April 15th, 2012


Doujinshi&Misc Sales(Update 4/15/12)

Buy 2 and get 3rd 50% off!!
 -Applicable to Doujinshis only

Last Update: 4/15/12
-New page for Doujinshis with more genres!

Doujinshi: Durarara
- Izaya x Shizuo x Izaya, Heiwajima Brothers, Chikage(Rotchi) x Kadota, Izaya Uke, Cover Charas, etc
- Hummel, Inumog, World Box, Ikebukuro Now, Okujo Kantarera, and More!(Japanese & Korean!)

Doujinshi: Reborn, Hetalia, Angel Beats, Inazuma Eleven, Ao no Exorcist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tiger&Bunny, Hakuouki, Madomagi
- Mukuro x Tsuna, Dino x Hibari, US x UK, UK x Spain, Akuyuu, Hinata x Otonashi, Gouenji x Fubuki, Endo x Kazemaru, Hiroto x Endo, Fire Dragon, Okumura Brothers, Kaiba x Yami, Russia x Prussia, etc
- Tiger&Bunny Full Color Anthology
- Dragon Rider's Hetalia Reprint Prime is available!!

Doujinshi: Umineko, Magi, No.6, Haruhi, UtaPri, Natsume, P4, Pokemon, OreImou, Original
- Beatrice x Butler, Sindbad x Jafar, Koizumi x Kyon, Natsuki x Sho, Tokiya x Otoya, etc.
- Kine in Aqua Artbook available!
- Cristo, Flat, Kyo kara Mao, Star Driver, Dragon Ball(complete), Durarara, .hack// The legend of Twilight, Demon Diary, Lagoon Engine, etc.
- Japanese & Korean & English!
- Ao no Exorcist Color Bible/Archive, Magi, Arcana(Zero Sum Anthology), Goulart Knights

- Fanmade(Durarara, Reborn, etc), Durarara&Madomagi&Hetalia Straps/Keychains, Star Driver Figures, Shitajikis, Clear Files, Rin Nendoroid, Hetalia Keychains, T&B Straps, Durarara&Shonen Onmyouji DVDs, and More!
- Ao no Exorcist Character Fortune Straps
- Kimi to Boku charms
BLK LE Exclusive Black Rock Shooter Figma! Price Drop

- Durarara, Ao no Exorcist, Shounen Onmyouji
- Umineko no Naku koro ni(PS3), Devil May Cry, Gakuen Hetalia Portable, Durarara 3way standoff, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, etc.
Price drop for all Durarara Doujinshi!

Anime/Manga Posters
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gintama, Goulart Knights, Hetalia, Inazuma Eleven, Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, No.6, UtaPri, Ao no Exorcist, etc

Azone International Doll: Ex Cute Majikko Himeno Littlewitch of Starlight ver1.1

Kine in Aqua's Durarara Doujinshi for Auction Ends April 19th

Are you Alice? Metal Charm Group Order(picture)


If you don't feel like talking to me, you can purchase items through my ecrater shop as well!



(No deadbeats, please...I've just added another bad buyer for duping me just recently.)

I really need some money to pay off my bills and buy new textbooks for next week so any sale at all would really help!

I am also taking reasonable offers on all books, if anyone is interested. 

Shipping times may vary to 1.5-2 weeks due to my father's health. I am currently on break and cannot get a ride to the nearest post office, so please be patient :( Thank you for your cooperation.

You are free to make reasonable offers on any of my items so long are you are genuinely interested.


I will be very grateful if anyone would be kind enough to buy and give my items a good home.

