November 28th, 2011


Doujinshi/Misc Sales!

Doujinshi: Durarara - Buy 2 and Get 1 Half Price
- Izaya x Shizuo x Izaya, Heiwajima Brothers, Chikage(Rotchi) x Kadota, Shizuo x Vorona, Tom x Shizuo, Izaya Uke, Cover Charas, etc
- Hummel, Inumog, World Box, Ikebukuro Now, Okujo Kantarera, and More!(Japanese & Korean!)

Doujinshi: Reborn
- Mukuro x Tsuna, Primo x Tsuna, Tsuna Uke
Giselluka(Proxy Series), Suiden Crow(Ai no Uta Series), RE:sKEY, and More!(Japanese & Korean)

Doujinshi: Hetalia, Angel Beats, Inazuma Eleven, Ao no Exorcist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tiger&Bunny, Hakuouki
- US x UK, Akuyuu, Hinata x Otonashi, Gouenji x Fubuki, Endo x Kazemaru, Hiroto x Endo, Fire Dragon, Okumura Brothers, Kaiba x Yami, Saito x Chizuru, etc
- Tiger&Bunny Full Color Anthology

- Chibi-san Date, Cristo, Doll's Song, Flat, Kyo kara Mao, Cucumber Sandwich, Star Driver, Dragon Ball(complete), Durarara, Hetalia
- Japanese & Korean!

- Fanmade(Durarara, Reborn, etc), Durarara&Madomagi&Hetalia Straps/Keychains, Star Driver Figures, Shitajikis, Clear Files, Kaito&Rin Nendoroids, Durarara&Shonen Onmyouji DVDs, and More!
- Tiger & Bunny Wild Tiger Figure, Straps
- Ao no Exorcist Character Fortune Straps
- Kimi to Boku chrams

Hetalia Merchandise
- PSP Limited Edition Gifts
- Anikuji(Cushions, Screen Cleaner, Cup, Keychains)

Anime/Manga Posters
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gintama, Goulart Knights, Hetalia, Inazuma Eleven, Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, No.6, UtaPri, Ao no Exorcist, etc


Full moon

FOR SALE!!!!!!!! MUST GO!!!!!!

~*~ ALL Prices Have Been SLASHED!!!!!!! ~*~

Cleaning out my house of a bunch of cool stuff! 

Anime goods, manga, vintage games, comics, cds, books, trading cards, vintage Anime pins, L and XL clothing, jewelry, accessories, more!

~*~ ALL Prices Are Negotiable! ~*~

Literally hundreds of items!!!!!!!

Please help me get rid of stuff! I need to move and this stuff is in my way!

Sailor Moon,
Fullmoon / Arina Tanemura, Dragon Dall Z, NANA, CLAMP, Disney, Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Final Fantasy, Weiss Kruez, Gundam, Inuyahsa, J-rock, Game stuff, and a ton more!


More toys and clothes coming soon... (contact me if you are interested in seeing more stuff)

I also have a collection of Japanese Sailor Moon dolls that are not up yet. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks. :)
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Cyber Monday special!
20% off regularly priced items
10% off items with shipping included

*ICE DROP doujinshi excluded*

Updated with a couple of additions. Click the picture above to see all the sales links or follow the links below to specific listings. 
I will consider reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!

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Cleaning! CDs, Goods, Clothing, Games, Books, etc!

Just trying to make a little money! Have a look? :D
-I'll ship internationally, but it'll be a bit more. ^^"
-Only taking Paypal right now, sorry!
-Ships from Georgia, US
-No trades unless it's 2NE1/SNSD/4minute related :P
-I'm open to haggling!
-Any questions? Just ask 
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final fantasy tactics
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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Collectibles

Sales posts:

Tea and Tea Accessories, Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods, and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Import Games and Books, Boxes and Manuals

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

Music CDs and Merch

Lots of items from my Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts collection is currently up for sale. PM me with offers.

I'm open to trades and looking for some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff. See my full wishlist here.

I'm currently looking for these stuff, mainly looking to trade for:
Yuya Matsushita CDs and any other items.
Black Butler Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis
Any Black Butler Petit figures
Natsume Yujincho merchandise, official only
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Tarot Cards

(no subject)

Check out what I'm selling at syusukes! Warning: big images in each post.

Information & feedback.
× Anime & manga + merchandise. NEW ITEMS JUST ADDED! Please take a look. Prices are negotiable.
× Albums & singles + posters. Has stuff from SHINee, Big Bang, Tohoshinki, and others.
× JE merchandise. Contains shop photos, posters, and magazines.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES - I do NOT ship out of the country. I'm open to trades for these items. I really need to sell all of my stuff so please take a look and make an offer if you don't like the price. Thank you!

For Sale: Two Panda Hello Kitty Plushies - Lowered Price


I'm looking to sell these two Panda Hello Kitty plushies. I received them as a gift from a friend several years go, but being as we are longer friends and I am in need of money right now (broke college student looking for work), I need to find new homes for these cuties.

