December 23rd, 2011


Selling post! Everything must go~!


I'm selling some items I don't use anymore because I'm moving abroad (in late February early March) so I need to get rid of some things! My selling journal is [info]brownbearfood and I'm selling manga, J-rock CDs, anime, hello kitty, Mario items, domo-kun, magazines, and more!

( Please click here for info )

Thank you! ^__^

Sales and Preorders



Beautiful World Goods

Tote Bag - SOLD
Jun Mini Uchiwa - $10
Sho Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Nino Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Ohno Mini Uchiwa - SOLD
Aiba Mini Uchiwa - $10
Group Mini Uchiwa - $10
Marker Set / Drawing Pen Set - $16
Clearfile (Aiba Masaki) - $16
Charity Charm - $14

Waku Waku School Goods

Clearfile - $10
Sticker - $8

Arashi 10-11 'Scene' Tour Goods

Jun Mini Uchiwa - $10
Sho Mini Uchiwa - $10
Nino Mini Uchiwa - $10
Ohno Mini Uchiwa - $10
Aiba Mini Uchiwa - $10
Group Mini Uchiwa - $10

Movie Official Goods

Sakurai Sho Kamisama Neck / Shoulder Strap (w/ Movie Flyer) - $28  FREE shipping within Philippines


Meikyu Love Song Limited Edition (Japan Version) - $35 
Time Album RE (Japan Version) - $37  FREE shipping worldwide
To Be Free CD+DVD (Korea Version) - $16  FREE shipping worldwide

Unofficial Arashi Goods

Wristbands/Ballers - $2.50 Preview



Going! Type B LE (Japan Version) - $18  FREE shipping worldwide
Change Ur World RE (HK Version) - $14  FREE shipping worldwide

Dream Boys Goods

Kame Clearfile - SOLD
Maru Clearfile - $20

Hey! Say! JUMP

Summary 2011 Mini Uchiwa (Chinen) - SOLD
Summary 2011 Clearfile - $20
Summary 2011 Tote Bag - $28


Summer 2011 Tour Tote Bag - $48  FREE shipping within Philippines
de Show vol. 3 Clearfile - $20  

Preview Here

JE Clippings, Folded Poster & Glossies

Clippings & Glossies - $3 each
Folded Poster - $4 each

Shop Photos

Myojo Nov. 2011 Issue (Cover: Kis-My-Ft2) w/ Johnny's Official NYC Pouch - $25
Eye-Ai English Magazine Dec. 2010 Issue (Cover: Arashi) - $15
Eye-Ai English Magazine June 2011 Issue (Cover: AKB48) - $15

Kpop Collectibles (Asmama Earrings) (Free Shipping worldwide)

DBSK Xiah Style Cross Earrings - $13
BEAST Hyun Seung Style Earrings (Blue-Green) - $8
CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Style Earrings (Orange) - $8

Other Items

Initial D vol. 2 (English Manga) - $5
One Piece Mobile Strap (Zoro) - $12  FREE shipping worldwide
Hakuouki Chibi Metal Mascot - $12  FREE shipping worldwide
Tomy Takara Pikachu Mini Car - $25  FREE shipping worldwide


Domo Kun and Angry Birds Bags and other collectibles  NEW
Super Junior, Girls Generation & SHINee Taipei Limited Tote Bag and other Korean Merchandise 
Arashi Beautiful World Nagoya Concert Goods (Deadline: Jan. 4, 2012) 

To order for Arashi BW Goods, please fill up the form found HERE
Other preorder events can be found HERE 

You can contact me through my shop's website or through facebook or PM me here in LJ or comment on this post.

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Hello angels,

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Moving sale! Jrock/kpop CD/DVD/Photobooks!

I'm moving and need to downsize super fast!
Most CDs for $5, some as low as $3! Albums for $10! DVDs for $15-20!
Rarity like MUCC's Live Chronicles 1 AND 2!

Jrock bands include: 12012, Vidoll, Kagrra, Gazette, Nightmare, Rentrer en soi, Phantasmagoria, and more!
Kpop includes: TRAX, DBSK, and Super Junior, stuff from back when both had all their members!

Everything is OVER HERE!
Just scroll one post down to ~Sales Round 2~!

WANTED Love Mode, Dragon Knights, Penguin revolution, Angel Sanctuary, ghost hunt


Wild Ones v9 - 10
Love Mode v10 - 11 (priority)
Dragon Knights v8, 26 (v26 priority)
Penguin Revolution v7 (priority)
Angel Sanctuary v14, 16
Love Pistol v5
Ghost Hunt v8 - 11 (v8 priority)


I'm looking for the following mangas in english and want to buy close to all the volumes from one seller. If you're interested in selling your collection please contact me by private messaging me or leave a post.