DOUJINSHI AND MORE - added some Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun doujinshi, as well as some shitajiki; 1 gag Soul Eater doujinshi

(click link for more) - selling remaining artbooks in the SUMMER 2011 SALE for $10 each + shipping
Added Hirai Hisashi artbooks 1 + 2 - $25 each (pic also includes DtB and Tengen Toppa guidebooks)
03 V illustrations doujinshi artbook - Vocaloid, Touhou, other game illustrations - $55-$65 SHIPPED (BEST OFFER PLEASE)

Hiiro no Kakera and Sugina Miki visual fanbooks (prices listed in link; I didn't want to sell these, but times have been quite hard... Buy all 3 HnK books for $65 SHIPPED)

Manga (all in new condition):
Blood+ vols.1-5 complete - $48 SHIPPED or BEST OFFER
Natsume Yuujinchou vol.1  - $8 $7.50 SHIPPED
Black Cat vols.1-4 - $20 SHIPPED

 FIGURES (ONLY 2 LEFT! Lolita C.C. Ichiban Kuji figure and Black Rock Shooter Beast LIMITED EDITION FIGMA, pictures upon request - BEST OFFER PLEASE!!! I REALLY NEED TO PAY OFF MY BILLS.)

★Collection Clearance! -Updated on 15/04!

updated my journal with more doujinshis and art books! i'm trying to clear part of my collection! [last updated 15/04!]
Items include:
- Gintama doujinshis
- Furokus
- Shiro Amano Artworks
- Hetalia doujinshis(prices reduced!), Magi doujinshi, Hitman reborn doujinshi, etc
i really need all these gone so prices are negotiable! discounts will be given you buy more than one item! :D and most items are 'make an offer' so feel free to offer a price!
click here for the hetalia doujinshis
click here for the Magi, Inazuma and Kuroshitsuji doujinshis, etc + FREEBIES
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Giant Video gamesSales! Of course Sonic and Pokemon plush too

Clicking on the photos leads to my sales on dA. For more information, click on the photos.
<b>For prices of the non Asian developed games, click on the corresponding photos!</b>

$10 - Castlevania (NES Classic)
$10 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [HOLD]
$20 - The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap [HOLD]
$30 - Mega Man & Bass SOLD
$12 - Mega Man Battle Network 3: White SOLD
$10 - Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman
$22 - Pokemon Ruby [HOLD]
$25 - Pokemon FireRed SOLD
$12 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team [HOLD]
$12 - The Legend of Zelda (NES Classic) [HOLD]
$5 - Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective [HOLD]

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Pokemon/Sonic Plush and Misc items #1
Pokemon/Sonic Plush and Misc items #2
Pokemon/Sonic Plush and Misc items (Florida Location)
Misc Anime and random Plush

SE: Black Star/Tsubaki

Manga Clearout

Clearout is still on everyone, I need the room, so everything has to go! Please take this stuff off my hands. New stock has been added!

The books for sale include:

Shonen-Ai/BL/Yaoi: Kizuna, Gravitation.

Shojo: Sugar Princess, Hana-Kimi, Captive Hearts, Tail of the Moon, W Juliet, Kare First Love, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Absolute Boyfriend.

Misc: Bizenghast, Seiho Boys High School, Library Wars, Nora, Full Metal Panic, Death Note, Ultimo, Hayate X Blade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Chrono Crusade.

Anime DVD's: Includes Kizuna, Gravitation, Loveless, Isudatte My Santa!, Negima.

All Sales Right Here!
  • Items shipped from the U.K via Royal Mail, and are priced in Pounds Sterling. {£} Willing to give a converted price into other currencies for items when asked.
  • Willing to ship internationally.
  • Serious Buyers only please.
  • Payments through Paypal only, open to trades and haggling (especially since I do want to get rid of this stuff.)
  • All sales details are in the guidelines of the post linked above, read carefully before enquiring about purchasing anything.
  • Feel free to view my feedback before purchasing.
cardcaptor yue

Togainu no Chi Plushie for Sale

I have a Togainu no Chi Shiki plushie for sale. He still has his tag attached and is an official plush imported from Japan. He is like new and was only opened once for inspection. I hope to get $60 for him plus shipping and I can only ship within the U.S. right now. Sadly this is the lowest I can go, sorry. I have feedbacks on this community and ebay:
Payment method: Paypal
Shipping will include tracking
Thank you.

Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

(no subject)

Selling lots of stuff from various popular fandoms including manga, collectibles, and much more. Very low prices starting at only 1 USD and nothing over 10 USD!

I ship worldwide
★ I accept Paypal, check by mail and concealed cash (last two methods only if you're in the US)
★ I accept trades (check my trade status & wishlist)
★ I accept reasonable offers on bulk items (two or more)

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page

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