March 8th, 2012


Last chance for some items before Swap meet

I am going to be attending a swap meet at a con next weekend so now may be your last chance on some of these items! I am hoping to get rid of most of these ^^

Please have a look here:

Also I am selling cosplay goods here: and

And I still have a ton of posters for cheap here! I added a few new ones as well:

And I have some Hello Kitty, Yugioh, Viz bags, and  Nintendo items on my ebay:

WTB: Final Fantasy IX Figures

Hi! This is a long shot, but does anyone have the Final Fantasy IX figures that were released around the same time as the game? They came in packs of two, and the entire party was included. They were packed as Zidane+Vivi, Garnet+Steiner, Amarant+Eiko, and Freya+Quina.

I would punch through a wall for any of them. 8|b

I would prefer loose figures (as opposed to MIB), and they almost never come up on eBay out of the packaging. If you've got any of them, please let me know and maybe we can work out a fair price?

I live in Canada and can pay with Paypal.

EDIT: Will also settle for the Dissidia figure of Zidane. Let me know what you want for itttt. :>

Lots of Naruto merch for sale (keychains, phone straps, gashapon figures, stamps, bag)

I'm selling a bunch of Naruto stuff that I don't need anymore. Most of them are small figures and keychains, but I also have a somewhat rare item up for sale :) Feel free to take a look.
I would also like to apologize for the sometimes crappy quality of my camera. If you want me to send you another picture of an item separately, tell me :) I'll gladly take another one.

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[FOR SALE] Kanjani8, ARASHI, the GazettE, Dir en grey, MERRY

Hey guys!
I'm trying to save up for my trip to Japan in June
so these are all items that MUST GO.

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the GazettE
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Dir en grey
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You can either contact me here in the comments, through private message, or email me: amanda (hyphen) greene (at) live (dot) com.
Yoogeun: bubbles~

K-pop autographed goodies and more!

1. I ship from California, USA and all prices include shipping for US RESIDENTS ONLY. (international buyers please ask me for your price).
2. All prices are in USD and only USD.
3. I accept Paypal or well concealed cash AT YOUR OWN RISK!
4. I ship out day after I receive payment (unless its a Sunday of course ^^)
5. If you want pictures just ask!
6. LJ fails to notify me when I have a new comment, so emailing me is another way to get fast responses! ^^

1. Yuri The Boys autographed official postcard (from the album) 12 USD

1. Boyfriend Don't Touch My Girl (brand new!) 12 USD
2. Boyfriend I'll Be There (no photocard, brand new!) 12 USD
3. 2PM Don't Stop Can't Stop (never played!) 12 USD
4. Jang Woohyuk I am the Future (never played!) 12 USD
5. Shinee Hello  (brand new!) 13 USD
6. Shinee World (brand new, played once!) 11 USD
7. Shinee Ring Ding Dong (played twice) 11 USD
8. Shinee Lucifer (no photocard, damaged) 10 USD
9. Beast is the B2ST  SOLD

1. Beast Lights Go On Again poster (tiny damage, shipped in tube) 11 USD