakuouki
- US x UK, Akuyuu, Kise x Kuroko, Hinata x Otonashi, Gouenji x Fubuki, Endo x Kazemaru, Hiroto x Endo, Fire Dragon, Okumura Brothers, Kaiba x Yami, Saito x Chizuru

- Chibi-san Date, Cristo, Doll's Song, Flat, Kyo kara Mao, Cucumber Sandwich, Star Driver, Dragon Ball(complete), Durarara
- Japanese & Korean!

- Fanmade(Durarara, Reborn, etc), Durarara&Madomagi&Hetalia Straps/Keychains, Star Driver Figures, Shitajikis, Clear Files, Kaito&Rin Nendoroids, Durarara&Shonen Onmyouji DVDs, and More!




CD's, DVD's, Video Games, Manga, Action Figure, Figurines for SALE!!!

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I am in dire need of money to cover some expenses for college, so I'm selling many of my beloved items.
Items do not include shipping.
I am selling:

Visual Kei CD's 
ガゼット (Gazette) - 蛾蟇 (Gama) Limited Edition Digipack - $25
PANIC☆ch - Zenkoku Taikai 3 Honsen. ~Free Style~ - $10
パニックちゃんねる/PANIC☆ch - Zenkoku Taikai 3 Honsen. ~Kesshousen~ - $10
             Buy both Panic singles and get free shipping in the U.S.!
D'AIR - WITH (includes NAGI Trading Card) - $7

Video Games 
Final Fantasy XIII - $15

DVD's - 
Bleach Volumes 7 and 9 - $15 as a set (includes limited edition patches and sticker sheets)
Dragon Ball Movie Box Set - $12 (2005 edition, so box is bigger than 2008 edition)
Black Cat Vol 1 - $3
E'S Otherwise Vol 2 - $3
Inuyasha Vol 47 - $3

Action Figures/ Figurines - 
Axel (Kingdom Hearts Play Arts) - $20
Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva 001 Revoltech Movie Edition - $25
Pokemon TOMY figurines (Deoxys [Speed Form], Charizard, Jirachi, Mewtwo) - $4 each

Manga - 
Crayon ShinChan Vol 5 (NEW UNOPENED) - $7
Black God Vol 1 - $5
Harukaze Bitter Bop Vol 1 - $4
Zombie Powder Vol 1 - $3
O-Parts Hunter Volume 1 - $4
Dragon Drive Volumes 1-5 - $25 (ONLY SOLD AS A SET!)
Shaman King Vol 1-4 - $15 (ONLY SOLD AS SET!)
Blood + Volume 1 - $6
Wolf's Rain Vol 1&2 - $8 (ONLY SOLD AS SET!)
Code Geass Vol 1 - $6
Chibi Vampire Vol 2 - $4
Gacha Gacha The New Revolution Vol 1,4,5,6 - $15 (Conditions are not mint)

I ship from New York and will consider haggling.
Any Questions? I'll gladly answer them.:)
My feedback is:

pic 2


Shop sales now!
tops, blouses, skirts, dresses 'n' more!
we ship worldwide !

ALL THIS WEEK! Get FREE worldwide shipping on orders placed @ ! Minimum purchase only SG$50!

Sign up for our mailing list @ and receive an exclusive coupon to use for your first order! AND as always FREE REGISTERED MAIL local shipping (within Singapore) for all orders over SG$50!!

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Chbs: Chii - Can't Fight the Moonlight

Manga Clearout

Clearout is still on everyone. I need the room, so everything has to go! Please take this stuff off my hands.

The books for sale include:

Shonen-Ai/BL/Yaoi: Kizuna, Reversible, The Day I Became a Butterfly, Honey/Chocolate, When the Heavens Smile, Waru, You and Harujion, Our Kingdom, Love!!, Desire, Picnic, Loveless, Dear Myself, World's End, Shinobu Kororo, Cause of My Teacher, How to Control a Sidecar, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Mr Flower Bride, Little Darling, A Promise of Romance.

Shojo:  Sugar Princess, Hana-Kimi, Captive Hearts, Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode, Tail of the Moon, Ceres Celestial Legend, W Juliet, Hot Gimmick, Kare First Love, Cactus' Secret, Sand Chronicles, Yurara, MeriPuri, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe.

Misc: Bizenghast, Seiho Boys High School, Library Wars, Nora, Blank Slate, Kingyo Used Books, Arata, Full Metal Panic, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Anime: DVD's include Kizuna, Gravitation, Loveless, Shaman King, Isudatte My Santa!, Negima.

All Sales Right Here!
  • Items shipped from the U.K via Royal Mail, and are priced in Pounds Sterling. {£} Willing to give a converted price into other currencies for items when asked.
  • Willing to ship internationally.
  • Serious Buyers only please.
  • Payments through Paypal only, open to trades and haggling (especially since I do want to get rid of this stuff.)
  • All sales details and a link to my positive feedback are in the guidelines of the post linked above, read carefully before enquiring about purchasing anything.
  • Feel free to view my feedback before purchasing.
Thanks guys, happy shopping! ^-^