October 10th, 2011

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quick sale! <3

I'm visiting home where most of my items are located, but I'm returning to school TOMORROW!  Right now I have access to all of my items for sale, so please take a look and let me know asap if you're interested in anything!

SPECIAL:  Red sale prices are still in effect!

asian fashion for colder weather, korean/japanese jewelry and accessories, manga, yaoi doujinshi, posters, figures and more!

shipping is FREE within the US

all at maikofruits

Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

A Bit O' This & A Bit O' That

Manga & Books:
~ Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition (includes volumes 1-3) vol. 1
~ Maria Holic vol. 1
~ Negima! Omnibus Edition (includes volumes 1-3)
~ Inuyasha Animanga vol. 4
~ How to Draw Your Own Manga (Beyond the Basics)
~ Bakuman vol. 1
~ Alice in the Country of Hearts vol. 1
~ Death Note 1-12
~ I Luv Halloween 1-2
~ Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1-2
~ After I Win (Yaoi)

Collectibles & Figures:
~ Inuyasha - Miroku Trading Figure
~ Hetalia Coasters (Switz and Iceland)
~ Harajuku Lovers Collector's Figure and Bottle
~ Hello Kitty Plastic Clip
~ Hello Kitty Plastic Two-Sided Container

~ Death Note Ryuk Messenger Bag
~ Shin-chan Season 3 Part 1

I also have plenty non-anime/japan related items up for sale as well!

About Sales...
~ I accept Paypal and check by mail
~ All prices are final
~ Manga sets cannot be bought individually
~ I do combined shipping on two or more items
~ I am not responsible for you order after it ships

Wanted (Trades)
Sensitive Pornograph DVD (US Licensed)
Hetalia: Nekotalia Germany Kitty Plush

^Please keep in mind that not all items I have are up for trade, but feel free to comment on what you’d like~
I might consider buying depending on the price but I can't guarantee anything.

My Feedback:
eBay (all positive)
(one negative feedback is from a scammer -- do not sell them anything! They will do a reverse transaction!)
GSJ Feedback Page

To My Journal and Beyond~!

Lots for Sale and Kaito Nendoroid Group Order!

I still have lots for sale and reserves!
Please come take a look.

I ship worldwide and accept paypal/concealed cash(US only).
Holds are okay but no trades please.

Nendoroid Kaito : Cheerful Version Group Order

Please read all terms/instructions before commenting.
Terms of Service

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - All buyers are eligible for discounts!
One Piece
Magazines + Manga
Hetalia:  Goods || Trading Cards
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Re-Ment, K-On!
Death Note, Black★Rock Shooter, Sengoku Basara, Hakuouki, +etc!
Ao no Exorcist & Durarara!!
Karneval (カーニヴァル)
Nitro+Chiral, Togainu no Chi, Kuroshitsuji
D.Gray-Man & Bleach

Reserve Items
Tiger & Bunny
Starry Sky

Doujinshi/Fanmade Goods
Reborn!, Gintama, D.Gray-Man, Sweet Pool, +! :
Hetalia Doujinshi : + +
Hetalia Doujinshi/Fanmade Goods :
Tiger & Bunny, Togainu no Chi, Durarara!! :

My Feedback

Thanks for looking!

Lotsa artbooks, manga, etc.!!

Hey guys, still got a ton of artbooks and manga and stuff (some rare) for sale! Some Japanese language, some English language, some very heavily discounted!


Among them:

Comic Artists - Asia
Mamoru Oshii Movie Environments
Ito Noizi Art Collection
Bujingai visual fan book
Dolly Dolly vol. 5 (with patterns)
Little Princess vol. 2 BJD patterns
Voleur de Rose vol. 3: Phantasm BJD patterns
K's Art manga art instruction volumes
Comickers Acrylic color how-to, other how-tos
Other Japanese art how-to books/mooks
1/6 doll clothing collections book
Japanese fashion design techniques
Fusion Junction 2
Cool shops: Tokyo
Angel Cage
Niragram (Yasushi Nirasawa)
Haute Doll Musedoll issue

Gardening Mama
Chuchu Rocket

2 uninterrupted years of Shoujo Beat from the start
Tarot Cafe
With the Light
Princess Ai
Battle Angel Alita
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order
Oh My Goddess
Doomokun comics
S.S. Astro
Divine Melody
Deus Vitae

These and lots more at my book sales journal here: http://tsuminaki.livejournal.com/61386.html - I'll also combine shipping with any BJD stuff from my site (vitta-vera.net) or from other sales journals. Thanks!

cherry blossoms

Anime, Manga, JRock, etc.

