February 29th, 2012

For Sale! Anime/Manga/Fashion Magazines and more!


Looking to sell CCS merchandise?

Well, I am willing to buy it! All merchandise is welcome: Cardcaptor Sakura, Card Captor Sakura, or Cardcaptors! More specifically, I am interested in the Deluxe Trendmasters Doll of Sakura in her Magic Dream/Winter School Uniform. I am also looking for DVDs produced by Geneon Entertainment and any soundtracks or CDs that you might have. Let me know if you have any good buys! (^_^)b

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Fushigi Yuugi Original Soundtrack $15

glare vol.4 (2008) $15 [cover: AnCafe]
FOOL'S MATE (Nov 08) $15 [cover: AnCafe]
FINE BOYS (Aug 10) $10 [cover: Mastumoto Jun]
Seventeen March 2010 $10

OUT of MUSIC (Oct 2010) SGD$10 [cover: Acid Black Cherry] (poster sold seperately)
mix (Rock Style Magazine) vol.1 $24 [cover: TAKERU (SuG)] BRAND NEW

SID Bass & Guitar Picks $7/each
[ESP] Aki (SID) Signature model (Blue)
[ESP] Aki (SID) Signature model (Red)
[ESP] Aki (SID) 2011 Signature model (White) (1 left)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Orignal Guitar Pick (White)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Orignal Guitar Pick (Blue)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Signature model Pick (Aqua)
[Fernandes] Shinji (SID) Signature model Pick (Psyche)

Other Band Picks
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) Signature model pick $5 (1)
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) 10th Anniversary Signature model pick $5 (1)
[ESP] Uruha (The Gazette)Tokyo Dome Signature model pick $6 (1)
[ESP] Chiyu (SuG) Signature model pick $7 (2)


Shipping worldwide from Singapore
Prices have yet include shipping and paypal fee
Forms of payment: Paypal (overseas)/ ATM transfer (Singapore)
Forms of collection: Meet-up (at my convinience)/ Mailing

I will not be responsible for any lost or damged packages after posting it out

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I have Manga both Yaoi and Others they are all in excellent condition. I just need to sell I have prices but I will take reasonable offers if you want multiple items. I will ship International. If you want feedback I have it on Ebay under Zorro85 100% positive have sold Manga recently on ebay positive feedback left. My list is as follow I will update more later.

Vampire Hunter D Volumes 1 thru 5 by DMP as a set 20.00
Love Attack volumes 1,2,3 & 5 4.00 each
Kanpai volumes 1 & 2 4.00 each
Fruits Basket volumes 8,11 & 12 4.00 each
Tail of the Moon volumes 6, 7 and 8 4.00 each
Crimson Hero volumes 3,4 & 14 4.00 each
Wild Ones volumes 1 thru 3 4.00 each or 12.00 for all three
Silver Diamond volumes 1, 2 & 7 5.00 each Yaoi
Silver Diamond volume 7 I have 3 copies 5.00 each Yaoi
Red River volume 23 4.00
Legend volume 7 5.00
Same Cell Organism 5.00 Yaoi
Melted Love 5.00 Yaoi
Prince Charming volumes 1 thru 3 as a set 15.00 Yaoi
Blue Sky 5.00 Yaoi
Lover's Flat 5.00 Yaoi
Wallflower volumes 1 thru 4 16.00 as a set

Kiss Of Fire Artbook English Version Make an offer.

These are my prices but I will accept offers . Thanks. ^-^