November 5th, 2011

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Sale: Otaku Sale 2011 BRAND NEW ITEMS ADDED!

  • Rules:

Payments: I accept, PAYPAL, as for other type of payment please contact me.

Shipping: I ship all items Worldwide, shipping inside USA is a lot cheaper, than outside of USA for me. Always leave me either your zip code, or name of country to be able to tell you the shipping price, thanks.

IMPORTANT: I am accepting OFFERS on ALL ITEMS! If you are interested on anything message me & we can work something out!

Items Summary:



Jrock/Visual Kei & Anime Items for sale!!

Posers(Official+Cure&Shoxx), Magazines, Card's, Photos, Flyers, Figures, DVD

Bands: MoNoLith, MUCC(autographs), Megamasso, Undercode, Luzmelt, Calmando Qual, Marlee, The Sound Bee HD, Blood(new & old), Project-merrow-, Suicide Ali, GPKISM, Ayabie, MSI, Kra, Screw

Anime: DeathNote, Vampire Hunter D, s-CRY-ed, Airgear, Fullmetal Panic? Fumoffu, Godannar, Itsudatte My Santa!, Maria Watches Over Us, Tekkon Kinkreet, "Girl's High" Teen Spirit, Belldandy

Please have a look!!
Wanting Luzmelt Flyers if anyone wants to trade!?!?!
Thank you~

Doujinshi Sale + Plastic Protective Sleeves (Bags)




Fallen Moon - BLU
MeruPuri Vol 1-4 - VizMedia
Missing Road - Dramaqueen
Not so bad Vol 1-2 - NetComics
Roureville Vol 1-2 - NetComics
The First Stage of Love - June
Time Lag - June
Venus Capriccio Vol 1-4 - CMX
Wagamama Kitchen - June

Japanese mangas:
Keep Out (Japanese)
Critical Lover v1 (Japanese)


Note:All bags have Resealable adhesive on the bag and not on the flap so you
can seal without damaging the bag or books/poster when taking it out.

Poster Size: 22 inches x 28 inches $1 each
Doujinshi Sizes:
$0.50 each, 25 for $10, 50 for $15
1) 7-1/2 inches x 10-3/8 inches
2) 7-1/8 inches x 10-3/8 inches
Artbook Sizes: 10-3/8 inches x 14-1/4 inches $0.65 each, 25 for $14, 50 for $20

Plastic Tree, emmuree, PIERROT, JILS, JINKAKU RADIO, AYABIE, Syndrome, machine etc CDs,DVDs, posters

Plastic Tree, emmurée (NEW!!), 人格ラヂオ (JINKAKU RADIO) (+poster), ANNY's LTD., ベリィ (BERRY), Fatima, Moran, D'espairsRay, GULLET (poster), La'Mule, geno, THE PIASS/妃阿甦, PIERROT, Angelo, Kirito, D≒SIRE, JILS, ElDorado/EllDorado (+poster), Atmos*note, Sugar, merrygoround, Smells, AYABIE, BLAM HONEY, BAISER, Syndrome, KISAKI & KANSAI KIZOKU, D, L'yse:nore, DEATHGAZE, machine, SEX MACHINEGUNS, LM.C, 査~マルサ~ (MARUSA) + compilations.  Please see the end of the post for additional bands, and ask for a list of items if you're interested in any of them.

***NOTICE: It has been brought to my attention that some people have been unable to post comments on my entries. In the event of such a problem, please just send me a PM instead. Thanks very much, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

all items are original Japanese releases.

Everything is complete (with title strip where applicable) and in excellent, near-perfect, like new condition unless otherwise stated.  If you need pictures of any items or more information, please ask. All prices are in US dollars.

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Leave feedback at the post linked above if you feel so inclined.

my eBay feedback

Payment & Shipping

Shipping for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs within the US is $3.00 (or less) for first class or $5.00 for priority.  For more items, shipping will be calculated based on what you purchase.  For shipping outside of the US, charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on where you live and what you purchase.  Generally speaking, international airmail is $6-9 for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs.  International shipping for posters is a bit more, but will be reasonable. *VHS videotapes, magazines, as well as CDs and DVDs in alternative packaging, such as hardcover books, are significantly heavier and will add more to shipping cost.  Priority International is also available, ask about rates.

I accept Paypal or Postal Money Order.

Thanks for looking!


Lots of anime from series such as .Hack, Arc the Lad, Elemental Gelade, Midori Days, Paradise Kiss, The Story of Saiunkoku, Ranma 1/2, HIs and Her Circumstances, Blue Seed!