My friend bought these at a convention. I'm not sure how much she paid for each one, but they both still have their tags and are in excellent condition. They've just been hanging out on a shelf on my desk for the past few years.

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Price: I would like to get $12 for each of the kitties. If anyone is interested in purchasing both, I will knock $4 off the price and take $20 for the set.

Shipping: For 1 kitty within the USA: Priority - $5.45, First-Class - $2.56 | For 2 kitties within the USA: Priority - $5.45, First-Class - $2.73

Additional services, such as insurance, will cost extra. Please let me know if you would like to add anything.

Costs to mail outside of the USA will depend on where they are going. If you would like me to check prices for your country, please let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Payment: Payment is required within 3 days of agreeing to purchase an item. I only accept PayPal, but DO NOT accept echecks. Payments must be sent in US dollars.

I always try to ship within 3 business days of receiving payment, but will always have items out within 5 business days (should something arise that prevents me from getting to the post office within 3 days).

Thanks for looking!
Amatsuki: life is a one way street

[selling] Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen 1st period, & more!



Hey all, we listed the Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen 1st Period figures we have left. They can be found here along with the other Nitro+ one coins we have available. Combined shipping for the figures is listed on the site, so feel free to stock up now for the holidays! One coins make great stocking stuffers! ^_~

We also have some English manga, Japanese doujinshi, Zero Sums, collectibles, and more! Feel free to comment on the webpage if you have questions or would like an updated stock list. We have a bunch of stuff so we can double check stuff for you.

Help us clear our shelves! :3


Everything must go! New items added and Group Order due Nov. 30th

All the figurines are currently available. There are some doubles as well. Sale post for these figurines only can be found here. Other items that are being offered below can be found in a different post here

Doujinshi: Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, D.Gray Man, Suikoden, Fullmetal Alchemist, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kuroshitsugi, and Tales of Vesperia. Most doujinshi are on sale of buy 1, get the 2nd one 50% off. Can be used multiple times

Yaoi Manga: Jazz v1-3, Alcohol shirt and kisses, Lover's Flat, Stolen Hearts, Invisible boy v1-2, Cold Sleep, Desire, Sunflower, Yellow v1-4, Love Training, Love Bus Stop, Freefall Romance, Loveholic, buy 1, get 2 50% off, I've added some new ones that might not be on the sales page. Just let me know and I can tell you about it

Manga: Shamen King v1-2, Samurai Deep Kyo, Desert Coral, Chrono Crusade V1-5, Immortal Rain v1-5, Fullmetal Alchemist various, buy 1, get 2nd 50% off

Figurines/dolls/plush: KHR - Tsunayoshi, KH - Demyx, Bleach - Hollow Ichigo, Xanxus from KHR

Posters: 2 Bleach(Ulquiorra, Grimmjow), Katekyo hitman reborn from the seasonal sets and chara pos 7, 6, 5 set, Karau, Gurren Lagoon, Xenosaga, Jinki:Entend. Victoria Frances posters, The wallerflower poster, Innocent Venus poster, Gackt and Hyde posters, Echostream posters, Kine in Aqua poster

There is a sale on all posters where they are buy 1, get the 2nd one 50% off. Can be used multiple times

YuGiOh cards for sale here (not open yet, still posting the images)

Others: various anime DVDs, different types jewelry, 3 video games, gothic boots, teddy bear, 9 Newtype magazines, Final fantasy postcards, and Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, and Pandora Hearts photos, 22 Jump magazines from January 2004 to November 2005, AntmaTMundi which is a yaoi PC game, and many many more.

I ship from U.S. and will ship international. You’re welcome to negotiate for a price that fits your range if bought in bulk. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. Please take a look. My feedback page is here so you'll know its safe to buy from me. Thanks!

Group Order #3 due November 30th here. If you're looking for doujinshi, merchandise, or anything else. I'm taking orders from Toranoana, K-books, and Suraga-ya. Come take a look! There's all sorts of things for Durarara and many doujinshi to look through!

Individual/Direct Order Service here for Japanese stores for doujinshi, food, etc. Now open
Aya Sakyo

wants: Asobi ja Nai no manga + [PRE-ODER]

I want to know if someone have this manga to sell as well I hope the shipping costs can be cheaper...please!!
I'm ok to pay 6€ for this manga with no shipping costs included!

Also please in case you have as well here is stuff I'm looking for:
Wants: Bon's doujinshi 
[LOOKING] Dear + 2001 issues 
[WANTS] Yaoi manga and Kara no Kyoukai novel
[WANT] Hummel Re-print Work - V1
WANTS - Yellow 2 - Episode 01
WANT TO BUY: Yellow omnibus V1 
Those that like Ao no exorcist and didn't get to have the
half age characters v01 here is the v02 pack!
I already order a pack for me and it comes with 8 figures each pack.
Rin in apron, Yukio with casual clothes as well Mephisto and Shura!
All these 4 have secret types like in the first volume!
The price of each is 3000Yen. Not including shipping costs to my house.
Trough it will be cheaper if I do get a lot of people requesting. I've a total
of 12 packs I can request to come to me. Attention shipping from me can be
cheap as well, since I can get it cheap, specially if you are in Europe!

