February 22nd, 2012

WTB/WTT LARAKU Singapore Indoor Stadium PA, PB, PC 1 first 3 rows

Hi. I'm looking to swop my 3 tickets for PA/PC/PB1, first three rows. I have PA2, R23, 10,11,12. We can discuss how much cash for me to top up. Also willing to buy tickets for the first 3 rows if you're selling.

If this is not allowed, I will take down the post, just inform me. (I saw some people selling laraku merchandise so I hope wtb/wts/wtt posts are ok)

I have feedback for buying/selling online!
GSJ feedback as per rules

ebay auction ending today - selling arashi LE, kpop, manga, posters

Hi selling some things on ebay including manga, kpop merchandise and an Arashi first press LE, some of which are brand new and sealed.


Please take a look!

Thank you!
ぴんぴん ⇒ Pink.

( ´艸`) WTS:

Hello! (*´ω`*)
Sales Post again! Want to sell these desperately. Prices have been reduced!
I will take reasonable offers, feel free to negotiate via comment or PM.

Shipping + Information :
☆ UK seller, my prices are either in GBP or JPY and not EUR or USD
☆ I ship internationally! I will calculate your total - I usually deduct the total.
☆ Lost items will not be refunded~ if you want secured mail please ask!
☆ I will do trades of equal value, especially for flyers, or cheki.

Newly Added : http://kazukeii.livejournal.com/74075.html
♪ Serial Number Single
♪ Many more cheki!
♪ 12012 Postcards!
♪ Magazines: EGG, Nuts + Ageha // SHOXX + CURE + PATiPATi
♪ AREA Magazine + LOTS of old and recent V!NYL syndicate!
FREEBIES - you just pay the shipping + fee! (*´σー`)

Many Posters FT: An Cafe, ZORO, Toon Factory, MUCC, Ryuutaro, ViViD
Please find it all: here!

I also have HUNDREDS of fliers to get rid of!!
They can be located here
Lucky Grab Pack!! (≧∇≦)
I will randomly select 30 or more fliers for £3 (+ shipping)

Alternatively, I have listed single fliers which are for sale!
(£2 shipping for an unlimited amount of fliers!) (´・ω・`)

Flyers: AYABIE, Alice Nine, the Riotts, ROYZ, TU[ISM], Ziggrat, Virgil, v-last., Satsuki, Lolita 23Q, and many more!


Still selling :) New Items!

Hey everyone! I am still selling a bunch of stuff that I REALLY need to get rid of so please come take a look!! See the information below :)

Complete list of items can be found at My Journal, including:
- JROCK CDs/DVDs/Tour Goods:
(Aikawa Nanase, Balzac, Baroque, Dir en grey, hide, Raphael, Sugizo, X Japan, and more) **New DIR EN GREY Official Trading Cards and Master of Monster Tour Book/Postcars Set, Photobook (Shikaku) Added**
Collapse )
- JRock Magazines/Fliers:
(Dir en grey (NEW), Janne da arc, Kagrra, MUCC, The GazettE and many more for the fliers)**New Items**
- JPop:
( Morning Musume, Natsukawa Rimi, Onitsuka Chihiro, SPITZ, Tsuchiya Anna)
- Clothing:
(VK fashion items)
- JHorror Movies
- Books:
(English Language Fiction, Japanese Language Yaoi Manga, Books for School/University) Pictures added for all books!
- New Item (Updated 10/15/11) --- Japanese Folding Fan (Sensu) With Cute Purple Rabbit Design!
...And other random Japanese things (including freebies) :D

Feel free to jump right over to My eBay page to see items for sale directly. Any items here are still up for grabs if they don't sell. If you are interested, leave a comment - I will then offer you the item at the end of the auction :)

My feedback is HERE


Lots of new items added! Some new Durarara doujinshi

I've moved my sales from my personal journal to a community to help better organize items. Just click on the words in front of each section to that specific page.

Doujinshi: Katekyo hitman reborn, Bleach, D.Gray Man, Suikoden, Fullmetal Alchemist, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kuroshitsugi, Tales of Vesperia. Durarara!!, and Tiger & Bunny, Hetalia, Code Geass, and Ao no Exorist. Most doujinshi $15 and under! Special offer of buy 2, get the 3rd 50% off. Can be used multiple times! I've added 30 new doujinshi as of 1/17

Yaoi Manga: Alcohol shirt and kisses, Stolen Hearts, Desire, Sunflower, Love Training, Love Bus Stop, Sunflower vol 1, othello, Original Crush v1-2, Duetto, KaShunFu, Kissing, Black Knight v-4. Special offer of get 2, get 3rd 50% off.

Manga: Desert Coral vo1, Samurai Deep Kyo, Juvenile Orion complete set, Kuroshitsugi v2, YuGiOh vo1-4, Chrono Crusade V1-2, Immortal Rain v1-5, Fullmetal Alchemist various, Special offer of buy 2, get the 3rd 50% off

Figurines/dolls/plush: Katekyo hitman reborn (Tsunayoshi, Mukuro, Xanxus, Hibari), Bleach - Hollow Ichigo, Gintama autumn/winter set, Kingdom Hearts 2, Hetalia one coin (Russia), 19 inch Love Bunnies, Gloomy Bear couples, I've added 4 more Katekyo hitman reborn figurines and Gintama Hiji ice cream figurine as of 1/17

Posters: 1 Bleach(Ulquiorra), Kuroshitsugi, Gintama -Kamui, Tsubasa/xxxholic, Vocaloid, Devil May Cry 4, Katekyo hitman reborn from  chara pos 2, 3, 5 set, Karau, Gurren Lagoon, Xenosaga, Jinki:Entend. Victoria Frances posters, The wallerflower poster, Innocent Venus poster, Gackt and Hyde posters, Echostream posters. There is a sale on all posters where they are buy 1, get the 2nd one 50% off. Can be used multiple times.

YuGiOh cards for sale here.  From Ultra rare to common! Like Dark Paladin and Cyber Harpie Lady. If the price isn't right? Make an offer. I want these gone

Video Games/DVDS: Manga Carta, YS: The Ark of Napishtim, Suikoden Tactics, Dark Cloud 2, .hack infection part 1 and .hack quarantine part 4, Patapon, E's Otherwise, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Peacemarker, Spiral, Fruit Basket, Kyo Kara Maoh!

Others: different types jewelry, asian clothes, gothic boots, 9 Newtype magazines, 22 Jump magazines from January 2004 to November 2005, artbooks, and many many more.

I ship from U.S. and will ship international. You’re welcome to negotiate for a price that fits your range if bought in bulk. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. Please take a look. My feedback page is here so you'll know its safe to buy from me. Thanks!
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Yaoi stuff for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi items for sale. Most items are brand new.

- Axis Powers Hetalia (x8)
- Tiger and Bunny (x6)
- Gintama (x2)
- Durarara!! (x2)
- Dragon Ball (x3)
- Sengoku Basara (x2)
- Star Driver (x1)
- Code Geass (x1)
- Toriko (x1)
- Initial D (x1)
- Oryginal (x3)

Yamane Ayano items:
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan drama
- Ikoku Irokoi Romantan special card

- moca vol.7

You can find the descriptions on my lj: <click>. The feedback page: <click> (all feedbacks are positive)
I sell some of the doujinshi on my ebay account: <click> (all feedbacks are positive)

The prices can be negociated! If you have any question - feel free to write!