Manga such as .Hack, Ceres, CLAMP, DN Angel, Maison Ikkoku, Pretty Face, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Skip Beat, Slayers, Tail of the Moon. Free samplers with a manga purchase!

Selling a load of Anime Insider and some manga magazines!

Other goods of Fruits Basket, Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Zoids, Azu Manga Daioh, Gakuen Alice, Inu Yasha! Only one Zoid left!!

Postcards of Saiyuki,Nana, Law of Ueki, Fullmetal Panic, Cardcaptor Sakura!
Tons of posters!!

Please have a look here:

Interested in cosplay? I am selling a bunch of wigs and costumes! Con Season is just around the corner!

(no subject)

I'm selling things at syusukes! Warning: big images in each post.

Information & feedback.
× Anime & manga + merchandise. Everything in this post is buy one, get one 50% off until November 14th. JUST UPDATED WITH MORE NEW STUFF, PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF EVERYTHING.
× Albums & singles + posters. Has stuff from SHINee, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, and much more. NEW! SMTOWN T-SHIRT!
× JE merchandise. Contains shop photos, posters, and magazines.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES - I do NOT ship out of the country. I'm open to trades for these items. I really, really need to sell all of my stuff so please take a look and make an offer if you don't like the price. Thank you!
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Needing to clear out some space in my room, so I'm looking to get rid of some things. :D


Death Note plushies, keychains, pillow
Naruto lanyards and doujinshi
Fullmetal Alchemist keychains
Kingdom Hearts manga
Misc. Series doujinshi (Gundam Wing, Saiyuki, Weiss Kreuz)
Seiryo University yaoi manga

If you're interested please check out the post over here!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here, on the sales post, or e-mail me at Nemuri.Hime AT Gmail.

Sentimental Circus, Gloomy Bear, Hetalia, Togainu no Chi, Durarara!, COSMODE, Sanrio, etc!

Hey all! First time selling here!

- All prices listed below are in USD and exclude shipping.
- Shipping: via USPS priority or first class, to be calculated
- Shipping outside US accepted
- I only accept payments through paypal.
- Items in NJ will be shipped within 2 weekdays after payment/address is received or shipping is free!

Note: While I have most items here with me in Jersey, some of the items will ship from my home. It's a US APO address (zip 96376) and may take a touch longer to ship. I've marked any items from the APO address.

Please comment here with zipcode for shipping estimates. I've lost all faith in PMs so worst case, my email is my lj username
First to reply with a request for paypal gets it! No holds over 24 hours.
The last time I sold items on lj, only ~20% of people who asked for holds actually bought the item so... Please consider my situation XD

Sentimental circus: Shappo plush mascots, Leo plush mascot, canvas drawstring bag, Shappo mousepad, LARGE Shappo ufo prize cushions (APO)

Gloomy Bear: XL Taito Blue Gloomy Bear plush w/ weighted paws (55cm) (APO)

Hetalia: Lottery items (plush mascots, Axis glass, metal keychains), special edition vol 4 manga, plushies (America (APO), Russia, Finland, Austria)

Togainu no Chi: Shiki w/ dog ears! metal cell strap, One Coin figures (Shiki, Kiriwari, Nano)

Durarara!: Lottery metal plates (Shizuo, Izaya), Lottery magnets (Kida, Shizuo)

Hakuouki: Pink weighted keychain, one coin figure (Heisuke), stick posters (APO)

Rilakkuma (All APO): Matsuri ~8 inch plush, Sailor keychains, mini head mascots

Sanrio (All APO): HUGE Miss Bear's Dream throw pillow, Miss Bear's Dream retractable ID holder/coin purse

Cosmode (All APO): Issue 35 w/patterns, Girls side pattern book, Boys side pattern book

Misc: Blue Exorcist Half Age figures (Shiemi, Rin), Professor Layton cell straps, Japanese Harry Potter horcrux/symbol promo set, ufo catcher horoscope mickey mouse, ufo catcher "pook-a-looz" Cheshire Cat
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Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
  • segamew

SEGAMew's One Stop PokeShop, Offering Store Pick Ups (Hawaii)

Alright, working on trying to organize my LJ to be all awesome looking like a shop should be @_@ For now, enjoy browsing through my stuff! Click that photo below!

I also have more Pokemon plushies in Florida, Anime Plush, and a few Sonic items.

I also provide a middleman/store pick up service. Go here for details!

Also wanted: Sonic the Hedgehog doujinshi (preferably yaoi, couple doesn't matter, hentai okay!), Sonic Generations CE Swag, Porygon2 Plush Plush, Farfetch'D plush that is NOT the Banpresto UFO one

Lots of doujinshi still for sale

Still lots of doujinshi available! 30 different series represented, including new and old, popular and hard-to-find. Click the picture above to go to my sales journal, or use the links below to check out each doujinshi section!