I have a few things for sale over at my journal: http://boncra-z.livejournal.com/

Some of the things included are:

• Chobits vol. 1
• Gravitation EX vol. 1
• Kanpai! vol. 1 and 2
• Real Bout High School vol. 3

• Kamikaze Girls Novel

Phrase books
• D!rty Japanese

• Ghost in the Shell: Special Edition DVD

...and more!

I can only accept PayPal payments. Shipping prices are listed at the bottom of each entry. All prices are in USD. Shipping will cost more if you live outside the US.
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Magazines, Books, Photo Book,s Scorebooks, FC books

My apologies if you did not hear from us when posting a comment on our last post. We just realized that the comments were not getting to us. Here, now,llong list of items we have for sale. We really just want everything gone. Some items may have wear and tear, but any major damage will be mentioned. We realize that the pictures are not the best, so all better pictures and original prices (as well as more detailed descriptions), are all available on our website, Merchandise page (links on our page).

J Rock Magazines, Books, Photo Books, FC Magazines

Japanese Dolls and accessories (Pullip, Taeyang, etc)

Tons of Clamp in 3D Land figures for sale!!

Clamp in 3D land figures - will consider offers on any. It's hard to find current going prices for some of these figures so if you feel the price is too high please don't hesitate to make a reasonable offer.
Prices do not include shipping. I ship worldwide from the US. Currently I only accept paypal.

20 Clamp figures for sale behind the cut!

p.s. also check out my blog for tons more anime & japanese merch:

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WTB: SuG cd

I'm currently looking for the SuG I scream Party limited edition cd ( just can't seem be in time to get it ;__;). If you know of someone selling one or if your selling yours, please let me know :D


I'm open to trades & negotiations, feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Prices includes shipping within the USA. Prices are negotiable and will give discounts on multiple items. Pictures available upon request. Thank you. ♥

Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations $10
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil $6

Picture Letters From The Commander In Chief: Letters From Iwo Jima FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE OF $10 OR MORE
Cafe Kichijouji De Illustrations Artbook (Has slight damage; please inquire about it) $20

Sou (Kunisaki) Monochromanticca B&W Illustrations Artbook (Signed by the artist herself) $16
Hana Temari Hana Illustration Artbook $24

L'Arc~en~Ciel KISS Album (Korea Tour Edition) $12
Michael Jackson "King Of Pop" (The Korean Limited Edition Album) $20

ALL DOUJINSHI; 30% OFF / OBO; unless noted
Eternal Arcadia Anthurium. (Gilder/Vyse) Reprint Doujinshi $40 DOES NOT APPLY TO THE 30% OFF PROMOTION
Gundam Seed Destiny Ultimate Powers Overdoser 4 Reprint Doujinshi $22
Lord Of The Rings 私を抱いて、そしてキスして。(Aragorn/Frodo) $17
Naruto Bed Time Eyes (Asuma/Kakashi) $12

Sengoku Basara - Kojuro/Masamune (奥州の休日雷舞篇) $21 DOES NOT APPLY TO THE 30% OFF PROMOTION
Sengoku Basara - Hisahide/Kojuro (梟雄の庵) $15 DOES NOT APPLY TO THE 30% OFF PROMOTION

Peacemaker Kurogane vol. 1 - 3 $13
Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action vol. 1 - 2 $10


HEROX Engine Sentai Go-Onger Sousuke $5
Peacemaker Kurogane Shitajiki $6