November 6th, 2011

  • pikari

Kawaii stuff, anime stuff, lots of CDs

Added even more items - CDs, manga, and more! Plus prices lowered on lots of items!

( Figures & Toys )
( Books & Artbooks )
( Kawaii Goods, Stationary, Erasers )
( Bento Boxes with freebies )
( English & Japanese manga )
( Magazines )
( Posters, Postcards, Playing cards, Furoku )
( Clearfiles )
( CDs - Jrock, Jpop, Anime )
( Kawaii Accessories & Otaku Shirts )

Find them all here!
Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

a bit o' this and that (updated with new items)

Selling; english manga, collectibles, magazines and much more goodies.
Everything I have listed is at lowest retail price - guaranteed!

NEW ITEMS Kawaii mini-cake, kawaii mini-watermelon eraser and Hetalia 2011 calender sheets.


Please be aware that I will not be home today but will get back to any comments and PMs concerning sale by Monday. Thank you!

(no subject)

Doki Doki online
-huge range of lenses
-cute rings to choose from
-sparkly false nails for both fingers and toes available (nail glue included for ones that state so in the description)


Click on picture to access website :3

Be sure to read important info here and here

Paypal only.

Shipping within Australia is free
Worldwide shipping is $12 flat rate.
Express shipping is $7 extra and Registered is $3 extra.
  • lovelex

[SALE] Anime/Manga/Figures/KHR! Doujinshi/JE Goods/Games

Fruits Basket DVD, Vampire Knight v1-5, Rin! 1-3, Fruits Basket v1, Chobits v1, Gintama v1-12, Reborn v1-6,8-10, Cardcaptor Sakura v1-6 Collector's Edition with Box, Clamp no Kiseki Chesspieces

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Doujinshi/Merchandise Yamamoto/Gokudera, Yamamoto/Lambo, Reborn/Lambo, Dino/Hibari, Hibari/Reborn, Manga v1-6,8-10

Johnny's Entertainment Arashi CD, NEWS/Tegomass CDs and Concert DVDs, Magazines, NEWS, Tegomass, KAT-TUN Posters

Games Persona 4 + Strategy Guide, Ace Attorney: Justice for All and other nintendo ds games, and xbox games.

No trades please.

Please visit my journal for more info and pics.

Selling visual kei indies items

Hi everyone, I'm selling a bunch of visual indies cheki, CD and more.
For each purchase I will put in a bonus of 3 flyers into your package(if you want).

1 Seika cheki. 5 euro

3 Sara, 1 Ren, 1 Nadare, 1 Rin cheki. 4.50 euro each.

2 Kazuha, 1 Kazuha+Jin, 1 Jin+Hibiki cheki 4.50 euro each.

ハッチ (hucci)
2 Saitou, 2 Gin, 1 Kinji, 1 Pinky cheki. 5 euro each.

Blessing Myth Sample CD. 3 euro

from 2009, all 4 members. 3 euro.

kon: 2 cheki 5 euro each
mukui: 3 cheki 5 euro each
Hakuya: 12 cheki 5 euro each
Ayuki: 10 cheki 5 euro each
Shouichi: 10 cheki 5 euro each
Kaie: 50 cheki 5.50 euro each
shouichi+ayuki: 2 two-shot cheki 6.50 euro each
mukui+shouichi: 1 two-shot cheki 6.50 euro
if you buy over 20 cheki, I will give you a discount.

Halloween post card designed by kaie: 3.50 euro

jihaku live only release - great condition, 10 euro
Dark World maxi - great condition. 12 euro
RED CARPET - we safe? CD - great condition. 10 euro

M.E.L.T single - perfect condition.9 euro

1 Kiri, 1 Yuichi, 1 Kairi, 1 Cell cheki. 5.50 Euro each.

1 K, 1 Shige, 5 1000, 1 Ichika+Kei cheki. 3.50 euro each.

Sample CD - 3 euro.

If you have any questions about any of the items, want any more information or photos, please message me.

Shipping is from JAPAN, payment by paypal or other methods you suggest. My feedback post can be found on my sales journal.

Thank you!
  • vedagil

Anime and game goods!


