December 19th, 2011


Sales and Preorders



Beautiful World Goods

Tote Bag - SOLD
Jun Mini Uchiwa - $10
Sho Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Nino Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Ohno Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Aiba Mini Uchiwa - $10
Marker Set / Drawing Pen Set - $16
Clearfile (Aiba Masaki) - $16

Waku Waku School Goods

Clearfile - $10
Sticker - $8

Movie Official Goods

Sakurai Sho Kamisama Neck / Shoulder Strap (w/ Movie Flyer) - $28  FREE shipping within Philippines


Meikyu Love Song Limited Edition (Japan Version) - $35  NEW
Time Album RE (Japan Version) - $37  FREE shipping worldwide
To Be Free CD+DVD (Korea Version) - $16  FREE shipping worldwide

Unofficial Arashi Goods

Wristbands/Ballers - $2.50 Preview



Going! Type B LE (Japan Version) - $18  FREE shipping worldwide
Change Ur World RE (HK Version) - $14  FREE shipping worldwide

Dream Boys Goods

Kame Clearfile - SOLD
Maru Clearfile - $20

Hey! Say! JUMP

Summary 2011 Mini Uchiwa (Chinen) - SOLD
Summary 2011 Clearfile - $20
Summary 2011 Tote Bag - $28


Summer 2011 Tour Tote Bag - $48  FREE shipping within Philippines
de Show vol. 3 Clearfile - $20  

Preview Here

JE Clippings, Folded Poster & Glossies

Clippings & Glossies - $3 each
Folded Poster - $4 each

Shop Photos

Myojo Nov. 2011 Issue (Cover: Kis-My-Ft2) w/ Johnny's Official NYC Pouch - $25
Eye-Ai English Magazine Dec. 2010 Issue (Cover: Arashi) - $15
Eye-Ai English Magazine June 2011 Issue (Cover: AKB48) - $15

Kpop Collectibles (Asmama Earrings) (Free Shipping worldwide)

DBSK Xiah Style Cross Earrings - $13
BEAST Hyun Seung Style Earrings (Blue-Green) - $8
CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Style Earrings (Orange) - $8

Other Items

Initial D vol. 2 (English Manga) - $5
One Piece Mobile Strap (Zoro) - $12  FREE shipping worldwide
Hakuouki Chibi Metal Mascot - $12  FREE shipping worldwide
Tomy Takara Pikachu Mini Car - $25  FREE shipping worldwide


Super Junior, Girls Generation & SHINee Taipei Limited Tote Bag and other Korean Merchandise 
Arashi Beautiful World Nagoya Concert Goods (Deadline: Jan. 4, 2012) 

To order for Arashi BW Goods, please fill up the form found HERE

Other preorder events can be found HERE 

You can contact me through my shop's website or through facebook or PM me here in LJ or comment on this post.

Guitar Pick Necklaces *_* Many Jrock artistes

| Necklaces $14 each | Earrings $16 per pair |
Christmas sales :D
Purchase any two items and get a third item free

Shipping from Singapore
Custom requests available (but I do not design my own picks)

I do not sell the picks alone


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All photos are watermarked, the white prints are not part of the actual product.
Dir en Grey, the GazettE, Luna Sea, X Japan, Alice Nine, SID, Steve Vai, LMC, L`Arc~en-ciel and more!

GSJFB | EGLFB | PersonalFB

WANTED Love Mode, Dragon Knights, Penguin revolution, Angel Sanctuary, ghost hunt

I live in Canada m6p 3v2 and paying with paypal.

Wild Ones v9 - 10
Love Mode v10 - 11 (Priority)
Dragon Knights v8, 26 (26 is priority)
Penguin Revolution v7 
Angel Sanctuary v14, 16
Love Pistol v5 and 6 if there is
Ghost Hunt v8 - 11 (8 is priority)


I'm looking for the following mangas in english and want to buy close to all the volumes from one seller. If you're interested in selling your collection please contact me by private messaging me or reply this posting.

Baby and Me v1 - 18
Let Dai v1 - 15
Gakuen Heaven - Nakajima
Chi's Sweet Home v1 - 8+
Ruff Love

FREE Jpop and Jrock CDs GONE

12/30 I am so sorry, but these items will go out next Tuesday. The holidays have been crazy for me and then when I tried to mail I found out my local post office had reduced hours on Friday and was closed by the time I got there. Apologies again and everything will go out Tuesday 1/3.


I really, really need this stuff out of my house. All CDs pictures are FREE with the cost of shipping. I can only ship within the U.S. and can only accept shipping payments through Paypal. Please leave your zip code so I can calculate shipping. I can only ship within the U.S.

All items will ship AFTER Christmas. I am not going to the post office this week.

Quick note, since many comments are asking for the same things I will move down the list in order. I probably won't reply for shipping estimates until I know what I have left. A few people PM'd me so I promise I'm not skipping anyone. I'm answering messages in the order that they appear in my e-mail inbox. I wait 12 hours between replies before moving to the next person.

Also, my shipping methods and prices are FIRM. Please keep in mind I am giving this stuff away FOR FREE. I paid full Japanese retail price for many of these items and personally think I'm doing something both crazy and amazing by giving it away for the cost of shipping and handling. You can thank me for being crazy and amazing by making this process as smooth as possible. :)

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