Detective Conan doujinshi
Naruto doujinshi
Reborn! doujinshi
Tiger & Bunny doujinshi
Doujinshi for series A-M
Doujinshi for series N-Z

Adult doujinshi listed separately. (All yaoi doujinshi at the moment.)
Adult Reborn! doujinshi
Adult Tiger & Bunny doujinshi
Adult doujinshi for various series

Still offering great deals on a few books in my $3 and under doujinshi sale

I also still have plenty of binsen/doujinshi stationary for sale:
Anime binsen series A-M
Anime binsen series N-Z
Game binsen
Other series, Original, and Unknown binsen

Still some manga, comics, and other items for sale.
Manga and comics - Manga in English, individual comics and collections
Other anime and manga items - Bookmarks, shitajiki, postcards, posters. Lots of Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors paper products.

Don't forget freebies! - Pick out one free item from the freebie post for every $3 you spend!

TsukiSales Post!

I have a lot of goodies that need new owners! And I'm in need for cash!

- Hetalia
(America/Japan, America/England, Prussia/Japan)
- Tiger and Bunny
- Hitman Reborn
(6927, 5927, 1880, and All27)
- D Gray-Man
- Code Geass
- Gundam SeeD and 00

-Original DOLLS doujinshi from Naked Ape!

Selling Japanese and English manga and English manwha. From shounen, to shojo, to GL, to BL!
And uber cheap from $1 to $5 per book. Get them in sets, and the price gets cheaper! Hurry, they're selling off pretty fast! UPDATED WITH A LOT OF SETS AT GREAT PRICES! Get complete sets of Hot Gimmick, Basilisk, Chobits, KashiMashi and more!!

Artbooks and Books
- CG instructional books
-SS and S Magazines
-Betten Court's Girlfriend Artbook

- Range Murata's FUTURECODE (a supplement to the Futurhythm)
- First volume of Twelve Kingdoms and Scrapped Princess
- One BL book from DMP!

- ImagineFX

Specials (NEW SECTION)
- Copic Markers and Instructional Book

It's all here in [info]tsukisales ! I hope I can see you there. Also check out my feedback  and wishlist page! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my Q&A page!
Also if you're a past customer of mine, I would really love if you left feedback on my GSJ Feedback page!

(no subject)

Selling some JRock items :
Many items discounted!!
  • autograph's : hurts, -OZ-, Rentrer en Soi, DIO, ASLDEAD, ScReW, born , aicle, SuG, an Cafe, DuelJewel, Eccentric agent, The Kiddie, R-shitei, Ayabie, Kiryu, Megaromania, Vistlip, irokui , Sadie, Chariots, Ruvie, 12012, Kra, Orochi, Lolita23Q, D=out
  • photoset's : GHOST, Irokui , Kichiku Ikka
  • CD's / comment CD's: Juliette,Jakura, 176biz / Dolly, ScReW
guitar pick's :  ViViD, SuG, Versailles, Miyavi , Alice nine, Janne Da Arc, The GazettE, DELUHI, D, Dir en Grey, Nightmare, VAMPS, LM.C, Vidoll, Kagrra, D'espairsray,  SID, Galneryus, Sugizo, Sex machineguns, L'arc en ciel, Buck - Tick  Wanted : Autographs from : depain, dali, BugLug, zoro, Luzmelt, Xodiack, Virgenow, Anli pollicino

DESPERATE SALE! BUY 3 nendoroids (Rin, Marisa, Totori) for $162 SHIPPED (US BUYERS)!

I desperately need to sell everything in my sales post to give them good homes and to clear up space for my mom's supplies since she has to move them back home (and buy NEW ONES, too T__T). Her new workplace is too small to keep everything there so this time, I absolutely have to sell everything. 

I am willing to take offers on bulk purchases so long as they are REASONABLE. Thank you.

I can't draw that well, but if you purchase anything from me, you get a free sketch like this included with your purchase as token of thanks! :D

Thank you to all who have helped me in the past.

to my deviantART sales journal. All sales + shipping info is there :)
If you'd like to contact me, please either comment on the deviations,
note me on my dA account or pm me here on LJ. Thank you.

YOSHITOSHI ABE'S KAIRA anthology - $48 $45  $40 SHIPPED (RARE and out of print, 85% color manga)
Gundam Seed pin-up poster book - $23 SHIPPED
Gundam 00 Kouga Yun Design Works - $25 SHIPPED



You may receive a discount if you buy in bulk.