Baby and Me v1 - 18
Let Dai v1 - 15
Chi's Sweet Home v1 - 8+
Ruff Love

I live in Canada m6p 3v2 and paying with paypal.

Selling Manga, CDs and Goods!

Hello! I have 64 volumes of manga, straps, stickers, and pins that feature Death Note, Hello Kitty , Pac Man, and VAMPS, the Train Man novel, and a VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND Dong Bang Shin Ki 2007 Korean Pocket calendar that I would like to sell in order to make some money and free up some space on my bookshelves. 

CDs from Dragon Ash, Keita Tachibana (from w-inds), Koda Kumi, Nami Tamaki, and T.M.Revolution

Many books cost $3.00USD!!! I will consider offers on most items, especially if you buy more! :D

I may be willing to do trades, although I am being very selective with trades at the moment due to lack of money.>>> Wanted/ Trade list <<<

Manga: ~~~~>>>here<<<~~~~
Goods: ~~~~>>>here<<<~~~~

Manga includes Aishiteruze Baby, Baby & Me, Beauty is the Beast (complete set), Crimson Hero, Diabolo (complete set), DNAngel, Hand's Off, Dragon Head, Chi's Sweet Home, Good Luck, Hands Off, Hot Gimmick (complete set with vizbig edition 1) , Mixed Vegetables, Millenium Snow, Lament of the Lamb (complete set), Train Man, Your and My Secret, One Thousand and One Nights, Battly Royale ON HOLD, Juvenile Orion (complete set with box), and soko ni anata ga iru kara, Your and My Secret...

Click >>here<< for my ebay feedback, although all but one is as a buyer. I'm currently waiting for a gsj feedback page to be set up. ^^

More important info is under the cut!

Collapse )

final fantasy tactics
  • conkwe

Sales Post. Also Looking for Stuff.

Sales posts:

Tea and Tea Accessories, Sanrio and Morning Glory Goods, and All Things Cute :)

Video Games, Import Games and Books, Boxes and Manuals - Lots of items from my Final Fantasy collection are currently up for sale with prices.

Anime/Manga Promos from Comic Con

Music CDs and Merch

I'm open to trades and looking for some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff. See my full wishlist here.

I'm currently looking for these stuff, mainly looking to trade for:
Yuya Matsushita CDs and any other items.
Black Butler Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis
Any Black Butler Petit figures
Natsume Yujincho merchandise, official only
Sailor Moon T-Shirt
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Tarot Cards

For Sale! Anime/Manga/Fashion Magazines and more!

okami wolf

(no subject)

(Big Bang x Uniqlo t-shirt, earrings, pants, bandanas)

(various cell phone charms and fasteners, Hello Kitty charms, Tenipuri fastener, Asian print/style handbags)

(Korean planner, filler paper, apple notebook, memo pads, decoden star stickers)

(collectable Pokemon board games, Nintendo DS screen protectors, Yu-gi-oh cards and card covers)
(posters: Final Fantasy I & II, Beyblade, Heroes of Mana, Chocobo tales, Sonic Heroes, Advance Wars, Resident Evil: Extinction)

(Epik High concert bandana, Karma Shenjing flyer, mini bunny clothespins from Japan)

items starting from $1

over at:

Thank you for looking!

Selling BL Doujinshi/Manga + Plastic Protectors

I'm trying to get rid of some of the doujinshi and japanese BL mangas I have to make room for new, I'm offering some people who are interested the following discounts on certain books.

20% off selected items, including:
Chinese BL Doushinshi
Korean BL Donginji

(excluding circle: mime)





Click on THE links to go to my LJ sales pages with images and details.

WTB/WTT yaoi manga :)

Books I want to buy/trade:
A Bloody Kiss Tonight (Doki Doki)
Crimson Wind (Dramaqueen)
Great Place High School - Student Council 1 (June)
Love Skit (801 MEDIA)

Books I have to trade/sell:
MeruPuri Vol 1-4 - VizMedia
Not so bad Vol 1-2 - NetComics
Roureville Vol 1-2 - NetComics
The First Stage of Love - June
Time Lag - June
Venus Capriccio Vol 1-4 - CMX
Wagamama Kitchen - June
ZE Vol 1-3 - 801 Media

Poster Size: 22 inches x 28 inches $1 each, 10 for $8
Doujinshi Sizes:
$0.50 each, 25 for $9, 50 for $13, 100 $17
1) 7-1/2 inches x 10-3/8 inches
2) 7-1/8 inches x 10-3/8 inches
Artbook Sizes: 10-3/8 inches x 14-1/4 inches $0.60 each, 25 for $11, 50 for $15