See my SALES page! aquasales
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Selling B's Log, Girl's Style, Dengeki G's, MUSIC Q - a few other Japanese game magazines~
Also included are a bunch of furoku from exculsive games (Kichiku Megane)
Also added in new posters and some series in my post which include:
El Shaddai, Reborn, Kuroshitsuji, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hetalia, Durarara!!, Starry Sky and many others~

Most prices are around $1-$5 !
Please click the picture to be transported to my sales post.

Wishlist - WTB

Hi all,

i want to end some of my english collections. I'm from Spain and can pay by paypal, i know international shipping is expensive.

What i want:

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Also i need a complete set of Red River, i want it as a christmas gift for a friend. And i love shoujo manga so if you have something that is not on the list you can offer me.

I have some feedback here [x]
by moshesque

For sale: New Uraboku items!

Not pictured, but I also have a full length wallscroll of Luka Crosszeria (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) new in an unopened box straight from Japan. It was a magazine only order item in Asuka. - $45 SOLD

Below the cut is:
manga - yaoi and not
autographed Japanese BL manga
a novel
Gundam 00 movie items
Yamane Ayano items
Junjou Romantica and Hybrid Child items *NEW*
Loveless (Kouga Yun) items *NEW*
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru items *NEW*
shitajiki and other merch *NEW*
and something free! ^.^

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Any Loveless/Earthian merchandise. (Ask me if I have it and if I don't, I'll probably buy it from you. ^_^)

Thank you for looking!
jafar 2

gintama, starry sky, manga, anime and much more for sale!

Bleach & Reborn Chara Fortunes
Reborn & D.Gray Man deformed figures
Hitman Reborn Doujinshi
Anime DVDs/Manga
KHR merchandise 
Nendoroid Petites: Baka To Test
Gintama Merchandise: Chara Fortunes, Chara Land, Chara Pos
Starry Sky Petit Chara Land ~ In Winter & Spring
Petit Chara Land - Gin-san's Autumn & Winter

Newly Added 11.28.2011
Reborn Chara Pos Collection 6

fail gangster me

It's that time of year again!

Looking for some nifty gifts for your K-pop crazed friends? :) Christmas is just around the corner, so buy your things quick before its too late!

1. All items include shipping (ONLY FOR US SELLLERS, unless international would pay for extra shipping!)
2. All items are shipped from California, USA!
3. I ALWAYS ship out the day after I receive payment (unless sunday..cause post is closed! ^^)
4. I accept Paypal (prefered) and WELL CONCEALED CASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!
5. For Paypal: I will ask you to send payment as a GIFT so we both don't lose any money. If you don't send it as a gift and I END UP PAYING THE FEES, I will refund you and items will not be sent out!
6. If youd like more pictures, please ask!

Click on the item name to see the pictures!
1.Tiffany "The Boys" solo poster SOLD
2. Taemin phone strap 6 USD
3. Taemin Lucifer strap 3 USD (backside)
4. 2PM Again and Again strap (ALL 7 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
5. 2PM Again and Again strap 2 (ALL 7 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
6. Wonder Girls Nobody strap (ORIGINAL 5 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
7. Onew mousepad SOLD
8. Key Fanclub cheering towel SOLD
9. SHINEE WORLD noona wristband 5 USD (backside) the letters glow in the dark!
10. L.Joe Airport Fashion figurine neckalce 12 USD (backside)
11. Davy Jones figurine necklace 12 USD

CDs (they are all spanking NEW unless stated) [picture 1] [picture 2]
Beast Shock of The New Era SOLD
Beast Mastermind SOLD

Beast Lights Go on Again SOLD
Beast Fact or Fiction SOLD
2PM 1:59 PM SOLD
2PM Dont Stop Cant Stop 13 USD (condition: 9/10)
2PM Hands up SOLD
Jang Woohyuk I am the Future 12 USD (condition: 9/10)
Block B New Kids on the Block SOLD

Guitar Pick Necklaces & Uniqlo Singapore Shopping Service Test Run

Necklaces $14 each | Earrings $16 per pair
Shipping from Singapore
Custom requests available (but I do not design my own picks)

I do not sell the picks alone


All photos are watermarked, the white prints are not part of the actual product.
Dir en Grey, the GazettE, Luna Sea, X Japan, Alice Nine, SID, Steve Vai, LMC, L`Arc~en-ciel and more!

(Fake cut to some other sales)
Please comment to this post - not my personal journal.
I want to earn feedback on gsj >.<
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