-Posters from Kyo Kara Maoh, Ayano Yamane, Uragiri, Kuroshitsuji, Loveless, CLAMP, Valkyria Chronicles, Trinity Blood

-Doujinshi from Vampire Knight

-Doujinshi stationery letter sheets (binsen) from Final Fantasy VII (Yubinbasya), Death Note, Persona 2 (Chimaki, Ultimate Powers)

-Furoku items

-Stationery goods from Bukiyou na Silent (yaoi), Hetalia

-Anime and video game art books from Castlevania, Fate/Zero (Huke from Black Rock Shooter fame contributes!), Acute Girls, Vampire Knight, Chayamachi Chiral (Togainu no Chi), Yubinbasya, Metal Gear Solid 2, Sailor Moon

-Cards/postcards from D.N. Angel, Chobits, Ouran, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kingdom Hearts, Rozen Maiden, Persona 2 Innocent Sin

-Sailor Moon Italian stickers

-Handbag from Full Moon wo Sagashite, Ouran

-Cel from Resident Evil 4

-Devil May Cry custom plush doll

-Ayano Yamane yaoi card set

-Death Note stickers

-Bisco Hatori (creator of Ouran) portrait set

-Sailor Moon art books

-Clear file folders and shitajiki from Sailor Moon, Tsubasa Chronicle, doujinshi and other series

-Fate/Stay Night figure keychain set

Aya Sakyo

[LOOKING] Dear + 2001 issues

I want to know if someone is selling the issues of dear+ magazines of 2011!
I'm looking for the January issue as well the June and July issue!
Please if you have it and does intent to sell state your price and so we can discuss!
Also shipping is for Portugal! Have a nice day

GO NEXT! 2 (2011/11/20) TIGER & BUNNY ONLY EVENT Pick-up Service

Doujinshi Pick-up Service




Direct Order Service (Circle/Online Shops)

HI! I'm accepting the pick-up requests for GO NEXT! 2 to be held on November 20 at the moment.
I'm also providing online order services from circles and shops in Japan.

Link to my online service and pick-up journal

Thank you for your time!

mangapic 1

(no subject)

NEW!!! Added a whole bunch of figures, not all of them have prices listed, I'm taking offers on those.
Also New Deco tapes~

Manga and manga/anime merchandise here
Lot of manga's, including Vampire Knight, Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic
Whole bunch of merchandise, including Hetalia, Code Geass, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Kuroshitsuji, Kyo Kara Maou, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, Rilakkuma, Tokidoki plushes,  Vampire Knight and other random stuff, like hand-craft items, stationary, lots of keychains and phonestraps
All items --> 2nd item 75% off of prices listed

Nail-art, nail glue, cute tops, skirts, shoes and NEW Mix-style headphones
All items exlcuding mix-style headphones --> 50% off of prices listed
Mix-style headphone --> 25% off of price listed

Lolita items here
JSK's, skirts, bags, shoes, wigs, blouses, accessories and more
No special discounts, but willing to haggle and give discount on more item than 1 purchased

Visual Kei, Johnny's Entertainment, SMEntertainment and other kpop items here
Includes cd's, concert merchandise and other official merchandise
Visual Kei:
An Cafe, D=out, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Gazette, Hide, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Rentrer en soi, Versailles (lots of cd's and other merch) --> All versailles cd's 50% off of prices listed
Johnny's Entertainment: --> all cd's 25% off, all 2nd bought cd's a additional 75% off, all official merchandise 2nd item 75% off
Arashi, Hey!Say!JUMP, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Tegomasu
Kpop: --> 40% off all 2nd items (off of the lowest value)
Beast (fiction photobook), Dae Guk Nam Ah/Daikoku Danji, DBSK/TVXQ, Shinee (NEW Lucifer LE B japanese ver.), SNSD (Hoot cd), Super Junior (NEW 5jib vers. B), SMTown

Special promotion:
All discount are taken off of the prices listed on my lj

All anime/manga merch, 2nd item 75% off (off of the lowest value)
All fashion items, 50% off (excluding mix-style headphones --> those are 25% off)
All JE items, 2nd item 75% off
All Kpop items, 2nd item 40% off
Willing to give discount if buying lots, also always open to haggling, I just want these gone. Need more room!

Want to buy!!!! I want to buy a bunch of star paper, if anyone has them, let me know!!!!

Added stuff to my sales ;)

I still got some goodies for sale...and I also added some stuff again @ my LJ :)


My sale includes

CDs by ClearVeil, chariots, LUNA SEA, PIERROT, Acid Black Cherry, Moi Dix Mois
Cards & photosets by D, Kamijo, Juka, Matenrou Opera, Phantasmagoria, rice

If you're interested...come HERE...